Fearless Cooking's Recipes

Philly Cream Cheese Dip

Learn to make a great dip. - 108.692

Rosemary & Lemon Roasted Pigeon

Cook a pigeon? Who would cook a flying birdie like that? in Paris no less. Oh right, that would be Grace Piper! Surprisingly, her Rosemary & Lemon Roasted Pigeon turns out to be really good. Check it out! - 83.5987

The Java Jolt Pie

You've gotta try this pie as it is pretty simple. Grace whips up a simple retro treat in no time. High octane coffee and dessert all in one. Yes, the pie is all about the coffee. Enjoy! - 85.2787

Bayleaf Pot Roast

Watch what happen when Grace gets personal and cooks up a big hunk of beef. In this video, she also talks about some of her varied personal experiences. You might just stay entertained. - 87.2032

Easy Holiday Turkey

In this video, you'll see Grace tackling a 20lbs Turkey and 2lbs of bacon in her first Holiday Special. This is a very, very simple recipe that just requires only 2 ingredients. Plus, you'll meet Zelda the Wild Turkey of Manhattan in this video. Enjoy! - 85.8736

Easy Blueberry Smash

Want to try some interesting cocktail of different texture and flavors? Taste wonderful blueberry cocktail, a perfect drink for summer. Very exquisite in taste and simple to make. Play a host and treat your guest with this drink! - 78.5686

Moules A La Mariniere

French food tastes not only delicious at restaurant. You can recreate them with perfection at home with Grace Piper. This is a fancy dish of cooking mussels and a french specialty. - 93.0101

Summer Drink Heatwave

Are you troubled by hot summer and would like to have a chilled drink? You can make your own heat buster at home with watermelon, lemon juice and vodka. With Gross Piper you can stir an exciting drink in minutes. There is no better way to feel rejuvenated! - 89.0443

Bbq Squid

Enjoy seafood at your table whenever you want! Barbeque squid is a delicious dish made in a simple way by Grace piper with squid, chili sauce and spices. It is a sheer delight for seafood lovers! - 70.1295

Foodmuse Fondue For Cocktail Party

Fondue for cocktail party can be perfectly prepared at home! All you have to do is follow Grace piper to prepare the fondue and a dipping to go with it. This can be a perfect dish for cocktail party. - 79.5756

Vegetable Tempura

Do you love tempura but have never tried at home for the fear of perfecting it? Don't worry with Grace Piper you can learn easily the basic ways of cooking vegetable tempura. Just follow her and make a perfect and crisp tempura at your home kitchen. - 75.3067