Johnny's Recipes

Energizing Aloe Smoothie

Say hello to Aloe. A super smoothie for the health conscious and aloe lovers. It has some chocolate mix and bananas thrown in for extra flavor. Mark this aloe smoothie video for you will want to make it again. - 76.3129

Raw Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Chocolate and Avocado is a classic combination which elevates this basic mousse to another level. Watch how chef shares the secret of making this smooth in texture and low on calories mousse. It is for keeps on your favorite list. - 66.8559

Vegan Tuna Pate

Am sure the contradicting title of the recipe was enough to catch your attention. But wait, there's more to attract you to the dish. How the video essays the easy and quick way of preparing the dip with bare minimum ingredients is the USP of this vegan mock... - 67.7134

Indian Cilantro Dip

A creamy green dip which is lightly spiced due to its Indian origin. The video is a bit fast but you can follow the recipe without repeated plays. Try it with traditional American snacks like chicken wings or fritters. - 79.4744

Raw Vegan Chocolate And Cabbage Salad

Chocolate in a salad is rarely found. As shown in the video, combined with cabbage and host of other ingredients this is a nice recipe to try out on a special occasion. - 66.2149

Raw Lettuce Vegetable Wraps With Crisp Onion Rings

Lettuce Vegetable Wraps with Crisp Onion Rings is a nice impromptu meal you can make on a lazy day. With a little bit of slicing and assembling the meal is ready in no time. Enjoy it while watching the Super Bowl. - 90.6298

Raw Apple And Flax Seeds Sandwich Bread

A unique bread made using apples this is a sure thing for people with wheat allergy and who love to eat sandwiches. It is not as difficult as it may sound, just watch the video to get a better understanding of the recipe. - 89.0924

Raw Mushroom Popcorn Snack

A crispy snack for a boring day made using mushroom that are coated with ground flaxseeds. This works well as a picnic snack too. Watch the video and determine your best time to enjoy the snack. - 82.9317

Spiced Raw Nori Cheese Sticks

Spiced Nori Cheese Sticks can easily pass of as mock vegetarian sushi. As shown in the video, nori sheets gives the crunch while the cheese mixture is heavy enough to satiate the hungry tummy. - 65.1024

Medley Of Pineapple And Strawberries - Raw Style

The sweet strawberry tossed with citrusy pineapple make up for a great dessert topping or even a nice summer salad. The secret here is to let the fruit blend well for at least 30min before serving. And yes, don’t forget to chill it. The video has many other... - 71.5587

Classic Lemonade

Juicy lemonades squeezed to give you the real flavor of lemonade. It is flavored with agave nectar which ensures you keep the calories out that are given by sugar. A nice video to watch and a good recipe to chill you out during a sweaty day. - 81.7667

Garlic Lemon Salad Dressing

Garlic Lemon Salad Dressing is a simple dressing which will spice up any combination of vegetables. You can make it advance and refrigerate for a quick fix. The video makes the dressing look very appealing. - 92.8463

Raw Flax Chips With Mexican Pico

Flax Chips with Mexican Pico is a healthy snack which you won't mind munching throughout the day. Once you are through watching the simple video and making the dish, serve the tangy Pico with flax chips and witness for yourself what a deadly combination of... - 75.3072

Raw Daily Smoothie

A daily smoothie for all Raw Food lovers which will energize you and at the same time tingle your taste buds. It's a quick video for a quick recipe of smoothie. - 65.2962

Raw Blueberry Pie

Innovation at its best, this is what the recipe in the video is all about. Try this unusual no bake blueberry pie that is made using cashew crust. It's quick to prepare and will make you forget the original blueberry pie. - 82.1111

Raw Burger Buns

Ever dreamt of burger buns that are gluten free and unbaked? Try these buns that are ready in no time and will give a new twist to your burgers. The video finishes off with a nice suggestion for the burgers. - 72.9231

Raw Italian Stew

Italian stew or Giambotta made the vegetarian way for raw food lovers. This is a lip-smacking stew that also is pleasing to the eye with its assortment of vegetables stewed in tomato puree. Although the steps in the video may seem a little difficult to... - 75.1661

Raw Falafel

All those who relish falafel can try this raw version of the same dish that uses sunflower and host of other spices for its preparation. The dish is much simpler than its original version as it can be seen in the video. - 72.7725

Raw Pancake Or Layered Cake

A quick cake made using bananas which works well as a pancake too. This is low cal as it uses only 2 healthy raw ingredients for its preparation. Watch the video to know how. - 74.8441

Raw Peach Cobbler

This is sweet and sour peach cobbler recipe video with a twist. Here, the crumb layer is made using cashewnut powder (the real stuff) which makes it flavorful compared to the original recipe. - 71.9381

Raw Magic Aloe Smoothie

Aloe is not a common flavor for smoothies but after watching this video you will make it your favorite one. Although, meant for the health conscious foodies, junk lovers should also give it a try. - 67.7804

Raw Okra

A medley of Okra with other vegetables works as a good side dish for meals. The spices and seasonings help soften the okra which is otherwise added raw to the dish. The video is short and crisp which helps save your time. - 73.3942

Raw (nut) Meatballs

For those who don't prefer meatballs made using meat here's a good recipe idea that uses walnuts to prepare the balls. The video has clear instructions to prepare this dish that will be a hit with all vegetarian food lovers. - 75.6016

Raw Hummus And Guac

Two fine dips made the raw style. Like the video shows, making 2 dips is not that big a deal. They are going to be loved at every party. Serve along with pita chips and tacos or top on vegetable roundels. - 72.6785

Raw Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie

MAKING 1. FOR CASHEW NUTS In a food processor, put the cashew nuts and grind well until smooth. 2. FOR CHOCOLATE CHIPS In a bowl, mix coconut butter with cocoa powder and vanilla agave. Spread it on a plate lined with baking parchment and freeze for 2-3... - 76.4792

Raw Vegan Chili

A true Vegan Chilli recipe is rare to find. Here's one that will please you and make all vegan eaters happy. Mark the video as you will want to come back and try the recipe again and again. - 71.504

Raw Chocolate Cake

Please Follow the Video - 15.015

Raw Pasta & Sauce

A classic innovation to help satiate your pasta cravings. Potato strips are well marinated and then served with a pasta tomato sauce. It's quick, easy and yum as shown in the video. - 70.3087

Raw Collard Wraps

Here is a quick dish that you can whip up when pressed on time. It's a crunchy snack well balanced with Guacamole sauce. This should please your friends following raw food diet. - 72.1733

Raw Pakoras & Tahini

A fusion recipe that comprises of Indian style fritters served with a Lebanese dip. Such videos are the need of the hour to help bring variety to everyday boring food. You should try it today. - 76.0733

Raw Vegan Sushi

Now, here's a sushi for all vegetarians out there. Crisp nori sheets are wrapped around shredded parsnip and vegetables to create a wonderful sushi for all vegan foodies. The video carefully shows all the assembling so that you make the right veggie sushi. - 85.4502