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Freeze The Bread.

Once I had a big party and I had to buy several loaves of bread. I bought the nice expensive ones and took a lot of care to have enough.Sure enough I was left with tons of leftovers. I could have passed them along. But then I thought-- I spent all that... -

Cheese Fondue

Some time ago I had written about a Wine and Cheese party. Well if you plan that kind of an event then you will end up with leftovers. I am sure you know how to use the wine.... but cheese. That could be hard. Unless you cook extensively everyday. Or if you... -

People In The Us Of A!

Hello! and Happy summer. Now that it is officially here for us.. lets enjoy it. I spent it with a pool party at a friend's house. It was the last day of school and it was time to celebrate. We did it. Survived one more year. What plans do you all... -

Summer Dinner

Once the summer starts it seems like it is time to do everything you have been waiting for. Winter just seems so long and Spring just makes me think, THATS IT. I am not going to take it anymore. The variety of fruits and veggies changes at the... -

Asthma Do You Have A Reliever?

Hello people at ifood. I have seriously missed out on a lot of activity on the site in the past couple of days. I am suffering from a bad case of Bronchitis and I am asthamatic anyway. I can hardly type one full line befre stopping to cough. I am on a... -

Wine And Cheese Party!!

You don't really need a reason to have a part. Just have some friends over, have food and some drinks.. and there you have a party. I love to entertain and let me tell you one thing. I used to get so worked up before the guests came that I almost... -

Take The Poll On Frozen Dinners

We all use them some more than others. We have our favorites and some are just to BLAH! So tell me your favorite. I have a few listed, not in any particular order. Feel free to rank them or add your own. ... -

Comfort Food!!

It is not just a kid turning to the familiar bottle or the crackers he has been eating since 6 months of age.... comfort food is a respite for grownups too. Stressed out situations calls for familiarity so you can relax and be yourself. What better way than... -

Are You Nuts??

I am asking this question to the coconut sitting on my kitchen shelf ready to be pounded. The name sounds very suggestive and you would think "She herslef is a nut". With the name ending with a nut what else can it be but a nut case.   ... -

Vegetarian Healthy Fast Food

Definitely, fast food can be healthy. I found this awesome place, FUSION . Its on Oak tree Road in Edison. It has a nice combination of sandwiches, rolls, Indian style Pasta, wraps. And of course the traditional Dosa, Idli, chaat, pav bhaji etc. Drinks... -

The Lemon Festival In Menton--

A (lemony) town located on the coast of the French-Italian border.. awesome captures.                     (Festival, france, gourmet) -

Diet Cola Drink More Gain More

Every where around us we see people drinking the diet cola. Double cheeseburger with King size fries and diet soda... I don't know the deal, but many a times I have been forwned upon for drinking regular cola. But a recent study has found the ill effects... -

Vitamins Only When Must!!!

Yes we need them for a healthy body. We cannot store them so we need them on a regular basis. Sometimes they have to supplmented when we don't get enough from the food we eat.  But too much of a good thing is sometime not beneficial.Yet these days every... -

Are You A Night Owl??

If you are then maybe you are not Healthy, Wealthy or Wise... But do you really think that people you are awake till late night are Morons? According to the saying Bill Gates goes to bed even before his kid does.  As I was surfing the web to learn about... -

Vitaminwater Is It A Big Deal?

Hope you guys are enjoying the holiday weekend. I know I am, I love the dog days of summer.Nice cold drinks, a good book and peace this is how I spent my Saturday. I was going through an old issue of Good House Keeping and came across this article that... -

Restaurant Style Paneer. I Am Good!

My other half invited his golf buddy over for dinner after a game. I was in a fix. The kitchen had 1 tomato, 2 onions, 3 garlic bulbs and a shriveled eggplant. Don't ask how I managed that being the cook that I am because I would say IT HAPPENS. ... -

Rocking My Brains

I have been trying hard looking hear and there and trying to please myself. But I just can't seem to find one good pasta salad recipe which is completely different from what I ahve had before. I am not saying that I have had all the kinds of the salad... -

Mrs. Fields

Headstrong determination, A dynamic personality, A sincere concern for people, they all played a role in Debbi Fields' success. It was all about taking control of her life. So Debbi Fields, a young mother with no business experience, opened her first... -

Hello Summer!

I know that summer does not start until mid June but Memorial day is the start of this lovely weather for me. I just refuse to belive that it is Spring still. The beautiful weather we have in the Northeast right now is a clear indication that I will not be... -

How Much Do You Know??

O.K. Fellas!! Lets see how much you know about food. Don't you dare scroll down for answers because they are not there. 1. What was margarine called when it was first marketed in England? 2.What animals milk is used to make authentic... -

Interesting Facts About Daily Food

That food colorant cochineal and carmine are made from ground beetles. That Jello makes its gelation from bones and hides. That apple seeds contain cyanide. That consumption of poppy seeds on bagels can lead to a positive drug... -

The Whys Of Being A Vegetarian

Why does Sea World have a seafood restaurant? I'm halfway through my fishburger and I realize, Oh my God. I could be eating a slow learner. ~Lynda Montgomery Nothing more strongly arouses our disgust than cannibalism, yet we make the same... -

Swimsuit Season.. Gosh It Is Here.

Boo--hoo:) Its here. The most dreadful part of the year. No I love summer. The fruits, lemonade, longer days, outdoor swimming, no school all of that. But then I love going to the beach too and I have to wear a bathing suit. The costume that shows every... -

Can You Wash Away The Pesticide

Every time we eat a fruit or a veggie we are iclined to wash it. We peel things even when the peels are edible and good. The deal is that these activities do remove some of the pesticide but they can't be termed as "pesticide free". Buying... -

Wendy's Salad

I can survive on salad for as long as I want. I love the crunch and the flavor. I usually make mine or get it from the supermarket. My good friend took me to Wendy's the other day saying,  have a salad. I told her a burger joint is not my thing. I... -

Help For Dads On Mother's Day

  Being a father is fairly easy, or at least that is what a Mom thinks until it is Mother's day. Picking out the right gift and not watching TV all day while keeping the kids entertained so that mom can relax can be pretty tiring,... -

Mother's Day.. One Special Day To Say Work Hard For The Rest Of The Year.

You realize your true potential only after you become a MOM. I never knew how much it took to be one. No I am not talking about the labor pain or the sleepless nights. I am talking about the energy needed. The job requires skills like multitasking, money... -

Interesting Facts About Eggplants

It comes in different shapes and sizes. Unlike most of the vegetables, eggplant has a variety. Long, round, oblong, small, gigantic and the some where in betweens. I have been bought the white variety. tatstes the same at least the way I cooked it and was... -

Saravana Bhawan

This Saturday I went to the Sarvana Bhawan on Wood Avenue in Iselin NJ with a few of my friends. We were 8 of us and baring 1 nobody else wanted to eat Indian. But the proximity of the place and the strong will of that one person to eat at a South Indian... -

Easter And Eggs

As I had mentioned in my previous blog... the association of Easter and eggs was unknown to me. Well I tried reading on the net and asked some of my Christian friends. Here is what I understood. Egg stands for fertility. Easter is the rebirth... -

Spring Break

Hello all at ifood.. I have not touched base with you all for a long time. Well, I was in sunny Orlando, Florida. It was beautiful. Sunny, warm, crowded, awesome are some of the words. We stayed at the Boardwalk Inn in Disney. I had the yummiest food and... -

Irish Cuisine

There is something between Irish and Potato. I read them synonumus at a lot of places. Do Irish people eat a lot of potatoes? Well, who doesn't? I read somewhere "Pre- Potato Ireland." The Irish ate a  lot of meat. They used wild... -

Writing A Good Blog

When I first started  writing on the internet, I found that there was a wealth of information already and I was just repeating it by writing what I have read. Then I started reading about what and how to write and I came across several websites telling you... -

St. Patrick's Day.

Its not an official American holiday but it is the National holiday of Ireland and also some parts of Canada. The person who was to become St. Patrick, the patron saint  of Ireland, was born in Wales about AD 385. His given name was Maewyn, and he... -

Holi As I Remember It.

As a kid Holi meant colors and games and fun. Growing up I enjoyed this festival with my cousins and siblings and the best part used to be the togetherness we felt. It mostly was a   family thing for us. We never left the house to play with other people. ... -

Live And Die Together!

When we fall in love we vow to be true till death do us part. Sometimes we want to go beyond the scope of human world and meet in the other. Some want to die together, that is what is known. Yet in some in this life alone meet and seperate. Love has... -

Bottled Vs Filtered Vs Tap Water

For all those bottled water fans out there. Read on before buying the next bottle. Ameicans  drank a whopping 5 billion gallons of bottled water in 2001.That's about the same amount of water that falls from the American Falls at Niagara Falls in... -

Cocktail Demystified.

Have you ever been to a cocktail party?  A few years ago I was invited to a party which said Cocktail Attire? What in the world is that? I know cocktail drinks but dress? I thought mixing to outfits was ridiculous.  Well I had to wear something formal... -

Dinner For Two On V-day

So you have a date for the day but where are you going to dine. Here is a list of places from some of the metros in the U.S. New York Savoy his warmly lit restaurant feels more like a country inn -- complete with a roaring fire in the... -

Valentines Day Gift Ideas. For Men.

I read an interesting article about giving gifts on Valentines. It is difficult to choose gifts for this occasion because you will have to be careful about what it conveys. It can be tricky. The meaning of your gift also varies according to the seriousness... -

Poetry From The Legends

By William Shakespeare: Let me not to the marriage of true minds Admit impediments. Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds, Or bends with the remover to remove: O no! it is an ever-fixed mark That looks on tempests and... -

History Of Valentine's Day!!

From various sources on the internet: There are varying opinions as to the origin of   Valentine's Day.  Some experts state that it originated from St. Valentine, a Roman who was martyred for refusing to give up Christianity.  He... -

Kumbh Mela

Being from Allahabad I grew up with the Kumbh mela every year. It filled my city with almost a million more people. I had visitors frm far coming for a dip in the Holy Ganga. I could not understand as a kid what the big deal was about taking a bath in the... -

Water Intoxication!!

LOS ANGELES, California (Reuters) -- A U.S. sheriff opened an investigation Wednesday into the death of a 28-year-old woman who died after taking part in a California radio contest in which contestants had to drink as much water as possible. ... -

American Chop Suey

Are you familiar with American Chop Suey? I know we get it in a Chinese restaurant.. How come it has American at the beginning? Well curious me decided to explore. I got my answer on several sites On of them reported that ... -

Buffet Style Food In Las Vegas

I just came back from a trip to the west coast of America. I was so excited about it right when I booked the tickets in August. I was to land at Vegas airport around 8 in the evening. I knew it would be 10 by the time I reach the Excalibur hotel and... -

Herbs And Spices

Including spices in your meal transforms it. Herbs from around the world are readily available. Here is what I think is a must for every cook. Spices Cardomom The pods are used whole to flavor rice. The seeds are crushed and used to... -

Sweet Sense

Sugar is the sweetner for all our desserts. It adds moisture and texture to our food. It comes in all different forms and although you can interchange the texture of the goods can change. Lets sweet talk about them. The RAW variety is the unrefined... -

Top 5 Diet Tips For Strong Bones

Bones become brittle because of calcium-loss and this leads to the condition called osteoporosis, which literally means porous bones or pores in bones. Patients of osteoporosis, most of whom are women, are always looking to build stronger bones. To make their... -

Interesting Facts About Cabbage

Its on my shopping list everytime I visit the supermarket, its used in my kitchen more often than I think I do... But still cabbage is not one of the most loved vegetable. Well to begin with cabbage is very high in fiber, it has tonnes of vitamin C... -

Grocery Shopping

Have you ever calculated how much time you spend grocery shopping? How much extra money do you spend on things. Well, Its easy to say I am shopping for food not luxuries... Why should I cut down? Its true, you don't have to cut down, but if... -

Go Ahead Eat Your Chocolate.

There are few foods that people feel as passionate about -- a passion that goes beyond a love for the "sweetness" of most candies or desserts: after all, few people crave caramel, whipped cream, or bubble gum. Chocolate is, well, different. For the... -

Is It Too Difficult To Cook Indian Food?

One of my non Indian friends once said to me " I have always eaten out when I have a hankering for Indian food." I asked him why he did not try preparing some at home? His reply was obvious... dishes seem mysterious, things taste so different by... -

What Is The Most Versatile Dairy Product? Could It Be Sour Cream?

What is it Well it is a dairy product made by fermenting regular cream. Its very high in fat. Bacterial culture added to fresh cream produces lactic acid which turns the cream sour and thick making sour cream The low fat variety is made from half and half. -

Tips For Baking

1) Always preheat the oven for 15-20 minutes before putting the cake in.  2) Butter used in baking recipes should be soft not melted.  3) When making wheat flour cookies use butter for crunchy and oil for softer cookies. ... -