Veg Magic's Recipes

Dry Bean Salad

Soak the beans overnight in hot water to which 1/2 tspn, bi-carbonate of soda has been added. Boil next day in fresh water to cover, till tender but not mushy, adding salt and pepper, the tomato puree and curry powder. Crush the garlic and mix well with 1/4... - 33.4582

Macaroni Salad With French Dressing

Mix together and serve on lettuce leaves. - 21.4431

Ice Cream

Boil together quickly and freeze. Shred green coconut into ice cream (if desired) before freezing. - 15.271

Cheese Savouries ( 1 )

Sift he flour and seasoning together and rub in butter. Add the grated cheese and mix well. Mix to a stiff dough with a little water. Put the mixture on a floured board and roll out. Line some small greased boatshaped tins and bake blind in... - 32.9263

Tropical Salad

Dice potatoes, mix in grated onion and parsley. Mix vinegar and oil,- seasoning it with salt and pepper. Pour this over po- tatoes and set aside for an hour. Skin tomatoes and cut into half-circles. Peel avocados, after cutting them in half, crosswise. Cut up... - 34.5002

Bean Hephtedes

Wash the beans, pick over, the leave to soak overnight. Put all ingredients through a mincing machine and mix them well, and pound a little to soften mixture. Mix in the bi-carb soda and leave to stand for 2 hours. Make into small rounds and fry in very hot... - 27.4418

Cooked Chickpeas

Soak chick peas for 24 hours, rinse well and rub beans well between hands to remove skins. Put them in a heavy pan and cover with water. Season with sliced onion, sage, salt, pepper and a minced garlic clove. Boil, then leave on the lowest heat without... - 23.041

Hawaiian Sweet Potatoes

Combine mashed sweet potatoes with grated pineapple and place in greased baking dish. Dot with butter and brown, in mod. hot oven for about 20 to 25 minutes. - 19.0001

Brinjal Curry With Yogurt

Trim and slice the onions and fry in oil until soft. Add the crushed garlic after 5 minutes, then stir in the curry powder after 10 minutes. Wash, deseed and slice the peppers and peel and cube the brinjals. Add to the onions and fry gently for 7 minutes,... - 32.4032

Baked Tomatoes

One serving of this Baked Tomatoes is enough to get you hooked on. Not someone who like cooked tomatoes, i can tell you that this recipe will change that for you! A great side dish that combines bread!! The green peppers give it a nice subtle flavor. I'm sure... - 46.8912

Gram With Tomato Sauce

Cook gently for 20 minutes, then add the drained gram and 2 tspn, turmeric mixed first with a little water. Cook until the gram is soft but not mushy. Gram is available at the Indian stores. - 25.7385

Special Tomato Salad

Mix all ingredients well together and cool a little. Slice large tomatoes very thickly into a flat dish. Spoon dressing over and sprinkle with minced onion and chopped parsley. Baste several times so that the dressing goes to the layers underneath. - 25.5911

American Savory Rice

Saute the shredded cabbage in hot oil for 5 minutes, then stir in the rice with another tablespoon of oil. Cook for a further 5 minutes stirring constantly to coat the rice with oil. Add water, onion, seasonings and dried fruit. Mix well, cover and cook for... - 32.5961

Apple Slice Canape

Cut apple into thin slices and dip in lemon water to hold colour. Before serving top with the cheese which has been mashed, and pineapple. - 15.9242

Paprika Dip

Mix oil, paprika, onion and garlic salts and pepper and leave for 2 hours. Beat in the vinegar little by little with rotary beater. Fold in the sour cream and tomato sauce. Serve with raw vegetable strips, chips or dry biscuits. - 25.1855

Almond Puree

Add drops of water to Nut Cream until it becomes whitish and of a creamy consis- tency. Add remaining water and mix all ingredients together slowly and thoroughly: - 19.6041

Mixed Pickles ( Laas )

Peel cucumbers and quarter, remove seeds and cut into 1/2 inch thick finger. Scrape carrots and also cut into 1/2 in. fingers. Cut beans into 1 inch pieces. Break cauliflower into flowerettes. Fry chopped onion in 2 tblspn, oil and add spices. Add vegetables... - 37.6973

Green Lentils

Pick over and wash lentils well. Cook in stock with salt and onion with cloves until tender but not mushy. Saute chopped onion in oil and stir into lentils, and add lemon juice or cream. - 25.8773

Honey-sour Cream Dressing

Blend in honey with the lemon juice then mix into the sour cream. Just before serving stir in the grated coconut. This dressing is excellent with grated carrots. - 20.3049

Cauliflower, Water Chestnuts And Mushrooms ( Chinese )

Soak the mushrooms in warm water for 20 minutes, drain but keep the water. Cut off the mushroom stalks, then slice. Divide the cauliflower into flowerets, put into a saucepan, pour on enough boiling water to cover completely and leave to stand in this water... - 36.8259

Singapore Rice

Fry onion in oil, add rice, nuts, spices and sultanas. Cover with hot stock and simmer for 20 Minutes or till rice is tender and water has evaporated. - 25.5347

Vegetable Pie With Kidney Beans

Soak the beans overnight. Drain and place in heavy pan, cover with water and cook until soft, adding salt to taste. Peel the onions, slice finely, then brown lightly in the oil. Boil the cabbage and potatoes together or steam them. Drain and mash them... - 33.8938

Soybean Loaf

Mince soybeans with a fine cutter. Cook together the tomatoes, thyme, bay leaf. onion, sugar and seasoning until reduced by half, then rub through a sieve. Stir in the flour and oil, and add to the beans. Put into cans, cover with tight-fitting lid, and boil... - 32.1441

Peanut Groquettes

Mix all ingredients well together. Form into croquettes. Roll in breadcrumbs and either fry or bake in hot vegetable oil. - 21.9733

Cheese Savouries ( 2 )

Cream cheese and butter. Blend in flour and salt. Shape into 3/4" balls. Roll in paprika. Chill 2 hours or freeze. Place on ungreased baking sheet. Bake at 350°F. about 15 mins. - 28.2987

Rice And Banana Salad

Wash rice well, and dry in a cloth. Melt butter in pan, add curry powder and the rice. Saute for 5 minutes, add water, boiling, and .cook gently till the rice is cooked. (If water has been absorbed before rice is cooked, add a little more boiling water). Peel... - 32.4727

Haricot Fritters

Mash cooked beans with wooden spoon, adding enough crumbs to make a firm mixture. Add tomato sauce and seasonings to taste. Chopped basil or oregano or parsley add to the flavour. Shape into small balls, roll into sprinkling flour, flattening as you do... - 21.571

Cheese Kedgeree

Chop onions and cook in butter till soft but not brown. Add the peeled, grated apple. Wash and clean rice and add to the onions and also the water. Bring to boil and simmer gently till rice is tender. Add milk, mustard' and nutmeg, and grated cheese. Season... - 33.1691

Soy 'mayonnaise'

Beater method: Place Soy powder in small deep bowl and add enough water to make medium thick paste. Add oil gra- dually beating to be sure the mixture will emulsify. Add the oil in larger -amounts and alternate with little more water as mixture... - 35.2365

Moong Dal Khichdi

Heat 1 tblspn, oil and cook jeera for 3 minutes, do not allow to brown. This will soften the seeds and bring out the flavour. Add the dhal and the rice and stir gently. Add water to cover and cook on light heat until tender. This is an excellent dish for... - 23.9829

Potatoes — In Sour Cream

Boil 1 lb. small new potatoes in their jackets in a little boiling, slightly salted water, till almost done. Remove, drain and cool, then peel off their skins.Melt 1 oz. butter in a smallish sauce pan, stir in 1 teaspn. flour, add the potatoes. Keep stirring... - 26.3527

Greek Sour Cream Dressing

Blend well in a bowl. - 17.8556

Lemon Dressing

Whip up the cream thickly, add a pinch of salt, a sprinkling of pepper and a little castor sugar. Thin out with the lemon juice. - 19.2792

Spanish Rice

Saute finely sliced onion in the fat until soft, add rice and brown lightly. Seed and slice green peppers and add to rice with the stock and tomatoes. If liked, add more tomato canned or home cooked, and sliced, sauteed mushrooms and finely sliced... - 24.8226

Carrot & Date Salad

Combine carrot, apple and dates. Add with mayonnaise and fruit juice and toss to moisten. Makes 4 servings. - 22.1892

Potato Salad Supreme

Toss all the ingredients together lightly. Chill well before serving. Use: Serve in salad bowl lined with crisp lettuce, garnish with ripe olives. Variation: Add 1/4 cup each chopped ripe olives and pimiento to ingredients and garnish with green pepper rings. - 24.4431

Tofu & Vegetable Sukiyaki

Soak the dried mushrooms and save the liquor. Slice bamboo shoots, mushrooms and white onions finely. Cut other ingre- dients finely diagonally, and cut Tofu into 1 inch squares. Arrange separately in neat. piles on large platter ready for cooking on... - 36.3263

Green Pepper Shamrocks With Swiss Cheese

Stuff with cheese mixture. Chill for 1 hour then slice stuffed peppers with very sharp knife. Serve slices on 4 beds of crisp: Endive or lettuce leaves Garnish with: strips of pimiento Top with: Mint dressing sprigs of mint. - 27.4138

Banana Snack

Slice peeled bananas crosswise in 1 ; inch pieces. Dip into grapefruit, pineapple, orange or lemon juice. Spread with cream cheese or salad dressing. Roll in finely chopped nuts. - 15.914

Broiled Pineapple And Tomatoes

Wash tomatoes arid cut in half. Fry gently in hot oil on one side only. Do the same with the sliced pineapple. If grilling is preferred, brush with oil then grill. Place pineapple slices on uncooked side of tomato half after sprinkling with salt and sugar and... - 22.2792

Soybean Cheese

Soybeen cheese is added to other vegetables in hot dishes, and may be added like cheese to rarebits and similar dishes. As it has the consistency of soft cream cheese, it can be seasoned and used with herbs as stuffing for celery stalks, green peppers or... - 25.0359

Garbanzo Salad

Crush the garlic in the bowl in which the salad is to be mixed, discarding the shreds of skin. Heat the chick peas in their liquid, drain thoroughly, then add to the bowl with the minced green onions and tomato or pimento, the parsley and the olive oil. Toss... - 29.979

Cottage Cheese Balls

Shape cheese into balls the size of a small egg. Roll in the chopped parsley and arrange with slices of tomato on lettuce or serve with a vegetable salad. Special: good with fruit salad. - 16.0672

Rice And Pineapples

Place 4.oz. long grain rice in boiling, salted water and cook for 10 minutes until tender. Drain and rinse under cold water. Spoon rice into a basin and add the following: Salt and pepper; 1 small onion, finely chopped; 1 green pepper (blanched in boiling... - 18.4111

Nut Butter Salad Dressing

Blend all the ingredients well together. - 20.2244

Boland Salad Bowl

Tear the lettuce into small pieces and add to it the cauliflower, tomato, onion rings and olives. Add to your French dressing 2 tblspn. Roquefort cheese mashed, and add to the salad; toss until blended. Season the salad before adding the dressing. - 24.9873

Avocado Melted Cheese Sandwich

Butter the bread and heat but do not toast. Mix the cheese and avocado and cover the hot bread. Place under grill until cheese is melted and bread browns. - 18.1561

Spinach Mornay

Cook spinach till tender, chop and mix with a little butter, cream and seasoning. (A dash of nutmeg is good). Put oh top of buttered toast and cover with a layer of grated cheese and heat under a hot grill. - 13.4808

Mrs. Sondi's Lentil Recipe

Wash lentils under running water. Put in saucepan with water, salt and turmeric. Boil gently stirring often, until the whole is soft and well mixed. Add butter, cream and lemon juice and serve hot. - 26.2483

Mexican Green Bean Salad

Allow 2 cups of freshly cooked French beans (thinly sliced) to marinate in 3 tblspn, of French dressing with 2 tblspn, of minced onion added. You can leave this for an hour, or you can leave it all night in a cool-to-cold place. Just before serving, add 3... - 16.1699

Carrot And Cheese Toast

Clean carrots and slice into ovals. Simmer in stock until tender, drain and mash. Return to pan with the butter and vinegar and heat thoroughly. Add grated cheese and heat until creamy and very hot. Place mixture on 4 slices of hot buttered toast. - 24.923

Yogurt Savory Sauce

Mix all ingredients until smooth and serve well chilled. - 21.6567

Avocado And Radish Salad

Mix radishes and avocado. Make into a mould. Slice tomatoes and place around the mould. Arrange on lettuce leaves. - 20.9827

Grilled Tomatoes With Gruyere

Cut off the top of medium-sized tomatoes and scoop out the fleshy centres and seeds. Sprinkle with vegetable salt and leave them to drain cut side down. Make stuffing: Melt gruyere in double saucepan with a little French or dry mustard. Add clove crushed... - 18.3033

Baked Curry

Slice the onions very thinly, and scrape and slice the carrots into thin ovals. Saute in hot oil until just tender. Place mixture in a greased oven dish and sprinkle with chopped nuts. Season with curry powder salt and pepper, and a layer of chutney. Cover... - 35.6509

Puree Of Dried Split Peas

Soak the peas as above, and cook in water to cover with other ingredients for 21/2 to 3 hours. Put through a sieve and add 1 oz. butter, if necessary add little milk, reheat and serve very hot. - 19.0046

Quick Cheese And Vegetable Hot-pot

Mix together gently, the beans (canned may be used), carrots, peas, cheese and the onions which have been lightly fried in butter. Place in a greased oven dish and arrange the thinly sliced potatoes on the top. Sprinkle with the extra cheese and dot with... - 26.4644

Devilled Almond Croutes

Melt the butter and brush one side of bread with it. Sprinkle this side with grated cheese and brown under grill. Add the almonds to the remainder of the butter and cook till golden brown. Add cheese, chutney, seasonings and parsley, and heat till the cheese... - 31.8778

Garlic Nut Appetizers

Place nuts in a baking pan with the oil and garlic salt and bake in slow oven (300°F.) for 15 minutes. Serve in paper cups. - 16.6327

Soya Bean Rice

Cook soya beans in enough water for 30 mins. to a good consistency. Fry grated onion in oil till brown. Add tomato, herbs and stir in soya beans. Put in baking dish in alternate layers with the rice. Bake in moderate oven until light brown. Macaroni may be... - 28.4783

Courgettes In Sour Cream

Cut courgettes into thin rounds and arrange in serving dish. Sprinkle with lemon juice, pour the sour cream over and sprinkle thickly with the chopped chives. Chill before serving as a salad with thin dry toast. - 20.8442

Brinjal Salad ( Salata Betenjan )

Take 2 or 3 large brinjals, roast well in jackets and allow to cool. Cut in half and scoop vegetable into a dish. Mash the brinjal, adding one medium minced onion, two cloves of minced garlic, two tablespoons lemon juice. Season with salt and pepper and mix... - 15.8944

Party Cheese Fingers

Mix white pepper, garlic powder and onion salt with 3 oz. cream cheese. Spread on slices of bread. Cut into finger strips and top each with a thin slice of dill pickle or cucumber. - 16.1744

Horseradish Relish

Add to above and serve with lettuce. - 25.7949

Yogurt And Cheddar Cheese

Blend all ingredients. - 15.5844

Indonesian Bean Curd

Cut the curds into cubes and fry quickly in hot oil. Meanwhile, soak bean sprouts by pouring boiling water over them, after cubing them. When the curds are fried arrange them in a dish and sprinkle over the soaked sprouts, then top with previously fried... - 16.7559

Red Cabbage Salad

Halve and wash a firm red cabbage and drain well. Shred very finely and discard all thick ribs. Sprinkle generously with salt, stamping the salt well into the cabbage with a mallet. Cover closely and allow to stand for 1 hour, then squeeze all the water out... - 27.5755

Soy Cheese Roast

Fry minced onion in oil gently until lightly browned, then add other ingredients and mix well. Bake in well-greased oven dish at 350°F. until browned. Baste with a yeast gravy if desired. - 25.5737

Cucumber Dunk

Grate 1 large cucumber, skin and all, and add' 1/2 small onion, grated (or 1 garlic bud, crushed). Drain thoroughly in a strainer for at least 1 hour and place in a bowl. Add 3 tablespoons yoghurt (or sour cream), 1/2 tspn, salt, 1/4 tspn, pepper, 1/2 tspn,... - 17.7969

Cucumber Salad

Soak the sultanas in little water or lemon juice until soft and swollen. Mix all ingredients together and chill. - 21.2168

Ruby Red Dressing

Combine all ingredients and beat until smooth. Use with salads where citrus fruits are part of the ingredients. - 19.7618

Bean Curd ( Chinese )

Put French beans and cabbage in fast boiling water for 2 minutes, drain and rinse under cold tap. Heat oil. Quick fry. onion, cabbage and French beans, then add mushrooms and broccoli. Cook for 2 minutes. Season and serve. - 29.4607

Cheese Cake

Roll out crackers into crumbs and blend well with melted butter. Press half mixture into loose bottom pan. Mix other ingredients together and spread over cracker mixture. Top with remaining crumbs and chill. To serve, remove sides of pan, place on large... - 33.3725


Chop chillies, tomatoes and onions. Wash lentils and put them in a pan with 11/2 pints cold water, the turmeric and salt, and cook for 1/2 hour on medium heat, when they should have absorbed all the liquid. Meanwhile fry the onions till golden brown, add... - 32.8075

Celeriac And Apples

Peel the celeriac and the apples, and cut into very fine slices. Sprinkle with a little lemon juice so that they do not go brown. Make a dressing of the remaining lemon juice, the oil, salt and sugar. Mix with the finely chopped walnuts and pour over the... - 32.352

Chinese Mixed Vegetable Chop Suey

Use any of the following. Onions, leeks, mushrooms, bean sprouts, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, celery, green peppers, spring greens. Method: Wash, clean then slice them into very thin strips. Shallow fry them in a little oil in a hot pan. Add a little... - 17.8548

Keeping It Simple Creamed Spinach

Cook spinach and chop finely. Make white sauce with butter, flour and milk, and add half to chopped spinach. Put into baking dish and put rest of sauce on top. Sprinkle with grated cheese, dot with butter. Brown under grill. - 24.4477

Lentil And Cornmeal Pie

Heat the milk with salt to taste and stir in the cornmeal, stirring constantly. Cook for 5 minutes then place on a greased ovenglass dish. Mix the lentils, rice and paprika and put on top of the cornmeal. Bake in oven at 350°F for about 30 minutes. - 30.2161

Basic French Dressing

Combine all ingredients in a glass jar with a well-fitting screw-topped lid and shake until thoroughly mixed. Shake well each time before using to mix in oil. To this basic dressing various other ingredients may be added such as:- 8 oz. cream cheese chopped... - 25.0706

Lettuce Cheese Roll

Spread on 8 large lettuce leaves and roll each leaf like a jelly roll. Bind with strips of pimento. Chill before serving. - 23.0277

Casserole Of Rice, Peas And Carrots

Wash the rice, shell the peas and wash and chop the carrot into rounds. Place these in a casserole with the herbs, salt, pepper and the stock. Cover and bake in hot oven until the peas are tender, and the rice has absorbed all the stock. Dot the top with... - 24.1447

Dahi Bhalle

Soak lentils overnight and grind finely next day, after straining well. Beat to a stiff paste, adding a little warm water. Roast the cumin seed and crush fine. Grind cloves and cinnamon to a powder. Add 1/2 the chilli and cumin powders to lentils. Place damp... - 44.5306

Pickled Cabbage ( Chinese )

Wash cabbage and break into 2 inch squares. Heat oil and quick fry . the cabbage. Put in a bowl and add the other ingredients which have been mixed together. Mix well and serve as a salad. Cabbage prepared in this way will keep for several days but must be... - 27.2336

Special Tomato Sauce Dressing

These ingredients make about 3 cups: Bottle what is not used and keep in re- frigerator. Combine all ingredients in a jar with a tightly-fitting lid and shake until well blended and then chill. Shake well each time before serving. - 29.0917

Sulimans Pilaff

Warm the oil in thick pan and stir the rice into it until it becomes transparent. Pour over 4 pints boiling water and cook quickly for about 15 minutes, or until the rice is nearly done. Make a savoury with the other ingredients. Fry onions in oil, then add... - 27.2968

Spanish Potato & Pea Salad

Combine 2 cups cooked diced potatoes with 1/2 cup cooked peas, 1 tspn, grated onion. 1 tblspn, chopped pimento, 1 tblspn, olive oil, 2 tblspn, soy mayonnaise and salt and pepper to taste. Chill. Makes 4 servings. - 15.4294

Artichokes And Potatoes With Cheese

Peel and cook the artichokes in milk and water. Mash and mix well with the mashed potatoes, Mornay sauce, salt and pepper. Spread thickly on the buttered toast, then sprinkle generously with grated cheese and brown under the grill. - 22.2792

Vegetable Biryani

Boil dhal in salted water. Boil rice with 2 cardamon and 1 stick cinnamon in rapidly boiling wafer. When it is half done drain dry in colander. ... - 35.9913

Indonesian Salad

Prepare and cook the following vegetables: Spinach, cabbage, carrots, beans, cauli- flower, sou-sou Soak some bean sprouts in boiling water and cut up a cucumber; also crisply fry some onions. Arrange the vegetables attractively on a platter. Pour over the... - 14.5447

Macaroni Salad

Cook the macaroni with the halved onion in boiling water until tender — about 15 to 20 minutes — then drain well. Rinse under running cold water. When well drained and cool, stir in most of the grated cheese, saving 1 tblspn. Sprinkle on the... - 36.0048

Butter Beans ( With Skins )

Wash the beans and place in large basin. Cover with water and leave overnight. Drain and place in heavy pan and cover with cold water. Bring to the boil and reduce heat to simmering, and cook for 1 hour. Add salt to taste and the curry powder, and continue... - 31.2836

Golden Cheese Fingers

Grate carrots finely and mix with 5 oz. cheese, 11/2 oz. butter, ketchup and seasoning. Toast bread and spread with rest of butter. Pile cheese and carrot mixture on toast. Sprinkle with rest of cheese and brown under grill. Garnish with grilled tomatoes. - 27.6432

Dal Halwa

Soak the lentils overnight, and then grind them finely to a paste. Slice the almonds very finely and crush the cardamon seeds. Crush the saffron and soak in 1 tblspn, water. Brown lentil paste in oil or butter, add sugar, raisins, or sultanas and milk, and... - 31.2943

Potatoes Alphonse

Cook unpeeled whole potatoes until just done, and slice while they are still hot. Place on oven dish, add some butter and lemon juice and sprinkle with salt and chopped parsley. Cover with grated cheese and place under the griller for about 10 minutes until... - 21.5024

Kasmin Tomatoes

Chop and peel tomatoes and add salt. Heat oil in pan and gently fry onions, garlic, ground ginger and chilli. Add tomatoes and coconut and simmer for 15 minutes or until the liquid is absorbed. - 25.1863

Mexican Rarebit

Melt the butter, add green pepper and cook till done. Add all the other ingre- dients and stir till cheese is melted. Serve on toast garnished with parsley. - 24.096


To soy mayonnaise, add crushed garlic (2 cloves). Serve with any vegetable. - 12.8304

Dried Peas Stew

Wash peas well and soak for few hours. Cook in water they were soaked in until half cooked, then add chopped onions, carrots, pinch sage or marjoram, salt and pepper. Continue cooking until all vegetables are tender. Add chopped parsley and serve hot. - 22.3673

Honey-mint Vinegar

Let vinegar come to the boil, then slowly add honey and mint. Let simmer on low flame for 7 minutes. Strain and pour into clean bottles. This can be used at once. - 18.8482

Rice Loaf

Cook the rice in three cups of the milk. Melt the butter, add flour, seasoning and 1 cup milk and cook the sauce until it thickens. Allow cheese to melt in the sauce. Arrange alternate layers of rice and sauce in a buttered casserole, sprinkle with... - 27.9456