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Chef Vikas On Kitchen Nightmares!!

  caption:  AND he can cook, ladies!   So, there I am watching my newest favorite TV show, Gordon Ramsay's "Kitchen Nightmares" on Fox, and enojying the HELL out of it. THIS week's nightmare was "Dillions... -

Kitchen Nightmares - A Review

Gordon Ramsay's here, ya'll! One of my favorite BBC shows has finally come to America via the Fox Network! For anyone that missed it, Gordon Ramsay shows up at small, failing restaurants, and brow beats them into shape on his huge BBC... -

Hell's Kitchen Finale - Part 1

Let me start out by professing my love for Gordon Ramsay.   caption: One down, three to go Thank God Comcast runs BBC America, so I can catch "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares", "Boiling Point", and "Beyond Boiling... -

Amy Wins Next Food Network Star!

Well, unless you've been living under a culinary rock, you should know that Amy Finley "Outwitted, Outplayed, and Outlasted" the other contestants in "Next Food Network Star".  And what a ride it was!   caption: The... -

Next Food Network Star - Scandal!

The LAST thing I ever thought I'd see on a Food Network show is scandal.  But sure enough.. This week's challenges started out easy enough.  Our boys and girls had to do a little press for themselves and the show on XM's Ron and Fezz. ... -

Next Food Network Star - And Then There Were Three

Curse you, Food Network!  You double-crossed me and turned me into a liar!  I wrote who my guess was on the winner, and you cut them this week!  Ooooh you..... Anyway, this week, by far, had the coolest and most intimidating challenge yet:  Iron Chef ... -

Next Food Network Star - Week 5 Recap

It never ceases to surprise me when reality show contestants act like they've never seen a reality show before. You pretty much see that on every season of Survivor. But "Next Food Network Star" takes ignorance one step further: I don't... -

Paula Deen - The David Blaine Of Food Tv

So, I'm sitting here at home, watching Paula Deen's shows on the Food Network. Anyway, have you seen that movie "They Live" with Roddy Piper, where he wears special sunglasses that reveal aliens pretending to be humans? I wonder what... -

After-thanksgiving Leftovers With 2 For 10

If you are ALREADY sick of leftover turkey (hot, open-faced sandwiches nayone?), Why don't you give this a look-see. It's my take on making boring leftovers fun (and tasty!) (Thanksgiving) -

Essential Spices

Hi everyone! New to cooking? Or maybe just moved into your first place with a kitchen?! Everybody remembers to buy the toaster oven and/or coffee maker, but do they remember spices and seasonings? Here's a short video detailing 5 Essential Seasonings you... -

The Stuff About Making A Cooking Show That Nobody Tells You

So, you have a video camera. You can use Windows Media Maker. You can cook. And you’re ready to seek your fame and fortune on the fertile landscape of the World Wide Web. Ready to start filming? Not so fast! It is true that websites like... -