Sanghi's Recipes

Vermicelli Sweet Kheer

Semiya Paayasam is one of my favourite dish. I got so many appreciations for this one made especially in special occasions and festivals. - 38.9749

Rava Saffron Kesari (sooji Saffron Kesari)

Rava Saffron Kesari is a traditional sweet. - 43.3441

Easy Non-microwave Chocolate Cake

This Chocolate Cake is yummy, chocolatee.. and soft. - 56.4986

Tomato Garlic Soup

Tomato garlic soup is a very healthy dish. Basically a south indian recipe and part of everyday menu. Enjoy! - 48.6101

Greens Garlic Mashed Curry (keerai Masiyal)

This Greens curry is an excellent and healthy dish. Also very quickly made. Try and enjoy! - 39.207

Chicken Pepper Soup

This Chicken soup is very good therapy for bad cold and sour throat. Try and enjoy! - 46.3802

Mochai Kottai Kaara Kulambu

This Field bean curry is one of my favourite curries. Healthy and flavourish dish loved by all. Try and enjoy! - 49.8878

Fish Coconut Chilly Fry

This Fish coconut chilly fry is a south indian dish. Tastes great. Try and enjoy!! - 45.0911

Fish In Tamarind Curry (meen Kulambu)

This Fish curry is very easy and tasty. A south-indian dish that tastes great prepared with any kind of fish. Try and enjoy!! - 50.862

Dal Plain Curry

This Dal plain curry is a simple, quick and tasty dish. enjoy! - 47.7815

Beans Spicy Fry

This Beans fry is a hot, crispy dish. Enjoy! - 43.0472

Thakkali Poondu Thokku

Tomato garlic pickle is my favourite. Tangy, spicy, tasty tomatoes with garlic combines in to a delicious pickle. Try and enjoy! - 45.6644

Coconut Rice

Coconut rice is a tasty, quick dish. Enjoy!! - 44.0323

Paruppu Urappu Adai

Paruppu urappu adai is a tasty, hot, spongy pancake. Its a exact stomach-filling healthy breakfast for a good change. Enjoy!! - 47.8929

Sweet Onion Rings

Sweet Onion Rings are a crispy, puffy, sweet, quick snack to relish on a bore day with family. Enjoy! - 47.766

Yam & Potato Roast (senai/suran Roast)

Yam Roast is a spicy, crispy dish. Yam is called Senai kizhangu in tamil and suran in hindi. Its very healthy and tasty dish. Enjoy!!! - 44.666

Paruppu Beans Usili

Paruppu Usili is a tasty and very healthy dish. High in protein and tastes excellent. Enjoy!! - 41.0153

Kondai Kadalai Kulambu (chick-pea Pepper Curry)

Kondai kadalai kulambu, a traditional dish is a spicy pepper curry which is healthy and tasty for all. Enjoy!! - 52.6583

Badam Halwa

Badam halwa is a delicious rich smooth halwa perfect for the happy occasion of Diwali. Enjoy!! - 35.0049

Roasted Okra

This okra roast is a very tasty snack. Simple with okra in onion and cashew crispy bites are a definite try. Enjoy!!! - 50.1661

Green Chilly & Coconut Sambar

Green chilly & coconut sambar is a plain, simple and tasty dish. Try and enjoy! - 43.4886

Ginger Curry - Onam Special

Ginger curry is a typical dish from the South Indian state of Kerala. It is also known as injikkari/puliyinji. The goodness of Ginger paired with other spices make Ginger curry a treat for everyone. This is a great side dish that can be made for Onam and... - 43.564

Egg Spicy Roast

This Egg roast is a very spicy and tasty dish to be tried and enjoyed! - 46.9423

Indian Crab Dry Curry

This Crab dry curry is a spicy and mouth-watering dish. All my family members love this dish very much. Try and enjoy! - 45.7855

Vermicelli Kitchdi (semiya Upma)

Vermicelli Kitchdi is a very simple, quick breakfast. Vermicelli will be easily available in any indian store, can be bought and stocked for months. Try this and enjoy! - 48.9178

Banana & Cashew Butter Sandwich

Golden caramelised roasted banans with Honey cashew butter tastes yummmmmmmmmy!! Try and Enjoy! - 43.4874

Lite Vegetable Biryani

Lite Vegetable Biryani is a dish made of less masalas and more vegetables & nuts to give lots of taste. Try out and enjoy!! - 53.3006

Drumstick Brinjal Tamarind Curry (murungai Karthirikayi Kaara Kulambu)

This Mixed Vegetable tamarind curry is spicy, tasty for White rice. Try and enjoy!! - 46.1769

Idli Dosa Chutney Powder

Idly dosa chutney powder is a side dish for idly and dosa in south indian breakfast. Spicy and tasty try and enjoy!! - 39.1232

Dosa Green Chutney

Dosa Green chutney is a very easy, tasty and quick dish for an ideal indian style breakfast. Try and enjoy!! - 46.9502


Jangri is a crispy, puffy, juicy sweet. A south indian delicacy made out of black urad dal. Try and enjoy!! - 45.8254

Green Peas Masala ( Green Matar Curry Dry)

Green peas masala is all-favourite dish, goes well with any south indian or north indian main dish. Enjoy! - 56.1047

Greens Dal Curry

This Greens dal curry is very healthy and tasty to be had with rice or chapati. Try and enjoy! - 44.725

Colourful Beans Carrot Saute

Beans Carrot Saute is a very easy and healthy dish for all family members. Enjoy!! - 39.6681

Cornflakes Apple Cream Topping

Cornflake apple cream topping is a great delicious and my favourite quick breakfast. Healthy yet tasty dish to relish all-day..! - 34.1693

Tomato Spicy Curry (thakkali Kulambu)

Tomato spicy curry is a hot, spicy, tasty dish. Try and enjoy!! - 43.0051

Mutton Sukka Fry (meat Fry)

Mutton sukka is very spicy, hot and tasty dish. Done quicky, enjoy!!! - 48.8697

Sweet Jalebi

Here is an easy to prepare sweet jalebi recipe that is sure to brighten up your festive days!These crispy fried sweet jalebis are so delicious to bite on, that everyone will keep coming back for more. - 53.1472

Atta Cashew Halwa

Atta halwa is a very tasty, mouth-watery sweet. Very easy sweet to make quick. Enjoy!! - 41.0575

Chana Dal Sweet Balls (kadala Paruppu Suliyan)

Chana dal sweet balls(Kadala paruppu suliyan) are usually made during the festival of deepavali. - 42.8509

Green Gram Balls

Greengram balls are very tasty, flavoury sweet with dal & ghee smell craves us to taste it. - 31.9895

Spicy Egg Gravy

This Egg gravy is very tasty, sour, hot and sweet. Try and enjoy! - 45.9805

Crispy Quick Potato Fry

This potato fry can be very quickly made. Spicy potatoes stir fried tastily. Enjoy!! - 42.3159

Butter Murukku (butter Rice Chakli)

Butter Murukku is South Indian Deepavali delicacy. But savoured in all times as a snack due to its excellent flavor and crispy taste. Try it and enjoy!! - 50.3694

Lady's Finger Hot Saute (okra/bendakaayi Saute)

Lady's finger Saute is a simple, tasty dish. Try and enjoy!! - 39.9721

Cabbage Saute

Cabbage Saute is a very simple, light dish. Healthy and tasty, quick dish. Try it and enjoy!!! - 41.9106

Moms Chicken Curry

This chicken curry is spicy,rich and very tasty. Try and enjoy!!! - 57.6684

Beetroot Saute

This Beetroot saute is a tasty, spicy, little sweet and very healthy dish. Cook and eat more !!! - 44.9452

Toor Dal Curry Balls

ToorDal balls Curry is a very tasty and healthy dish. Try it and enjoy !!! - 46.8527

Drumstick Leaves Saute Fry (murungai Keerai Poriyal)

Drumstick leaves saute fry is a very easy and healthy dish. Just try and enjoy!! - 36.7564

Snake Gourd Sauté Fry

Snake gourd saute fry is a plain, simple, very easy dish to relish with any kind of rice. Quickly cook and enjoy!!! - 38.9271

Mixed Vegetable Curry (drumstick, Potato & Brinjal Gravy)

This mixed Vegetable curry is tasty and little spicy. Just try and enjoy!!! - 47.5455

Drumstick Leaves Sambar

Drumstick leaves sambar is very tasty and healthy too. Drumstick leaves are rich in iron and vitamins which is essential for health. - 44.1535

Dry Potato Fry

This potato fry is crispy and delicious. Just try and enjoy!!! - 40.7766

Potato Spicy Curry

This potato curry is spicy, hot and very tasty. Easy to prepare too... Just enjoy!!! - 45.4544

Cashew Badam Sweet Balls

Cashew & Badam Ball is a crunchy sweet snack perfect for Diwali or as an everyday snack. Enjoy! - 34.3374

Crispy Onion Pakodas

Onion crispy pakodas are favourite for all indians. The onion's sweetness and crispiness makes us crunching and crunching!!! Enjoy!! - 39.4576

Tomato Cashew Rice

This Tomato Cashew rice has the taste of juicy tomatoes and crispy cashews with little spices makes us to enjoy eating every mouth. - 36.7122

Mango Pachadi

Mango Pachadi is sweet, hot, has mango's light sour taste. Easy to make and irresistable to stop relishing..! Enjoy! - 38.8056

Potato Spicy Fry

Spicy little hot potato dish. Enjoy!!! - 34.4408

Carrot Saute Fry

Carrot Saute fry is colourful, tasty and gives a sweet+chilly flavour. Very easy to make quickly. - 34.6766

Radish Spicy Balls

Raddish balls is spicy, crunchy balls made in south india. Very similar to chicken or mutton balls, this is made with Raddish. A real substitute for vegetarian spice loving people.. Enjoy crunching!! - 46.1223

Spicy Spongy Chicken Fry

Spicy spongy chicken fry is spicy, juicy, crispy, spongy, colourful dish which is favoured by all indians. Can't stop eating just one, you'll be going on and on munching...!!! Enjoy! - 42.7821

Spicy Chicken Masala

This dish is south indian special, from Karaikudi, Tamilnadu. Called chettinadu chicken curry. Very spicy dish that wakes up your senses.. Enjoy!! - 47.8091

Green Spinach Saute Fry Or Thandu Keerai Poriyal

Green spinach saute fry or thandu keerai poriyal in tamil is a south indian dish. This is very healthy and very easy to make.. - 38.9438

Tomato Pepper Soup

Spicy tomatos with pepper garlic flavour.. - 37.0306

Red Carrot Cashew Halwa

Hi Friends, Carrot halwa is all time favourite dish for indians. Im from Chennai, this dish is my speciality. Very colourfull, tongue tempting with rich flavoury ghee smell. Smooth halwa with crunchy cashew bites !!! Try yourself and tell your... - 51.8508