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What Foods Can I Eat On The Atkins Diet?

Atkins’ diet is all about managing your carbs effectively. You just need to know how to juggle the carbohydrates. Also, it depends which phase of Atkins’ diet you are in. Whether you are in the induction period or Ongoing weight loss and Pre-maintenance... -

What Can I Eat In Phase 1 Of The South Beach Diet?

The South Beach Diet was started by Dr. Arthur Agatston. This type of diet allows even forbidden food like chocolate sponge cake and other food that are restricted in other types of diets. There are three phases of South Beach Diet. First phase of this diet... -

How To Carve Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins is a must-do task during Halloween. These pumpkins are also called jack-o-lanterns and a traditional Halloween is incomplete without it.This tradition allows those who are artistically inclined to show off their skills. But those who... -

How Chopsticks Are Made?

Chopsticks are sticks which are used for eating food instead of spoons. It is used for eating rice, noodles and meat. The Japanese have personalized chopsticks for each members of the family. The restaurants use disposable chopsticks. Chopsticks are usually... -

What Can I Eat On A Detox Diet?

A detox diet is recommended for those who are looking at eliminating the toxins or bad chemicals from the body. It is merely an act of flushing out the bad chemicals from the body to have a healthier and active body. It is most effective in weight loss. ... -

How To Can Green Beans

Not only are the green beans yummy to eat abut they are also wonderful for your health. You can also grow them easily in your kitchen garden. The problem, however, arises when the yield is more than your needs and you end up wasting the nutritious beans... -

How To Can Tomatoes?

Canned tomatoes are nothing but processed tomatoes which are canned. The most common canned tomatoes are the plum variety. Plum tomatoes, also known as grape tomatoes are succulent, juicy tomatoes specially grown for processing. Plum tomatoes are used for... -

How To Properly Cold Brew Coffee?

Traditional method of brewing the coffee would be using hot water. But there is also another method of brewing the coffee, using cold water. This method seems to have its advantages of being more healthier than the hot water brewed coffee since it has less... -

How To Make Baked Potatoes On The Barbecue?

Getting that perfectly barbequed potatoes for the perfectly barbequed meat is fairly easier than roasting the meat. All you would need to do is clean the potatoes first. Absolutely no dirt or potato eyes. Coat potatoes with oil, preferably olive oil. Wrap... -

How Did Bbq Originate?

There are a lot of interesting theories about how barbeque originated. Some take you to North Carolina, some towards Australia and New Zealand and some even towards Caribbean Islands. It is said that the natives of Caribbean Islands used the method of heating... -