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National Pecan Day - Delicious And Nutty Treat

Its time for celebration yet again! 12 th   July is an informal food holiday, celebrated all over US by food lovers and enthusiasts. As the name suggests, this day is dedicated to the delicious nutty pecans , pies, cookies and pecan cupcakes . If... -

National Blueberry Muffin Day – Combining Health And Taste

Food days always bring back fun and reasons to enjoy your favorite food and so is 11 th of July, giving you a reason to to bite into those healthy blueberry muffins for breakfast! National Blueberry Muffin day was established so by the U.S. Department of... -

Enjoy National Pina Colada Day

You do not have to be on the beach necessarily or party hard to celebrate National Pina Colada Day on 10th July! It’s a day to relax,  sit back and enjoy this tropical drink ! Come summer and we start thinking about cool cocktails and flavoured drinks... -

Supplements For Hyperthyroidism

A condition in which the thyroid glands become overactive thus increasing the amount of the thyroid hormone in the blood is known as hyperthyroidism.   Symptoms of the condition include but are not limited to goiter, heart palpitation, anxiety, muscle... -

Benefits Of Hemp Milk

Hemp is an eco friendly plant which is known to be cultivated since ancient times. Hemp milk ( a delicious blend of ithe plant seeds and water) has several benefits which accounts for  its high demand all over the world.  The milk has... -

Supplements For Knee Pain

One of the common locations of pain is the knee joints caused mainly due to injuries, sporting activities, inappropriate stretching, obesity and other factors. It is important to treat such pains as early as possible - one such option  is through the use... -

Supplements For Insulin Resistance

A condition when the body cells stop responding efficiently to insulin is commonly known as insulin resistance , which affects millions of diabetics around the globe. Supplements for insulin resistance are an effective way to decrease insulin resistance... -

Benefits Of Butter Milk

The liquid left behind after churning of butter is known as butter milk. Health experts and nutritionists recommend the consumption of butter milk, due to its several health benefits. A glass of this milk is known to give the body its daily requirement of... -

Supplements For Hot Flashes

Three  out of  four women experience hot flashes during menopause which is considered to be a part of hormonal changes, the female body undergoes between 50-55 years. There are many treatments available along with several supplements which can reduce... -

National Apple Turnover Day – Enjoy Fresh Treat

A much awaited day for fruit lovers! 5 th July is National Apple Turnover day – a day when you do not need an excuse to indulge in the delicious fruit stuffed pastries and several types of apple desserts . This is not an official holiday, but food... -

Benefits Of Banana Milk

As a kid, I simply loved to indulge in the delicious sweet banana milk – could have them anytime and anywhere. Now, as a mother, I know the health benefits of this drink and how it can boost our overall health. It is rich in... -

National Eat Beans Day For Healthier Eating

If you love eating beans of different types – here is a reason to celebrate the 3 rd  of July. Yes, its National Eat Beans day, which means it’s a day for having the best bean dishes. Restaurants and food joints gear up to celebrate it... -

National Anisette Day For Sweet Liqueurs Lovers

Love liqueurs and anise ? Now, you have a reason to celebrate and rejoice with your favorite sweet liqueurs - its National Anisette Day on 2nd July! On this day, you do not need to look for a reason or an excuse to have to raise your glass of anisette.... -

Benefits Of Saffron Milk

A rich spice - saffron is primarily used in making fish, chicken and rice dishes. Most of us are still unaware, that this yellow colored spice when combined with milk can serve as an extremely healthy combination and works as a natural... -

Benefits Of Buffalo Milk

If you are looking forward to natural milk with a good taste, you certainly need to try out buffalo milk. It is completely white, smooth and loaded with a number of benefits. It is highly recommended by nutrition experts due to its high nutrient content - it... -

Benefits Of Oat Milk

Versatile and multi-purpose – oat grains are loaded with many essential ingredients. Oat milk (prepared by processing pre-soaked oat grains ) is a preferred high fiber substitute for normal milk and is highly recommended by health experts and... -

Benefits Of Ginger Milk

One of the primary uses of ginger is its use as a spice in numerous recipes, but do you know about the many benefits of this spice when used in other ways? If ginger is used with milk, it acts as a natural medicine and is the nature cure for a number of... -

Top 10 Dishes For National Tapioca Day

An informal holiday – National Tapioca Day is celebrated on June 28 th  by  food lovers all over the world. This is a special day dedicated to tapioca , which is actually a starch that comes from the cassava plant. Tapioca is used in many forms such... -

Ways To Celebrate National Chocolate Pudding Day

Another motivation and reason to have your favorite dessert – June 26 th is National Chocolate Pudding Day, so why not celebrate the day to the fullest? Forget all thoughts about calories and weight watching – this is a fun day to explore a variety of... -

Benefits Of Rice Milk

Truly a unique method of preparing milk from rice - it is is prepared by straining cooked or processed brown rice. The benefits of rice milk are many and are a preferred alternative food choice due to its low cholesterol content. Vegetarians love it... -

Benefits Of Turmeric Milk

One of the most common ingredients used since ancient times as herbal remedy and in preparation of natural medicines is turmeric. Turmeric milk is a powerful drink, highly beneficial in treating a number of conditions - the most common being cough and cold. ... -

Benefits Of Donkey Milk

Animal milk that is considered to be closest to  mother's milk is that of a donkey. Research has proved that this is one of the few natural drinks which is very easily tolerated and loaded with a number of benefits. People allergic to cow milk... -

Benefits Of Chocolate Milk

One of the most nutritious snacks with several health benefits for kids is chocolate milk. Both kids and adult love it equally for its excellent flavor and great taste - moms are happy to serve it to their kids, as it fulfills their regular nutrition... -

Tips To Steam Clam

There are many ways of consuming clams – these can be eaten raw or you can prepare clam diggers . But the  simplest of them all  is to just steam them. Steaming clams is considered to be an old fashioned way of having it, but those who feel... -

National Onion Rings Day – Enjoy The Crunchy Snack

An informal food holiday which celebrates onions in the form of rings is popularly known as the National Onion Rings Day. The day, celebrated on June 22 nd is not hugely publicized and remains unknown to many. It’s a day for food enthusiasts to... -

Benefits Of Cow Milk

The health benefits of cow milk are many – which explains its  immense demand and popularity all over the world and among all age groups. People have been drinking cow milk since 6000 BC (when it was consumed by the wealthiest only)  and even today... -

Celebrating National Peaches And Cream Day

A combination made in heaven , wouldn't you like to celebrate the day dedicated to this heavenly combination of peaches and cream? National Peaches and Cream day is celebrated on 21st June and considered to be a favorite American Food Holiday , which... -

Tips To Steam Scallops

If you have cooked scallops earlier you will know that cooking these are simpler than clams since these are available without  shells. Steaming scallops  is quite convenient since you do not have to spend extra time in removing their shells to extract... -

Celebrate Health On National Vanilla Milkshake Day

When it comes to milkshakes, all of us do agree that vanilla milkshake had been a favorite during our childhood days and continued to top the list of favorites even during adulthood. It is pleasing to know that June 20th is celebrated all over the... -

Celebrate National Cherry Tart Day

A simple summer dessert and a special day dedicated to it – yes, it’s National Cherry Tart Day on June 18 th . If you haven’t yet celebrated this  day, don’t give it a miss this year! Manufacturers make the most of the occasion and prepare a... -

Benefits Of Apple Juice Cleanse Diet

A perfect plan for those who wish to jumpstart their diet plans  but do not wish to skip meals or stay hungry while losing weight within a short time namely, 2 days. The apple juice cleanse diet  has many benefits and is considered to be a really healthy... -

Benefits Of Goat Milk

Slightly sweet, a tinge of saltness and  delicious - this is what makes goat milk the preferred choice of many, all over the world. The many benefits of goat milk and its ever increasing demand has made its availability common in several health stores and... -

Tips To Steam Yam

Sweet potatoes and yams are often confused but yams are known to date back to thousands of years when they were cooked at homes on a regular basis. Steaming yam was preferred then and even now, since it is the only way its nutrition count is retained.... -

Tips To Steam Artichoke

One of the most unusual vegetables available just two times in the year is artichoke. There are many ways of preparing the vegetable, out of which steaming is considered to be the healthiest and most nutritious. It does not need additional oil and retains... -

Benefits Of Juice Cleanse Diet

We love cleansing diets since these  purify  our body and help in eliminating all the  toxins and waste materials from the body. One such beneficial plan is the juice cleanse diet which aims in rejuvenating the body by making it free from all harmful... -

Tips To Steam Pork

If you have trouble making pork or looking for an easy way to prepare it, we have an interesting option for you. Steaming pork is  a preferred way of cooking, since it makes the meat tender and quite moist which is tough to get in other ways of cooking.... -

Pamper Your Sweet Cravings On National Fudge Day

Have a sweet tooth or need just another good reason to indulge in those soft marshmallows and peanut butter cookies? Well then, National Fudge Day, celebrated on June 16th is just for you! Enjoy the day with homemade delicious fudges or just visit your... -

National Veggies Day – Pledge To A Healthy Lifestyle

Just another reason for eating healthy ! National Veggies Day is celebrated on June 17 th   and undoubtedly encourages healthy eating. In our hectic schedule and fast paced lives we tend to gorge on junk food in abundance – our kids need to be... -

Tips To Steam Celery

Fond of steamed veggies? Here is something which is surely going to interest you. Steamed celery is a hot favorite - it has a subtle sweet flavor and  makes a nutritious addition due to its antioxidants and vitamins to several items like salads a ... -

Benefits Of Camel Milk

Majority of us consume cow milk or packaged milk  and are totally unaware of the various benefits of camel milk. This milk is richly loaded with proteins that have antimicrobial as well as protective properties, that helps the body in fighting against many... -

Benefits Of Breast Milk

The "American Academy of Paediatrics " strongly recommends breastfeeding  babies for  first six months. This is mainly because the benefits of breast milk are many and extend much beyond the basic nutrition needs of a baby.  ... -

Benefits Of Lemon Cleanse Diet

There are several reasons for imbalances in our body and chief among them is a poor eating habit. The lemon cleanse diet offers many benefits and is designed to detoxify the body, remove imbalances, and get rid of harmful toxins which tend to... -

Benefits Of Green Tea Cleanse

Green tea is consumed all over the world for its therapeutic use and a number of health benefits. This is one of the reasons why green tea cleanse diet is popular among health and fitness freaks.  Several Asian countries which include Thailand, Japan and... -

Tips To Steam Lime

One of the juiciest fruits used in a number of drinks and in many herbal medicines is lime. Steaming lime is recommended since most of its juices can be easily squeezed out when it turns soft after being well steamed.  Here are some ways to... -

Tips To Steam Sausage

One of the main reasons for the popularity of sausages are their  shapes, sizes and variety of uses. The easiest and the most common way of cooking it is steaming that ensures complete cooking since it heats the sausage from all sides. Moreover,... -

Benefits Of Herbal Colon Cleanse Diet

If you cannot think about anything beyond the herbal way -  to detoxify your body, you are surely going to love this diet plan. The benefits of herbal colon cleanse diet are many and that too without any side effects because you are going to use natural... -

Tips To Steam Trout

One of the most delicious and nutritional freshwater fishes which can be caught wild or even farmed is trout . Steamed trout is highly nutritional since it is low in fat and a great source of vitamins which includes B6, B12, selenium and phosphorous.... -

Tips To Steam Cauliflower

Preparing cauliflower according to different recipes is quite easy. Steaming is the most preferred method since it makes it less soggy  and helps to retain all its nutrients. Just like all other vegetables, cauliflower too loses its vital nutrients and... -

Tips To Steam Acorn Squash

Food experts and chefs believe that acorn squash is one of those foods which is considerably easy to steam. Cooking  the vegetable by this process helps to retain all its nutrients, does not add to your calorie count and even makes it taste delicious.... -

Tips To Steam Eggs

Do eggs tend to crack when you boil them? Try steaming the eggs instead! You will notice that the chances of eggs cracking is far less and the task of cooking the eggs becomes easier too. That is not all!  Eggs which are steamed... -

Benefits Of Maple Syrup Diet

One of the few diet plans which has been popular since many years is the maple syrup diet. This plan is specially effective in getting rid of internal wastes and toxins from the body, which accumulate mainly due to poor eating habits, negative mental attitude... -

Benefits Of Salt Water Cleanse Diet

There are several detox diets which claim to cleanse the body effectively - one such helpful plan, is the salt water cleansing diet. The benefits of this 'salt water drinking' diet are many, which includes relief from constipation and... -

Tips To Steam Mango

Fresh mangoes are full of vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium and necessary fibers. These are usually steamed and preserved for use throughout the year since they are not available in all seasons. Steamed mangoes are nutritious and used in a number of... -

Tips To Steam Tomato

We choose to steam tomatoes for a number of reasons - mainly for its use in sauces,  stews and  as side dishes. You can steam them for canning or any other preservative purpose too. Steamed tomatoes retain all their nutritive value s  which... -

Benefits Of Liver Cleanse Diet

A well planned liver cleanse diet, apart from improving the liver condition also helps in developing immunity and general well being. Especially beneficial for those who suffer from obesity and    high blood pressure ... -

Benefits Of Sea Salt Cleanse Diet

An integral part of Master cleanse diet program, is the sea salt cleanse diet which is also known as salt water flush plan. This  offers plenty of health benefits which includes detoxification of the body and increased weight loss  This plan  lays... -

Tips To Steam Flour

A common ingredient which forms the base for several baked goods and other recipes are flour. It is steamed for  easy handling and also better flavor. If you have ever tried making flour tortillas, you will agree that these roll much easier and taste a lot... -

Tips To Steam Prawns

Making steamed prawns for your regular meals or even for classic cocktail parties   can be fun and appetizing for everyone, only if you know the right process of steaming. When you choose to prepare these at home use a mild seasoning for added... -

Tips To Steam Bok Choy

If you are fond of Chinese dishes or love vegetables you must have tried out the delicious bok choy. Steamed bok choy is loved for its light flavor and nutrients in the form of vitamins and calcium. Steaming the vegetable is recommended since... -

Tips To Steam Mushrooms

One of the most versatile ingredients  which adds to the taste and flavor of several dishes are mushrooms. Though there are many ways of cooking these edible fungi, their steamed form is considered to be the healthiest and quickest  Softly steamed... -

Tips To Steam Turkey

Are you tired of  having turkey in the same style and taste? If you wish to try out something really healthy and delightful, you can consider having steamed turkey. This process helps in maintaining the natural flavor and moistness of the... -

Tips To Steam Pumpkin

Why buy cooked pumpkin for your baked dishes, when you can steam fresh pumpkin at home for your cookies, cakes and pies? Steaming the vegetable makes it healthy as it can be used as  a filling in many dishes with minimal use of oil. If you haven’t... -

Benefits Of Mango Cleanse Diet

A popular African weight loss plan is the mango cleanse diet which is aimed towards weight loss by including mangoes and other low fat food in the diet. This plan is followed for just 3 days, An unusual plan which helps to lose weight and helps the body... -

Benefits Of Apple Cleanse Diet

There are many diets planned towards eliminating unspecified toxins from the body – one such popular cleansing program is the apple cleanse diet. This 2 day program lays stress on fresh apples and its ju ice in the diet. Just as in the case of other... -

Tips To Steam Ham

Mouthwatering steamed ham in beer served at restaurants is truly an unforgettable experience! You can prepare this delicious ham even at home, though this might seem to be a tough task initially. Ham is often steamed for several recipes like salads and... -

Benefits Of Citrus Cleanse Diet

  If you want an effective detox diet for your body and skin, go for the Citrus Cleanse Diet, which encapsulates all the good benefits of citrus fruits such as limes, lemons, grapefruits and Clementine. The citrus fruits not only provide all the... -

Tips To Steam Garlic

An easy alternative of roasting garlic is  steaming which takes just 10 minutes (compared to 60 minutes of roasting). Next time you do not have to wait for an hour for the last minute addition to any pasta - just steam the garlic. If you steam it well, you... -

Tips To Steam Beef

Steaming is a moist heating technique which helps in cooking beef till it gets tender and retains its flavor. This is considered to be a healthy cooking method, since additional fat is not used in its cooking and also because the meat is able to retain... -

Tips To Steam Meat

Many of us believe that steaming meat robs it of its natural flavor and taste. This is not true – if you have tried out steamed meat dishes you will vouch for their taste and flavor. This is recommended for lesser calorie intake too since there is no use of... -

Benefits Of Water Cleanse Diet

Most of the foods we love to consume have high levels of harmful chemicals which are toxic to our body. Water cleanse diet helps in eliminating all such chemicals and helps the body to heal slowly. This diet is followed for just 3 days within which it can... -

Tips To Steam Onion

While steaming vegetables I often wondered if I could drop the onions too in the steamer basket. Steaming onions is certainly healthier than frying them, and especially when you are preparing something for dinner when you are looking forward to lesser... -

Tips To Steam Sweet Potato

One of the vegetables which is not just confined to side dishes only is sweet potato . Its steamed form is not only healthy but makes several main dish casseroles and also crispy salads and even breads. The extraordinary yellowish and orange hue can liven... -

Benefits Of Raw Food Cleanse Diet

A new type of cleansing diet known as the 'Raw Food Cleanse Diet',  introduces to the dieters the benefits of raw foods ! This involves eating of raw and ripe organic foods to improve physical health,  immunity levels and lead a healthier... -

Tips To Steam Turnips

Originally known to be root vegetables , turnips in their raw form are crispy and spicy. Steamed turnips are usually soft and sweet and taste wonderful when served with savory spices and butter – thus, this technique of cooking the vegetable is the most... -

Acai Berry Cleanse Diet

Health experts believe that our digestive tract gets loaded with food wastes and toxins which necessitate the cleansing of our system. The Acai berry cleanse diet is one such supplement formula which has several benefits and is specially designed to... -

Benefits Of Cabbage Cleanse Diet

If you have ever searched the Internet or asked anyone about the fastest way to lose weight you would have heard about the benefits of cabbage cleanse diet and its effectiveness in losing weight. Though there are many variations of this diet all of them... -

Tips To Steam Codfish

Cod or codfish has a  flaky texture with a  mild flavor.  Though there are many different ways to prepare the fish , steaming is considered to be easy and quick.  Here are a few tips for steaming it.   Steaming in a... -

Tips To Steam Radish

Juicy red, white, purple and black ra dishes are an integral part of salads  which can be eaten raw, steamed or pickled. Steamed radishes a re easy to make, are  healthy and  beneficial for those suffering from piles, constipation,... -

Benefits Of Rice Cleanse Diet

A diet and weight loss program which focuses on eating brown rice and whole grains! Yes, you read it right – this rice cleanse diet has several benefits and effectively cleanses your system, helping you to stay healthier and fitter. This program... -

Tips To Steam Bacon

A popular recipe using bacon is in its steamed form served with vegetables.  The aroma of  bacon, reminds us of several traditional recipes where bacon was customarily steamed with herbs or seasonal vegetables   with the minimal use of... -

Tips To Steam Snow Peas

One of the few vegetables which are so flavorful that they do not need the additional use of ginger and garlic to enhance their taste are the snow peas. M ost often these are steamed and used in a number of vegetable curries , salads, soups and... -

Tips To Steam Mint

We all know that mint is a  delicious addictive which lends a delightful and natural fragrance  to food items . Steaming mint is one of the ways to enliven certain foods which can also be used as a herbal remedy in treating different... -

Tips To Steam Lamb

Conventional dishes of s teamed lamb chops or cutlets can truly be mouthwatering.  These dishes can be prepared at home too if you are able to steam the lamb properly. Uncooked or semi cooked lamb can be a total disappointment and... -

Top 5 Coconut Quotes

Coconut has a unique tough exterior and a very soft interior – this characteristic of the coconut has been used by many to refer to the character traits of individuals. Undoubtedly, just like other food items there are many quotations on coconut which are... -

Tips To Steam Couscous

Steamed Couscous (Berber dish of semolina) is an authentic Moroccan dish which tastes wonderful with its steamed vegetable and stewed meat topping. To prepare this specialty dish you have to steam Couscous properly or else you will not... -

Top 5 Watermelon Quotes

  Nothing can be as refreshing as fresh slices of watermelon or its juice, especially during the summer months. These have always been the topic of reference and used in several quotes by famous personalities and food experts. We have... -

Top 5 Carrot Quotes

Food quotes are nothing new for us – we have heard and seen people referring to various items, comparing and referring food to describe or explain situations and conditions. There are many quotes on carrots, the colorful, healthy veggie-fruit too .They... -

Tips To Steam Tuna

An oil rich flavor and a very flaky texture is one of the unique features of tuna. Steaming the fish is an effective way of cooking as it retains much of its food nutrients, a benefit which cannot be obtained by boiling or roasting. Moreover, y ou... -

Best Plum Quotes

Food quotes have always inspired and amazed us with their freshness and reference to different situations and incidents in an interesting way. Similarly, quotes on plums are wise words said about the fruit by shared at gatherings, events and picnics. Here... -

Tips To Steam Fruits

Mommies often desire to steam fruits for their babies as the process softens the fruits while keeping their nutrients intact. It is quite easy to steam any fruit,  it’s just that you need to be a little extra careful and not over-cook it destroying the... -

Tips To Steam Crab

Nothing tastes as delicious as freshly steamed crabs served with a cold beverage. If you have steamed crabs at home, you will know that the process is very simple and does not require any kind of elaborate arrangement. We have gathered some tips that you... -

Top 10 Seafood Quotes

Nothing is as flavorful and as delicious as seafood! No wonder, these have often been used in several quotations and references by  famous personalities. They  are all witty, humorous and many a time closely associated with everyday living and... -

Top 10 Blueberry Quotes

Blueberries are loved for their numerous health benefits , especially their high antioxidant properties . These berries have influenced numerous quotes and sayings by famous personalities in their books, shows and gatherings as well. Some such... -

Best Bran Quotes

Food quotes are special words and sayings on foods, their use and their relation with us and different situations of everyday life.  Experts and enthusiasts have often  referred to bran in their shows, books, public appearances and other events making... -

Best Caramel Quotes

An important ingredient of many desserts is caramel which not only adds to the taste but also to the look of the dish. Food writers , celebrities and enthusiasts have often written or quoted about caramel and its uses. We have compiled... -

Tips To Steam Duck

Steaming duck at home is a simple task but to get the right texture and softness, you will need to know some tricks. It will take a little practice and lots of patience  when you realize that steaming  is no longer  a tough task. Here are some easy tips... -

Best Oats Quotes

Oats make a  healthy breakfast – these are easy to prepare grains and suitable for all ages too. There are many popular food quotes and sayings on oats – some of which are really interesting. Just like other food quotes they are based mainly on... -

Best Cinnamon Quotes

Cinnamon is one of those spices which adds a special flavor and taste to any item. The word  is used in many food quotes and as special references by chefs and food lovers. Among many other quotes on food, we have compiled the best quotes on cinnamon too.... -

Top 5 Sausage Quotes

Food lovers often pen down their thoughts about their favorite foods as a point of reference in various situations. Several comments and quotes exist on sausages which are quite popular. Check out our collection of the top 5 quotes on sausage by some of the... -

Tips To Steam Pasta

One of the staple foods of Italy is pasta which has now become a very popular Internationally too. Steaming  is an important part of preparing it which tastes best when served hot. Pasta is available in different varieties and each of them needs... -