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How To Create A Cookie Day Food Basket With Gourmet Cookies

  Cookie day baskets with gourmet cookies are indeed thoughtful gifts to near and dear ones on the occasion of cookie day. Imagination coupled with a passion for cookie making is all the key needed to make this cookie basket. Cookie basket ideas... -

How To Celebrate National Cookie Day

National Cookie Day falls on the 1st of October every year and is an informal food holiday revelled every year. This day is celebrated by people by engaging in cookie making activities wherein they make different varieties of tasty cookies at home. Homemade... -

What Does Beans Have In It That's Good For You?

Beans are so good for so many reasons and so are they eaten since so many centuries. Beans are in legume forms as well less in legume forms. There are varieties in beans that include navy beans, lima beans, black-eyed peas, kidney beans, and special varieties... -

How To Bake Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is a sweet winter squash. It yellow skin with an orange coloured pulp with a small round cave inside with fibres and seeds. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, manganese, potassium and dietary fibre. It is popular in Mexican and... -

How To Bake Acorn Squash

Acorn squash is a variety of squash available in winter similar to appearance with acorn in its shape. It is found in colours including dark green, yellow and white. The colour of the flesh inside ranges from deep yellow to orange. It is highly nutritious and... -

How To Bake Brie

Brie cheese is delicious and appetizing when baked. It serves well over outings or picnic lunches. It is easy and quick to make. It can be baked with or without seasonings. Knowing how to bake brie cheese acts is an onus skill that can prove useful in time. ... -

How To Dehydrate Green Beans

Green beans are a great source of essential nutrients and are easily digestible.  They are good in any form. Although they are used fresh in most recipes, they can be dried and used in recipes too. Dehydrated beans last long enough that they can be availed... -

How To Store Kitchen Knives

Kitchen knives are indispensible, beautiful and yet vulnerable tool used in the kitchen which sometimes can also be hazardous. Taking care while keeping them in the kitchen can prove to prevent any harm to the knife and hazard to you. A few points on how to... -

How To Store Aluminium Pans

Aluminium pans are indispensible kitchen utensils that come of great use in the kitchen for most cooking purposes. Be it frying, sautéing or cooking.  Every time you need it for cooking it serves well once given it has been kept well.  Here are a few tips... -

How To Store Measuring Spoons

Measuring cups and spoons are a chef’s friends in need indeed. They eliminate the need to ascertain the exact measure of ingredients that go into a recipe for a chef. You have the proportions and the spoons are there to give you the items in place. Life can... -

How To Drink Coffee

Coffee is a pleasurable indulgence that we seek over even the most casual of the occasions. History has that is has been in use since centuries and even now the tribe of coffee lovers is garnering numbers from moment to moment.  To have a delightful... -

How To Store Eggs

Storing fresh eggs has been in practice since ages and is still in vogue today. Refrigerator is a widely used storage appliance for storing eggs today. In the past eggs were stored without refrigeration. Eggs can be stored in egg... -

How To Store Chicken Stock

Chicken stock is used by cooks as a key ingredient in many recipes. It is used in many recipes including soups, stews, curries, etc.   Making and keeping it ready for instant use is a time-saving idea. The following are a few points on how to store... -

How To Store Milk

Milk is an integral part of our diet for many reasons and since long times. It is the most sought after daily source of nutrition across the world. The hard and basic fact about milk is that it has a limited shelf life. It can turn bad very soon.   ... -

How To Store Broth

Broth is a nutritious derivative of cooking and a reusable component for many recipes. Broth can be made from meats such as chicken or from vegetables alone. Chicken broth can be used to make chicken soup.   Broth can either... -

How To Store Canned Drinks

Canned drinks are an easy at disposal options on several occassions. They stay well within their limited shelf life once stored well. They may be stored easily in kitchen cabinets, cupboards or refrigerators. They can last up to a year or sometimes even... -

How To Store Beer

Beer gurgling in the glass from the bottle starts shaking anyone to drink it up. To enjoy this, the beer must have stayed well since it has been stored.   It is a common assumption that beer as compared to wines or other liquors have a shorter shelf... -

How To Store Wine

Wine gets better with age is a fact.   Aroma, flavour and texture mark the strength of the brew of the wine. Retaining it can be accomplished when you know how to store wine better.   Wine ages well when stored in cool, dark, less winded and... -

How To Store Juices

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How Do I Grill Corn In The Husk

What can be more exciting than indulging in a scrumptious treat of crisp and seasoned grilled corn in a cozy corner shaded from spattering downpour? Corn in the husk is a delectable treat over monsoons. The corn gives out a smoky flavor with a buttery feel.... -

Why The Table Decoration At Restaurant Sets Apart?

The mention of the word table decoration instantly triggers off the idea that it is all about laying the fork, knife, spoons and plates in the right places across the table. Yes to an extent but for the moment we can leave it to the grooming experts in the... -