Uncle Sams Kitchen's Recipes

Old-fashioned Stuffing For Turkey

Here is the recipe for Old-fashioned Stuffing For Turkey! The classic way to follow this age-old tradition! Simply flavored with nutmeg and a dash of pepper, this is a great recipe to follow. So next Thanksgiving, you won't be thinking back about the turkey... - 49.6857

Moose Curry

Moose Curry is a great option for a main course dish. This is so delicious that I make it as part of my menu for several parties. Simply flavored curry powder, this is a great recipe to try out. Serve this with hot steamed rice...if not, bread will also do. - 52.2339

Date Loaf

How often do you come across a good Date Loaf recipe? If you are loaded with dates, then this is what you need to do! A great snack recipe, this is something by kids and adults alike. - 44.1491

Orange Doughnut Puffs

For a snack with a difference, try these Orange Doughnut Puffs. A great comfort food, these the most comforting snack food for me. The main ingredient in this is orange, and the sugar gives it a nice tinge of sweetness. Try it out!! - 49.8896

Sugared Date Squares

Your search for great a delicious snack to kill the sweet carvings ends here. Try out these Sugared Date Squares. Filled with the goodness of dates, this is a great recipe. I love the crunch of the walnuts added to this. Make it and let me know what you think... - 50.9776

Tea Doughnuts

Tea Doughnuts are a great snack when you have those sweet cravings! Well flavored with vanilla and nutmeg, these go great topped with whipped cream. A simple and delicious snack, but make sure you watch how many you eat! - 49.6299

Dimpled Doughnuts

Drain cherries, reserving 6 tablespoons syrup. Sift flour, sugar, baking powder and salt together into mixing bowl. Combine egg, milk, oil and vanilla; add to flour mixture. Mix only until blended; stir in cher- ries. Drop batter from spoon into hot deep fat;... - 39.9075

Strawberry Divinity

Introduce this Strawberry Divinity to your yearning taste buds, and you will crave nothing else for a long time! This recipe uses strawberry gelatin. Great as a snack, this satisfies the sweet carvings too. Make this Strawberry Divinity for your family today... - 47.6172

Date Nut Crunch

The highly popular Date-nut Crunch is a great option for a snack. Made with dates and nuts, the bread crumbs give it a nice unique texture. The kids will enjoy this as a midday snack. - 47.0852

Grandmother's Doughnuts

Here is the recipe for Grandmother's Doughnuts...just as you remember them!! This was one of the all time favorites when we were growing up. Passed on for generation, Im sure one day i will be making these for my grandchildren too!! Deliciously prepared with... - 50.8433

Potato Dressing For Turkey

Over the years I have mastered the art of making Potato Dressing For Turkey which was taught to me by my family elders. A really simple recipe, the main ingredients used are potato and celery. A lip-smacking side dish, this recipe is the perfect dressing for... - 44.2571

Double-date Cake

Would you like to try the best Double-date Cake? Well, then you're going to have to bake it yourself!! No worries...this is not tough. This cake, normally served as a snack, is great for a midday pick-me-up. Made with dates and pecans, and flavored with... - 50.2704

Frozen Date Souffle

This Frozen Date Souffle recipe is always a hit among my guests! Filled with the goodness of fruits, this is a great dessert option. A really simple, recipe i prefer serving this at my parties since it takes very little time to prepare. Try it out for... - 46.8262

Angel Food Doughnuts

Angel Food Doughnuts! This delicious doughnut is a great choice for a snack. Flavored with vanilla and nutmeg, this goes great topped with whipped cream. You could also choose to serve it topped with chocolate sauce or simply dusted with sugar and cinnamon. - 49.3183

Dark Date Cake

For the best Dark Date Cake recipe try this one! Filled with the goodness of dates, this is a served as a delicious dessert. The combination of the chocolate and vanilla combines in a delicious way with the dates. A simple recipe with delicious results!! - 51.4206

Steamed Date Bread

I love this Steamed Date Bread recipe. A great Side Dish, i love serving this for breakfast. Filled with dates, this serves as a healthy option to snack on. - 49.5566

Raised Doughnuts

Doughnuts have so many variations! Here is the recipe for Raised Doughnuts! A delicious sack, I love to pick at these at any time of the day! For the kids, you can top these with whipped cream or chocolate sauce! A fried dish, make sure you're careful about... - 49.9657

Scalloped Dandelions

This Scalloped Dandelions recipe can easily get you hooked. This is a good way to enjoy dandelions. Served as side dish, this is well flavored with bacon drippings. Try it and enjoy it!! - 48.5351

Skillet Date Pudding

Here is a Skillet Date Pudding recipe that will leave anyone begging for more! A great choice for a dessert. The combination of the dates, vanilla and brown sugar results in a delicious flavor. Make sure you make this in large quantity!! - 52.2528

Stuffed Dills

If you plan to cook an out of the ordinary Side Dish, then you should probably go for these Stuffed Dills. Get all set to serve this cheese stuffed dish! Believe me, this so simple...and the results....even better!!! - 36.8964

Can't Fail Divinity

My love for Can't Fail Divinity developed during high school days. A lip-smacking snack, this completes your kitchen stock! Always prepared with nuts as a main ingredient, vanilla is also added as flavoring. - 44.5037

Corn Bread Stuffing

Are you looking for a yummy Corn Bread Stuffing recipe? A delicious Side Dish, this one completes your spread! I typically like to serve it stuffed in a turkey, but any suggestions are welcome!! - 45.7037

Curried Asparagus

Curried Asparagus is a simple recipe which always tastes delicious! Since the focus of the dish is the asparagus, ensure you get really fresh ones, or the dish will not turn out the best. With the other ingredients being just as easy to procure, this recipe... - 50.0248

Brown Sugar Divinity

A great snack to satisfy those midday sweet cravings! Brown Sugar Divinity is a guaranteed option! The main ingredient are nuts and the brown sugar. Treat your family to this delicious snack! - 47.6581

Hawaiian Shrimp Curry

Are you looking for a yummy shrimp curry recipe?? This Hawaiian Shrimp Curry is simple and turns out great every time! I cook this quite often for my guests and they enjoy it over steamed rice. Coconut based, this is a delicious dish! - 48.9158

Savory Dressing For Fowl

Heavenly, superb, outstanding, are just some words to describe Savory Dressing For Fowl. One of the main ingredients used ion this is the toasted bread, so ensure you dont have it burned! Enjoy this dish with your kin and friends and get back to me with all... - 44.7979

Golden Cake Doughnuts

A good way to win some compliments from friends and family is to prepare these Golden Cake Doughnuts! This is a great snack. Well flavored with vanilla and sour milk, this is a great option to satisfy the sweet cravings. - 50.4469


Here is the recipe for the traditional Malasada. A delicious deep fried snack, this dish has its origins in Portugal. Prepared with warm milk and coated with honey, or sugar, this dish is great for those midday sweet carvings. Try this out and enjoy!!! - 46.3619

Curry Dip

This is a very interesting recipe for Curry Dip. Served along with an Appetizer, is always relished. Don't rack your brains on what dip to serve or your next party!! - 43.9482

Drop Doughnuts

Here is the recipe for Drop Doughnuts. A great snack that can be served with a variety of toppings. Enjoyed by kids and adults alike, this is a a good option for a midday snack. - 46.5845

Curried Chicken Pate

The smell of this Curried Chicken Pate recipe will draw your guests to the kitchen! This recipe is made with chicken liver which is easy to procure from any grocery store. I regularly serve this as an appetizer for all my family get togethers...somehow it... - 48.4928

Black Raspberry Fluff

Black Raspberry Fluff can get you easily hooked. The comination of nuts and coconut is delicious. Best enjoyed as a snack, this recipe was taught to me by a dear friend who also happens to be a great chef. Considering how simple this recipe is, it is... - 44.7285

Date-nut Pudding

This is the best Date-nut Pudding recipe ever. My mom always baked this on special occasions. I now prepare this all the time since the kids relish it!! A little bit of effort for this snack, but the results are great! Caution: ensure the nuts are fresh...or... - 52.9191

Curried Meatballs

Your search for a great recipe for Curried Meatballs ends here! When served over hot rice, this dish is sure to please your family members. The key ingredient here is beef, flavored with curry powder. Try it and i'm sure you will be making it more often! - 46.589

Orange-coated Crullers

Do check out this palate-soothing Orange-coated Crullers recipe. These when served as a snack, is sure to please all around you. Filled the goodness of oranges, this is a mouth-watering dish. You don't have to be a gourmet to judge how mouth-watering and... - 48.0267

Arabian Date Candy

Here is the recipe for the delectable Arabian Date Candy. A yummy snack, I always have this well stocked at home. Filled with the goodness of dates, this is one candy loved by all! - 42.034

Curried Shrimp

If you have never tried Curried Shrimp, then you don't know what you are missing! An effortless recipe, this is a must-try for you seafood lovers. Flavored with curry powder, the lime add a nice hint of tanginess to the dish. A great option for a main dish! - 48.646

New England Crullers

New England Crullers are a great snack. A favorite in the family, this is a available at home at anytime. I also like to stock this because of its sweetness...it works great for any cravings!! The kids absolutely love these and they always have a few with... - 49.3758

Wild Rice Stuffing For Fowl

This is a delicious Wild Rice Stuffing For Fowl which will keep your guests tempted for more! I prepare this dish as a Side Dish for several get-togethers and it's always a hit! Try it out yourself and let me know what you think. - 43.5029

Pennsylvania Dutch Salad

This recipe of Pennsylvania Dutch Salad was picked up by me from a gourmet magazine, I twisted it a little bit to meet my taste here I am, sharing my version with you. The goodness vegetable comes from the dandelion greens and makes this a healthy treat. A... - 52.0756

Date-nut Cake

For the best Date-nut Cake, try out this recipe. This cake includes all easy to find ingredients, found at any grocery store. A great combination of dates, nuts and vanilla, this is a simple cake. I normally serve this as a dessert, but it works well as a... - 51.3613

Chocolate Ripple Divinity

Tickle your tastebuds with this delicious Chocolate Ripple Divinity. Treat your near and dear ones with this amazing snack. Let me know how you liked it! - 46.367

All-time Poultry Dressing

MAKING 1) In a skillet, add the beef, giblets, and onion and sauté till cooked and onion is tender. 2) Drain. 3) In a bowl, add the sauted mix along with bread and celery. 4) Add in the seasonings and parsley. 5) Stir in about 3/4 cup boiling... - 41.212

Date Balls

Date Balls are a great option for a snack. These are easy to make and work well, since they can be stored for later use. The dates and coconut make a great combination. Try it! - 45.5655

Dandelion Salad

If you are looking forward to eating a nice healthy salad, then this Dandelion Salad is a must-try! A lip-smacking side dish, this salad completes your spread. Eaten once, this one automatically features on your list of choicest foods! - 45.052

Almond Divinity Squares

Almond Divinity Squares...as the name suggests, these are truly "divine"!! My kids love nuts and I try to incorporate them as much as possible. This snack, more a candy, is one of the few of the many items stocked and kept in my kitchen! A great comfort food,... - 49.5556

Lazy Curry

Are you looking for a simple all-in-one recipe??? Then this is what you need to try...the Lazy Curry!! As the name suggests, this is for one of those laid-back days. Everything into one casserole and baked! Prepared using veal, this dish gets its flavor from... - 49.4943

Brazil Nut Divinity

This Brazil Nut Divinity is filled with the goodness of the Brazil nuts, which are easy to procure from any grocery store. Served as a snack, it is relished by all. Sweet with a nutty crunch, this is a must-try sweet! - 47.5564

Spicy Orange Doughnuts

Personally, I think that this Spicy Orange Doughnuts recipe is the best! Filled with the goodness of orange,this is a great snack. A really satisfying option for those sweet cravings! - 49.5567

Curried Chicken Salad

For a salald with a difference, try out this Curried Chicken Salad. A simple salad, This is well flavored with celery. I regularly prepare this salad during my parties, and besides being delicious it also livens up the spread! - 49.2863

Corn Bread-sausage Dressing

Looking for a change for your next lunch party? Here is a great option for you! Corn Bread-sausage Dressing recipe is a yummy Side Dish. This dish comes highly recommended simply because how much ever i make it gets over!!! The cor bread and sausage ar a... - 46.0659

Fluffy Date Salad

I am sure you wouldn't mind getting hooked to this Fluffy Date Salad! A simple recipe, filled with the goodness of dates, and pineapples. The perfect side dish, enjoyed by the kids too! Highly recommended, you must try this salad. - 39.6908

Dilly Bread

For a bread with a difference, try this Dilly Bread recipe. Prepared using dillseed and creamed cottage cheese, this bread has a unique flavor. Serve this as a side dish, and watch while everyone relishes it! Goes great with grilled vegetables. - 50.6144

Rainbow Candy

Something that kids will love n9ot only to look at but to eat as well! Here is the recipe for Rainbow candy! A delicious snack, this candy is great for a midday snack. I love to pop one myself whenever i experience andy sweet carvings! Trust me, prepare this... - 51.8931

Potato Dressing For Poultry

A good Potato Dressing For Poultry is crucial for everyone to know! This recipe is simple and involves just a few ingredients. The main ingredients used are potatoes and celery. This will never turn out disappointing! I am sure you will love it! - 45.3287

Dressing For Turkey

Preparing this delicious Dressing For Turkey for my family is always a pleasure! It is always relished and enjoyed, especially during Thanksgiving. Sweetly flavored with raisins, this dressing is further flavored with apples too. Try out this delicious side... - 51.9537

Chicken Curry

This is a great recipe for Chicken Curry. Prepared with easy-to-get ingredients, this curry is absolutely delicious. Add this to your next spread, and see your guests delighted. Best enjoyed with hot rice, you could also choose to serve it with bread. - 49.3286

Tomato And Dill Mold

Would you like to try best of best Tomato-dill Mold recipe? I prepare this yummy dish as a side dish very often. I am certain that you will be hooked on in the first taste! - 43.3501

Curry-chicken Divan

Try out this Curry-chicken Divan recipe. Flavored with curry powder, this dish also includes mayonnaise and cream cheese. It is a great main dish which looks appealing too. Am sure you have had a lot of recipes passed on to you by mom, grandmoms etc. It is... - 49.9449

Curried Lamb

Curried Lamb is a great recipe for a main dish. The flavor of the cream of mushroom soup comes together in a delicious way with the other ingredients. A simple way to make a delectable curry. Try it out! - 47.3237

Oyster Dressing For Turkey

oil in skillet; saute onion Soak bread in cold water; squeeze dry. Add bread, parsley, seasonings, oysters and eggs to sauteed mixture. Cook, stirring, over low heat until bread is lightly browned. - 31.0922

Chocolate Date Bars

Chocolate Date Bars is one dish which you will definitely not be able to resist making again and again. The primary ingredients in this are chocolate and dates. Served as Snack, this is a great recipe for the kids as well as for your sweet carvings. - 50.8428

Date Crisp

If you were looking for a great snack recipe, then this is the recipe to try. Date Crisp is a simple and delicious snack, filled with the goodness of dates. I am certain you will agree that this is truly delectable. - 47.2941

Tipsy Doughnuts

A tablespoon of brandy is what gives this snack its name...Tipsy Doughnuts!! If you choose not to get all tipsy, then use sugar instead. This sweet doughnut is really tempting, so watch how many you eat!! - 41.1344

Curried Lima Bean Casserole

Prepare to be astounded by the lovely flavors of Curried Lima Bean Casserole! Prepared with dried lima beans,the cloves and bacon are the other two ingredients that contribute to the flavoring. A great choice for a lunch meal, I am certain you will agree that... - 49.7381

Date-cabbage Salad

This Date-cabbage Salad is sure to be loved by all. A great salad, that goes great as a side dish. This recipe was taught to me by a dear friend who also happens to be a great chef. You don't need to be an expert to know how delicious this salad is. - 48.4551

Batter Fried Dandelion Blossoms

Loaded with taste, these Dandelion Blossoms are a plateful of temptation! Made with ingredients which are easy to procure from any grocery store. Get all set to serve these as a Side Dish today! - 41.7638

Date Icebox Cookies

A great snack to keep stocked, here is the recipe for Date Icebox Cookies. Filled with the goodness of dates, the vanilla adds to the flavor. Best enjoyed with a hot cup of tea or coffee. - 51.2892

Coconut Divinity

Here is a highly popular Coconut Divinity recipe. It is an ideal Side Dish. If you love coconut, then this one is for you! Try it out!! - 45.7388

Sautéed Dandelions

Tickle your taste buds with this Sauteed Dandelions recipe. This is a regular feature on the menu of side dishes! The main ingredient in this dish is Vegetable. - 37.433

Date Candy Slices

As a kid, I relished these Date Candy Slices. Now, my kids love them too!! A great option for a snack, this is a healthy recipe too. Filled with the delicious combination of dates and nuts, this is a must-try recipe. - 45.4411

Dressing For Salmon

Are you looking for a great Dressing For Salmon? Here it is!! Served as a topping over grilled salmon, this recipe is loved by all. Made with onion and celery, this dish is further flavored with herbs as well. A great side dish, you can get creative and add... - 43.4719

Turkey Curry In Avocados

Here is the recipe or a great Side dish. Turkey Curry in Avocados is a simple dish that i simply flavored with curry powder and some delicious whiten sauce. Serve this at your next party, and your guests will be craving for more. - 48.8478

Ho Li Dates

These Ho Li Dates are a great snack. Serve it midday, to satisfy those sweet cravings. This is the most comforting snack recipe I have come across. Filled with the goodness of dates, the chocolate and nuts add to the deliciousnesss!! - 50.1512

Perfect Divinity

The aroma of this Perfect Divinity will have the family right inside your kitchen! A lip-smacking dish, this recipe completes your stocked away snacks. Filled with nuts and flavored with vanilla, this is a must-try! - 46.139

Peanut Divinity

Do try out this scrumptious Peanut Divinity recipe. I love peanuts, and this is always swell-stocked at home! It is an effortless recipe, but results in a mouthwatering snack. Flavored with vanilla, this recipe includes loads of peanuts! A delicious sweet... - 45.9387

Spicy Date Cake

Here is the recipe for Spicy Date Cake. Filled with the goodness of dates, this is a great snack. The "spice" in this recipe comes from several ingredients such as cinnamon and allspice. Treat your family to this delicious cake! - 51.6173

Tart Vegetable Stuffing For Salmon

Here is delicious Tart Vegetable Stuffing For Salmon. Made largely with carrot, onion and celery, this is a simple recipe, but delicious in taste. Use the freshest vegetable available to get the best results. Popular as a side dish, this is a great option... - 40.462

Rice Parmesan Stuffing For Turkey

For a turkey with a difference, prepare Rice Parmesan Stuffing For Turkey. I prepare this when Im looking forward to a change from the regular stuffing. A delicious recipe, this side dish is always a hit. The onion and celery are the main, but the cheese adds... - 48.7852

Curried Green Salad

Curried Green Salad is the recipe for those looking for a change at the table! This side is the perfect choice. Filled with the goodness of fresh spinach and salad greens, this salad s well flavored with mayonnaise and hot sauce! Try this out and see what a... - 50.7915

Monkey-dill Bread

Here is a well-sought after recipe for Monkey-dill Bread. A lip-smacking side dish, this bread completes your spread. Try this and enjoy! - 47.3896

Christmas Divinity

Christmas Divinity is a special Christmas candy. Specially made, this is a snack that i enjoyed by all. Filled with nuts, this is so tasty that I cannot resist serving it to my guests. - 47.71

Lamb Curry

How about a great Lamb curry for lunch today? This awesome recipe is well-flavored with spices. The addition of raisins into this curry gives it a nice tinge of sweetness. A highly recommended recipe!! - 49.1481

French Market Doughnuts

French Market Doughnuts is one of the most relished snacks in our family cookbook. These doughnuts are a great option to satisfy those sweet cravings. Prepared with evaporated milk, this recipe does require a little effort, but the final result is definitely... - 49.8395

Curried Lobster Casserole

An aficionado of Curried Lobster Casserole guarantees that this recipe will get you addicted! This compelling casserole is a great option to serve as a main dish. For the best flavor, use the freshest of Seafood available. - 46.1404

Curried Walnuts

One of the most effective ways to comfort yourself is food!! I always keep these Curried Nuts handy. A simple recipe that's ready in minutes, and a great way to store walnuts. Simply flavored with curry powder, this is a great snack. Try it out!! - 43.8217

Savory Supper Bread

Saute onion in small amount of fat until tender and lightly browned. Combine egg and milk; add to bis- cuit mix and stir only until dry ingredients are moist- ened. Add onion and half the cheese. Spread in greased 8 x 1 1/2-inch round or 8-inch square... - 35.3377

Lemon Coconut Candy

Here is a unique kind of candy... Lemon Coconut Candy! Served as a snack, this is a great midday sweet to toss into your mouth. A delicious combination of lime gelatin and coconut, along with vanilla, this is a great recipe. I am certain you too enjoy this! - 48.3723

Glazed Crullers

Glazed Crullers is a sugar glazed anytime snack. Something that is relished by kids and adults, this is a great tea time accompaniment. The main flavor of this comes from vanilla. Enjoy it..but watch how many you eat!! - 47.3642

Water Chestnut Dressing

Water Chestnut Dressing is a great dressing for chicken or turkey. This recipe is well flavored with sage and pepper. I love preparing this when guests are over, and the appreciation is always great!! Let me know what you think of it. - 50.645

Curried Fruits

A good way to win some compliments from friends and family is to prepare Curried Fruits! It is important to use the freshest fruits available to get the right flavors in this curry. While this can certainly be enjoyed as an appetizer on its own, this goes... - 43.8115

Chocolate Doughnuts

Chocolate Doughnuts are one of the few sweets that I regularly crave. Here is a recipe I learned from my mom. These delicious doughnuts are a great snack. You can eat them immediately, or save them for later! Get creative with your toppings over these and... - 49.3412

Divinity Delight

An introduction to this Divinity Delight to your longing taste buds is going to keep them from asking for anything else for a long time to come! This snack is made with pecans and coconut. It is the perfect choice for a sweet craving. A must-try delicious... - 44.3482

Spicy Butternut Balls

Are you looking for an irresistible Spicy Butternut Balls recipe? Pamper everyone, by serving this as a snack. The "spice" in this is from the cinnamon sugar, and the apple butter gives it a unique flavor. A simple recipe that is definitely worth a try! - 50.3462

Dill Dip

Tickle your taste buds with this delicious Dill Dip. You can serve Dill Dip as a yummy side dish. Always a hit at parties, this is a must-try! - 42.7265

Saffron Rice

Would you like to try a delicious Saffron Rice recipe? It is a great Main Dish. A variation to the regular rice is to make some amazing Saffron Rice. - 29.8812

Curried Pheasant

This is a great recipe for Curried Pheasant! Make it once, and surely that will not be your last!! This dish is a perfect main dish, served with rice. For variety, you could choose to serve this with bread as well. The main flavoring for this dish comes from... - 48.2361

Creamy Date Salad

I love this recipe for Creamy Date Salad. It reminds me of my younger days, when this side was regularly made during birthdays. A delicious combination of dates, cream cheese and cherries, this is one salad not to be missed! - 43.2997

Eggplant Dressing For Turkey

Tickle your taste buds with this Eggplant Dressing For Turkey. This is a great side for roast turkey, or any other turkey preparation. Typically enjoyed by the family and served during Thanksgiving, this dish is relished by all. If you enjoy eggplant, then... - 47.1132

Cinnamon Twists

Here is a great recipe to make Cinnamon Twists. Best enjoyed as a snack, this recipe was taught to me by a dear friend who also happens to be a great chef. A family favorite that is feasted upon every weekend, this should not be missed! - 49.82