Americancooking's Recipes

Seeded White Bread

Seeded white bread is a delicious bread with poppy seeds. It is a bread that goes well as a snack or a light dessert. You can experiment a lot with this bread. Serve the bread for meals or for brunch if you please. You will enjoy the seeded white bread... - 48.0567

Seafood Newburg Au Gourmet

Seafood Newburg au gourmet is a dish very different other seafood dishes. It is made in light cream and is extremely delicious. Make this dish on any occasions and serve it on patty shells, rice and toasts. You can adjust the thickness of seafood Newburg au... - 50.3426

Sauteed Brussels Sprouts And Water Chestnuts

Sauteed Brussels sprouts with water chestnuts is a highly nutritious dish. Sometimes people often think that nutritious food can’t be delicious. But this dish is an exception. The sautéed Brussels sprouts with water chestnuts has a crunchy, nutty taste... - 42.6164

French Loaves

French loaf or baguette as in known in French is a oblong crispy, crusty meal bread. It is often served with breakfast and meals. French loaf has American and Vietnamese versions, these have difference in flour composition. But are served as breakfast or ... - 45.8802

Gail's Brown Sugar Cookies

Brown Sugar Cookies are yummy. They have dates, nuts and brown sugar, all the ingredients that make a cookies delicious. The Gail's brown sugar cookies are very easy, simple and quick to make. You will enjoy this recipe very much. - 51.3403

Pineapple-bran Muffins

Pineapple bran muffins are a perfect healthy and tasty treaty for you. While all other muffin recipes are either tasty or healthy, this one is a great combination of both. You must try pineapple bran muffin for a low cholesterol and fat snack. I enjoyed them... - 50.3324

Hot Pickle Rolls (hors D'oeuvre)

Hot pickle rolls are a good idea to serve large gathering as a starter. They are easy to make and are a no mess dish. These pickle rolls taste delicious and can be prepared ahead of time, making perfect for parties. Enjoy the hot pickle rolls!! - 43.0937

Chocolate Oatmeal Cartwheels

Chocolate Oatmeal Cartwheels are a little different variation of chocolate oatmeal cookies. These cookies are simple and quick to make, soft and chewy to taste. The chocolate oatmeal cartwheels can be made with all the simple available ingredients. - 49.5897

Broccoli And Rice

Broccoli and rice is an easy to prepare all in one meal. Easy and simple to prepare dinner dish is just apt for a weeknight after long hard day at office. Broccoli and rice is ready in a matter of minutes and needs putting together of the main ingredients.... - 53.8358

Broccoli Ring

Broccoli ring is a nice dish to be served as an appetizer or side dish or light meal. Add some cheese and meat to it and make it tastier. Broccoli ring is a good recipe to serve on Sunday brunch as a part of menu to your family. - 47.1801

Chicken A La King

Chicken a la king is a right dish for using any of the leftover chicken with you. This dish is made with cream sauce, mushrooms and sometimes vegetables. You can serve chicken a la king with waffles, bread or even pasta. - 52.4269

Danish Cream Cones

Danish Cream Cones are very easy to make simple snack item. Kids always love this sweet and creamy snack. You can make it for a kids party. Danish cream cones can be made in advance and filled with cream just before serving. - 45.3418

Almond Roll Cookies

Almond Roll Cookies are much simpler and easy to bake than they seem. They are soft chewy and crunchy too. These cookies can make your Holidays special. Almond roll cookies have been made by mom and grand moms for years. Try this recipe for the holidays this... - 44.7467

Sherried Butter-nut Drops

Sherried Butter-Nut Drops are sweet little cookies to be served for tea or coffee. You can also enjoy them in between meals and pack some of them for snacks in the tiffin. Try making Sherried Butter-Nut Drops quickly. - 44.5755

County Fair Egg Bread

County fair eggs bread is less of a dinner bread and more of a cake or dessert like bread. It is better served as a sweet bread. County fair bread can be eaten warm with butter and jam. It isn't very complicated to bake this bread. Bake yourself and enjoy... - 48.1428

Brussels Sprouts In Celery Sauce

Brussels sprouts in celery sauce is a very good dish to serve with main course. These sprouts are healthy and very tasty. This dish is ready in few minutes and makes a very good meal. - 47.4186

Batter Bread

Batter bread is a simple to make bread. Unlike other bread recipes, it needs little or no kneading. You can make it fresh every day or bake it ahead of time and freeze it. Before serving just reheat it. Being a very basic bread, batter bread goes well as a... - 47.5053

Brussels Sprouts With Nutmeg

Brussels sprouts with nutmeg is a dish which will make Brussels haters eat it. Mostly people hate Brussels for its stink or smell. This is a recipe just for them. The nutmeg removes the stink and the butter and other seasoning enhances tastes. You can also... - 39.6932

Chocolate Kisses 26th

Chocolate kisses are a recipe for special occasion may be wedding anniversary or birthday. This simple and easy recipe is a must for Valentines. If you want to learn how to prepare tiny chocolate kisses, here is the recipe. - 44.4888

Brussels Sprouts With Water Chestnuts

Brussels sprouts with water chestnuts is a recipe which is thoroughly cooked but still keeps the chestnuts crunchy. Water chestnuts and Brussels sprouts are a natural combination with a earthy taste. The overall Brussels sprouts with water chestnuts certainly... - 47.1207

Almond Frosts

Almond Frosts are rich cookies and made with almonds, sugar, vanilla and some shortening. These cookies can be enjoyed any time and also during festivals like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Try this recipe of almond frosts and enjoy them. - 52.8792

Chinese Fried Rice With Pork

Chinese fried rice with pork is a very simple and good to eat dish. It makes single dish complete meal. You can serve it with other Chinese dishes or alone. Chinese fried rice can be made with white or brown rice depending upon personal choice. - 46.4239

Raisin Bread

Raisin bread is a yummy, delicious sweet bread made mostly in European nations. Raisin bread is usually served as a dessert or is toasted and served at breakfast. This bread is healthy and liked equally by kids and adults. - 46.5677

Pineapple Icing

Pineapple icing is easy and quick to make. This icing enhances taste of cakes and cookies. This flavorful pineapple icing can be made anytime. It is great on pineapple cakes and cookies in particular. - 32.213

Broccoli With Linguine

Broccoli with linguine is a nice dish. It is crunchy and tasty main dish. You can enjoy broccoli with linguine all alone or with some other dish on the side. The sauteed broccoli with linguine is a nutritious and little different from the regular pasta... - 49.4401

Oatmeal Fig Cookies

Oatmeal Fig Cookies are one of the most perfectly healthy cookies that can be served to your family. Oats and figs both are very healthy ingredients and together make the food healthy. You must try these cookies and serve your family with them. - 51.8051

No-knead Batter Bread

No-knead batter bread are so easy to prepare. They do not need kneading. All the work is done with the fermentation. Another good point of no knead bread is that you can prepare the batter in advance and refrigerate it when desired. Try no knead batter bread... - 46.046

Brussels Sprouts Au Gratin

Brussels sprouts au gratin is a very good dish to serve for special dinners and meals. This cheesy and creamy dish is very delectable. Au gratin is a very special and has wonderful taste. You will enjoy Brussels sprouts au gratin when served with your friends... - 47.7588

Mincemeat Cookies

Mincemeat Cookies are the old fashioned cookies made on and after Christmas. These are special and the recipe has transitioned from one generation to another by mothers. You will enjoy the mincemeat cookies for sure. - 46.8443

Herb Bread

Herb bread is a nice bread to accompany main course and snack. It goes very well with garlic butter. The herb bread dough can be used for pizza as well. A meal with hot pilaf and herb bread makes a nice ¬hearty meal. If you wish to serve it a snack, serve... - 54.6828

Moist Bran Bread

Making moist bran bread at home is very easy. You may have to practice for a couple of time but you will get the right bread soon. Moist Bran Bread is good serve with tea and even eat all alone. this soft bread leaves a lasting taste in your mouth. - 48.0394

Spiced Black Pepper Cookies

Spiced Black Pepper Cookies are pleasantly spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, black pepper and ginger. You will love the partly sweet and partly spiced flavor in the cookies. These cookies are great with tea and all alone too. - 51.9819

Ginger Honey Cookies

Ginger honey is a great combination for better respiratory health. When this combination in infused into a cookie, it results into a spicy-sweet delicious cookies. Ginger honey cookies are always appreciated by everyone and no one can resist. - 50.9272

Soft Spice Molasses Cookies

Soft spice molasses Cookies are soft, spiced, chewy rounds. These go very well with tea and coffee. You can make them in winters, the spices make them healthy for the season. Soft spice molasses cookies are flavorful and good for a quick snack. - 51.6571

Baked Brussels Sprouts

Baked Brussels sprouts is a perfect side dish recipe. Like all the Brussels sprout recipes this one is also very easy and simple to prepare. This baked Brussels are so yummy that everyone asks for more serving including the kids. - 49.9073

Chocolate Chip Coffee Kisses

Chocolate Chip Coffee Kisses are something everybody will love, kids and adults alike. You can make these tiny kisses and serve your kids anytime. Although chocolate is not too good to be served too much but you can enjoy the homemade chocolate chip coffee... - 46.8303

Apples And Sweet Potatoes Flambe

Apples and Sweet Potatoes Flambe tastes just amazing. All the flambe dishes carry a special taste to themselves. If you have never tried any of the flamed dishes, then you may want to start with a dessert like this one. But be careful while flaming. - 42.7793

Glazed Broccoli With Almonds

Glazed Broccoli with almonds is a dish little different from run of the mill broccoli dishes. Made with dish with cream, cheese and butter, glazed broccoli with almonds makes a filling side dish. You can enjoy the glazed broccoli with almonds with meat also. - 52.6549

Crabmeat A La Dewey

Crab meat a la Dewey is a very simple crab meat dish, made in sauce and served with toasts. This dish does not take long to cook and can be prepared on the occasions of small get togethers. Everyone will just love crab meat a la Dewey. - 47.2921

German's Chocolate Drop Cookies

German's Chocolate Drop Cookies are great to be served for festive occasions. This recipe will come as a pleasant surprise to you. Cookies wrapped in chocolate glaze taste heavenly. German's chocolate drop cookies makes it a special occasion, each time you... - 50.4381

Broccoli And Eggs Au Gratin

Broccoli and eggs au gratin is a nice change to the everyday casseroles. This au gratin dish topped with flavored cheese and breadcrumbs. This dish is a tasty treat on a relaxed evening. Broccoli and eggs au gratin is one of my favorites among all au gratins.... - 50.3369

Golden Raisin Lacies

Golden Raisin Lacies are sweet, chewy delicious cookies that are mostly served on occasions like tea party or Holidays. The combination of raisins and oats is very healthy. Golden Raisin Lacies easy and quick to make and good to eat. - 44.6651

Skillet Supper Italiano

Skillet Supper Italiano is a simple and one dish complete meal. It is not only simple to cook but is very good to taste. The saucy beef cooked with seasoning and sauce is just too good and filling. You must try this Skillet supper Italiano. - 50.3532

Norwegian Country Loaves

Norwegian country loaf is an easy to prepare bread. It is healthy and coarse bread which is very easy to slice. The Norwegian Country loaf is served with butter for breakfast and meals. It is usually served as a side dish. Here is a simple recipe for baking... - 47.7608

Lacy Corn Flake Crisps

Lacy Corn Flake Crisps are crunchy and chewy and go very well tea and coffee. You can bake them with some oats and other cereals to make crunchier and healthy. Here is our recipe for lacy corn flake crisps which can be made ready anytime. - 40.4006

Brussels Sprouts With Grapes

Brussels sprouts with grapes is such an easy recipe. It tastes good and is healthy too. Ready in 10 minutes, you can make it for quick lunch or dinner. Brussels sprouts with grapes is a quick, easy and healthy answer to hunger on busy days. - 44.4802

Quick Broccoli Casserole

Quick broccoli casserole is a simple dinner time dish. This is a dish that is enjoyed even by the kids. Quick broccoli is filled with vegetables and is very creamy. Enjoy the quick broccoli casserole!! - 44.7027

Brunswick Stew

Brunswick stew is a traditional dish from American south. It is mostly made with beef, pork, chicken or rabbit. this dish originated in Germany. Brunswick stew can be served with rice. This stew makes a delicious meal speicaly in winters. - 49.2311

Sugar Icing

Sugar Icing is the simplest kind of icing that can be made while baking. It is an extremely useful product for an confectioner. Sugar icing makes simple cakes and cookies into special. Try this simple and easy recipe to make sugar icing. - 30.5959

Festive Butter Wafers

Festive Butter Wafers are just perfect to be served on special occasions. Try this recipe and enjoy them in the festive season. These cookies have coconut, walnuts and raisins to make festive occasion a special occasion. - 49.7015

Miracle Brownies

The miracle brownies are a wonderful dish to prepare for snack at tea time. They are ready in just 25 minutes and it takes about 5 minutes to prepare the batter. You can try adding some more nuts, chocolate chips to the miracle brownies and enjoy them. - 49.2895

Easy Brunswick Stew

Easy Brunswick stew is a very simple and delicious dish made with vegetables and chicken. The Brunswick stew is a healthy dish and perfect for dinner. You can serve this dish all alone or with some rice and enjoy a hearty meal. - 47.6656

Applesauce Cookies

Applesauce cookies are very interesting cookies. They are sweet and spiced and full of raisins, cornflakes. Although, cookies are not too healthy but are great tasting rounds that compliment tea and coffee well. Applesauce cookies are also liked by kids very... - 50.7728

Spiced Cheese Loaves

Spiced cheese loaves are a simple and impressive breads. These loaves can be served with main courses and with cheese and butter for breakfast or as side dish. Spiced cheese loaves are easy to make and need little practice. You must try making the spiced... - 51.7453

Filled Marzipan Cookies

Filled Marzipan Cookies are just perfect for the Christmas. If you are a almond lover, then marzipan cookies are for you. The filled marzipan cookies can be made into a food gift on Christmas. You can shape it into different fruits and vegetables or anything... - 46.9723

High Protein Bread

High protein bread is a good alternative for all the other dinner breads and sandwich breads. We have a recipe just by for you. High protein bread can be much healthy by replacing it with wheat flour, low fat shortening etc. You will definitely enjoy the good... - 50.9512

Irish Bran Bread

Irish Bran bread is a very simple and quick bread recipe. It is a crusty bread which gets its flavor and taste from the whole bran cereal. The whole bran cereal makes it healthy. Irish bran bread can be served with baked beans, or main course. - 44.3722

Corn Flake Meringues

Cornflakes meringues are made perfectly with eggs, cornflakes and coconut. They are very good to be served with fruits and cream as a dessert. These meringues are very simple and easy to make and make a delicious dish. - 45.7296

Roast Beef Omelette

Roast beef omelet is a nice recipe if you are a weight watcher. This omelet recipe contains minimum fats and calories and is very easy to prepare. Those who are looking for some good food and loosing weight at the same time roast beef omelet is the answer. - 50.1711

Macaroon Brownies

Macaroon brownie is such an easy recipe to prepare. A kids can also prepare this brownie actually. Wow!! I love this recipe, simple and easy yet delicious. Why not try some coconut or white chocolate layers in between the macaroon and brownie mixes? - 37.0691

Almond Fruit Cookies

Almond Fruit Cookies are absolutely healthy and delicious snack that can also be served as light dessert. You can serve it with some whipped cream or ice cream and make it exotic. Almond fruit cookies can also be made with vegan ingredients and make it... - 50.9756

Frosted Chocolate Nut Drops

Frosted Chocolate Nut Drops are simple to make cookies. They are often termed as old fashioned owing to the method of making them. The frosted chocolate nut drops cookies are always everybody's favorite. Kids just can't resist them. You will also enjoy them. - 51.744

Creamed Ham And Eggs

Creamed ham and eggs is a very good recipe to serve as a side dish. You can make this dish if you have lots of leftover eggs. It is easy to make creamed ham and eggs and everybody will enjoy it. Moreover, leftover eggs will also be used. - 43.938

Broccoli Mold

Broccoli mold is a simple but delicious dish to make and serve for a small get together like on Holidays. Broccoli mold not only looks attractive but also makes a healthy treat. To enhance flavor to the broccoli mold try adding some garlic or garlic butter... - 48.3777

Lazy Day Brownies

Lazy day brownies as the name suggests is apt for serving and baking on a relaxed, lazy day. These are very easy and simple to prepare and bake. The coconut and cherries give these brownies a unique taste. Bake and enjoy the lazy day brownie. - 37.6907

Prune Molasses Cookies

Prune Molasses Cookies are simple and low fat cookies. these cookies are very easy to make and need no other addition to make them healthier or yummier. Try this recipe of prune molasses cookies and serve to your family and friends. - 48.1072

Molasses Snaps

Molasses Snaps are easy to make team time cookies. These cookies are ready in a matter or minutes and you can bake them just before tea time. Molasses snaps are mildly spiced with ginger and taste just right. - 49.2823

Prune Maple Cookies

Prunes maple cookies are a healthy option into great snack. Prunes are natural laxatives and high in fibers. While, maple syrup is a good substitute for sugar in various baking recipes. A combination of prunes and maple syrup makes prune and maple cookies... - 51.5132

Low Calorie Fudge Squares

Low-calorie fudge squares recipe is one that you are going to love. This low calorie recipe will not only satisfy your hunger for sweet but will also take care of calorie intake. Try the low calorie fudge squares now. - 42.629


Cookie pops look so interesting. Kids will love them instantly. They are so easy and quick to make. Shape them as you wish like stars, flowers, balloons or absolutely anything. Cookie pops are often a favorite of kids as they are almost like the lollipops.... - 51.9252

Brussels Sprouts Country Pie

Brussels sprouts country pie in a pie is a nice way enjoy Brussels sprouts. The pie is very tasty and makes a filling meal. The Brussels sprouts country pie makes a yummy treat with thick cheese sauce and hot mustard-pepper flavor. - 49.5662

Waffle Iron Brownies

Waffle iron brownies are so wonderful. While making waffle iron brownies, you have to be very attentive and must not leave the waffle iron. It is ready in a couple of minutes and is absolutely delectable. - 44.888

Pecan Crisps

Pecan crisps recipe is such an easy, simple and quick one to make and serve. A good snack option, you can pack it in your child's lunch box as school snack. Learn this recipe of pecan crisps and make any variations as desired. - 50.5544

Goldenaise Broccoli

Goldenaise broccoli is a very easy to make, healthy salad like dish that can be prepared with broccoli and eggs. It is simple and can be enjoyed by kids and adults together. Serve it as a appetizer or snack. - 41.5151

Frosted Ginger Cookies

Frosted Ginger Cookies are so rich and addictive. You can stop once you have eaten them. They are soft and spiced, little chewy filled with a soothing taste of molasses and butter. Frosted Ginger Cookies are healthy and gourmet. - 53.4643

Bacon Cookies

Bacon cookies are sweet and savory delicious cookies perfect for light snack. These cookies score over the sweet cookies and come as a fresh and nice surprise. Enjoy the bacon cookies!!!! - 48.7159

Raisin Brownies

Raisin brownies are so sweet, chocolate, moist but not chewy. You can enjoy them as a dessert or snack. You will love the raisin brownies instantly as they melt in your mouth. Try a quick slice of raisin brownie and enjoy it. You can dust it with powdered... - 50.277

Irish Freckle Bread

Irish freckle bread is a traditional Irish bread. It is served for Sunday morning breakfast. This bread is easy to make and has potatoes and raisins or currants in it. You can toast the Irish freckle bread easily and it can be frozen also. - 49.9258

Frosted Brownies

Frosted brownies are great dish to serve on occasions like potluck dinner. This traditional frosted brownie treat is always good for serving gathering. Enjoy these fudgy, frosty brownies!! - 50.7821

Angostura Snaps

Angostura Snaps are very interesting kind of cookies. They have a spicy taste of ginger and Angostura, while rest of the recipe and methods remains the same as for other cookies. You may wonder what is special about Angostura Snaps, just try them once to... - 47.5965

Konigsberger Marzipan

Konigsberger Marzipan is a delicious confection and very popular in Mediterranean region. It is made in different shapes and sizes and comprises of icing. The methods of making Konigsberger marzipan is also different from other marzipan. It is a blend of... - 41.8453

Cheesy Broccoli Casserole

Cheesy broccoli casserole is an absolute delicious and delectable dish. This dish has been passed on by moms to their daughters for ages. Cheesy broccoli casserole is a perfect dish to be served on occasions like Thanksgiving and Holidays. Just try once. - 41.2574

Country Sprouts

Country sprouts is a very simple and healthy recipe to be served. It is good for serving to the kids. You will love the recipe, it is sweet, tangy and good flavor of tarragon. Try Country sprouts for the kids and enjoy healthy eating. - 41.8483

Buffet Shrimp Pineapple

Buffet shrimp pineapple is a wholesome dish that can be served with rice or noodles. You will enjoy it, if you love seafood. The sweet, tangy flavor of pineapple and lime juice is just great with shrimp and makes an excellent combination with shrimp. - 50.0126

Cheesed Noodle Ring

Cheesed noodle ring is a very interesting recipe. With this recipe you can enjoy noodles ring with the cheese and Worcestershire sauce and also with dishes like Brussels sprouts. Try it and you will surely enjoy it. - 47.902

Old Time Nutmeg Hermits

Old Time Nutmeg Hermits are tasty treat for the holidays. Hermits are much like cookies or cake. They are simple and easy to make. The method very much reminds of the cookies. Old time nutmeg hermits make a good food gift for Christmas. - 53.4553

Brussels Sprouts And Carrots

Brussels sprouts and carrots is a simple and healthy salad. You can prepare the salad ahead to time. This simple and easy to prepare salad can be made and served anytime. Enjoy this simple Brussels sprouts and carrots salad. - 39.8224

Brussels Sprouts With Turnips

Brussels sprouts with turnips is a recipe for the people who do not like turnips and Brussels sprouts. The manner in which this dish is prepared makes a Brussels sprouts and turnip hater like it and enjoy it. Try this combination of Brussels sprouts and... - 47.8452

Broccoli Elegante

Broccoli elegante is a nice and simple recipe to serve as a side dish with meat, pastas, rice main dishes. Broccoli elegante is a simple and easy dish to prepare brings a new and exciting change to your food platter. Enjoy broccoli elegante!! - 45.8052

Oatmeal Macaroons

Oatmeal Macaroons are a healthy snack to accompany tea or coffee. You will enjoy the crunchy taste of oats and will want more of it. They are quick and easy to make. Oatmeal macaroons are ready in less than 30 minutes. - 52.5066


Pastry is basically a rich dough made with milk, butter, shortening, eggs. It is used in baking and serving some sweet or savory dish. Pastries can be filled with sweet filling or savory filling. The savory pastry makes a good side dish or even a snack or... - 44.1817

Chocolate Brazil Nut Cookies

Chocolate Brazil Nut Cookies are crunchy, nutty and chocolaty cookies ready within 30 minutes. You will love these cookies for the taste and crunch. The sweet and chocolaty flavors make them kids favorite. Enjoy chocolate Brazil nut cookies. - 49.8548

Toddie's Heavenly Cheese Soup

This cheese soup will definitely take you by surprise. The cheese soup is not heavy but light and filling. There are number of cheese soup recipes, some include potatoes, onions and this one has green pepper and tangy tomatoes. - 53.3184

Crusty Broccoli

Crusty broccoli is nice crusty broccoli dish that makes simple and easy meals. The cheesy, crispy broccoli goes very well with pasta dishes. Enjoy the crusty broccoli for a light dinner and as a side dish. - 37.7138

Anadama Bread

Anadama bread is traditional bread from New England. Its main ingredients are cornmeal and molasses. Anadama bread is a delicious bread to serve with meals. It can baked fresh everyday and served hot. Enjoy baking Anadama bread. - 48.6786

Brussels Sprouts With Yam Frill

Brussels sprouts with yam frill, is an absolute simple and delicious dish. All you need is to season yams and cook Brussels and then season them. Brussels sprouts with yam frill is different from other recipes and makes a short and appropriate meal. - 48.0404

Broccoli In Sour Cream

Broccoli in sour cream is a good dish to serve for a meal. The sour cream sauce is a nice change to cheese sauce. It can be served with chicken and pasta dishes. Broccoli in sour cream is very easy and simple to prepare. You can add seasonings like herbs and... - 37.446

Bran-raisin Muffins

Yummy tasty muffins can be the best tea time snack ever. Bake a fresh batch of bran-raisin muffins today and have a surprise tea party for family. Shows you care . - 41.8549

Special Brownies

Special brownies are an awesome dish. Everybody loves brownies and these special brownies are just amazing. You have to bake and try them to find out why these brownies are called as the special brownies. - 50.3472

Cinnamon Hermits

Cinnamon Hermits are old fashioned cookies that are soft and mostly made in flavors like orange and ginger. The cinnamon hermits soft and chewy but also crunchy. These cookies are always enjoyed and liked by everyone. - 51.0977