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Bakery Offers Portable Cocktail

Do you love to suck on gum drops? But you are an adult, right? Well the newly introduced Rum Drops are just your thing then . Brought out by the famous (infamous?) ‘Prohibition Bakery’ of New York, these tiny drops can help you to get a taste of rum... -

5 Nations That Reject Peanut Butter

Peanut butter- the wonderfully crunchy product from peanuts that you just cannot live without! PB & J  comes to mind straightaway of course but even spicy dishes like noodles  and buns  taste out of this... -

Is Mcdonald’s A Victim Of The Modern Crimean War?

Crimea is the hot bed of action now! What with the overthrowing of the Ukrainian President and Russian Premier, Putin jumping in to annex it, the province is not having a dull moment at all. But trust McDonald’s to sulk and withdraw from the area too for... -

Cash N Tips Banned In La

What do you feel about tipping your server at a restaurant? Its all part of the game, isn’t it? Well, ‘Brand 58’ of Glendale in LA begs to differ. The proprietor is strongly against his waiters receiving tips and makes it clear to all his customers... -

How Babies React To Lemon

Life is definitely not all sweet! It can be sour too or even bitter at times. So what do you do when life hands you a lemon? Try to brave it unflinchingly or just go Boo Hoo? Do what you have to do but shouldn’t your kids be spared the ordeal? After... -

Mighty Taco ‘putin’ It’s Foot Down

Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, is not a popular man . Certainly not in the Western World who condemned his act of seizing Crimea from Ukraine. But ‘Mighty Taco,’ the Mexican fast food joint in Buffalo has put its foot down firmly this time. It... -

6 Politicos Who Saw Food Action

What is the use of food? Why ask this stupid question when you know that it is for eating? Well, yes, but it has other uses too! Being thrown as a sign of protest for instance! That’s right! Food particularly eggs & rotten tomatoes have made their... -

Visit ‘lulu & Me’ For A Gargantuan Gastronomic Experience

Located in the hot & happening area of NoMad (Manhattan) in NYC, ‘ LuLu & Me’  has become a restaurant/bar to reckon with over the last couple of years . Jointly owned and run by the husband-wife duo of Karen... -

Future Today Inc. Joins Amazon Fire Tv To Enrich Your Viewing Experience

Move over Roku & Apple, Amazon Fire TV is here ! The $99 device is up for grabs now and hopes to revolutionize the living room TV viewing experience. Future Today Inc. isn’t worried though. After tasting unprecedented success with Roku it has... -

What Your Favorite Beverage Tells About You

Tea, coffee or me? Well, this isn’t much of a choice is it? You would definitely choose yourself every time. But what about the hot beverage that helps you to go through the day? Are you one of those dainty, soft spoken persons who love to sip weak,... -

Can You Make Your Hen Lay Colored Eggs For Easter?

Easter is round the corner and you must be going berserk trying to find out a way for getting colored eggs. Dyeing them is definitely the age old trick . But think of the chemicals involved and its health hazards! So what do you do now? Allow the eggs to... -

Are You Cruel Enough To Eat This Alive

The world is home to strange eating practices, the strangest of which is eating an animal alive. Yes! Eating an animal alive, or partially alive, is considered to be a rare delicacy in some parts of the world, and we are not just talking about African tribes.... -

Ha! Ha! Ha! It’s April Fools’ Day: Gotcha!

Hey! The snow has melted; spring is here, so what else do you need? Think of the month ahead. Yeah! It’s going to be April soon and what better opportunity can you get of bonding with your family & friends. How? Check out the very first day of the... -

Meet Baby Spinach, The Mata Hari Of Future

Baby spinach, the young green leaves were thought to be a nutritious source of minerals and vitamins until now. There wasn’t much difference between the humble leaf and kale for instance. Wait a minute though! Did you know that its capabilities far exceed... -

Under Water Egg Cracking And Its Consequences

Ever cracked an egg accidentally ? You might have been aghast at the mess created by the whites & yellows, if your answer happens to be yes. The same holds true when you decide to crack it in a glass of water. The yolk spreads rapidly here too, making it... -

Barcelona To Lure Food Tourists With Culinary Amusement Park

Barcelona is known for many fine things but gastronomy is not one them.  Chef Albert Adrià along with his brother Ferran is set to change it all. They expect to complete their pet project 5.0 in January 2015 and Bang! The very first culinary amusement... -

Dunkin Donuts Gets Ready For An Easter Peeps Show

Dunkin Donuts has gone and done it again! It has taken note of the prevailing Easter mood and has plans of introducing colorful donuts with an entire marshmallow PEEP sitting pretty on top .   Stan Frankenthaler, the executive chef as... -

Do You Have Your Make-up On Or Is It In?

Brittoni, the 22 year old girl from Toledo, Ohio knows that her addiction is doing her no good yet she can’t stop. So, is it chocolates or peanut butter or something slightly more worrisome like ketchup? No, her addiction makes her eat what other women... -

Canadian Observes A Cheery Lent With Beer

The countdown to Easter has begun with the month of Lent requiring all sorts of dietary sacrifices from you . Going meatless on Fridays is indeed a problem especially for die hard meat eaters who abhor the vegetarian fare. What about fish then? Nah! Too... -

Go Eat Grass

Can you eat grass? Scientists advise against it although it is not toxic. This is because the human stomach is not meant to digest it. But Lesego Daniel, Pastor of ‘Rabboni Centre Ministries’ took this info with a pinch of salt as he advised his... -

Home Cooks Benefit From Practical Food App

Everyone likes to eat and most want to try their hand at cooking whether as a hobby or a compulsion. Making your own meals is certainly the cheapest way when you are a student with limited money to survive. However, you have to rely on your mom’s... -

Starbucks Goes The Boozy Way

Starbucks, your favorite coffee joint and breakfast haunt is all set to bedazzle you in its new role as an evening eatery plus watering hole now . The coffee giant now plans to offer booze and light meals for the tired office goers who want to enjoy a bit... -

Manna Oops Sandwich From Heaven

Watch your sandwich float down to you as you gaze hungrily up at the sky ! Yes, that’s exactly what Jafflechutes, the first ever ‘float-down-eatery’ prides itself on. The name of the so called store isn’t too imaginative though. It happens to a... -

Google Glass Is A Kitchen Aid Too

Google glass, the new fangled contraption that makes your life easy has not really enthused the masses. While it is definitely smart to communicate with the Internet and get ready answers by asking, the thought of wearing a robot on your face is a tad too... -

What’s French About This Toast?

So, you are in a mood for some French toast this morning? Check out your kitchen for the supplies and count your eggs before they get hatched. Why? You have to use eggs in their shells not the chickens that come tumbling out of them, you dud!   ... -

Minimal Packaging Maximum Effect

Sure, you love your meat but can you buy exactly what you want every time you are at the supermarket? Well, deciphering which meat cut comes from which part of the animal or poultry is no mean feat especially when you have to find out the answer from... -

A Smart Way To Mind Your Eggs

Do you count your eggs before they hatch? Well, its time to put a stop to that! Just rely on the new smart contraption that goes by the name of ‘egg minder’ capable of not only keep reminding you that you have to go egg shopping soon but also guiding... -

Buffets Not Sanctioned By Islam?

Keen on sampling the spicy desert cuisine of Saudi Arabia by going to an all you can eat buffet? Well, it might be a trifle difficult now as the Islamic clergies seem to be perturbed by this show of gluttony. Saleh al Fawzan, a man of Islam, has in fact,... -

American At A Chinese Buffet

A Chinese buffet is for small eaters. So what is a big guy like the standup comedian, John Pinette doing there? Well, he clearly has notions of tucking into all the chow mein, scampi and prime ribs. Wait! The man in charge is outraged! Pinette is scaring... -

Bed & No-breakfast In S.korea

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Well, while the people of old Victorian England had their sideboards groaning under the weight of kippers and eggs, not to say anything of a kidney & steak pie, the Americans are not too far behind... -

Do You Aspire To Be A Coffee Graduate?

Students who rely on coffee to fuel their energies are in for a treat now. The ‘University of California,’ Davis has already hosted a coffee conference at its brand new ‘Coffee Center,’ on March 11 2014. The purpose of the discussion was to study... -

Pull Your Tacos Up!

What comes instantly to mind when you say ‘‘Taco Bell’?’ Food or rather Mexican fast food, right? But the immensely popular food chain is not satisfied with feeding its customers now. It wants to clothe them too! Yes, that’s right! ‘Taco Bell’... -

Is Your Food ‘sound’ Enough?

Being tempted to eat by the delicious aroma wafting out of the kitchen or finding yourself getting hungry on seeing the beautiful collage of food on your plate is nothing new. Chefs have indeed tried to lure their customers by appealing to the sense of smell... -

How To Utilize Your Lunch Hour To Shatter World Records

Envious of men who happen to hold a world record? Well, not all ‘Guinness World Records’ are awe inspiring though. You can certainly hope to compete with them and beat them at their own game easily . But do you know the best part of shattering such a... -

Till Kit Kat Drives Us Apart

Eating a bar of chocolate or a candy or even a cream filled chocolate cookie a.k.a. Oreo is not easy. You do have to know certain rules, for instance and be ready for being subjected to a verbal whiplash, if you don’t quite follow the Dos & Donts... -

Chicken Soup For The Soul Focuses On The Body Now

‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ had been an inspirational series of true stories from people who have heartwarming anecdotes to share. Now  the publishing house has decided to come true to its name by bringing out a real brand of soup of the same name .... -

The Best Eating Advice That You Can Get

Feeling ravished? What about a juicy pork roast ? Yucks! Would you eat a pig? An animal that never bathes? Also do spare a thought for the cute Babe, the smartest pig in the world who made Hollywood proud. How can you even think of eating his race to... -

International Women's Day: A Day For Progress Of Mankind

‘International Women's Day’ is about to be celebrated all over the globe this year (2014). It’s sad to think that half of the world’s population is still struggling to be equal to their male counterparts. United Nations hopes to achieve that... -

Ibm’s Supercomputer Gets Its Own Food Truck

Watson, IBM’s supercomputer is back! But now it has donned a chef’s cap and is eagerly doling out food from a truck. Well, the Jeopardy! winner of 2011 seems to have traveled eons in the spate of 2+ years as far as its career is concerned. ... -

5 Foods On The Brink Of Oblivion Due To Climate Change

The world is destined to face hunger in the near future, warned the environmentalists not so long ago. But did you know that the inclement weather and bizarre change in climate patterns can all but wipe out some of your favorite foods from the globe too? ... -

Foods That Stare N Scare

Making faces at food that you don’t like must have been your forte long ago. But do spare a thought for the poor foods too. Do they appreciate being eaten, that too so disdainfully, as if we are doing them a great favor? No wonder the banana wants to... -

Dream Run On Cranberry Turf

Harvesting the health filled red berries at Wisconsin during fall is every tourist’s dream come true. Taking a tour of the cranberry bog, clocking photos and sampling the lip-smacking berries are not the only thing that entices them though. While... -

Can You Get High On Diet Coke?

Coca Cola has found itself neck deep in controversy yet again even as its ‘You’re On’ advert began airing at the Sochi Winter Olympics 2014. Cut to the various billboards across the cities of USA, and you are bound to be convinced that the beverage... -

Size Does Matter Especially When It’s A Pizza

Hungry for a pizza? Do send for a large one instead of the tiniest delicacy that comes in a cardboard box . Now, why should you do that? You are just a solitary person salivating at the thought of a pizza, but that will not make you greedy enough to wolf... -

The Girl With The Red Sauce

A splash of ketchup on your fries and a red streak of it on your burger is enjoyable, no doubt, but you cannot be called a freak because of it. But take the case of Melissa Ibbitson, a 19 year old student from Lincoln. She has ketchup with every meal and... -

What Happens When Your Taste Buds Lose Control

Puddings are sweet N lemons are sour, right? Well, not quite say our taste bud experts . The citrus fruit can actually resemble a candy and Guinness beer can put a glass of chocolate milk to shame, surprisingly. Unbelievable? Not when the miracle berry... -

Water That Goes Into Growing Your Favorite Foods

The world is awaiting an impending water shortage in the coming years, signs of which are visible everywhere from Kolkata to California. In fact, with California all set to face its driest year in the past many decades, your most favorite foods may be short... -

London's Prison Restaurant Is Calling You

Have you ever had a meal that was cooked by prisoners? If the idea sounds outrageous to you, all you need to do, to change your mind, is visit the " Clink Restaurant " in Brixton Prison, located in South London. The restaurant, which was opened to... -

Domino’s Pizza N Its Brilliant Apologies

Receiving a cold pizza or one with the wrong topping is common place now. More so, when it is Domino’s Pizza serving you. You are entitled to complain of course! The company usually promises to look into the matter and has been known to issue an apology... -

Milkpep Decides To Shave Off Moustache And Get Healthy

‘Got Milk?’ Sadly the answer is ‘No.’ The commercial first popularized by ‘The Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP)’ is not interesting anymore believes the body, which has decided to pull off the iconic advert for milk after 20 years of... -

How To Get Your Cows In Milk Boosting Mood

Working out to the sound of music or wooing your date with a fine dinner and romantic songs are some of the things most humans do. But did you know that music has the power to enhance milk flow too? Yes, but it’s not the human variety this time. The... -

Have You Had The Condom Flavor Test

Chocolate, strawberry, marijuana, banana, garlic, grape and vanilla – these are not the ice cream flavors of this season but condom flavors, which recently underwent some serious scrutiny at a media organization. The Valentine’s Day may be over but you... -

Us Military Pizza Will Remain Good For Three Years

No sight is as depressing as an empty pizza box because that means there is no more pizza left now. But what to do! You cannot keep a pizza forever , right? Well, not anymore! A US Military lab, in Massachusetts, is working on a pizza recipe, which... -

Potatoes Start Tweeting Now

English social media users: Rejoice! For Birds Eye has come up with its unique snack ‘Mashtags,’ that gives you the comfort of eating your Twitter tools while using the microblogging site . With hashtags, @ signs, asterisks, and emoticons galore, there... -

Hot Shirtless Baristas Coming Up

Move over guys, the ladies have their own ‘hot’ coffee shop now! ‘Hot Cup of Joe,’ of Spokane, Washington, now has young hot hunks serving the ladies. That’s not all! The Baristas are going shirtless so that you ladies can get an eyeball worth... -

Does Your Cell Run On Pomegranate Power?

Did your cell phone battery just die on you? Well, you may have to turn to your fruit basket next time. The ‘SLAC National Accelerator Lab’ researchers together with their counterparts from Stanford have discovered the power of pomegranate now and hope... -

Food Industry Gets A Healthy Gluten-free Boost

It is the desire of the people that drives industry and the food industry is no exception either. The buzz word of 2014 is ‘gluten free’ and the industry has been going bonkers trying to cash in on the demand . With the producers of breakfast cereals,... -

Who Will Pick The Tab?

A dinner date is something to be super excited about. But what about picking up the tab? Hmm…shouldn’t he pay for it every time. Well, times may have changed with more and more women bringing home the bread and expecting to be treated as equals, but... -

Supreme Court Justice Rules Out Pizza Status For Chicago’s Deep Dish Delicacy

Chicago’s trademark food, the deep dish pizza  has succeeded in raising hackles yet again . This time it was the controversial Justice Antonin Scalia of the Supreme Court who declared that, “It’s very tasty, but it’s not... - Recipe App On Windows 8 Now!

Whipping up delicious, gourmet dishes in a jiffy is one of the few pleasures of life shared by all. But not everyone can be a world class chef, right? Sure, but why worry when you have your friend the app to help you out. Simply download it and run... -

7 Zippy Zucchini Recipes

Zucchini is a veggie that evokes mixed feelings. While the nutritionists simply love to extol its virtues, the young kids go ‘aww’ at the mere mention of this healthy squash . Again, the Italians are loathe to cook without this popular ingredient but... -

Chinese Food Introduced To… China

Carrying coal to Newcastle? No, this isn’t a prank; the young American duo of David Rossi & Fung Lam did just that when they opened ‘Fortune Cookie,’ an American-Chinese restaurant in the heart of Shanghai last year (2013) . Now, why on earth... -

French Parliament Wants Homemade Food In Restaurants

Dining in France may turn out to a disappointment especially when you learn that all that the French chef in the restaurant kitchen does is heat up a pre packaged dish and unwrap it on your plate. Hmm… while the product on your plate may look totally... -

5 Bizarre Uses Of Pepper Spray

Once upon a time the pepper rose up from the surface of soups, toasts & eggs and aspired to be a protector of damsels in distress. Now, it has gone a step further and is dabbling in politics too . The Indian Parliament was in uproar recently with... -

Indian Actress Apes Lady Gaga’s Meat Costume

Tanisha Singh, an actress in India’s Southern film industry, wore a dress made of goat meat in Mumbai , just the way Lady Gaga donned her (in)famous beef meat dress in 2010. Her mission behind such extreme sartorial decision was to invite public... -

5 Hit Films Made Cheesy

Films are known to be cheesy and the ones that rake in the moolah are no different either. What if they were about real cheese, the variety made from dairy, that could have sent our taste buds on a delightful adventure instead of boring us to death? Here is... -

El Somni: A Multidimensional Dinner

The ambitious project, ‘El Somni,’ described as a culinary opera has managed to bring the best disciplines of life together . Music, food and painting are interwoven skillfully for the very first time creating a veritable treasure house that dazzles all... -

How To Order Food In Britain

America ceased to be a British colony more than 200 years ago and its vocabulary diverted quite a bit along the way too. But does that mean that a true blue Yankee would have difficulty in making his needs understood when he is alone & hungry in... -

15 Quick Tips To Survive A Winter Storm

Winter storms are not new to the USA. Yet the severity of the storms right from the very first month of 2014 has left most of the country paralyzed and chilled to the bone . New York, Georgia, Atlanta, Texas, no State has been spared the onslaught of... -

Authorities Kill Starbucks’ Alter Store

The ‘Dumb Starbucks’ store in L.A. saw huge queues for the hot beverage even as Nathan Fielder, of ‘Comedy Central’ TV channel, mocked the establishment . He aped the coffee giant in every aspect and held a faux conference outside the storefront. ... -

Coca Cola Okays Home Made Variety

Coca Cola has now decided to let its consumers make the coveted soda at home . The soda giant is all set for teaming up with ‘Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc,’ the Vermont based company, famous for its single serve coffee machines. With Coca Cola... -

Watch Animals Eat Their Food

Ever wondered how animals eat their food? No, we know you have seen a squirrel nibbling on a lone nut or a dog licking a bone clean but we are talking about a wide variety of animals, who may or may not be similar to human beings in the way they eat their... -

Don't Do This At Your Own Wedding

If you think wedding videos are always beautiful and memorable, think again! The wedding videos we've got for you are embarrassing and painful, especially for those they feature. This collection of wedding videos is painful even to watch. ... -

Molly Schuyler Sets Wing Bowl Record

Molly Schuyler’s appearance is seriously deceptive. One look at her and you wouldn’t ever believe that she could chow down a year’s worth of chicken wings (363, no less!!!) in just half and hour, setting a new Wing Bowl record in the... -

Top 10 Wine Consumers Of The World

Is Pope Francis listening? His abode, Vatican City, is found to be the top wine consuming country (city state, in this case!) in the world, as per the 2012 list of per capita consumption of wine by “California Wine Institute.” The other top entrants in... -

Study N Eat The Balut

Balut , a well known snack in the Philippines, has long been a fixture on the list of the ‘World’s most disgusing/ weird/ terrifying/yucky foods .’ Although most food experts describe it as ‘one of the most loved delicacies of Philippines,’ the... -

Mcdonald’s Reels Under Ketchup Crisis

Ketchup is the cause of irate food lovers shaking their fists at McDonald’s now. Yes, all 200 outlets of McDonald’s Argentina had to serve their customers with fries and burgers minus the sticky, sweet N sour condiment known as ketchup . The... -

Yelping Does Not Pay

Don’t go yelping and venting your spleen on ‘Yelp,’ the website for reviews and recommendations. The recent case of Jane Perez and her review about the contractor Christopher Dietz’s misconduct and jewelry stealing had the man up in arms too. He... -

And Then There Were…

What happens when you put all your eggs in one basket oops egg tray? Well, they get talking of course! Not a pretty sight to watch their friend and bro-at-fridge degenerate into a white N yolk in the frying pan. Our sympathies!   ... -

How To Cook With Mcdonald’s Products

Feeling too lazy to cook or in a hurry? The best option is to pop into the nearest McDonald’s and gorge on hamburgers, French fries as well as the delicious McRibs . You can also try a salad or two, if wolfing down fast food makes your guilt pangs even... -

Mcdonald’s Chicken Nuggets Contains Petroleum Not Pink Slime

McDonald’s chicken nuggets have been one of the hottest selling products for long. But the ‘pink slime’ controversy had the netizens scared with many swearing off the product for life. McDonald’s, Canada found a golden opportunity to set matters... -

5 Farm Bill Facts That You Should Know

The US farm bill 2014 is about to become law ! With $1 trillion destined to be spent on it you are required to know about it and check out the ways by, which it could benefit you. The bill will be important as it regulates the farming as well as the eating... -

Let The Wine Go To Your Face

Gather all the yummy ingredients that you can think of and invite your face for a taste. Be sure to serve an appropriate wine for each course . The sommelier in you gets a long deserved break!   So its white wine for the cucumber salad... -

Might Of Mayo

Americans just love to drown everything in red, gooey ketchup. Well, so thought every true blue Yankee until the myth got busted courtesy Euromonitor, a market research firm, which gave a huge thumbs up to mayo, the new hero.   It has widened its hold... -

Candy Heart Conversation For 2014

The tradition of handing out candy hearts to your sweetheart on the occasion of Valentine’s Day is as old as ‘love’ itself. But don’t you feel that words like, ‘Be Mine’ or ‘Kiss Me’ and even ‘Let’s Get Busy’ is a trifle dated for the... -

A 12” Pizza Gone In 41 Seconds

How fast can you eat a 12-inch pizza? 1 minute or less? Well, a ‘furious’ guy called Pete just ate it in 41.31 seconds and that included the time the first bite of pizza hit his mouth to the time his mouth emptied of the last morsel. Now that has been... -

How To Turn Boring Sushi Into Beautiful Sushi

Making sushi may be an art but what you get at the end of the whole procedure is just a roll of rice, fish and condiments! Well, someone else thought so too. Therefore, you get to see this video that shows you how to make pretty pink flowers inside your ... -

Adam Richman Watch Out For This New Foodie!

How much sugar can you eat in a go? 1 teaspoon, 10, 20, 100, or 500 teaspoons? Can you down a total of almost nine pounds worth more than 15,000 calories ? Well, Matt Sonie, a YouTube user, can and he shows us how in this video.   ... -

How To Make 14 Dosas In 5 Minutes

You don’t need to travel to India to learn how to make dosas faster than you can eat. Thanks to YouTube, it is possible to make fast dosas, right inside your kitchen. And these are not just some regular dosas. These are filled with spicy mixture,... -

A Coffee Mug That Protects Your Mouth From Burning

Every one of us has, at some point of time, burnt our mouth with a sip of scalding hot coffee. Well, what is the solution? One is in a hurry, more often than not, and right after pouring it into the cup, one cannot wait before taking a sip. Don't worry!... -

Enjoy Different Moods Of Popcorn

Have you been feeling sad because the bleak winter kept you under house arrest for days on end? If there is no sun shining outside, don’t worry, sun is shining on twitter, though not literally!   Watching these little popcorn heads... -

5 Killer Ads That Thrilled Super Bowl Fans

Super Bowl is a time for some serious football action and you can never hope to keep the guys away from their TV sets when the NFL gets going. Food happens to play a major role during the games too and you do have to catch the adverts that go a long way in... -

Have You Observed Veganuary?

Veganism is certainly in fashion now and you will be in excellent company of movie stars and celeb politicos, if you do promise to give up all animal products. But isn’t it easier to preach than actually do it? Well, staying off red meat may be possible... -

How To Become A Food Rebel

Tired of playing by the rules? Well, you have every right to be a rebel! So, go ahead and do your own thing instead of trying to follow in the footsteps of your oh-so-boring ancestors . Like having your tea  straight from the... -

And Quiet Flows The Whiskey River

River Ayr in Scotland deserves to be rechristened now! It has all the qualities for being known as the drunken waterway thanks to the 1700 gallons of whiskey that spilled into it after a tanker accidentally spilled liquor on the road by the side of the... -

Wine Condom Offers Total Protection

Re-corking that bottle of wine after you have had your fill is not an easy task. You may have to struggle quite a bit with it getting your hands wet & sticky in the bargain. But the worst is your expensive wine going flat because you did not quite... -

Sandwich: An Engineering Marvel!

Two pieces of bread encasing a filling have satiated men for centuries now. Yes, it is the humble sandwich- food for both the rich & poor; famous & infamous; male & female ! This dish has numerous varieties and can be eaten morning, day and... -

Of Flowering Tea N Divided Opinions

A bundle of leaves and flowers of the tea that blooms slowly while it steeps in hot water is regarded as a wonder by most culinary experts. This Chinese methodology has never ceased to win admiration from its many fans scattered world wide . Yet every... -

What Happens When You Eat 100 Waffles In A Go

Eating waffles is a kid's play for everybody. After all, you have been eating them for as long as you remember. But what if you were asked to eat a hundred waffles in one go? Would you be upto it? Well, a YouTube user, Matt Sonie, attempted this feat... -

Laughter Makes The Best Drink

Impatient to infuse your vodka and drink it too? Well, you have had to wait for more than 15 days in order to get your favorite tipple before. Not any more though! You can actually do it in a jiffy with the aid of nitrous oxide that is laughing gas for the... -