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Thai Food In Pregnancy Is Safe Or Not

Thai food, with its multiple layers of flavors is fast turning out to be a favorite among many. However, given the high usage of seafoods and several exotic spice blends, several expecting mothers wonder if consuming Thai food in pregnancy is safe. Well,... -

Vegetarian Food In Pregnancy Is Safe Or Not

Vegetarianism is healthy no doubt, but is it nutritious enough to provide all the calories and proteins during pregnancy? This is a question that many expectant mothers, including the most committed and knowledgeable vegetarians, face during 9 whole months.... -

Holi Festival - A Look At The Colorful Foods Of Indian Spring Festival

India is famously known as the “country of festivals” and Holi is undoubtedly the most colorful and vibrant of them all. It is an effulgent celebration of spring, harmony with nature, love, and forgiveness. This Hindu festival of colors takes place in... -

Chinese Food In Pregnancy Is Safe Or Not

The recent trend is to steer away from Chinese food in pregnancy due to the supposedly high use of teratogenic ingredients in this form of cooking. However, this trend is not absolutely right or wrong. For millions of women in China have survived and given... -

Indian Food In Pregnancy Is Safe Or Not

Indian food, known for the generous use of spices and its vegetarian bend, is widely believed to provide numerous health benefits. However, it is quite natural for expectant mothers to wonder if is safe to eat Indian food in pregnancy, given the zillion... -

Blimpie Menu - As Simple As It Gets

If you feel Blimpie is the right place to have a fun and friendly food break, you are absolutely right. The food served on the Blimpie Menu is not only reasonably valued, it is also extensive in that new items are added regularly and the choices available... -

Boost Your Skin Health With Bamboo Extract

Do you know that you can Boost Your Skin Health With Bamboo Extract too? Let’s find out what makes bamboo extract so special that it can be used to improve the health of your skin. Silica-rich bamboo extract makes skin and hair healthy: ... -

Sneak Peek At Gadkari Jr's Big Fat Wedding Celebrations

  Nikhil Gadkari, BJP chief Nitin Gadkari’s son, tied the knot with Rutuja Pathak, a Sanskrit Master’s student and daughter of banker Purushottam Pathak on Thrusday 3 rd December 2010…God, what a big fat BJP wedding it was! Austerity was... -

Akshay Kumar - The Real Masterchef

With MasterChef India, Akshay Kumar is all set to rediscover his roots and real passion – cooking food! As many might already know, Akshay Kumar a.k.a. Rajiv Bhatia, much before becoming the top star that he is today, worked as a chef at a little known... -

Masterchef India - A Clutter-breaking New Reality Show

Come October 16th 2010, cooking will get a whole new meaning with the start of a brand new reality show, MasterChef India . MasterChef India is the local edition of the international culinary reality show - Master Chef, which has had a successful run in... -

Top 10 Weirdest Indian Snacks And Drinks

Indian cuisine, filled with variety of flavors and textures, is outrageously tasty yet intriguing class of foods for many. Like the people of Indian, Indian food will never cease to surprise you; here I bring to you a list of the Top 10 weirdest Indian snacks... -

How To Make Coconut Rice - The Varieties Of Coconut Rice Around The World

How to make coconut rice – this is a highly open ended question, for there are more than a hundred ways of making coconut rice. You see, coconut and rice are the staples of almost all tropical cuisines and these two ingredients when combined together make... -

How To Clean A Coconut

Coconut is a real tough nut to crack. The question, “how to clean a coconut” seems to arise as soon as you manage to open the coconut. As a kid I remember my granny had this traditional contraption, with which she would diligently scrape out... -

How To Plant Coconut?

If you stay in the tropical belt then growing coconut palms in your backyard is the best way to ensure a constant supply of fresh coconuts; however, if you have no previous experience in planting coconut then reading this blog is a good option. Here I... -

How To Make Coconut Oil?

In today’s world where getting additive free food products is almost impossible and the only way to enjoy unadulterated coconut oil is by preparing it at home. Learning how to make coconut oil at home not only guarantees that you get to use coconut oil... -

How To Open A Coconut At Home

Knowing how to open a coconut at home gives you the freedom of using the best and freshest coconuts for preparing delectable and healthy coconut recipes and also, allows you to enjoy the refreshing zeal of coconut water – the most divine and pure drink the... -