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Resident Chef Contest Dessert Entry Winner - Crunchy Banana Chocolate Candies

  Fruits were never my favorite as a kid and bananas were something I ran miles away from. But mom was forever smart. She knew well how to make me eat this nutrition loaded fruit without having to play hide and seek with me, trying in vain, to... -

How To Take Beautiful Food Photos With Mobile Phone Camera

      The most inspiring photo moments usually occur when we are not equipped to click them for want of a digital or SLR camera. We need not fret though! The mobile phone, our constant companion is here to aid us. It has become the... -

What Are The Uses Of Algae

People all over the world are gradually recognizing the various uses of algae in the daily diet, while the Chinese people have been using algae as food since as early as 600 BC. The uses of algae were known in the early Japanese culture... -

What Are The Various Benefits Of Algae

The green scum floating on the ponds may have often appeared to you as a dirty layer of weeds, but benefits of algae in our health are profound. To begin with, algae benefits in bringing down the risks of cancer and lowering the cholesterol, helps in fighting... -

How To Plan Black Swan Diet

So, you are a die-hard Natalie Portman fan and now you want to follow in her footsteps and slip into the much talked about black swan diet too? Or is it that you are hearing a lot these days about the actress who shed off kilos with the black swan... -

How To Plan Lemon Cleanse Diet

If you are thinking lemon cleanse diet and lemonade diet are two different kinds of diet, then let me open your eyes by saying “No, you are wrong!” Call it the lemon cleanse diet, lemon detox diet, lemonade diet or the Master cleanse diet, they are all... -

Mouth-watering Apple Recipes - Make The Most Of Apples

Through this blog on “mouth-watering apple recipes – make the most of apples,” I will give you some great apple recipe ideas so that you know how to make the best of your culinary skills to create magic with your seasonal apples this winter! These... -

How To Replace Butter In Your Life

If your new mantra in life is to shed off the excess kilos with a fat free diet, then one of your quests would be aiming at finding out how to replace butter in your life! The health quotient doesn’t necessarily mean removing the entire taste quotient from... -

Best Traditional Christmas Menu For This Season

Traditional dinner fares of Christmas have always been associated with elaboration, sophistication and versatility and no effort seems to be too much effort when it comes to preparing these yummy delicacies. So, uphold the classic charm of holidays with... -

Top 10 Christmas Food Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner and you must have already started researching the internet and your cookbooks to try and find the best Christmas dishes . Well, we've made the job a little easier for you with a compilation of our Top 10... -

Best 5 Kosher Cookies To Include In A Hanukkah Menu

Guess what? I have researched and laid down for you the recipes of the best 5 kosher cookies to include in a Hanukkah menu. Meet them here…   Best 5 Kosher Cookies to Include In a Hanukkah Menu – Cut-Out Decorated Hanukkah Cookies  ... -

Best 5 Kosher Snack Foods To Include In A Hanukkah Dinner Menu

If you wish to learn what are the best 5 kosher snack foods to include in a Hanukkah dinner menu, read on…   Best 5 Kosher Snack Foods to Include In a Hanukkah Dinner Menu - Chanukah Doughnuts   Without these special... -

Best 5 Hanukkah Menus For Hanukkah Feast

For all those who are never satisfied with just the good things in life and have always opted for “the best,” for them here come my pick of the best 5 Hanukkah menus for Hanukkah feast. So, let’s check out what are these best 5 Hanukkah menus for... -

Jewish Pastries - Perfect Hanukkah Food Gifts For Kids

Impressing today’s kids is not an easy game to play. You cannot just get away trying to please them with gold wrapped chocolate coins or an exciting game of “spinning the dreidel.” So, here comes the secret recipe to make your kids happy for the... -

Top 5 Kosher Soup Ideas For Hanukkah Dinner

Game to discover the top 5 kosher soup ideas for Hanukkah dinner that can spice up your Hanukkah party? If yes, here lie the secret soup ideas exclusively for you, my dear friends…   Top 5 Kosher Soup Ideas for Hanukkah Dinner – Cabbage... -

Best 5 Kosher Foods To Serve At Hanukkah Party

Wondering what could be the best 5 kosher foods to serve at Hanukkah party so that all the invitees leave with a happy stomach after dinner at your place? Read on to discover…   Best 5 Kosher Foods to Serve at Hanukkah Party - Potato Latkes ... -

Best 5 Kosher Sweets To Serve At A Hanukkah Party

Looking for the best 5 kosher sweets to serve at a Hanukkah party? If yes, let me give you a warm welcome as you have come to the right place. Here’s a brief description of each of the best 5 kosher sweets to serve at a Hanukkah party –   ... -

Quick And Easy Ideas For Preparing Kosher Desserts For Hanukkah Dinner

Hanukkah is a day to celebrate feasts with dairy delicacies and fried foods and the same holds true for the dessert course too. So, if you are game to share with me some quick and easy ideas for preparing kosher desserts for Hanukkah dinner, here we go... -

Best 5 Hanukkah Treats

    Latkes   Latkes are one of the most traditional foods served at Hanukkah. Latkes,as they are called in Yiddish, are also known as Levivot in Hebrew. Latkes are basically fried potato... -

Arsenal Brings Stadium Food - Inspiring Sports

Arsenal brings stadium food – inspiring sports to care about the fuel that gives the energy to keep playing sports with all the spirit. This has come as great news for all the sports fanatics like us, particularly the ones who are fond of soccer. This scene... -

Protect Food From Contamination - Use Green Tea, Grape Seed

Protect Food from Contamination - Use Green Tea, Grape Seed. Yes, that’s exactly what the scientists are shouting. Going green doesn’t only mean planting more trees, living in eco-friendly homes, driving solar cars and the likes. Now, the new slogan... -

Ace Of Cakes’ To Breathe Its Last Next Year

  The much watched show Ace of Cakes’ to breathe its last Next Year! So, that will mean Ace of Cakes 2011 is its last show. After this upcoming 2011 season, this beloved Food Network show is going to pull down the curtains and bring this... -

Darker The Drink, More The Hangover

  Did you know that the darker the drink, more the hangover gains control over you? Yes, you read that right, the darker the drink, more the hangover! At least, this is what a new scientific study has revealed. So, the good news is, from now... -

Types Of Pickles

If you are fond of food preserves like jams and pickles, come to the world of pickles with me and I shall take you to a delicious journey, introducing you to the most popular pickles from different parts of the world.  Popular pickle varieties from... -

Foods To Take Away Your Stress

Stress is the most common cause of heart palpitations and anxiety, so learn how to eat to combat stress. While it may not always be easy to completely wipe out stress causing factors from our lives,  there will always be foods to fight the effects of our... -

How To Organize A Rainbow Party Buffet

Let me guess, you are in a very creative mood and you are up for planning a theme party that would be unique and different. Well, maybe then you are asking how to organize a rainbow party buffet! Great, if that’s what you want to know – how to organize a... -

What To Cook With Wild Chanterelles

If you are new to the world of Chanterelle mushrooms and wondering what to cook with wild chanterelles, then you have come to the right place seeking for answers. In this blog, I will surely tell you what to cook with wild chanterelles and how to cook. But... -

Top 10 Yeast-free Alcohol Drinks You Can Serve

Looking for yeast free alcoholic beverages? Read through this list on the top 10 yeast-free alcohol drinks you can serve and find out your choice of beverage. To make it easier for you, I have researched out the top 10 yeast-free alcohol drinks you can serve... -

Top 10 Nightclubs Of Brooklyn, New York

Confused where to rock the night in Brooklyn? Read through this well researched list of top 10 nightclubs of Brooklyn, New York and take your pick. Here you go – Best 10 Night c lubs around Brooklyn, New York   #1.... -

How To Make Sugar Paste Roses

If you want to make floral decorations on your cake, learn how to make sugar paste roses. Once you discover how to make sugar paste roses, you can add a more creative touch to your cake and make it visually more appealing. Sugar paste, also called gum paste,... -

Are Pakodas Perfect With Champagne!

Are pakodas perfect with champagne! Well, with a versatile drink like champagne, it’s often a tough job finding out the right pairing for a particular variety. For your information, most champagne drinks are prepared with pinot noir and chardonnay grapes,... -

How To Throw A Halloween Party For Adults

Shed off the old belief that Halloween is just for kids and discover how to throw a Halloween party for adults! You are never too old when it comes to having fun and so, let me tell you how to throw a Halloween party for adults and make it “spook-tacular”... -

Learn The Effects Of Coca Cola On Your Body

Learn the effects of coca cola on your body so that, the next time you go for this thirst quencher, you know how much of it is OK for you. In this blog on “learn the effects of coca cola on your body,” I will share with you the nutritive values of this... -

How To Make Mango Marinade – Its Uses

Learn how to make mango marinade – its uses and add a new dimension of yumminess to your dishes. In this blog I will tell you how to make mango marinade – its uses and also the nutritional value of this delicious marinade. The mango marinade doesn’t... -

How To Make Coca Cola Syrup

Welcome to my blog! Today, I will share with you how to make coca cola syrup. Coca cola toppings are used in a variety of dishes and once you know how to make coca cola syrup on your own, you do not have to spend tiring days hunting for this... -

Learn Activities To Teach The Grain Food Group To Your Children

Learn activities to teach the grain food group to your children so that they become smart and healthy eaters. Through this blog, you will learn activities to teach the grain food group to your children in an easier and a more interesting way, so that the... -

How To Choose The Healthiest Rice - Pick The Right Variety

Through this blog - “how to choose the healthiest rice – pick the right variety,” I am going to tell you which rice should you purchase for the maximum health benefits. With so many varieties of rice available in the market, it is not easy to pick out... -

How To Grow Organic Tomatoes

If you like the smell of garden fresh tomatoes then learn how to grow organic tomatoes at your home garden. Once you know how to grow organic tomatoes at home, you do not have to waste money on the market tomatoes. You can have better quality and fresher... -

How To Throw A Sushi Dinner Party

Learn how to throw a sushi dinner party to enjoy an incredible dinner party with your guests. In this blog, I will discuss with you how to throw a sushi dinner party where each and every guest can take part in preparing sushis before finally sitting down to... -

Choose The Right Wedding Reception For Yourself

Learn the right tricks on how to choose the right wedding reception for yourself, before the dream turns into a nightmare. If you know how to choose the right wedding reception for yourself, you can enjoy a fairytale wedding just the way you dreamed about it.... -

How To Make Rice For Sushi Rolls

To make the perfect sushi, you have to know how to make rice for sushi rolls the perfect way. Only when you know the correct method on how to make rice for sushi rolls, will your sushi dish turn out just as perfectly as the Japanese cook it. So, game to know... -

How To Make Buttercream Icing

Wish to know how to make buttercream icing for baking a creamy cake? Well, knowing how to make buttercream icing helps a great deal in baking, whether you are making cookies or cooking cakes. Buttercream icings are ideal for making pastries and cream cakes,... -

Top 10 Thai Dessert Recipes

Today, I have come up with a well researched list of the top 10 Thai dessert recipes for you. These top 10 Thai dessert recipes are just absolutely easy to be whipped up right at home. And, guess what? These colorful desserts are just too yummy to be resisted... -

Top 10 Cheese Dessert Recipes

  This list of top 10 cheese dessert recipes will keep you ready for any party throughout the year. These desserts cater to different palates and age-groups. So, get going and let us know which one became your favorite.   ... -

Top 10 Dessert Cocktail Recipes

  All those desserts and cocktail lovers out there, here is a list of top 10 dessert cocktail recipes just for you. These creamy cocktails are bound to cure all your sweet tooth cravings but indulge yourself with caution.       ... -

Check Your Cholesterol - Basics Of A Low Cholesterol Diet

If you have googled on the internet something like “check your cholesterol - basics of a low cholesterol diet” or something similar, it means you are seriously looking at lowering your cholesterol consumption. And now that you have found my blog on... -

Where To Buy Vegetarian Food When In Delhi

You will soon be visiting Delhi and you desperately need some directions on where to buy vegetarian food when in Delhi? If so, let me first give you a warm welcome as you have come to seek help in the right place. I will tell you exactly where to buy... -

Is Men’s Health Different From Women’s Health?

Men and women are different in many ways but do their health conditions differ as well? If it is so, in what ways are they different? Given the build of their bodies, it is easily possible for the two to have differences. So, you often hear health experts or... -

How To Make Exercise & Health Eating Fun

Do the workout freaks give you an inferiority complex and you desperately want to know how to make exercise &  health eating fun? Well, if you really want to discover the secrets on how to make exercise & health eating fun, you have come to... -

How To Make Fair Style Corn Dogs

Learn how to make fair style corn dogs and you can have a mini-fair right at your home. Once you have figured out how to make fair style corn dogs on your own, you can call your friends, family, colleagues and neighbors at your home and treat them... -

How To Eat Londi

In this blog I will share with you some useful tips on how to eat londi. Londi is an Afghan delicacy and once you acquaint yourself with the ways on how to eat londi, you can discover a lot about Afghan cuisine. The Afghans love spicy food and this, you will... -

How To Eat Ashak

Ashak is a popular Afghani food and in this blog I will tell you how to eat ashak. Ashak is mainly a Kabul specialty dish. As you learn how to eat ashak, you will also discover that Afghans don’t just specialize in meat delicacies. Though a part of this... -

How To Eat All-american Hot Dish

  Exploring how to eat All-American Hot Dish is fun. This dish packs in some of the most favorite ingredients and so, when you learn how to eat All-American Hot Dish, dining becomes a fun filled and pleasurable experience. The All-American Hot... -

How To Eat Afghan Spice Rub

  The Afghans love their food spicy and thus, they have spice rubs for many of their foods. But with so many Afghan foods available, you should know how to eat Afghan spice rub with the right kind of food. Afghans thrive on meat dishes and they... -

How To Savour Indian Drinks

  Indian drinks range from alcoholic to non-alcoholic, and if you learn how to savour Indian drinks, you will be able to enjoy a big part of the elaborate Indian cuisine . Yes, that’s because, drinks also form a major part of the Indian... -

How To Eat Mozzarelline Fritte

  If you adore Italian fares, then a must try out dish is Mozzarelline Fritte. In this blog, I will tell you how to eat Mozzarelline Fritte just like the Italians do. Once you know how to eat Mozzarelline Fritte, you can eat it with the right... -

How To Eat Kaeng Phanaeng

  If you love Thai food , then you must know how to eat Kaeng Phanaeng. Kaeng Phanaeng is a delicious Thai recipe whose main ingredients are the Phanaeng curry paste, coconut cream and meat. This is a non-vegetarian dish which requires no special... -

How To Eat Capicollo

  If you have inclination towards Italian cuisine , you should discover how to eat capicollo. Learning how to eat capicollo will allow you to enjoy this Italian food with the right accompaniments. Also, you will know when is the best time to eat... -

How To Eat Tortano

  If you are fond of Italian cuisine, then you must learn how to eat Tortano. Tortano is basically a cake which comes loaded with different kinds of meat, veggies and spices, which you wouldn’t like to miss. So, here I am to share with you -... -

How To Eat Sarim

No trip to Thailand is ever complete without sampling its wide variety of desserts and no Thai Dessert tasting is ever complete without discovering how to eat Sarim. Sarim is a beautiful dessert prepared by the people of Thailand. Yes, I mentioned the... -

How To Eat Khao Niao Mamuang

  Learn how to eat khao niao mamuang and discover yet another dimension of Thai cooking. Khao niao mamuang is an amazing dessert which combines the two finest ingredients of Thai cooking – the rice and the coconut. But these are not all about... -

How To Eat Bresaola

  If you are thinking of experimenting with Italian diet, then do make it a point to discover how to eat Bresaola. Learning how to eat Bresaola will open up the doors to several more Italian delicacies which can be prepared with this cut of meat.... -

How To Sell Homemade Beef Jerky?

Learning how to sell homemade beef jerky is not just about preparing the meat in the restaurant style and start selling it just like that. If you seriously want to know how to sell homemade beef jerky, then, you must first acquaint yourself with all the... -

How To Eat Raw Meat

If you want to be a part of the latest food fad, then, you should learn how to eat raw meat . Knowing how to eat raw meat is not just about showing what a versatile eater you can be, but also, proving that meats can be eaten without being cooked and... -

How To Eat Madeleine

It would be great to learn about the interesting origin of Madeleine, before knowing, how to eat Madeleine. Also, before I tell you how to eat Madeleine, I would like to share with you briefly, its wonderful recipe, which has made this French delicacy... -

How To Cook A Chicken

Chicken is a versatile variety of meat and so, you should know all the tips and tricks on how to cook a chicken, so that you can get the best results. Cooking chicken is definitely no herculean task or any rocket science. But then, you must know how to... -

How To Eat Baked Milk

In this blog, I am going to share with you how to eat baked milk . But, before I tell you how to eat baked milk, I should tell you what exactly is baked milk and how is it prepared. Baked milk is typical boiled milk, which is traditionally consumed in... -

What Makes Cucumbers Bitter

  We all know that cucumbers are delicious and nutrition loaded fruits , which are extensively used in salads. And, we also know, sometimes these wonderful fruits taste bitter and spoil the taste of the entire preparation. We all have... -

How To Smoke A Boston Butt

  Learn how to smoke a boston butt and surprise your guests this holiday season! Boston butt is a very delicious cut of meat and when cooked the right way, it can taste out of the world. Boston butt is pork meat that’s cut from the upper part of... -

How To Dry Age Beef Alton Brown Style?

If the steakhouse beef always tastes better than the homemade version, then it’s time, you give them a strong competition by learning how to dry age beef Alton Brown style! Yes, only when you have learnt how to dry age beef Alton Brown style, will you... -

How To Store Gourmet Seafood

If you are a gourmet , in love with seafood delicacies, then naturally, you would also be interested in learning how to store gourmet seafood. Knowing how to store gourmet seafood properly, will help you keep your priced delicacies edible and tasty for... -

What Are The 5 Bitter Herbs?

  Are you wondering what are the 5 bitter herbs ? Well, if you are not a Jewish or you don’t happen to have a Jewish friend, it’s natural for you to wonder what are the 5 bitter herbs that are so popularly eaten in a particular Jewish... -

How To Make Cannabis Butter?

  Using cannabis in your cooking becomes all the easier if you know how to make cannabis butter. Cannabis or marijuana butter is amongst the most convenient ways of using and storing marijuana for cooking purposes. After you learn how to make... -

How To Make Beer Batter?

  If you are someone who’s simply in love with beer , then, it would certainly pay off to learn, how to make beer batter. And, once you know how to make beer batter, you can have it for a versatile usage than for mere drinking. Beer batter is a... -

How To Prepare Bok Choy

If you are in love with leafy veggies and cooking, then, you will certainly enjoy learning how to prepare bok choy. Bok choy , which is often also known as pak choi, bak choi and paak choi, is one of the most versatile vegetables around. Once you know how... -

How Do You Make Beef And Noodles?

One question that I frequently faced was – "how do you make beef and noodles?" Well, though the askers sounded like this dish is something really very difficult to make, I can assure you, it is not. Take the tips and strategies of my simple... -

What Is Beef Wellington?

If you want to know what is Beef Wellington, then, let me tell you that, it is nothing but a special beef preparation. Beef Wellington is prepared with fillet steaks that are coated with duxelles and pâté. These coated fillet steaks are then wrapped... -

What Is Beef Carpaccio?

You have often heard about this beef Carpaccio delicacy, but, you could never actually find out exactly, what is beef Carpaccio! Well, before I tell you what is beef Carpaccio, I would like to tell you, what is the meaning of the word ‘Carpaccio’.... -

What Is Angus Beef?

If you are wondering what is Angus beef, then, I have a simple answer for you. Have you heard about healthy meat? Well, that’s exactly what Angus meat is. Angus meat is a type of organic meat, which is gaining in a lot of popularity amongst the meat lovers,... -

How To Store Meatballs

Meatballs are delicious items usually made from mutton, pork, beef or chicken. If you prepare meatballs once, you can keep them for future use. So, learn how to store meatballs and you can use them anytime and with any of your favorite sauces. Moreover,... -

How To Store Zucchini

Zucchini , the popular summer squash comes stuffed with nutrients galore and when you learn how to store zucchini, you can enjoy its goodness for a long time. This healthy summer squash is an excellent source of Vitamins A and C and dietary fibers. You can... -

How To Store Tuna

Tunas like any other fish spoil in their own juices, so, if you do not know how to store tuna properly, the fish may deteriorate before you get to enjoy it. Knowing how to store tuna will also save you from tuna poisoning, as tuna like any fish is... -

How To Store Seeds

  If you are the new gardener in the block wondering how to store seeds safely, then, I have some effective tips and strategies for you, up my sleeves. Usually, the home garden supplies require you to purchase seeds in a great quantity and then... -

How To Store Green Vegetables

Each vegetable is unique and has its own storage requirements and so, if you know how to store green vegetables properly, you can enjoy them for a long time. Green leafy vegetables include a wide range of vegetables like spinach, coriander, bok choy,... -

How To Store Cooked Meat

There are times, when the meat you have cooked becomes extra even after you have eaten some, and you just don’t understand what best way to keep it. So, if you know how to store cooked meat in the right way, there will be no tensions of food poisoning... -

How To Store Celery

People have been consuming celery for hundred years now, but, how many of us really know how to store celery the right way? Celery is a healthy vegetable that comes loaded with bulk fiber and you can purchase it in bulk at low cost to store it for the... -

How To Store Cabbage

The green leafy cabbage is a popular addition in soups, casseroles, salads and stews. If you want to keep this veggie fresh for a long time, learn how to store cabbage. Cabbages come in a wide range of shapes and each come in different seasons. Though in... -

How To Store Beetroot

Beetroots are very nutritious vegetables and if you know how to store beetroot, you can enjoy their goodness throughout the year. These root vegetables do not need a lot of space for growing and, they are very simple to grow. Beetroots grow biannually.... -

How To Store Turnips

Turnips are nutritious cool season vegetables, which, you can enjoy all round the year, only if, you learn how to store turnips properly. These root vegetables belong to the family of cabbage and make excellent additions in stews and soups. Once you know... -

How To Store Your Napkins

Napkins  are amongst the indispensable most items in our daily lives. This handy item comes of great use in wiping face, hands and so on. From the bathroom to the  dining table , napkins find a versatile usage. But, do you know how to store your... -

How To Build A Brick Bbq At Home

  Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could build your own brick barbeque at home? Building a grill in your backyard may not be as difficult as your think! Here are the steps you'll need to follow in order to build a grill customized... -

How To Barbecue Chicken Breast Grill

You have always savored the succulent juicy chicken breasts straight out of the grill, but, have you ever figured out how to barbecue chicken breast grill yourself? Well, if it interests you, then, I will give you a simple and quick recipe on how to barbecue... -

What Is The Best Way To Roast A Turkey

If you are wondering as to what is the best way to roast a turkey, then, let me tell you that the technique for roasting a turkey is not much different from roasting a chicken. The only difference exists in the size of the two birds. Since turkey is a larger... -

How Do I Cook Steak Without A Grill

For those of you who haven’t been able to master the grill, for them, I am going to share how do I cook steak without a grill? Yes, you read that right! When steaks and grills go hand in hand, I found out my own way of cooking steak without a grill. And, if... -

How To Oven Roast Salted Peanuts

You love munching on those crispy salty peanuts from your favorite nut seller, but, if you want to do it at home, I can tell you how to oven roast salted peanuts. The truth is, if you learn how to oven roast salted peanuts by yourself, you will save some good... -

How To Make A Preserve Strawberry Puree

Strawberry puree is a delicious mix of pureed fresh strawberries and sugar. If you want to learn how to make a preserve strawberry puree at home, then let me tell you, it takes a very little effort. All you need for making a preserve strawberry puree is... -

How To Preserve Live Christmas Tree

If you are planning to get a potted live tree this Christmas, then it’s evident that you would also consider preserving it. For that, you need to know the right ways on how to preserve live Christmas tree. If you follow some of my valuable tips on how to... -

How To Dry Hydrangeas

Colorful hydrangeas look lovely when they adorn your garden, but have you ever tried drying hydrangeas? Once you know how to dry hydrangeas and you decorate your house with them, you will see, the dry versions look all the more impressive. Flowers like... -

How To Make Grilled Shrimp Kabobs The Hawaiian Style

I have a wonderful recipe on how to make grilled shrimp kabobs. When shrimps are skewered and cooked, they are called shrimp kabobs and when you cook these kabobs on the grill, they become grilled shrimp kabobs. Grilled shrimp kabobs make for a delicious meal... -

How Do I Grill A Whole Chicken

Whole chicken grills are very popular grilled food items and now if, you are wondering “how do I grill a whole chicken at home”, I have for you, an easy and an interesting recipe. For grilling whole chicken, all you have to do is flatten out the bird by... -