Alohacaramia's Recipes

Whole Wheat Pioneer Bread

A popular favorite, Pioneer bread prepared with wheat makes it a crispy treat which you can savor anytime. It is fun to make your own bread at home using whole wheat flour, just like Aloha. Make it more nourishing serving with vegetables. - 63.9368

Delicious Strawberry Mixed Jam

How nice would it be to have an accompaniment preserved which go with everything! Strawberry mixed jam preparation by Aloha is easy to follow and can be made in minutes. Now you can enjoy the flavor of strawberry anytime, any season! - 64.0814

Lightly Flavored Pioneer Bread

Pioneer bread is a delicious all time favorite. A variation of classic bread, this can be made with whole grain and is good for health. Serve as a dipping or make sandwiches out of it. Just overlook the kiddish manners of Aloha while making it! - 57.813

Linguini Noodles Made At Home

Enjoy the experience of tasting Linguini noodles made at home! This tasty dish can be prepared in a jiffy with ingredient straight out of your kitchen cabinet. So if you have not planned dinner yet or looking forward to impress guests, make this dish. And... - 60.3361

American Liberty Bread

Have you ever tried baking a bread at home or have been reluctant because you thought you could never perfect the art? Aloha prepares a completely different variety packed with taste and goodness of wheat. The end result is the crusty and wonderful Liberty... - 64.4851