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Beyonce Knowles Shows Off Her Enviable Post-pregnancy Curves

  Baby Blue Ivy is just three months old – but Beyonce Knowles seems to have shed all those extra pounds she had gathered during those crucial 9 months. According to source, the singer was seen on a holiday with her husband Jay-Z and... -

My Name Is Bond And I'm Switching To Beer!

How does it feel to see James Bond sans the signature Bond cocktails ? Odd? But that is exactly what has happened! Daniel Craig, who managed to mesmerize his fans with a stylish unstirred Martini, has now decided to ditch it in favor of Beer! ... -

How To Thaw Frozen Meat

Be it Thanksgiving or Easter, staying  informed about the various ways you can thaw frozen meat is really going to help you. It is, quite often, a tempting affair to place the frozen meat in a pan filled with boiling water or just keep it on your kitchen... -

How To Thaw Frozen Fish

Fish tastes best when cooked and relished fresh. However, many a time you would find yourself in a situation where you will have to use frozen fish. Hence, having the knowledge about how you can thaw frozen fish is very essential. This blog talks about... -

How To Thaw Frozen Beef

There would have been times when would have come across a frozen block of beef and wondered if there are any easy ways to thaw it. While there are no shortcuts to thaw frozen beef, following one of the methods outlined in this blog can make the task a simpler... - Goes The Bacon Way

  Bacon is, undeniably, good to eat, but what happens when you come across a website designed using real bacon? Yes, a recent occurence endorses this fact! , a leading sports website, has given this meat a new... -

Tips To Make Butter Balls For A Perfect Dinner Party

Despite being loaded with calories, the appetizing and rich butter balls make a tasty addition to your dinner party menu . Elegant delicacies, the savory and creamy fried balls form delightful eats. Here are few tips that you can  keep handy while trying... -

How To Freeze Baked Turkey

Turkey, when baked, makes a wonderful alternative to chicken. If you know how to freeze baked turkey, then you can make use of this poultry to prepare some really tasty delicacies with less effort. Frozen oven baked turkey remains unspoiled for almost... -

How To Freeze Baked Bacon

Baking bacon can look like a complicated task, especially when you do not have enough time and need a very small quantity. However, the good news is that you can freeze baked bacon for later use. This write-up offers you complete help on freezing the bacon,... -

How To Freeze Baked Squash

Squash, be it butternut, yellow, or the winter variety, can be stored for later use by freezing. Baked squash, when frozen, remains unspoiled for a longer time enabling you to use it when not in season. You can also store the leftover oven baked vegetable for... -

How To Freeze Baked Rice

Rice, when baked, makes a healthy ingredient in a tasty meal. Freezing baked rice is a great way to store the leftover rice or even the freshly prepared one for later use. However, remember that oven baked rice remains unspoiled for a maximum of 4 days. So,... -

How To Freeze Baked Pumpkin

Pumpkins are  versatile and tasty ingredients that make up a whole array of dishes. You can also freeze baked pumpkin and use in place of a fresh one. Here is a short guide that will help you to learn how to freeze an oven baked pumpkin the right way… ... -

How To Freeze Baked Apple

Apples, in the baked form, sans sugar, make healthy and tasty breakfast and snack choices. If you are not consuming it fresh, then you have the option to freeze it for later use. Over baked apples  tend to turn mushy when frozen. So, if you are planning to... -

How To Freeze Baked Sweet Potato

There are countless ways of cooking sweet potatoes . Baking them is the tastiest and healthiest of them. You can also freeze the leftover baked sweet potato, after slicing them, to be reused later. Or, just mash the baked tuber and freeze them to be used... -

How To Freeze Baked Fish

Freezing allows you to store excessive amounts of baked fish    for a maximum of 60 days. Beyond that, the quality of the food item deteriorates, making it inedible. Here are a few handy tips that will allow you to store the... -

How To Freeze Baked Pasta

It is not   favorable  to freeze baked pasta dishes, however, you can opt for this method of storage if you have a huge amount of leftovers. Always make sure that you store the pasta and its sauce separately so that the stuff is not spoiled. The oven... -

How To Freeze Baked Macaroni

  While mac and cheese comes in unlimited options, the baked ones are the tastiest. Baked macaroni does freeze well and can be stored for about 2 to 3 days in the freezer. The recipes recommend freezing before cooking , but leftovers do freeze... -

How To Freeze Baked Salmon

Salmon, in its raw form, can be frozen without too many hassles. However, freezing baked salmon should be done very carefully, failing which the fish can be subjected to freezer burns. Freezing the oven baked salmon   for a short time,... -

How To Freeze Baked Pork

Thwart off the complaints of leftover baked pork by freezing it and using it for preparing a tasty meal later on. Freezing the meat is a good way to preserve it before you ship it your near and dear ones or for packing it for a journey. If you want to... -

How To Freeze Baked Ham

  You can definitely refrigerate the pre-cooked ham that you pick up from your butcher for about 7 days. However, baked ham keeps for an additional  7 to 10 days.  Freezing this baked meat is generally not advised as the flavor and... -

How To Freeze Baked Potato

Potatoes, in the raw form, tend to rot fast. However, you can preserve those for a longer period, up to 3 months, without losing the flavor and texture, by preparing baked potato and then freezing them. The process also helps you to store all those extra... -

How To Freeze Baked Chicken

If you have surplus amounts of leftover baked chicken  or want to store the baked poultry for later uses, then you can freeze it to retain its freshness. One of the ingredients that freezes well, you will find that defrosting it is also quite... -