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Kelly Rowland Flaunts Her Stuff On Shape Magazine

Va va voom!! Kelly Rowland, 32, looks hotter than ever on the October issue of Shape magazine’s cover. She flaunts her very enviable body in a green camo-print crop top and skimpy black bikini bottoms. ... -

Britney's Sexiness Overkill!

Britney Spears is on sexiness overkill these days. We are not complaining either.  On September 8, 2013, she tweeted a sexy pic of herself from the Las Vegas sets of her new music video shoot – “ Work Bitch ”. "Hot day on set”, she captioned,... -

Chaz Bono’s Incredible Weight Loss!

Chaz Bono is a very happy man these days. He has shed over 60 pounds and is much healthier than how he was when he weighed 250 pounds in 2012. He was advised by the doctors on “ The Doctors” last year to lose anywhere “between 50 to 80 pounds”.... -

Aaron Taylor-johnson’s Kick-ass Body

                                                            The 23 year old Aaron Taylor-Johnson has a kick-ass body now. Too bad that this hottie is married, but let that not deter us from... -

Gabrielle Union’s Sexy Bikini Body At 40!

For some women, age is truly just a number. Actress Gabrielle Union is a living testament to that saying as she looks sensational at 40 and could give a 25 year-old a run for her money. ... -

Tyra Banks Says “i Need Some Ass"

Tyra Banks, the supermodel turned TV mogul, has called “fad diets” a humbug and that she need some fleshy derrieres on her America’s Next Top Model contestants. Good food and curviness is where her heart is at. ... -

Christina Aguilera Sheds 20 Pounds, Looks Fab!

Christina Aguilera is a woman on a mission these days. Over the past few months, the Genie in a Bottle singer has lost over 20 pounds by adapting to some healthier lifestyle decisions. ... -

Lady Gaga Presents: A Barely There Gaga

While the world is still reeling from seeing Lady Gaga’s nude and bizarre Abramovic meditation video released on August 8, 2013, the 'Applause' singer has posed topless for a recent cover shoot for V Magazine. ... -

Jennifer Aniston Is Not Pregnant Again!

Yes, that’s right. Jennifer Aniston has made it clear that the world will not be seeing a “Mini-me” version of her any time soon. ... -

Stay Indoors – Doctors Advice Kate Middleton

With the entire UK going crazy and little over the top with the royal birth, doctors had advised the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, to stay indoors.  ... -

Anna Paquin Reveals Toned Post-baby Body!

Delighting the fans of True Blood’s Sookie Stackhouse, Anna Paquin revealed her toned post-baby body on the June 15, 2013 episode where she had a racy scene with her costar Rob Kazinsky who plays the role of a fae-vampire. ... -

Melissa Gorga's Sexy Body Secrets!

Melissa Gorga, at 34 and after 3 children over the last decade, looks more stunning than ever. The reality tv star in a recent interview with Us Weekly, revealed that she wanted a much bigger derriere though nothing is wrong with her current one. ... -

Lady Gaga’s New Insanely Toned Body!

Looks like the flatulent Gaga’s smelly episodes that were reported a couple of weeks ago have finally come to an end. The Born This Way singer has lost 2st 1lb since her labral surgery in February 2013 due to a prescribed diet . However, she tried to... -

Goldie Hawn: Still A Stunner At 67!

Goldie Hawn is a grand dame. At 67, the Private Benjamin actress has a really fit body. She was seen showing off her good hip and body wearing a tight black workout gear while going for a late afternoon walk in her neighborhood in LA on July 16, 2013. ... -

Skinny Daniel Radcliffe Spotted In London!

A very skinny Daniel Radcliffe was spotted in London much to the concern of his fans. The 23-year old actor is currently performing in Martin McDonagh’s stage play called as The Cripple of Inishmaan. ... -

Kim Kardashian Can’t Seem To Lose Weight!

Kurvy Kim Kardashian Kan’t lose weight fast enough and that is frustrating or rather infuriating her. The 32 year old Reality TV star is trying to pull off a “Victoria Beckham” by staying indoors till she gets back to her pre-baby body. ... -

Jenna Dewan-tatum Reveals Post-baby Body!

Jenna Dewan-Tatum, the 32-year old new mommy, revealed her post-baby body on July 17, 2013. She and Channing Tatum became first time parents when baby Everly was born a little over a month ago. And just like that, she is back to work on The Witches of East... -

Live Snail Facial

People’s need to find that fountain of youth is a fact but, sometimes, we are surprised at the lengths that some people go to, in order to stay young and sport that radiant skin. We have celebrities endorsing weird beauty treatments like the Bird Poop... -

Artist Sculpts Jay-z’s Head In Bread!

Dear God, give us our daily bread, so that we may turn it into interesting things. We are pretty sure that it is the everyday prayer of artists like Milena Korolczuk. ... -

Curtis Stone’s Honeymoon Was “divine”

The handsome celebrity chef, Curtis Stone, is definitely loving his married life. In June 2013, he exchanged wows with the Beverly Hills, 90210 and Eastwick actress Lindsay Price in a private ceremony in Majorca, Spain.                   ... -

What Keeps Adriana Lima Sexy?

Adriana Lima , the long legged bombshell from Brazil, is no stranger to the world of glamor. The model and mother of two has worked with fashion brands like Bebe, Armani, Versace, BCBG and Louis Vuitton . She also graced the covers of fashion... -

Harley Pasternak Busts Top 5 Fitness Myths!

The Hollywood Celebrity trainer and Fitness Guru Harley Pasternak has decided to bust the top 5 fitness myths. Through an 800+ word article that he wrote for People Magazine, he explains why people should no longer believe in these myths. ... -

Rihanna: Naked In Monaco

                                                     When it comes to body confidence and rocking the birthday suit, no one can do it better that Ri-Ri in the present day. ... -

Snooki’s New Ultra Slim Physique!

Only last week, we reported that Snooki's teenage eating disorder may have returned to haunt her, and now she claims that her super slender figure is a result of hard work at the gym. ... -

Stephen Amell Sheds Man-boobs, Tones Up!

We all love it when a man sheds his man-boobs and gains muscle. The “Arrow” vigilante star Stephen Amell is no different. On July 15,   2013, he posted a ‘before and after’ image collage of himself on his Facebook page. ... -

Paula Deen’s ‘n-word’ Video May Not Get Out

It is going to be a long, long time for Paula Deen’s  media nightmares to be over. T he Southern celebrity chef stated in her deposition in June 2013 that she has used the "N-word" a few times, saying "Yes, of course. But that's just... -

Nigella Lawson To Divorce Saatchi

Nigella Lawson’s 10 year marriage to art collector Charles Saatchi will come to an end officially by the end of July 2013. Saatchi had filed for divorce following his alleged public assault on his wife in June 2013. ... -

Alice Cooper: Quit Eating Vegetarian Food!

                                                             The ‘Grandfather of Shock Rock’ Alice Cooper thinks that it could be all the vegetarian food that is producing some substandard young music bands. When... -

Rihanna Boldly Flaunts In A Yellow Bikini!

Rihanna is a bold girl. She has never been coy about flaunting her taut body to the world. The Unapologetic singer’s fans would know better as she frequently uploads sexy pictures of herself via Instagram. ... -

Gaseous Gaga Stinks Up The Place!

No kidding!  Lady Gaga has been ripping one too many farts much to the annoyance of her crew and the backstage staff. The flatulence of the Born This Way singer came into focus at last weekend’s Gay Pride parade in NYC where she sang, mostly because it... -

Budding Chefs Strip For A Naked Cookbook!

Two young Britishers, Kinvara Hubbard and Mimi Williams have stripped down to their birthday suits, just to encourage people(mostly college students) to cook. Whether people are going to step into their kitchens or not is secondary, but the duo already... -

Harry Shum Jr.'s Naked Humidity Time!

Harry Shum Jr. has given us a new and sexy “Situ-Asian”.  With the summer getting hot, the Glee actor turned up the heat by taking off his shirt. He shared a photo of his ridiculously well- chiseled, spontaneous female ovulation causing naked upper... -

Twinkies All Set For A Sweet Comeback

All the Twinkies fans are probably shedding tears of joy now that the sweet delicacy is all set to hit the stores again on July 15, 2013 in a new and improved version.     The new bunch of Twinkies will have a longer shelf life of... -

Heather Locklear, 51, Flaunts Her Bikini Body!

No, not all 51-year-olds can rock a bikini like Heather Locklear. The new Franklin & Bash star was spotted sporting a stylish white bikini in Hawaii where she is holidaying with some of her friends. ... -

Snooki’s Teenage Eating Disorder Returns

The former Jersey Shore cast member Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s teenage eating disorder  could be back, especially now since she weighs only 84lbs. The 4’9” Snooki who gave birth to her first child Lorenzo Dominic with Jionni LaValle in August... -

Divorce Papers Slammed On Nigella Lawson

Nigella Lawson’s husband and art collector Charles Saatchi, 71, has filed for divorce. The duo has been married for 10 years.   Charles Saatchi’s action is the aftermath of the controversial incident that happened in June 2013,... -

M.s Dhoni Gets “caked” On His 32nd Birthday

In Port of Spain, hamstring injury did not put a damp blanket over the birthday celebrations of the Indian cricket team’s skipper, Mahendra Singh Dhoni yesterday. Then again, it was expected because it is hard to let him have a quiet one. ... -

Chris Pratt Shows Off His Hot, Sexy Body!

Having six pack abs (in some cases eight pack) is the norm of the day for any actor who is auditioning for a role in a kick ass Superhero movie.                                                        ... -

6 Months Pregnant Kim Kardashian Weighs 151 Pounds!

  For the Temptation actress Kim Kardashian it is all about some “baby love” right now.  She doesn’t give a damn about all the taunting news flashes and criticism about her pregnancy weight gain. She has proudly posted pictures of... -

Liam Hemsworth To Miley Cyrus: Eat Or Goodbye!

Before I begin, I must as ask Miley Cyrus, 19, a question: What is your problem?           Young Liam Hemsworth is a desperate man these days. He is struck with a fiancée, Miley Cyrus , who eats just about 500... -

Blake Lively Is All About Cupcakes And No Workout!

Very recently Blake Lively, 24, laughingly told ‘US Weekly’, "I eat cupcakes and I don't work out!" Her statement leaves you wondering if that is even humanly possible to stay in such a sexy shape while eating cupcakes.   ... -

Mila Kunis Gains Weight For Her Role In Blood Ties

In the far away kingdom of Hollywood, Mila Kunis, a young actress gains weight. Soon it becomes the talk of the nation. It is not a fairytale, but, it is true. Any actress who gains or loses a pound will be scrutinized and criticized by the media mercilessly.... -

Eddie Cibrian Gets A “favorite Things” Birthday Cake

Eddie Cibrian got all the loving from his country singer wife LeAnn Rimes on his 39 th birthday. What did she do, you may ask. She started his birthday celebrations with a bang, with a sexy, custom-made, 'favorite things' cake. ... -

Actor Olivier Martinez Steps Out Of His Love Nest, Invests In A Miami Restaurant

Ok, so, Oliver Martinez, the current main man in Halle Berry ’s life does have a mind of his own. Thank God, right?! Since, the Frenchman has been spending a lot of time in Los Angeles and not enough in Miami; he has decided to give the people of Miami,... -

Barack And Michelle Obama’s Valentine’s Day Rendezvous

If there is a man who practices what he preaches, then it is none other than the President Barack Obama himself. On Valentine’s Day this year, the President appeared on national television and said, “Let me start with a quick public service announcement... -

Khloe Kardashian Says, Kourtney "was Hyperventilating" Over Queso Dip!

The Kardashians are never without any drama, and that is why it is quite tough “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”        With 1 out of the 3 Kardashian sisters being pregnant, we have some hot queso news. ... -

So This Is How Beyoncé Got That Sexy Post-baby Body?

A live in trainer! Umm..hmmm! That’s right; Beyoncé has a live-in trainer who is helping her to shed the 40 pounds that she gained during pregnancy. But, she will still keep dem curves curvy!   The man on whom the spotlight... -

Does Lea Michele Obnoxiously Gloat About Her Weight Loss?

Oh Lea, Lea, Lea, Y U NO nice no more? The Glee actress Lea Michele has been accused of rubbing her weight loss in the faces of her co-stars in the In Touch magazine’s February print edition.     Lea Michele has... -

Karl Lagerfeld Says “adele Is A Beautiful Girl” And Clarifies His “adele Is Fat” Comment

Grammy winner Adele is a full figured woman, and not surprisingly her body too is being put under the media microscope. But this time, it is not her. It is the oddly hilarious fashion mogul, Karl Lagerfeld who is being scrutinized for passing a ‘fat’... -

Teen Bride Courtney Stodden And Doug Hutchison Coo Over A Spaghetti Meal On Valentine’s Day. Sick!

While Courtney Stodden, 17, is equivalent to an unsolved NASA mystery, she and her husband Doug Hutchison who is older than her by 34 years, celebrated their first Valentine’s Day as a married couple this week.   The odd... -

Rebecca Romijn Loses 60 Pounds, Looks Fabulous On The Cover Of Fitness Magazine!

Former model and actress Rebecca Romijn, 39, is gracing the cover of the March issue of Fitness magazine that has already hit the newsstands. Though the images appear heavily airbrushed to make her look flawless and glowing, we’ve gotta hand it to her... -

Michelle Obama Says Malia And Sasha Have A Set Diet

Charity begins at home, and in the case of the USA’s First Lady, healthy diet too begins at home.            We do know that Michelle Obama is out on a mission to whip obesity out of the country with her... -

Demi Moore’s Red Bull Diet Sends Her To Hospital!

Looks like Demi Moore couldn’t handle the post break-up stress well. Stress combined with, overdose of prescription drugs and her crazy ‘Red Bull’ diet has landed the Ghost actress in the hospital in a ghostly state. It has been just 2... -

Oscar Nominee Octavia Spencer Plans To Lose 15 Pounds!

Octavia Spencer, 41, is riding a high tide now. Her role has Minny in the movie The Help has earned her many awards including the much coveted Golden Globe Award and an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Despite all the accolades that she has won,... -

Preggers Jennifer Aniston Eats Heartily At The Annual Directors Guild Of America Awards!

Some say that Justin Theroux is getting a taste of the good life, thanks to Jennifer Aniston – quite literally that is.       Jennifer Aniston had brought her beau Justin Theroux to the 64th Annual... -

Christina Aguilera Loves Her Body And So Does Le Boyfriend Matt Rutler!

It is no doubt that Christina Aguilera’s weight gain has been criticized by the media (and me), but the Genie in a Bottle crooner seems to be more than happy in her own skin these days. Gotta hand it to her for fighting back the negative criticism. ... -

Did Beyonce Have A Private Vegan Chef At Lenox Hill Hospital?

Just a few weeks before the birth of Blue Ivy Carter, sources reported that Beyoncé and Jay-Z were on a ‘partially vegan diet.’ It was Beyoncé’s idea, but Jay-Z had decided to support her.             ... -

Reba Mcentire Donates An Undisclosed Amount To The Regional Food Bank Of Oklahoma!

Reba McEntire, the American country singer and actress has donated an undisclosed amount of money to the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma . However, we suspect a big figure here.      The 56 year old Oklahoma native wrote out the... -

Eva Longoria Suffered Dramatic Weight Loss Following Tony Parker Divorce!

In 2010, we witnessed Eva Longoria going through a very painful divorce from her cheating husband Tony Parker. She had even joked about her ‘divorce diet’ because she had lost some significant amount of weight.      ... -

Fatima Whitbread Is 'this Morning' New Fitness Expert!

Fatima Whitbread, 50, the  former javelin thrower from Britain and multiple medal winner is now the new fitness and weight loss expert of ITV1’s This Morning . She is all set to make her first appearance on 5 January 2012. ... -

Ok! Magazine: Kate Middleton Is Modeling Herself After The Skinny Angelina Jolie. Oh-oh!

Looking at the skinny Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, is like ignoring a white elephant in the room. Everyone can see skinny frame, but pretends that she is OK! So, we are saying: Not OK!                 ... -

Kelly Brook Says, ‘i'm Happy With My Curves.'

Kelly Brook , the English model, actress and entrepreneur, is definitely celebrating her curves.   This 32 year old former Playboy model said that she won’t try to look like supermodels like Gisele Bundchen... -

David Beckham’s Favorite Food: Pie And Mash

David Beckham’s Christmas in Hertfordshire was on a busy schedule, but he sure had time for his favorite dish.        This Gold Blue Peter Badge winner stopped by Tony Lane's Pie & Mash Shop in Waltham... -

Kirstie Alley Says, ‘i'm Dancing For 100 Days’!

Kirstie Alley continues to amaze us even after her incredible stint with Dancing With The Stars Season 12.         In 2011, she famously lost 100 pounds : 60 pounds before 'DWTS' by using Organic... -

Teen Mom Amber Portwood’s New Year's Eve Jailhouse Lunch Sucks Too!

Keeping the tradition alive, the Madison County Jail of Indiana served some not so appetizing food to all its inmates including Teen Mom Amber Portwood as New Year’s Eve lunch.         Our Lady Misdemeanor is... -

Usain Bolt Gets Drunk And Becomes World’s Fastest ‘chugmeister'!

Yes, our main man from Jamaica who is super fast was super drunk last week! The world’s fastest man went to spend the Holidays with his parents in Jamaica. But he spent some ‘quality’ time having fun at a beach party last Wednesday. ... -

Kim Kardashian’s Photoshop Diet – No Way, Girl!

Kim Kardashian is gracing the cover of Us Weekly diet issue (January) in a bikini, and she seems to have dropped a dress size. But we do know that Ms. Kardashian has a beautifully bodacious and curvy figure, and the image on the cover has been heavily... -

Actor Jeremy Irvine Confesses Eating Too Much Food On The Sets Of War Horse!

The young actor Jeremy Irvine, 21, confessed that he ate too much food on the sets of War Horse , a war drama film directed by Steven Spielberg which released on Christmas day in the United States.              The food... -

Alessandra Ambrosio Pregnant On The Catwalk, Cut Off All Sugars!

Who could have guessed that supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio was 2 months preggers during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November 2011? That’s right, none of us did!            This 30 year old, long... -

Cheryl Burke Gives Tips For Staying Fit During The Holidays

Cheryl Burke, 27, the Dancing With The Stars pro, who made it to season 13's finals with Rob Kardashian last month is sure that she is not going to pig out during the Holidays.                 The beautiful... -

Eating Disorders Are Not Something To Joke About - Demi Lovato Slams Disney!

Demi Lovato, 19, will no longer take jokes made on eating disorders lightly. She was quick to slam Disney Channel on Twitter after a very distasteful joke about eating disorders was aired on an episode of Shake It Up. The failed joke was this: A... -

Teen Mom Amber Portwood Eats Terrible Jailhouse X'mas Eve Dinner!

Amber Portwood – girl, Santa ain't gonna give you gifts no mo'! In fact, she is eating some really bad food in jail. Talk about eating a lump of coal!                        Amber Portwood the ... -

Ditch Diets At Christmas Says Kelly Osbourne!

Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of Metal royalty – The Osbournes, famously lost 42 pounds after her stint with Dancing With The Stars in 2009. Though she has managed to maintain a slender figure since then, she feels that it is OK to indulge in food during the... -

Giuliana And Bill Rancic Reveal The Name Of Their New Restaurant!

Though Giuliana Rancic is continuing to recover from her double mastectomy , she sure does know how to keep herself busy in the meantime. She and her husband Bill are planning on a huge launch of their new restaurant in Chicago next month. ... -

'i'm A Celebrity' Actor Mark Wright Puts On 2 Stones!

' I'm A Celebrity ' star Mark Wright has admitted that he has gained two stones over the Holidays. But then, he also revealed his weight loss plans for the New Year.         Mark Wright once had... -

Gwyneth Paltrow Celebrates Hanukkah With Ice Cream!

If it is Hanukkah time, then it is usually the time for traditional fares like the potato latkes, sufganiyot and even chocolate gelt. However, Gwyneth Paltrow likes to celebrate Hanukkah with some delectable 'matzoh-crunch' ice cream! ... -

Sandra Bullock's Family Holiday Tradition: Smuggling Sausages!

While it is true that every family has its own whacky Holiday tradition, Sandra Bullock's family seems to lead from the front. Her family manages to illegally import sausages from Germany. The preparation of a Holiday meal with these super delicious,... -

James Smart Surprises Jennifer Lopez With A Chocolate Lava Cake!

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart are an item now for sure! These two love birds were spotted at a pan-Asian restaurant Social House inside Vegas' CityCenter in Las Vegas this week. Steven Tyler, Randy Jackson and Ryan Seacrest from American Idol ... -

Sean “diddy” Combs To Call Shots In Tequila Business!

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, Sean “Diddy” Combs is now gonna be calling some shots in the Tequila business. Sources say that this legendary rapper and music producer is headed to Mexico – just for this!              ... -

Kourtney Kardashian's Pregnancy Cravings: Bland Food?

Kourtney Kardashian, who announced her second pregnancy only last month, said that she is being careful with her diet this time around.             In an interview with the UsWeekly at last week's... -

Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Cook Thanksgiving Dinner Together!

                                  In a recently concluded episode of Anderson Cooper 's chat show, Angelina Jolie happily revealed that she and her... -

World's Most Expensive Tea Made Using Panda Poo!

Wildlife expert An Yanshi who collects panda excrements from Giant Panda breeding center in Chengdu , Sichuan province, southern China, has big plans to achieve greatness! He is trying to launch world's most expensive tea that is made with the help of... -

Nancy Grace Sheds 25 Pounds On Dancing With The Stars

This season of Dancing With The Stars saw Nancy Grace shedding 25 pounds before her exit last week. The 52 year old HLN host says that she is very happy with her slimmer body, even though she did not win the coveted mirror-ball trophy. ... -

Adriana Lima Clarifies Extreme Pre-victoria's Secret Show Diet

Super model Adriana Lima has decided to clarify the statement that she had made to the Daily Telegraph,   last Monday, about her extreme “no solids” diet before the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. “Don't go starving yourself,” she says... -

Lara Bingle: 'i'm Embracing My Fuller Figure'

Lara Bingle the 24 year old Australian swimsuit model's reported 5 kilogram increase in weight had been gathering a lot of negative over the past few months. But the 168cm tall model made it very clear that she was happy to have her curves highlighted.... -

Armie Hammer And Wife To Open Bakery In Texas

Armie Hammers the Social Network star, and his wife Elizabeth Chambers are all set to open a bakery in Texas.             The bakery will be launched in the city of San Antonio, where Elizabeth Chambers was born. In an... -

William And Kate Host A Dinner Party

St. James Palace in London witness such pomp and pageantry because Prince William and Kate Middleton hosted a dinner party last night . Kate who looked in a stunning in an ash-gray Jenny Packham gown charmed the guests over an elaborate 3-course dinner. ... -

Vivica A. Fox Diet And Fitness

Vivica A.Fox leads a relatively carb-free lifestyle. However, this 47 year old actress and telivision producer admits that it wasn't easy. When she was cast for the role of Vernita Green a.k.a Copperhead in Kill Bill I, she felt the need to drop down... -

Mariah Carey Says That Her Twins Have Started Eating Solids

Mariah Carey is a very happy woman these days considering the fact that  her 6 month old twins have started eating solid foods, and that she shed 70 pounds. The Emancipation of Mimi singer and her husband Nick Cannon are very happy with the digestive... -

Heavy D's Health Crusade

Though this iconic rapper of the '90's marketed & branded himself with his heavyset image, his physical fitness trainer tell a different story. The law enforcement officials confirmed that Heavy D weighed 344 pounds and measured in at... -

Fergie Reveals Her Diet Struggles!

Well, it seems like the 'Duchess' Fergie turns out to be a person with regular 'diet and weight issues'. Fergie, 36, confessed in an interview with Allure magazine she struggles to stick to a diet for long.        ... -

Pregnant Beyoncé Craves For Ketchup!

Beyoncé who is pregnant with her first child with rapper Jay-Z is currently craving for tomato ketchup. The 30 year singer swears that she wants to eat anything that has ketchup on it.                    In an... -

Mariah Carey Has Lost 70 Pounds After The Twins!

In last night episode of 'The Rosie Show', a very visibly pleased Mariah Carey revealed that she has lost 70 pounds, 6 months after the birth of her twins; Roc and Roe! The 41 year old singer wore a tight black miniskirt and a deep cut leather... -

Lady Gaga Loves Her Whiskey!

Lady Gaga sure knows how to hold her drink in, especially if it is her favorite whiskey: Jameson! The 'Born This Way' songstress has always been public about her love for this whiskey and has been photographed with that drink, many times. ... -

Jessica Simpson's Pregnancy Cravings Are Sweet And Salty!

Jessica Simpson, 31, who is pregnant with her first child with fiancé Eric Johnson, has said that she is having some weird  food cravings. She feels that she does not like pizza anymore because it “tastes sour” on her taste buds. ... -

Giuliana Rancic Is Doing Well After Double Lumpectomy!

This morning, Bill Rancic made a special appearance on NBC's Today and spoke to Ann Curry about the double lumpectomy that Giuliana Rancic went through yesterday. According to him, Giuliana is “doing well” post operation. She was earlier diagnosed... -

Death Toll Increases To 23 From Eating Contaminated Cantaloupes!

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on October 12, 2011 confirmed that the death toll has increased to 23 from eating the contaminated cantaloupes. Listeria monocytogenes - a type of bacteria present in the cantaloupe has been identified as the... -

Kelly Osbourne Says That She Was Never As Fat As Christina Aguilera!

People, watch out for Kelly Osbourne! This 26-year-old reality TV star and broadcast presenter knows how to crouch and then attack with some vicious criticism. Last Sunday night on E!'s Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne openly attacked Christina... -

Christina Aguilera Looked Positively Disastrous At The Michael Jackson Tribute Concert!

                                                      Christina Aguilera either has a fantastic body image of herself in her head, or she just fired her... -

Christina Aguilera Takes Her Son Max To Pumpkin Patch!

An unflatteringly dressed Christina Aguilera took her son Max Liron to Mr.Bones  Pumpkin Patch in West Hollywood. The 30 year old 'Beautiful' star's boyfriend Matt Rutler also accompanied them to the great pumpkin hunt for this Halloween. ... -