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How To Cook Pierogi

For recipe directions, please refer to the video - 69.2923

Grilled Salmon For Backyard Party

If you think that a great grilled salmon recipe is the one that gets ready in minutes, then this grilled salmon recipe by Chef Todd Mohr is for your taking. This video tells you how you too can perfectly grill salmon at home and jazz it up with finger-licking... - 80.5754

Chocolate Candy For Valentine's Day

Looking to turn your plain candy into a real eye-candy this V-day? Chef Todd Mohr shares his simple, easy chocolate candy recipe that can be prepared using easy-to-fin ingredients and loads of chocolate. Treat your special someone to this gooey delights and... - 90.6425

Instant Brown Rice

Advocators of good health always endorse the goodness of brown rice over any other grain. Chef Todd Mohr tells you how to prepare tasty, healthy and totally scrumptious brown rice at home. So if you wish to jazz up your dinnertime as well as treat yourself to... - 82.4706

Ep.13- Clean Grill Tips For Better Outdoor Cooking A clean grill means dirt and debris aren’t stealing heat from your food. How to prepare your grill for the outdoor cooking season. - 7.74723

Baked Scallop

Flavorful, delightful, and extremely filling, nothing beats the joy of gorging into yummy baked scallops. Chef Todd Mohr tells you to prepare yummy baked scallops to the perfection. All you need to do is to follow the instructions to the T and whom up batches... - 79.2063

Roasted Red Pepper Soup For Dinner

Smoky, spicy and sweet, roasted red pepper soup not only screams flavor for all corners, but is a potent health food too. Chef Todd Mohr explains how you too can gorge on the goodness of red peppers by preparing flavorful red pepper soup at home. A must have... - 87.3638

Shrimp And Cannellini Bean Florentine

When you are caught for time, this fast dinner ideas will help you fire up the grill and simmer up something in seconds. Chef Todd Mohr shares with us some extremely easy to put up dinner recipe that you can prepare in a cinch. Try making some of them at home... - 92.0094

Simple Sausage Dinner

If you thought that preparing dinners take a good amount of toil and time in the kitchen, get ready to be pleasantly surprised. Chef Todd Mohr cooks up a simple yet unique dinner fare with easy-to-find ingredients that is easy to simmer up and make for... - 89.2969

Low Carb Food

Need some low carb food for your Superbowl Sunday? Try one of these low carb delicacies prepared by Chef Todd Mohr. Now only if you thought that low-carb foods aren't really appeasing to the palate, these low carb dishes will pleasantly surprise you. - 87.6901

Low Carb Chicken Dinner

Following a low carb diet could mean foregoing your favorite chicken dish, but what if you find a low carb alternative to it. Chef Todd Mohr presents a delightfully low carb chicken recipe that will help you gorge on chicken without scarifying on the taste.... - 85.3466

Poached Shrimp Pizza For Dinner

When you are due for a holiday feast and feel too lazy to put together yet another fancy meal, this quick, easy recipe could bail you out. Chef Todd Mohr tells you how to make droolworthy and healthy poached shrimp pizza at home. Fingerlicking good, this... - 89.4015

Fish Tacos

If you are a die-hard piscitarian, then you are surely gonna love this recipe. Chef Todd Mohr teaches you how to prepare yummy fish tacos at home using read-to-use ingredients, a la the Mexican style. Try making this heart-healthy snack next time you are... - 89.5397

Roasted Red Peppers

What better way to kick-start your Thanksgiving feast than yummy burned peppers. Flavorful and bursting with nutrients, burned red peppers is a mix of sweet, salty and savory flavors. Chef Todd Mohr shares with us his exciting recipe that will give an added... - 83.7181

Pate A Choux Pastry Puffs

The Pate a Choux pastry puffs are perfect for any snack or breakfast purpose. You can make them in any desired shape and when they blows up, they become real puffy and tasty. You can serve them with jam or dip or sauce - whatever you prefer. - 62.6174

Roux For Turkey

What's turkey without a yummy gravy? Thankfully Chef Todd Mohr realizes the importance of a good gravy in turkey dishes and shares with us a delectable, make-ahead gravy recipe that can be prepared in a cinch. Just go ahead and prepare some in advance and you... - 88.0112

Salmon Gravlax Roses

Looking for a holiday appetizer with a dash of difference. Chef Todd Mohr tells you how to make attractive yet simple holiday appetizer using dry cured salmon. A getaway appetizer for anyone looking for a fast fix appetizer recipe before getting on with their... - 87.8908

Strawberry Fruit Pie

If you are totally a sucker for sweet-tart strawberry pies, but somehow could never bake them to perfection, this video is likely to bail you out. Chef Todd Mohr goes absolutely fruity in this video and tells you how you can experiment with luscious berries... - 84.6449

Easy Way To Poach Salmon

If healthy eating is what you aim at, then this video is all what you need to get started. Chef Todd Mohr teaches you how to poach salmon that can make for delightful addition to your salads and sides. Next time you feel like bingeing on something healthy,... - 88.3284

Steamed Tilapia Pinwheels

If you dig for healthy meals that requires very little cooking fat and all other healthy ingredients you can think of, this fish recipe could be your ultimate take. Chef Todd Mohr tells you how to prepared steamed tilapia pinwheels at home using a variety of... - 82.5837

Creamy Butter Cake

There could be nothing more delightful to the senses than gooey butter cake. Chef Todd Mohr tells you how you can prepare this creamy treat at home sans any effort, using the most basic baking and creaming ingredients. Try making this yummy buttery cake... - 90.0361

Mix Cake With Two-stage Method

If you have stared at the confectionary shop and longed to mix cake like a pro, then here's your chance to learn. Chef Todd Mohr teaches you to mix cake in two easy steps. Follow these instruction and bake fluffy, flavorful and yummy cakes at home, just like... - 84.106

Roll Out Cookies For Santa The Right Way

There is absolutely nothing like the versatile cookie, that can be frosted and dressed or eaten in a countless ways. Chef Todd Mohr shares with you a simple and easy recipe on cookie using simple, easy to find ingredients. Try these guilt-free treats at home... - 81.4577

Anna Potatoes

There is no denying that potatoes are the most satiating food, in any guise. Chef Todd Mohr shares his favorite comfort food recipe here that can make for supremely satisfying dish any day. Hearty and simple, you can pull off these recipe in a matter of... - 89.8326

Duchesse Potatoes

Bored of eating the same boiled or mashed potatoes and wish you could add some newness to the versatile tubers? Chef Todd Mohr brings to you a highly innovative and simply scrumptious method to prepare potatoes. Try this at home and get out of the... - 89.0013

Asian Slaw Squash Salad

Game for some oriental dinner tonight? Try this yummy Asian slaw squash salad that is indeed finger-licking good and colorful and melds in yellow squash and green zucchini and some pure Asian seasoning and dressing created with sesame seeds, wasabi, rice wine... - 94.8962

Vegetable Lasagna With Squash And Zucchini

Notch up the veggie quotient on your food with vegetable lasagna. Chef Todd Mohr tells you how to whomp up an easy, nutritious, pasta dish at home using a whole slew of yummy veggies. Next time you crave for something filling, remember vegetable lasgana is... - 110.705

Simple Pumpkin Tarts, An Easy Fall Food Treat

Do you have a sweet-tooth? If yes, then these yummy, crusty tarts is all you need to satiate your cravings. Chef Todd Mohr tells you how to prepare crunchy, nutty, yummy pumpkin tarts at home. Satisfying and healthy, you will be surprised to see how the pie... - 100.911

Parmesan Risotto Takes Time, But Is Sooooo Worth It

If you wish to prepare creamy risotto just like a pro, then this video is all you need. Chef Todd Mohr teaches you how to prepare this creamy, cheesy gourmet comfort food in a snap. This no-fuss risotto is a cinch to make and tastes delightfully good on the... - 103.927

Grilling Rubs Add Flavor Even For The Worst Cooks

What's a piece of meat without a little extra flavor and kick? Chef Todd Mohr not only gives you a deep insight on the need for a good rub to pep up your grilled food, but also shares an easy to prepare and versatile rub recipe, good enough to jazz up your... - 81.1515

Delicious Corn On The Cob

There is no better way to enjoy yummy corns than infuse it with butter and fresh herbs. Chef Todd Mohr, in his own unique fashion, treats the corn with delicious butter and flavorful herbs that any day makes for a yummy appetizer. Try it and treat yourself to... - 90.0087

Homemade Pizza

Tired of eating at Dominos and Papa Jones? How about preparing your own pizza at home. Chef Todd Mohr presents a super simple pizza recipe using easy-to-find ingredients. Pizzas prepared in your own kitchen will any day cost you less dough and is more... - 100.755

Egg Custard

Someone had rightly said, "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." When love's in the air, there could be no better way to express you love than some sweet moments with desserts. Chef Todd Mohr whips up yummy V-day dessert, scrumptious enough to... - 109.437

Spritz Cookie

Wish to add some variety to your tray of Christmas cookie? Try the popular Christmas cookie — the Spritz Cookie. Chef Todd Mohr shares with us his favorite recipe of Spritz cookie that not only tastes yum, but also looks really nice and has the flavor of... - 92.1718

Buche Noel

What are Christmas dinners without the traditional Yuletide desserts like Buche de Noel. A creamy sponge cake filled with chocolate whipped cream. Todd Mohr uses five basic ingredients to whomp up this delectable creamy dessert in his own unique way.... - 89.9927

Homemade Pumpkin Puree

If you are looking to prepare pumpkin bread, pie, waffles and soups sans investing on store-bought pumpkin puree, here's what you need. Chef Todd Mohr, who believes in making cooking innovative and exciting, shares a simple way to puree pumpkin in a snap. So... - 85.1889

Which Is Better — Chicken Pot Pie Or Shepherd's Pie

Do you always hit a duck when it comes to choosing your pie. Chef Todd Mohr helps you get over this dilemma with the videos presented here. Whether you love chicken pot pie or shepherd's pie better, this video is likely to leave you with a few lessons on how... - 107.581

French Onion Soup For Dinner

There is nothing quite like classic onion soup cooked in the French style. Chef Todd Mohr teaches you how to whip up yummy French style onion soup at home in seconds. Delicious and creamy, there could be no better way to appease your hungry tummy on starved... - 107.135

Broccoli And Cheese

There is no better way to nosh on the goodness of greens than slather it with some creamy cheese, and Chef Todd Mohr very well seems to know that. In this recipe video, he explains as easy and tasty way to enjoy the health of broccoli without sacrificing on... - 100.833

Scallops For Valentines Day

V-Day celebrations are incomplete without a romantic dinner for two. Sizzle up some fun on the plate with these V-Day scallops that Chef Todd Mohr so easily whomps up in a matter of minutes. Convenient, easy-to-make and great to eat taste. - 97.1485