Vibs's Recipes

Vegetable Curry

An authentic Thai Vegetable Curry Recipe for the vegetarian palate. This vegetable curry is mainly prepared by sauteing and simmering. and is best with a bowl of steamed rice. People who are following a vegetarian diet love this vegetable curry. Which ever... - 45.3797

Medu Vada

The South Indian Medu vada is a savoury fried donut made of a fermented batter.It is a favourite on many occasions and is an excellent breakfast and snack item in most South Indian homes and spreads. It is best when served with coconut chutney and sambar... - 39.6261

Tomato Mozzarella Salad

Here is a very simple, five minute recipe for a great tasting salad. No cooking, no mess and very nutritional. It looks good too. The combination of the colors complement the combination of flavors. This is a great appetizer before almost any Italian meal. In... - 39.1739

Grilled Shrimp And Avocado Salad

This recipe of grilled Shrimp and Avocado Salad is a beautiful fusion of Asian and Mexican flavors plated in French style. A simple, elegant and fresh appetizer which is sure to impress your guests. - 36.5447

Vegetable Sandwich

This three layer vegetable sandwich recipe is made from fresh vegetables and served on wholesome multigrain bread with cream cheese. This quick vegetarian sandwich recipe can be served cold or slightly warm and makes a great meal or evening snack. - 43.8102

Mix Green Salad

When making a green salad, you have a choice of just using leaf lettuces or making a mixed veggy and lettuce salad. This Salad is best when it is crispy fresh. This is for a single serving, but it fills a dinner plate and the fresh and organic goodness of... - 46.2364

Tossed Fattoush Salad

Fattoush in Arabic means "moistened bread", and this salad consists of a chilled mixed veggies tossed with small cubes of toasted bread. The texture of the toasted bread adds an unusual quality. This is the classic Mediterranean recipe in the style of Syria... - 37.2911

Aloo Paratha

Aloo Parathas are perfect for a weekend breakfast or brunch or evening snack and are loved by all Punjabis. For those who are not calorie conscious, smear them with a generous dollop of home made butter or ghee. Serve with tomato chutney, plain yogurt, any... - 50.0578


This great tasting, versatile Mediterranean dip is easy to make and it is one of the more popular Middle Eastern dips. Served with fresh or toasted pita bread, hummus makes for a great snack or appetizer at a party. Tahini is an important part of the hummus... - 42.4107


Papad is one of the Indian traditional food item, which can be prepared ahead and served as needed. Papad is a thin crispy wafer like dish, that goes well with meals and snacks. - 34.5626

Grilled Mahi Mahi

This grilled Mahi Mahi is a wonderful festive season recipe that you would enjoy sharing with your family and friends.The combination of grilled fish, potatoes and roasted tomatoes makes it a complete gourmet meal for any season. - 43.1124

Moong Dal Kosambari Salad

Taste this incredibly tasty Moong Daal Kosambari salad, a compulsory entry to almost all the festivals, occasions etc. Chew in the proteins and enjoy the cooling effect the salad gives to your body! - 35.702


Savor these light and soft Idlis for your breakfast. Very easy as the batter may be prepared the night before and incredibly healthy, as idli is cooked by steaming with no use of oil. Team it up with your favorite chutneys, stews or gravies. - 37.2956

Suji Halwa

Devour this very delicious and easy to prepare Suji Halwa – a treat for those with a sweet tooth. Pretty good enough to be served as a sweet dessert for festivals and occasions! - 33.1894

Grilled Veg Salad

This healthy summertime Grilled Veg Salad is my personal favorite. A superb way to pump in those highly nutritious greens, this super-delicious grilled veg salad is indeed a mouth-watering treat! - 35.7526

Grilled Rohu Fish

Both my family and friends love this Grilled Rohu Fish recipe – a great treat to adorn the dining table for any special occasion. This grilled rohu fish is best enjoyed for dinner, with your favorite salad accompaniment. The recipe is dead easy, so you... - 17.3949

Chocolate Cake

This Chocolate Cake made in muffin cups is by far the best of its kind I have ever had. Incredibly delicious and lusciously inviting, make sure you try out this easy and simple chocolate cake recipe, coz, this can be a sure short cut way to win your loves... - 43.8479


Wish to try out cheesecake with a difference; here’s a wonderful cheesecake recipe that is extremely easy to make and is sure to set your taste-buds rolling. Just give this cheesecake recipe a try; I am sure that you too will love it! - 40.9567

Berry Cake

Light, spongy and extremely delicious this Berry Cake is a true treat for those with sweet tooth. Dish out the goodness of berries to your loved ones by serving a slice of this berry cake! - 43.9993

Baby Eggplant Salad

Nutritiously rich and appetizingly inviting, this Baby Eggplant salad is an incredibly tasting accompaniment to be partnered with any meal. Serve it along with a dipping sauce as an appetizer, even then it tastes awesome! - 17.097

Chocolate Lava Cake

This Chocolate Lava Cake recipe is an amazingly easy and irresistibly inviting recipe to try. Its chocolate lava center oozes out chocolate when cut; take a bite and it will just melt in your mouth! - 43.3495

Apple Pie

Here’s a fabulous recipe to whip up your favorite Apple Pie. The crunchy crust and extra delicious filling of this apple pie is so indulgent that you will be forced to fall in love with it! - 34.7754


Don’t let your palate miss this heavenly chance to taste Tiramisu. This popular Italian dessert is refreshingly unique, deliciously impressive and visually pleasing to be served on any occasion! - 29.8026

Apple And Pear Tart

Enjoy the goodness of apple and pears in this incredibly delicious Apple and Pear Tart recipe. Serve it to your dear ones whenever you feel like, coz it’s so amazingly easy and is a sure short cut way to win hearts! - 40.1415

Almond Cookies

You are sure gonna love this rich Almond cookies made with pure almond extract. These almond cookies are so lovely that they can be gifted too! - 39.8119

Pecan Pie

This Pecan Pie recipe has by far remained my personal favorite. Very easy to make and utterly delicious for any palate, this pecan pie is the best dessert to be served for any occasion! - 29.7036

Raspberry Cheese Cake

This Raspberry Cheese Cake is simply excellent and is much similar to the one you would have had in your favorite bakes. It is dead easy to make and is sure to set your taste buds rolling! - 42.0485

Chocolate Filled Brownies

If you think you haven’t had anything sweet for long, sink in your sweet tooth in this delicious Chocolate Filled Brownies. The luscious chocolate center is sure to win the hearts! - 14.5386

Shrimp Linguine

Try out this extremely elegant yet easy and simple to cook Shrimp Linguine recipe. It is so flavorful and delicious that anyone who tries it is sure to reach for a second helping! - 36.3214

Flat Iron Steak With Tamarind Demi

This Flat Iron Steak with Tamarind Demi is one of the perfect dishes of its kind I have ever tried. It has always been a hit within my circle, not just for its inviting taste, but also for its ease in preparation. Give this flat iron steak recipe a try and... - 14.8879

Stuffed Chicken

This Stuffed Chicken recipe is sure to impress your guests. Also, the dish is as simple as it is delicious. - 37.0261


Doughnut is most mouth watering name today ..You can say sexy dish also..Doughnut is a small ring-shaped cake made of rich, light dough that is fried in deep fat... - 43.4014

Banana Bread

Banana bread is a very common and kids friendly bread...Banana bread is usually a quick bread, a sweet, cake like-bread which typically uses baking soda as the leavening agent instead of yeast.. - 45.7015

Zucchini Bread

Zucchini Bread is an all time favorite, filled with wonderfully aromatic spices like nutmeg and cinnamon.This is the perfect way to get kids to eat their vegetables; it tastes so good they won’t realize they’re eating something good for them - 41.9372

Baked Salmon Fillets With Goat Cheese And Cilantro

Its mouth melting baked salmon dish..It has fresh anise-flavored liquor ,goat cheese and herbs.. - 35.4467

Tandoori Raan

A delicious succulent Tandoori Raan recipe just for you. Enjoy the taste of the delicious lamb marinated in hung curd and the traditional Indian spices. Relish a mouth watering meal with the Tandoori Raan recipe. - 44.4203

Tandoori Pomfret

The exotic flavors of Indian cuisine all wrapped into one. A popular Indian dish, the Tandoori Pomfret is all about the Indian condiments and spices that make your fish real delicious. Savor the subtle flavor and juicy taste of the Tandoori pomfret marinated... - 52.5271

Tandoori Chaap

The delicious Tandoori lamb chops recipe is a mouth-watering delight. An appetizer fit for all occasions. This lip-smacking dish is going to be the center of all attention at your dinner. - 42.9351

Patthar Ka Gosht

This spicy Hyderabadi delight is sure a great way to pamper your taste buds. The Patthar ka gosht was an integral part of the Hyderabadi cuisine in the days of royalty and continues to hold pride of place. Cook this delicious meal all for yourself and enjoy... - 48.9099

Phyllo Cones With Spinach And Ricotta Filling ,salsa

Treat your family and friends to this mouth-watering Italian appetizer, the Phylto cones. A sure way to entertain in style. It is a tried and tested formula that is a hit with all ages. - 41.5527

Polenta With Mediterranean Veggs

This Polenta is a Mediterranean treat that is absolutely delicious and healthy too. A quick and easy way to make a great tasting meal. Serve your family a sumptuous and nutritious meal with the Polenta with Mediterranean veggs recipe. - 48.4751

Roasted Turkey Stuffed With Sage And Onion

An absolutely divine roasted turkey recipe that is a sure way to tickle your taste buds. The Turkey has come to be synonymous with Thanksgiving. Pamper your family to a special dinner this Thanksgiving with this juicy mouth-watering roasted Turkey recipe. - 43.996

Millefeuille Of Tomato ,goat Cheese With Zucchini Souffle

A wonderful and innovative appetizer, the Millefeuille is a great combination of yummy delights like feta cheese and tomato. Sit back and relish the flavors of this highly creative and simply delicious fusion food. - 46.7963

Dosa With A Timbale Of Chicken Mince

A yummy traditional Indian dosa spiced up for you with chicken mince. Cook up a delicious breakfast for your family and friends. You can even serve it as a snack for your tea parties. Enjoy playing the perfect host with this dosa with chicken mince recipe. - 41.6704

Blackened Tuna Caesar

This Blackened Tuna Caesar is a complete meal that is quick to make and great to eat. It is fresh crunchy romaine leaves tossed with Caesar dressing and topped with blackened seared Ahi Tuna. Dig into this succulent Tuna – a real treat for your taste buds. - 42.4663

Lamb Kofta With Rice, Labneh And Fattoush

The Lamb kofta served with Calcutta rice and Mediterranean salad is a true gastronomic adventure. Cooked in a combination of spices and ingredients , the dish is a great way to indulge in absolutely divine tastes and flavors. - 51.1032

Nalli Gosht With Jalfrezi ,lentil Rice And Tomato Chutney

Away from home? Reminded of mom’s cooking? Rediscover the traditional Indian flavor and tastes. Here is an authentic Rajasthani nalli gosht recipe that is all about the Indian taste. Serve the aromatic nalli gosht with delicious lentil rice and tomato... - 49.2912

Thai Fish Cakes With Som Tam And Fried Spinach And Glass Noodles

An easy to make appetizer, the yummy Thai fish cake is a harmonious blend of ingredients that are successful in creating a great tasting dish. Presented with fried spinach and glass noodles, the Thai fish cakes are a real pleasure to your senses. - 42.7133

Chocolate Timbale With Soft Center

A yummy melt in your mouth chocolate Timbale recipe that is a treat fit for any occasion. It is an instant hit with all ages. Rediscover the magic of chocolate with this easy chocolate Timbale recipe. - 42.3273

Indonesian Lemongrass Chicken With Flavored Appam

A delicious Indonesian Lemongrass chicken recipe that will be done in no time at all. Serve hot with flavored appams (Indian Pancake). Savor an appetizing meal with rich flavors that linger on for a while. - 46.6882

Parma Ham, Asparagus Tips With Maltaise Sauce And Parmesan

Come discover the flavors of a combo of rich ingredients that go in to make a culinary delight. A combination of Parma ham and fresh crunchy salad leaf marinated with maltaise sauce is a wonderful appetizer. Get creative with your food and embark on a... - 54.6465

Marinara Served With Mushroom Ragout Filled In Phyllo Baskets And Tian Of Goat Cheese And Peppers

This marinara recipe is garbanzo beans soup served with a layer of grilled pepper, goat cheese and mushroom. The Mediterranean meal is a treasure house of flavors and tastes waiting to unfold. - 50.4074

Crusted Duck Breast With Pumpkin, Potato And Jus

The crusted duck breast is a masterpiece both in terms of presentation as well as taste. It is celebration time again!! Try this unique crusted duck breast recipe and pamper yourself with the very best. - - 52.1692

Mesclun Lettuce With Feta Cheese

This Mesculin of lettuce recipe is an absolutely delicious appetizer. A combo of crunchy lettuce leaves, pears, walnuts and topped with herbs, the recipe is just what you need to show off your culinary expertise. Be prepared for all the wonderful compliments... - 49.6008

Date Pancake

An easy to make date pancake recipe just for you. The date stuffed deep fried pancake is sure to be a hot favorite at your place. This simple date pancake recipe is one that your kids too would love. Try the melt these date pancakes in your mouth and do let... - 46.7157

Fried Bean Curd With Soybean

The fried bean curd with soyabean is a healthy Chinese delight especially for all you foodies out there. The recipe has deep fried bean curd cooked with Chinese sauce and vegetables. An appetizing and easy to make dish that you would simply love. - 42.1147

Crispy Spinach

The crispy spinach is just the crunchy and highly nutritious delight that you need to add to the taste of your main meal. The crispy spinach has very high iron content and is a great way to get your kids to eat the famous “Popeye” spinach without fuss. - 34.4409

Braised Vegetables

This braised vegetables recipe is truly yumm… and would leave your guests looking forward to more. Surprise your guests with a great combination of vegetables braised in chicken stock. A dish truly with a difference. - 42.6494

Pan Fried Noodles

Noodles time? Any time. A complete healthy meal in itself the pan fried recipe is just what you need to satiate your hunger in an absolutely tasty way. Boiled noodles cooked with julienne vegetables is a fabulous meal idea at any time of the day. - 50.8735

Veg Glutinous Rice Wrapped In Lotus Leaf

Tired of the regular dishes? Make a difference with the veg glutinous rice wrap recipe. A highly nutritious dish, you can serve it as the main dish or enjoy as a snack. Try out this Veg glutinous rice recipe and make a big impact at your party. - 43.7514

Steamed Fish With Non Ya Chilli Sauce

The steamed fish recipe is just right for all you seafood lovers. It is fish marinated in soya, aromats and a whole lot of ingredients that give a distinct yummy flavor and taste to the fish. An ideal dish for the special occasion you have been planning. Look... - 45.513

Lamb Stir Fry With Ginger And Spring Onion

The lamb stir fry is a delicious lip smacking delight. It is a tried and tested formula to a lovely meal. Surprise your guests with a yummy lamb cooked to the right consistency and taste. Enjoy the compliments that come your way with the lamb stir fry recipe. - 42.4248

Peking Duck

A delicious Peking duck recipe for the special dinner that you have planned. The recipe to a perfectly roasted duck that would just melt in your mouth. Marinated in wine, vinegar and honey, the dish is absolutely mouth-watering. - 47.7521

Chicken Clear Soup With Coriander And Lemon

A nutritious soup that is real easy to make. A healthy combination of ingredients the chicken clear soup is a complete meal in itself. Surprise your kids with a yummy chicken soup that they are sure to love. - 38.0821

Salt And Pepper Prawn

A delicious appetizer in minutes. With the easy salt and pepper prawn you no longer need to spend hours in the kitchen to entertain. The salt and pepper prawn is sure to be an instant hit that would vanish in minutes. - 42.0388

Chicken Dim Sum

Have a party? Want to make a dish that is truly different? This easy chicken Dimsum recipe is the perfect answer to your needs. Treat your friends to this Chinese appetizer that is an absolute delight. An instant hit with kids as well. The chicken dimsum are... - 45.9328

Prawn On Toast

A yummy snack fit for all occasions. This prawn on toast recipe is deep fried toast topped with prawn and sesame seed. A delicious appetizer you really would not where and how they disappeared. A sure hit prawn on toast is a wonderful choice for your party... - 40.9151

Sarson Ka Saag

The traditional sarson ka saag recipe brought especially for you. Tips on how to make an authentic Indian saag that is absolutely delicious. It is mustard leaves and green chillies cooked together to the right consistency and flavor. Enjoy the dish that is an... - 50.3695

Kozhi Vartha Curry

The traditional Indian chicken curry that is a favorite in South India. The kozhi vartha curry is chicken cooked in traditional Indian spices. The aroma itself is enough to advertise your culinary skills. Try the chicken curry that is a real treat for your... - 47.4983


An Indian delicacy, the Goshtaba is just the recipe for to treat your special guests. Let your guests indulge in the rich Indian tastes and flavors. The Goshtaba is koftas of mince meat cooked in the traditional Indian spices. A truly mouth watering dish that... - 44.7825

Nalli Gosht

A step by step guide to make the traditional nalli gosht . The nalli of lamb cooked in the rich Indian spices is the right treat your family deserves on a holiday or any special occasion. Whip up a treat and just the smile on their faces will say it all. - 50.3937

Fresh Basil And Tomato Risotto

A complete meal in itself, the Tomato Risotto with fresh basil is your answer to a quick and easy meal. Highly nutritious you have also catered for your family’s health with the Risotto. Enjoy this wonderful Italian mixture of rich flavors and tastes. - 39.687

Smoked Salmon With Lobster And Potato Salad

The smoked salmon is a real work of art that you would not be able to stop admiring yourself. Surprise your guests with this wonderful creation and catch them absolutely spellbound. A very easy and highly nutritious recipe, it is a wonderful treat for any... - 44.8187

Pan Seared Salmon With Pommes Lyonnaise And Braised Leeks

Wondering what to do on a holiday? The pan seared salmon recipe is a complete meal in itself. Invite your friends over and have a great time with this quick and yummy recipe that everyone is sure to be all praise for. - 46.7005

Pomfret Rachado With Sannas And Carrots, Cucumber Koshimbir With Tomato Salsa

The Pomfret Rachado recipe is any sea food lover’s delight. It is a quick and easy nutritious recipe. Your guests are going to be left guessing about the delicious ingredients that have gone in to make this wonderful dish. - 43.1656

Paella Valencia

This Paella Valencia recipe is a complete meal in itself. The healthy and easy to make dish is any seafood lover’s dream come true. If you are tired of the usual recipes, try out something new with this paella Valencia recipe. This culinary adventure sure... - 48.4875

Tangy Steak Salad

Satisfy both the meat and veggie lovers at the same time with this quick to cook and great to eat tangy steak salad. It is easy, healthy and yes simply delicious. Toss this simple salad and have a great time. - 37.361

Pineapple Salad

A healthy salad with a fruit base that is truly different. A quick and easy stir fry provides the base for this sweet and sour pineapple salad. The Mexican delight is a treat fit for all occasions. Try this unique recipe and do let me know how it turned out... - 41.0391

Caesar Tortellini

The Caesar Tortellini is the perfect salad to toss for unexpected lunch company. A healthy and easy to make dish, it would ne done in a jiffy. Surprise your guests with this delicious salad that can be made in minutes. - 35.9822

Neptune Pasta Salad

Enjoy the health benefits and great taste of seafood with this speedy pasta salad. This Italian specialty is a complete meal in itself that you would truly fall in love with. A mixture of flavors and tastes it is a wonderful way to pamper your taste buds. - 34.0002

Antipasto Toss

The Antipasto toss is a classic Italian salad. It is a combination of wonderful ingredients like olives, beans and pepperoni dressed up with artichoke hearts and hard boiled eggs to top it all. A healthy appetizer, the salad is truly refreshing. Enjoy a... - 39.2785

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad

Enjoy the taste and flavor of this wonderful restaurant salad right at home. The grilled chicken Caesar salad is an easy to make salad that is sure to be a family favorite. A wonderful meal idea for a quick and delicious dinner. - 36.9935

Cantaloupe And Chicken Salad

The Cantaloupe and chicken salad is a refreshing salad with an amazing combo of fruits and meat with a tangy dressing. A healthy easy to make salad it is a great tasting salad that is perfect for any occasion. - 39.4501

Citrus Pasta Salad

The citrus pasta salad is just what you need for your special candlelight dinner. Surprise your man with this yummy combo that is very simple and quick to make. Try it out and enjoy a wonderful evening that is all about love and romance. - 37.8667

Ratatouille Salad

The Ratatouille salad is a delicious combination of traditional ratatouille ingredients like egg plant, tomato, bell peppers. This French appetizer is absolutely divine bringing to life the traditional flavors and tastes right in your kitchen. Entertain in... - 41.6692

Chicken Salad Croissants

A chicken salad croissants microwave recipe that will help you whip up a quick and delicious meal. This recipe is going to be a favorite with your kids. A great way to enjoy a holiday with the entire family. - 39.4021

Focaccia Sandwich

Have to cook a delicious meal for your family before you set out on your shopping spree. This quick to make delicious Focaccia sandwich recipe is just what you are looking for. Enjoy your day out and shop till you drop. - 30.6015

Burrito Sandwiches

A great combination of vegetables and meat wrapped in a wheat flour tortilla, the Burrito sandwiches are a wonderful treat for your family. A complete healthy meal the Burrito sandwiches are quick and easy to make. It is sure to be a favorite with your kids. - 31.8775

Spiral Sandwich

This spiral sandwich recipe is a combination of delicious mouth-watering ingredients. With smoked turkey, garlic cheese spread and spinach the culinary adventure is absolutely YUMMY. Enjoy and do let me know how it turned out for you. - 37.1086

Tuna-pickle Pitas

The Tuna Pickle Pitas are an easy to make yummy delight when you are really running short of time. The sweet pickle relish gives this coleslaw like sandwich filling a really tangy kick. A real treat for any seafood lover. - 32.8919

Caesar Salad Wrap

The traditional Caesar salad now in a new and exciting role- the Caesar salad wraps. This combination of yummy ingredients all in a wrap is an absolute mouth-watering delight. Enjoy a delicious meal and chill out on your holiday. - 39.4463

Ham Quiche

A quiche with a twist. The ham quiche recipe is a delicious mixture of ham, cheese and egg in a cornmeal crust. Just put it in your microwave and lo and behold! here’s a complete meal that is waiting for you to dig in. Enjoy!! - 43.8522

Chicken Enchilada Quiche

Your friends are going to love the rich blend of ingredients and the subtle flavors in this chicken Enchilada quiche recipe. Quiche all jazzed up with Mexican flavors. Make an impression at your friends gathering with this delicious and easy recipe. - 42.5955

Chicken And Lettuce Wraps

A low calorie chicken and lettuce wraps just for you. This easy to make stir fried chicken filling in lettuce is a crunchy delight. It is a healthy and nutritious dish that is a sure shot hit. Try this easy to make appetizer and watch the reaction of your... - 50.0432

Phat Thai

The Phat Thai recipe is the easy to make Thai fried noodles cooked with a combination of chicken, bean curd and shrimp. A complete meal in itself. Words really are not enough to describe the flavor and taste of this great tasting dish. Try it and do let me... - 39.3837

Yum Sai Grok Hua Plee

The Yum Sai Grok Hua Plee recipe is a yummy sausage salad in the traditional banana flower. It is a very healthy and easy to make appetizer. Your friends are going to be truly bowled over by your culinary expertise. - 40.8361

Tom Yum Kung

An authentic Thai shrimp soup, the Tom Yum Kung is absolutely delicious. Tickle your taste buds with this refreshing soup. It is all about the genuine Thai flavor and taste all wrapped in one. Enjoy!! - 36.7547

Kaeng Khiao Wan Nuea

The Kaeng Khiao Wan Nuea is beef dice cooked with Thai green curry. The subtle flavors and tastes that are so typical of Thai cuisine are evident in this yummy and highly nutritious delight. Discover the rich tastes straight from Thailand. - 37.8777


The Satay is chicken marinated with Thai sauce and skewered. Chicken cooked just right. It is wonderful juicy appetizer that would be an instant hit at your dinner. Treat your friends to this restaurant style delight cooked right at home. - 37.3135

Sangkaya Fakthong

With the simple Sangkhaya Fakhthong recipe you no longer need to worry about what to make for dessert. Sangkhaya Fakhthong to put it simply is a great tasting custard with a difference. It is a healthy easy to make dessert that is fit for your special... - 31.0055