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New St Patricks Day Recipes

hey guys just thought i'd let everyone know that i have added 5 new st patricks day recipes to my page so be sure to check em out they are all super quick and super easy to make and i promise you'll have a blast with em i'll be serving them at... -

More Information On The Benefit For Cancer

                 & Presents: Smoke Out Cancer First Annual Benefit Cook off To Be Held on October the 17 th and 18 th in Sapulpa, Oklahoma All proceeds will go to local hospitals and... -

Rc's Briskethouse Menu

I had a request to post a menu and so here ya go, for shipping cost and information you'll need to send me an IM so i can give you the number. if you would like to see anything added to the menu let me know and i'll consider adding it. ... -

Vietnamese Recipes

Hey guys i was just wondering if anyone knew any good vietnamese recipes or dishes, i'm trying to expand my knowledge and recipe box lol i've just recently had someone ask me about preparing a classic vietnamese dish and i would like to fix em a... -

New Bud Light Video Not Yet Released (friggin Hilarious)

Ok guys you can now go to my profile page and take a look at the new unreleased bud light video it's friggin hilarious, i had problems loading it but now we're good to go (Funny, Barbecue, beer, General, grill, grilling, oklahoma) -

Ifoodie Needs Our Assistance

A good friend of mine and fellow ifoodie contacted me about a week or so ago and asked if i could help come up with some recipes for a no protein diet. his daughter has a rare affliction that does not permit her to have protein. in her case eating protein... -

Rib Mania

Hey guys just thought i'd let everyone know that over the next few weeks i'll be featuring several different rib recipes on my profile page, i'm gonna see what all i can do with ribs and how many different recipes that can be made with a... -

A Cooking Show For Todays Fast Paced Lifestyle

Hello everyone, i'm going to tell you what Smokin Chefs is all about, in todays quick paced lifestyle who has time to create a great meal for dinner. i can bet not too many, and this is why i started my episodes of smokin chefs so i can show you how to... -

I'm Back And Ready To Rock N Roll

OK guys after a nice vacation over the holidays i'm back and in full swing, i've came up with a recipe for banana butterfinger cheesecake that i'll be adding within the next few days. i tried it out on my dinner guests on New Years Eve and it... -

Smokin New Years Hullabaloo

Just giving everyone a heads up, i am planning a humongo cook out for new years and heres the good news it will all be filmed and shot as an episode for smokin chefs. we'll be smokin everything from briskets, to ribs, to chicken wings, to boston butt for... -

Turkey Talk Jokes For Thanksgiving

" Turkey With Six Legs! A poultry farmer was experiment to breed turkeys with more legs for greater profits. Finally, he succeeded. While narrating the results to his friends, he told them, "The turkey I bred had six legs!" His friends... -

Benefit Cook Off For Cancer

I am currently in the planning stage of a benefit cook off to help promote cancer awareness as well as much needed funds for their research. the proceeds will go to a local cancer center, i'm calling it the smoke out cancer cook off i'm... -

New Authentic Traditional Irish Recipes

Hey guys i've just added four wonderful traditional irish recipes to my site, i plan on adding more irish recipes as well, it's classified as american because there was no irish choice , but it is authentic irish recipes. for those who have never... -

Paula Deans Calling Me Out

Hey Guys, i have been placed in foodnetworks queen paula Deans top 8 on her friends list, with this honor comes with a challenge, as one of her top 8 i have to prepare a dish either one of hers or my own, take a picture of it and sned it to her on myspace and... -

Fun Facts

  In every episode of Seinfeld there is a Superman somewhere.   Elephants are the only animals that can't jump. Dentists have recommended that a toothbrush be kept at least 6 feet away from a toilet to avoid airborne... -

Chef Gordon Ramsey

I have been a big fan of gordon ramsey since hells kitchen first came out, and now he has another show called kitchen nightmares, this guy cracks me up, i love his direct and blunt attitude. if you haven't seen these shows i suggest you catch em... -

New Recipe Gumbo

Hey guys i just added a new gumbo recipe, now i know it's not made with a roux but it's still a traditional and delicious gumbo. it's made the lazy way but well worth it so check it out and let me know what you think. its called La Z Boy Gumbo... -

Answers To Culinary Quiz

ANSWERS 1) b) The science of growing snails for food. 2) c) Barley is grown at the highest cultivated plot of land in the world. Potatoes, quinoa and barley are grown at slightly lower elevations, and potatoes probably originated in the area. 3)... -

Why I Have A Beer On Every Episode

I have just received an im from a fan asking me why i seem to have a beer on every episode. well i'm gonna attempt to answer this publicly lol. Here in oklahoma i'm what you call an ol boy, we love friends, family, food, cooking, grilling, and... -

Happy Holiday's

Hey guy's just wishing everyone a happy halloween, don't eat too much candy cuz you gotta save room for RC's Recipes lol have fun and be safe. and above all keep it real         Image credit:  ... -

Hmmm What Do You Think

Ok i wanted to get a few opinions on something i have created, what do you think about a pecan pie cheesecake, i thought it was delicious ,i feel that the pecans complimented the cheese, would you try a pecan pie cheesecake? depending on the responses to... -

Now Your Cookin With Smoke

Ok here's a question for those grillers and smokers, What is your favorite wood to smoke with. I guarantee most will say Hickory however there are alot of other woods out there that compliment the food you smoke. be brave try cherry, apple, pecan,... -

Holiday Episodes Of Smokin Chefs

We're already in the process of filming our Holiday Episodes, these are gonna be good ones, we'll be smoking turkey's, fixing delicious desserts and we'll be filming it all. i have several guests lined up to appear on Smokin Chefs... -

Chocolate Mint Silk Pie

Chocolate Mint Silk Pie   1. Needed for Crust:   1 1/2c crushed chocolate sandwich cookies 1/4c butter or margarine, melted   2. Needed for Filling:   ... -

Smokin Chefs

Hey Everyone, i'd like to invite you all to check out my Episodes of Smokin Chefs, Each episode is entertaining and fun to watch, my goal is to show everyone how to create great food, without having to be a gourmet chef. If you want real down to... -