Hiran biswas's Recipes

Tandoori Chicken

Everybody loves grilled chicken and this especially is an all time favorite. - 40.5463

Spicy Chicken Wings

Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings seasoned with a special tangy sauce. - 28.9041


Deep fried pancakes made with all purpose flour. - 26.7256

Green Peas Kochuri

Crunchy pancakes stuffed with spicy green peas, once you start on these its hard to stop eating. - 39.3313

Gobi Paratha

Stuffed cauliflower in Indian bread - paratha with a different taste - 35.9713


Bread dipped in egg mixture and fried - a very tasty and delicious snack - 36.2681

Egg Pakoda

If eggs are your favorite then this variety of boiled egg fried in batter will delight you as an evening snack - 39.4204

Chicken Patty

Good and Easiest Side Dish for dinner/lunch or evening snacks. A must try one. - 41.8309


A delicious and mouth watering snack made of eggplant - a favorite for all-time and anytime - 37.7623

Aloo Paratha

A delicious and tasty preparation which once tried will surely become your most favorite snack. - 37.663

Vegetarian Patez

Pastry sheet stuffed with potato and spices. Great for snacks. - 40.716

Vegetarian Manchurian

Vegetables cooked in Chinese gravy. Very tasty dish. - 40.2558

Vegetable Pakoras

Vegetable pakoras is Mixed veggie fried balls can be used as Tiffin or as a side dish. - 36.8387

Vegetable Fried Rice

A great vegetarians delight. - 36.4831

Tinda Masala Curry

Tasty Indian Baby Pumpkin (Tinda) curry. - 41.9275

Sarson Bhindi

A tasty side dish - okra cooked with mustard paste. - 36.8442


Red Beans Lentil Dish. Rajma and Rice is a popular combination of N. India. - 47.5718

Potato Onion Tomato Curry

Potato cooked with tomatoes and onions in an authentic Bengali style. Easy to prepare and tastes very good. - 38.0876

Poppy Seed Pakoras

Fried Poppy-seed Balls. It goes very well with steamed rice and lentil. - 30.816

Posto Bata

Grounded Poppy seeds with spices. Eat with plain rice and pickle. - 26.4595

Parwal Korma

Indian gourd (Parwal) with potatoes cooked with spices. Use canned if fresh not available. Very tasty. - 46.8592

Panch Mishali

Authentic Bengali vegetarian dish prepared using a mix of 5 vegetables. - 42.7658

Palak Kofta

A combination of spinach (Palak) with cheese and with delicious potato balls. - 46.7318

Mixed Vegetable

Mixed vegetable is healthy and tasty dish. - 42.3817

Masoor Dal

Masoor Dal is most famous lentil preparation in West Bengal. - 40.0171

Lobhia Dal

Tasty preparation of black eyed beans (lobhia) cooked with spices. - 39.8784

Easy Dhokar Dalna

This is a very tasty recipe made of bengal gram (lentil). It is so tasty that you will be surprised and that is why the name. It is by itself a whole meal. Try it today. - 49.7774