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Top 10 Foods That Lower Libido

It is well known that food plays an important role in well- being and many body functions depend on it. What one eats can also determine one's performance in the bed. If you want to do your best at all times you have to pay attention to what you eat.... -

Top 5 Foods To Get Pregnant

For couples who are trying to conceive, a natural and healthy diet can go a long way in increasing their chances and making pregnancy a reality. We have identified top 5 foods that are full of nutrients and can greatly improve reproductive functioning.... -

The Role Of Omega 3 Fatty Acids In Pregnancy

Omega 3 fatty acids play an important role in pregnancy and are hence recommended by experts in the form of diet or as supplements. Unlike many other fats, the body cannot manufacture these fatty acids on its own and hence needs them from an external source.... -

Indigenous Foods Rank High On Nutrition

Over the years, as farming got more scientific it led to newer varieties of crops that are more disease resistant and give higher yields. The down side to this has been a steady loss of nutritional content as the levels of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals... -

Eggs- The New Superfoods

Poultry meat and eggs are invaluable sources of protein in the diet and the latter are not only low cost but contain all the amino acids that the human body requires. Eggs are high in lutein, the antioxidant that tends to lower risk of cataract and macular... -

Top 5 Beans - Pick The Most Nutritious

Beans are important contributors of protein in our diet, especially for vegans. These vegetarian sources of protein are fibre rich and low in fat. Unlike meat, beans are also naturally cholesterol free. Adding beans to a meal means a whole lot of goodness and... -

5 Popular Fruits For A Healthier You

Fruits are an important part of our diet and health experts recommend two to three servings a day everyday. The most popular fruits are the ones that show up on our breakfast table and rarely do we have a clear understanding of the nutritional profile of... -

Top 5 Flours - Packed With Nutrition

    Cereal flours are the most commonly used grain products which are not only nourishing but also an important source of carbohydrate in our diets. A variety of flours are used by us in all our meals as they are important sources of... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Loquat Pie

  Jams, jellies and chutneys are usually made with the loquat fruit that is native to China. The sweet flesh of the fruit is also used to make healthy pies that contain sugar substitutes which are  unprocessed. Ripe loquats are recommended as... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Star Apple Pie

  The milk fruit, more commonly known as star apple is a delicious tropical fruit that can be eaten fresh or made into a dessert pie. To make the star apple pie a healthy treat for diabetics and weight watchers, it can be made without adding any... -

Herbal Remedies For Premature Ejaculation

  For the many men who suffer from premature ejaculation, herbal remedies are a ray of light. Medically, this condition is also known as rapid ejaculation and is caused by anxiety and low levels of a brain chemical known as serotonin.... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Lucuma Pie

  A tropical fruit pie can be made with the lucuma fruit to experience its yummy fruity aroma and flavor. This fruit which tastes a bit like maple syrup and sweet potato can be made into a pie by adding natural sugar free ingredients to enhance... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Grapefruit Pie

  A mouthwatering dessert can be made with grapefruit and sugar substitutes for  a healthy and yummy treat. Plant based natural sweeteners are good choices while baking a sugar free grapefruit pie that the whole family can enjoy. This is because... -

How To Identify Halal Meat

  The Islamic dietary law has certain guidelines that provide information to Muslims on which foods are acceptable and which are not. To identify whether meat is halal ( permissable) or not, is important in order to abide by the given set of... -

Traditional Ramadan Meals

Suhoor  and Iftar , which mean the morning and evening Ramadan meals respectively, are a very important part of the holy month. Each family has their own set of traditional recipes that are part of the Ramadan celebrations. Suhoor is the first... -

Top 10 Healthy Foods For Ramzan Observers

  The holy month of Ramzan is for many, a period of indulgence, feast and rich food. Thankfully, there is a vast array of healthy and tasty food that can be made part of the iftar or breaking of fast which is celebrated everyday during Ramadan.... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Persimmon Pie

Crunchy, sweet and sour persimmons are delicious fruits that can be used in a variety of sugar free desserts and bakes. The fruits have a slight tartness and when used in the pie need a lot of sugar to balance out the flavors and impart sweetness. To make a... -

Benefits Of Fasting During Ramadan

  Fasting during festivals is not new to any religion. This includes the month long fast before Eid Ul Fitr which has many proven health benefits. The science behind fasting has been unraveled and it is no more seen as a religious obligation. The... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Cashew Pie

An exotically  nutty pie namely the cashew pie that is bursting with flavors can be prepared without adding any sugar. For all those who find this hard to believe, the simple fact is that there are many natural and delicious sugar substitutes   ... -

Top 10 Ramadan Desserts

    The holy month of Ramadan is also a time to share good food with family and friends. The day long fast which is broken in the evening, is a special treat as a   delectable range of desserts and savories are eaten with loved ones.... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Cranberry Pie

  Sugarless baking is on the rise due to the many sweeteners that have graced market shelves in the last few years. The simplest way to make a sugar free cranberry pie is by replacing white sugar with other healthy sweeteners. There are more than... -

Heptathlon Gold Medalist Jessica Ennis Diet Secrets

    Winning a gold at the heptathlon is no small achievement. Jessica Ennis of Great Britain, found her way to success after years of hard work, dedication and a well planned dietary regime. Heptathlon as the name suggests is a sport... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Plum Pie

  Sugar free baking is getting very popular as it is a healthy way to make ones favorite desserts and bakes. A plum pie which is usually loaded with sugar can also be made by using natural sweeteners that are available in plenty at health stores.... -

Sally Pearson- Focus On Diet And Fitness For The Gold

  It was a proud moment for Australia as Olympian Sally Pearson overcame all obstacles to win the 100 m hurdles finals. Sally owes it all to her focus on fitness and diet that were her top priority as she prepared for the Olympics. Hurdlers... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Huckleberry Pie

Nothing tastes better than a sweet and sour huckleberry pie that is made with all natural and wholesome ingredients. Replacing sugar with healthier sweeteners makes an excellent huckleberry pie that is loaded with many essential vitamins, minerals and... -

Saina Nehwal - Healthy Diet And Determination Won Her The Bronze

  22 year old Saina Nehwal, became the first Indian to win a medal in badminton at the Olympics. This young athlete believes that a a lot of hard work and a well balanced, healthy diet helped her achieve this victory. For female badminton... -

American Pole Vaulter Jennifer Suhr Clinches The Gold

  Jennifer Suhr pole vaulted her way to the gold in an impressive standoff with defending champion Yelena Isinbayeva . One thing is for sure though, that a pole vaulting winner needs hours of dedicated practice and a well balanced diet.... -

Sanya Richards-ross: Fitness, Nutrition, Olympic Gold

  United States Olympian Sanya Richards-Ross, achieved her dream by winning the Olympics gold for the 400 meter run in a remarkable 49.55 seconds. As impressive as it sounds, a lot of effort in the form of a healthy d iet a nd a strict ... -

Food Takes Center Stage At The London Olympics

  Food has always been the center of attention at any sporting arena, and this is true of the London Olympics as well. The strange dietary patterns of many sportsperson has been under the media spotlight as there is huge curiosity as to what the... -

Andy Murray's Gluten Free Diet Helps Him Clinch The Olympic Gold

    Andy Murray attributes the Olympics gold he won in the Men's singles, to his special workout and a gluten free diet. This Scottish  tennis champ has claimed that a change is his diet is the reason  behind his success. A male... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Passion Fruit Pie

Natural sweeteners are an indispensable part of a sugar free menu and can be used to make a range of delicious beverages, desserts and bakes. A sugar free passion fruit pie is a must for all those who want to enjoy yummy as well as healthy... -

Gabby Douglas- Healthy Diet For The Olympics Gold

                        16 year old Gabby Douglas's amazing performance won her the gold in gymnastics, making her the first African- American to achieve this feat. Gymnastics needs a lot of... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Crab Apple Pie

  Small and sour crab apples are very interesting ingredients to help make a sugar free pie. The sweetness in the pie can be imparted with the help of natural sugar substitutes that are healthy and give a lovely flavor to the pie. As crab apples... -

Cyclist Lizzie Armitstead's special Diet Won Her The Silver

  British Olympian Lizzie Armitstead clinched her country’s first medal in the London Olympics by winning a silver in women's cycling. She owes her success to many rigorous hours of training and a specially planned vegetarian menu .... -

Angela Ruggiero- Nutrition Is Key To Olympics Success

  Four time Olympic gold medalist, ice hockey player Angela Ruggiero strongly believes that good nutrition is very important to gain the best results on the field. Experts agree that if ice hockey players do not pay attention to their diet, it... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Quince Pie

  The use of sugar free substitutes is recommended to add sweetness to a quince pie as the fruit has a sour taste but a very aromatic flavor. A sugar free version of the pie can be made which is otherwise loaded with a lot of table sugar to... -

Laurie Jones- Right Diet For Hurdling This Olympics

Speed, technique and a good diet are essential to success for an Olympics hurdler. Laurie 'Lolo' Jones is one of the brightest stars, part of team USA and hopes to clinch the gold with her handwork and dedication. A diet for a hurdler like Laurie... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Pomegranate Pie

  One of the best ways to enjoy pomegranate is to make a delicious pie with it. The pie can be made more interesting by substituting table sugar with natural sweeteners which will provide a unique flavor and taste to the pie. Additionally, this... -

Stephen Rowbotham- Rowing For The Gold

  Rowing is an endurance sport that has been part of the Olympics since the 1990 and needs the highest levels of physical fitness and stamina for good performance. Stephen Rowbotham, a British rower is a hopeful contender in the competition that... -

Sprinter Usain Bolt's Diet Revealed

  Three time Olympics Gold Medalist Sprinter, Usain Bolt is a sure contender for success this coming Olympics. He  knows what his body needs and has personalized his meal patterns accordingly. Experts say that  runners need to have a... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Blood Orange Pie

Zesty blood orange and natural sugar substitutes make for a lovely pie that can be enjoyed any time of the day.  A sugar free pie made with fruits is a healthy dessert that can be enjoyed in moderation by diabetics and overweight individuals. Given the fact... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Nutmeg Pie

A sweet pie with a hint of spice can be made by using nutmeg along with natural sweeteners. This makes a perfect dessert that can be enjoyed in moderation by diabetics and overweight individuals. This is because sweeteners that have been extracted from plants... -

Hunter Kemper Is Hungry For The Gold

  Triathlon is a sport that is a combination of swimming, cycling and running and requires extremely high levels of fitness and stamina. United States athlete Hunter Kemper is participating in his fourth Olympics and is hopeful to clinch the gold... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Olive Pie

  A  sweet olive pie has a delightful taste which can be made even better by the use of sugar free ingredients. The purpose of using sweeteners other than sugar is to make a pie that is healthy as well as tasty. These sweeteners are of two... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Honeydew Pie

  The sweet and juicy pulp of the honeydew melon is perfect to go into a delectable sugar free pie. The most useful tip while baking such a pie is to add natural sugar substitutes which will give more flavor and of course sweetness, to the the... -

Serena Williams- A Healthy Diet For The Gold

  Two time Olympics gold medalist,  Serena Williams is focusing on her diet to help her perform her very best this time around. She is an athlete who has managed to keep herself fit despite all the hours put in the game and during regular... -

Mark Cavendish's Diet For The Gold

  After having won one of the toughest races on the planet, Tour De France,  cyclist Mark Cavendish is Britain’s biggest hope to win the gold this Olympics. This record breaking champion is following a special diet so that he can give his best... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Custard Apple Pie

  A basic pie recipe can be made very healthy by the use of sugar free ingredients. Custard apple is naturally a very sweet fruit and is suitable for making a pie that contains no added sugar. This fruit is commonly known as bullocks' heart... -

Embrace Food Says Olympics Weight Lifter Holley Mangold

  This 330 pound weightlifting star has no problem admitting that she is comfortable with her weight and the fact that she loves food. The key to good nutrition according to Holley Mangold is to embrace your body and most importantly your food.... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Guava Pie

  Instead of throwing out guavas that have turned ripe and softened, use them to make a delicious and fruity pie. Guavas are good ingredients to go into a sugar free pie and can be added in many forms such as juiced, pureed or simply mashed. To... -

Abby Wambach Eats Balanced For Olympics Success

  She is not only a soccer superstar who is exceptional on the field, but also a role model for many aspiring female sports stars. The United States Olympics Star, Abby keeps herself very fit off the field as well and owes a lot of it to the high... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Avocado Pie

  If one wants to make a rich, creamy and fruity pie, then avocado is a must use ingredient. Such a pie is very nourishing and can be made healthier by using sugar free substitutes that are rich in natural vitamins and minerals. There is an... -

Herbal Remedies For Hypoglycemia

  The use of medicinal herbs to maintain the right levels of glucose is a remedy that is highly advocated. The most common cause of hypoglycemia is overusage of anti-diabetic drugs or insulin in  diabetes mellitus  patients. The skipping of... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Fig Pie

  Sweet and juicy figs can be turned into a delicious pie and that too without any added sugar. It is not necessary to add refined white sugar to desserts while baking, especially when there are so many sugar free options available in the market.... -

Food For Gold- Olympian Stephen Mccain' Special Diet

Every athlete follows a special diet based on the requirement of his or her specific sport. Gymnast Stephen McCain too has a diet plan that helps him stay fit and give his best. A gymnast burns close to 230 kcal every hour and the food intake should make up... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Date Pie

  Sugar free baking has many advantages that has made it very popular and much sought after. A sugar free date pie is relatively easy to make as the main ingredient is a  natural sugar substitute by itself. Though artificial substitutes can also... -

Star Swimmer Michael Phelps' Diet For The Olympics

Swimming is an endurance sport that needs a well nourished body for the best results. It is no wonder that Michael Phelps who has won the most number of golds for swimming has a unique diet planned for the Olympics. Nutrition has never been more important for... -

Herbal Remedies For Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

  Like many anxiety disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder can be managed by the regular the use of herb based remedies. Individuals who suffer from this are often seen to indulge in behaviors or actions that are done excessively or in a manner... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Grape Pie

  The average American consumes 100 g of white sugar every single day, in the form of juices, breakfast cereals and of course desserts. A grape pie is one such dessert which when made with sugar free ingredients is a very healthy way to end a... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Vanilla Pie

  A flaky, light crust and a delightful sweet  filling go in to make a delectable vanilla pie. A sugar free pie can also be made by using healthy sugar substitutes. This is important considering the fact that an average American consumes about... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Pineapple Pie

  A favourite dessert of many,the pineapple pie, can be made healthier by using sugar free ingredients. A sugar substitute is any sweetener that will replace sugar in cooking and baking and is often recommended for diabetics and overweight... -

Benefits Of Grape Enzyme

  An enzyme is a compound that is naturally found in many fruits and vegetables and is responsible for their darkening and ripening. Many such enzymes are present in raw grapes and have health benefits that make them very important. The human... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Mango Pie

  T he most loved tropical fruit dessert is undoubtedly a fresh mango pie. To make it healthier, many sugar free ingredients can be added in the place of commonly used white sugar. Sugar is not the best choice as it is highly processed and... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Orange Pie

Fresh orange pie has a delightful flavor because of the addition of the sweet and sour citrus fruit. Since lot of sugar is needed to make such a pie, many sugar free substitutes are being used instead. These are healthier options as many are unprocessed and... -

Herbal Remedies For Cervical Cancer

A cancerous growth in the cervix can be managed with the help of herbs which are nature's medicines. Abnormal vaginal bleeding is the first sign that indicates the presence of a tumor. More often than not, there are no symptoms and the cancer usually... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Tomato Pie

  Ripe and red tomatoes are an indispensible part of a sweet tomato pie . What is even better is that a sugar free version can be made with natural and artificial sugar substitutes to make it tasty as well as healthy. Such a pie can be made... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Pear Pie

  A sugar free pie made with pears can taste simply out of the world.  It is not always necessary to add sugar as a treat.   We can look forward to the sugarless variety as well . There are many sugar free replacements in the market... -

Herbal Remedies For Cradle Cap

If you notice a scaly rash on the scalp of your newborn, it indicates a sign of cradle cap or infantile seborrhoeic dermatitis. Mild and gentle herbal remedies are recommended for this skin condition that surfaces in the first 3 months of an infant's... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Blackberry Pie

  How to use sugar substitutes in baking a blackberry pie and still deliver the same yummy dessert? Well, it is simple really as there are many sugar substitutes available which will help create the perfect dessert, without the harmful... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Watermelon Pie

  A watermelon is a water and iron rich fruit and a great ingredient for a sugar free pie. The ripe fruit itself can be very sweet and makes for a delicious fruity pie. This pie not only becomes a low calorie treat, it does not raise blood sugar... -

Herbal Remedies For Herniated Disc

A spinal disc herniation is a common medical condition and is often the main cause of a severe back pain. Along with ointments and drugs, the use of natural anti inflammatory herbs can be initiated on the diagnosis of a herniated disc. The causes can include... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Rhubarb Pie

  Rhubarb has a strong tart taste and when turned into a pie, is usually made with a lot of sugar to balance this sourness. Diabetics, overweight individuals and those who are suffering from cardiac diseases cannot eat this large amount of sugar... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Raspberry Pie

A freshly made raspberry pie is a favorite all time dessert. To make it more appealing and healthy a sugar free version can be tried and trust me, it will be far better than your expectations. For those of you who thought that baking a dessert is all... -

Herbal Remedies For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

A severe condition characterized by tiredness and fatigue and not relieved by rest is called chronic fatigue syndrome. Herbal remedies are much sought after to manage the symptoms which are similar to a flu but are present for a period of longer than 6... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Peanut Pie

  Sugar free baking is being done in many homes to provide a healthy and wholesome dessert that can be eaten safely by overweight individuals and weight watchers. A sugar free peanut pie tastes so good, that one can never guess it has been made... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Coconut Pie

  A creamy and sweet coconut pie makes a delectable dessert and a calorie rich one too. To make a healthier version suitable for diabetics and overweight individuals, sugar substitutes and spices can be used in the place of sugar. The end result... -

Herbal Remedies For Dengue Fever

  A mosquito called  Aedes aegypti, is the cause of the dreaded dengue fever. There are many herbal remedies that can be opted for to manage the symptoms like headache, body ache, fever and vomiting that causes extreme fatigue in this viral... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Peach Pie

  Juicy and sweet peaches when turned into a sugarless pie can taste quite divine. The need for sugar free products arose because t he large amount of sugar added to desserts, that many of us consume at least once a day, can give rise to... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Pecan Pie

A healthy and tasty sugar free pie can be made with pecans as the main ingredient. According to research, eating a handful of these nuts daily, can significantly lower blood cholesterol levels. To make a pecan pie even more nutritious, alternatives to sugar... -

Benefits Of Grapefruit Enzyme

Grapefruit is a subtropical fruit which is rich in enzymes and forms the basis of many well planned diets. The health benefits of enzymes have been widely studied and understood. Enzymes are a solution for many health disorders and can be found as tablets,... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Banana Pie

  Bananas contain plenty of the naturally occurring fruit sugar fructose, which makes it the best contender for a sugar free pie . When made in such a manner, a banana pie becomes a much healthier alternative and can be eaten by those who... -

Herbal Remedies For Molluscum Contagiosum

A viral disease affecting the skin which leads to bumps and nodules, especially in  areas such as the face, hands and neck is called molluscum contagiosum. Herbs can be used to manage this highly contagious disease which can spread through sexual contact and... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Blueberry Pie

  Baking a blueberry pie   that is sugar free is really simple if you have with you all the right ingredients. There is a general addiction to sugar which is the cause of the obesity epidemic that is seen today. Pies especially, are... -

Herbal Remedies For Blepharitis

An inflammatory condition of the eyelids which is accompanied by redness and itchiness is called blepharitis. The use of many anti inflammatory herbs can be made both for internally as well as externally to provide relief. The other symptoms that are seen are... -

Tips To Prepare Sugar Free Strawberry Pie

  A tarty and sweet strawberry pie is everyone’s idea of a perfect dessert. A sugar free variant is always welcome as traditional ones contain extra sugar to balance the tang of the strawberries and can be a bit of  a problem for diabetics... -

Benefits Of Tomato Enzyme

  The enzyme activity of tomatoes have been well studied and understood. Galactosidase and pectinesterase enzymes are abundantly found in tomatoes and are responsible for it ripening and eventually becoming soft and mushy. These enzymes have been... -

Substitutes To Prepare Sugar Free Cherry Pie

    A sugar-free cherry pie may sound like an oxymoron to you but due to increasing health concerns, you cannot enjoy  these  sugary desserts like before. Are you looking for sugar substitutes for your favorite pie? Here are... -

Herbal Remedies For Snoring

  If your partner's constant snoring is giving you sleepless nights, its time you made use of herbs that can provide some relief. Though there are many nasal sprays and strips available, a natural cure which is free from side effects is... -

Benefits Of Banana Enzyme

  Bananas ripen because of an enzyme that converts the starch in the unripe fruit to sugars in the ripe one. The name of the enzyme is amylase and it is also present in the human saliva where it performs the  main function of digesting... -

Herbal Remedies For Appendicitis

  The inflammation and swelling of the appendix, a small pouch like structure, in between the small and the large intestine is called appendicitis. The symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting can get relieved by the use of herbs which... -

Benefits Of Orange Enzyme

Oranges have always been recommended for high energy levels as they are rich in vitamin C and potassium. There have been discoveries of certain enzymes in this fruit which go by the name pectinases. They are indispensable both for health and other commercial... -

Herbal Remedies For Atopic Dermatitis

  A type of chronic skin disorder that is characterized by red, dry and itchy skin is called atopic dermatitis. The use of herbs for this offers many benefits due to their antiseptic and anti inflammatory properties. It is important to begin... -

Benefits Of Apple Enzyme

  Ever wondered why a freshly cut apple browns in a matter of minutes when kept out in the open? It occurs due to the presence of an enzyme called phenolase which is present in the flesh of the fruit. Although this change in color is undesirable,... -

Herbal Remedies For Hyperactivity

A state which is characterized by abnormal levels of activity and excitement is called hyperactivity. The use of herbs is a good alternative treatment and very safe for children who are the major group suffering from this condition. Artificial preservatives... -

Benefits Of Papaya Enzyme

  Papain, the most important enzyme in the papaya fruit has a host of vital benefits. It is a protein molecule that is made up of 345 amino acids and is a complex compound that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is used in cooking, works... -

Herbal Remedies For Insufficient Breast Milk

  The complete food for babies is breast  milk and exclusive breastfeeding is recommended till the first 6 months of an infant's life. In many instances, sufficient breast milk is not secreted by the mother for which herbs have been used... -

Herbal Remedies For Autism

  A disorder in children that develops during the first three years of their life in which brain development as well as cognitive and communication skills are impacted is called autism. The use of herbs to supplement the diet of such children is... -

Top 10 Sustainable Chocolates

  The demand for chocolates has always been high due to their exceptional taste and to keep up with it, many sustainable varieties have been developed in recent times. The need for this arose because the habitat of the cocoa tree which used to be... -

Herbal Remedies For Angina

A feeling of discomfort in the chest that is often described as a burning, squeezing or choking sensation is known as angina. The use of herbs is often recommended in this condition which is medically known as angina pectoris. It occurs when the flow of... -

Herbal Remedies For Allergic Rhinitis

  Reaction to dust or pollen dispersed in the air causes the immune system to produce classic symptoms which is termed as allergic rhinitis. Herbs can be used to mellow down this immune response and provide a certain amount of relief. Itchy nose... -