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Bollywood Superstar Akshay Kumar's Favourite Recipe

  The Bollywood superstar has shared his fave recipe on Twitter! In a bid to promote his latest stint as host of television show  Master Chef India ,  Akshay Kumar  has posted one of his best culinary preparations on his Twitter... -

Food At Spice Village, Goa

We visited Goa a  couple of days ago. It was a short trip – just 2 days – but great fun. I almost curse myself for not having gone there till now (yes, this was my first trip!). Can’t wait to get back. Apart from the churches and markets,... -

Mid-day Meal

Yesterday, we were shooting near a school in a village at Vaitharna, Maharashtra. I've known about the mid-day meal program but always wondered about the quality of the food provided. Given the extent of poverty in our country, and the huge population... -

Chicken Eating Chicken!

I don't really know what all chicken feed on, but when I was shooting for my television show, during lunch break I noticed that it was eating time for the chicken, too! (Food Fun, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Mumbai Trivia, Vaitharna) -

'train' Delivery-food Delivered To Your Seat!

Most cities, big and small, have home delivery. Mumbai’s right at the top where I’ve had from a window A.C. to a cup of tea delivered home. Last month we were travelling from Mumbai to Patna by train when I came across this ad pasted near... -

How To Post Pictures In A Blog???

Hi everyone! Well, I've posted a no. of blogs in the past (with a lot of pictures) but am unable to upload pics for sometime! Earlier, I used to click on the 'tree' icon in the 'body' section of a blog...that resulted... -

Gordon Ramsay & Hemant Oberoi Cook For Mumbai Tonight

From Bombay Times, Times of India. TOO MANY COOKS... WHAT’S COOKING? Hemant Oberoi, Hillary Clinton and Gordon Ramsay This... -

Have Money? Eat For Free!

There’s always a problem for change (loose currency) (or ‘chhutta’ or ‘khulla’ or ‘khudra’ or 'chillar' in Hindi). I’ve faced it while buying tickets in buses, at local train stations, at shops, with the home delivery guy-everyone... -

Drying Papad On A Car Roof

Papad is a thin Indian wafer/cracker/flatbread. Recipes may vary, but typically it is made from lentil, chickpea, black gram or rice flour. Salt and peanut oil are added to make a dough, which can be flavored with seasonings such as chili, cumin, garlic or... -

Old Clothes For New Utensils!

As a child, I was always intrigued by women who moved in the gullies with a bundle on their head, exchanging new utensils (usually of steel or aluminium) and plastic buckets, for old clothes. This sight is very common in small towns in India  & is... -

Slumdog Cocktails

When the whole of India (and the world) is HIGH on the Slumdog triumph at the Oscars , how can the restaurants and pubs in Mumbai stay far behind? Bars owners are getting creative and have come up with some great shots and cocktails, dedicated... -

Delhi 6 - Paradise For Foodies

For food, my favourite place in India is Delhi-6 or Dilli-6 in Hindi. For those who don’t know, the ‘6’ in Delhi-6 denotes the pincode/zipcode of the area. It’s actually, Delhi – 110006. No other part of the city is referred to like this.... -

A Week At An Irani Cafe

A few years ago, I worked at an Irani Cafe for a week. I wasn't employed by them but I CHOSE to work there, in order to prepare for a role in a bollywood film. Eventually, the film didn't take off then, but in those seven days, I got to... -

Giant Strawberry For $560!

Mahabaleshwar ( Maharashtra , India ) is famous for growing strawberries. I was in that area (Panchgani, Wai, Mahabaleshwar) on a film shoot, for 2 months. We did have some outdoor locations, and a few of us in the crew, always found time to... -

Chakki Mein Pis Gaye!

I was on my way for a meeting in Tardeo (Mumbai) when I spotted these three men (workers) in a flour mill (aata chakki) enjoying their afternoon siesta. They must've been too tired to let the noise from the traffic and construction work across the road... -

Chai-na At Kala Ghoda

The Kala Ghoda Festival (an annual cultural event in Mumbai) ended today. I paid a visit on 2 days and was tempted to go again...the ambience is colourful, festive and a great getaway from all the chaos that is there in a regular Mumbaikar's life. The... -

Valentine's Day Recommended Recipes

Valentine’s day, the day designated for love is incomplete without good food to complement it. From aphrodisiacs to sugar coated fruits and colorful, the cocktails, the list goes on & on. Here are 10 such superlative dishes that are sure to entrench... -

Valentine's Recommended Blogs

  There's quite a bit on the site about Valentine's Day. These are some of the blogs that talk about the celebration of love. I'm sure I've missed some...especially those that haven't been tagged with the... -

Egyptian Cuisine At Surajkund Fair

This year, the Surajkund mela (fair), being held just 8 kms from the Indian capital, New Delhi, is being organized in partnership with Egypt, a country famous for its rich tradition of food, culture and arts and craft. This... -

Keira Knightley Loves Indian Curry

Keira Knightley loves Indian curry. pic: The British actress says that her perfect night is to sit at home with a spicy In dian meal and some beer. Describing her dream evening... -

Salt In Fastfood-a Danger To Health

For long I had a habit of taking green chillies and extra salt with every meal. Nothing that was served to me seemed to have an adequate dose of salt. I’d ask for it with everything…all my meals and whatever I snacked on in between…to the extent that... -

Valentine Aphrodisiac Dessert - Paan

It’s the Valentine season. There’s love all around. There are flowers, chocolates, diamonds, and of course, candle-lit dinners…and what better way to round off a romantic meal than a HEART-SHAPED PAAN!   Paan In Indian Culture -

Valentine Gift - The Chocolate Bar Brownie Pan

Got any ideas on what to gift your valentine? Well, if she or he has a thing for chocolates, The Chocolate Bar Brownie Pan is something that you could consider. Chocolate comes in various forms and shapes but the first image that most of us... -

Chocolate Room For Valentine's Day!

Brooke Shields has unveiled a chocolate-covered hotel room that is up for grabs in a special Valentine's Day contest. Brooke Shields poses alongside chocolate sculptures in the V-Day special room at the Bryant Park Hotel, New... -

Kada Prasad-the Sacred Pudding

India i s a land of diversities – we have many different religions, castes, sects, languages, traditions and practices. These practices, on their own, are unique – in terms of rituals, ceremonies, and also the food that is cooked/consumed. I’ve... -

Brahm-bhoj (feast For The Brahmins)

Brahm-bhoj (The feast offered to Brahmins) Brahm (for Brahmin) bhoj (for feast) is a unique ritual of feeding Brahmins. It is considered auspicious and is practiced on occasions as diverse as a child’s... -

My Love For Shaami Kababs

The first time I tried Shaami or Shammi Kabab was at Nirula’s in Connaught Place, New Delhi…and was hooked. Though Nirula’s serves pretty decent variety, I always end up ordering for Shaami Kabab everytime I visit the famous restaurant. There are many... -

Disco Papaya, Nylon Dhokla!!!

I came across these funky names in the local mall...there's a papaya that's called a 'Disco Papaya' and a kind of dhokla that has the word 'Nylon' prefixed to it. I tried to find the reasons for the unique nomenclature,... -

Kitchen As Sanctuary: The Healing Touch

I read this very interesting article in The Times of India. Its been written by MARGUERITE THEOPHIL. The writer is a Mumbai-based organisational consultant, personal growth coach and workshop leader. Many ancient medical texts refer to food as medicine.... -

French Toast And Hugs

  Today is the first day of the rest of your life, start it right with french toast! – says the home page of . It’s an initiative that was started by Shyam Yadav some years ago. He celebrates love and friendship by... -

Living Only On Milk For 3 Decades!

This is from a news article that I read in 'Mumbai Mirror' a few days ago. Parents tired of coaxing their kids to drink milk would find in this Mumbai resident an ideal role model. For, over the last 33 years, Anil... -

Bollywood Burner-world's Hottest Curry

pic from Indian chef cooks world’s hottest curry   Vivek Singh, a London-based Indian chef, has created a dish that he says is the world’s hottest curry . It is so hot it comes with a... -

Hindi Food Quotes

Doodh ka jala, chhaachh bhi phook phook kar peeta hai Literal – One who’s burnt his tongue having hot mik will even blow over buttermilk, before drinking it?!? (somebody plz translate that for me!) English equivalent – Once bitten,... -

Rabri & Her 3 Sweet Sisters

     Rabri (L) and Rabri (R) Pictures from and India is a country with diversity. We have diverse religions, diverse castes, diverse cultures and diverse traditions that are followed by diverse people... -

Just Ask For 'hcf'

We human beings don’t like long names. We’d rather abbreviate everything…it’s convenient and it also saves time! We’ve done it very regularly with films (DDLJ, K3G), with celebs (SRK, BIG B, J-LO & K-JO), with film genres (Sci-Fi, Rom-Com), with... -

Chicken Without Sexual Life And Other Funny Chinese Dishes

Beijing is set to host the Olympics in August. As the Chinese capital readies for an influx of visitors, it has offered restaurants an official English translation of local dishes whose exotic names and alarming translations can leave foreign visitors... -

And Now, 'aishwarya' Mangoes!

  We've just had a particular breed named after the railways minister of India, Lalu Yadav ( ), and now we have ' Aishwarya' mangoes, named after, perhaps the most... -

Creating Diamonds From Tequila!

    Earlier this month, a friend of mine gifted a diamond pendant to his wife on her first birthday after their wedding. Next month, my wife will celebrate her first birthday since we tied the knot and she’s already (very cutely) hinted at a... -

'lalu' Mango Sells Like Hot Cake

         Mango (pic for representation)                  Lalu sipping tea from a kulhar (earthen cup) Lalu Prasad Yadav is undoubtedly the most popular politician in India . With a highly successful run... -

Big B : Sexiest Vegetarian

  Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan turns 66 on October 11, 2008 , yet the superstar-super actor continues to churn out potboilers year after year. The veteran has been facing the camera for almost four decades now but he just... -

Tea Bag Turns 100!

reworked pic, originally from : This month, the tea bag turns 100. Interestingly, like a lot of other inventions, the tea bag too was an accident. In June, 1908, in order to cut costs, Thomas... -

Patent For 'tirupati Laddu'

This article is from The Times of India, Mumbai (8 June, 2008)   Patent for Tirupati laddu Tirupati: The sacred laddu ‘prasadam’, popularly known as ‘Tirupati laddu’ at the famous hill shrine of Lord Venkateswara... -

Bush Links Rising Food Prices With Indian Middle Class

George Bush's recent comments where he held the prosperity of the Indian Middle Class responsible for the rise in food prices across the globe evoked adverse reactions from the people and the media. Some took it as a direct blame on Indians and even took... -

Bombay Duck Or Mumbai Duck?!?

Shiv Sena , the opposition party in Maharashtra is at it again. They are up in arms against the use of the name ‘Bombay’ (the former name of Mumbai). They’d officially changed the name of the city some years ago when they were the ruling party here... -

Dussehra Food Court At Ram Lila Grounds In Delhi

For those who don't know,  Dussehra is a 10-day-long Hindu festival celebrated to mark the victory of Lord Ram over the evil Rakshas Monarch, Ravan. The final day marks the death of Ravan at the hands of Ram. "Ram... -

Quotes Celebrating Food

One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well. Virgina Woolf Let us eat and drink; for tomorrow we shall die. Bible-Isaiah 22:13 There is no love sincerer than the love of food. George Bernard Shaw Your... -

Travelogue - Delhi-udaipur

Carrying on from : On Day 2, in the evening, we visit the Monsoon palace. The rulers... -

Travelogue - Udaipur-ahmedabad

Carrying on from We start our day with the 'complimentary' breakfast at the roof top restaurant of our hotel, Jaiwana Haveli. Toast, masala omlette and fruit... -

Travelogue - Delhi-udaipur-ahmedabad-mumbai

We'd gone to Delhi to be with family. After our stay, my wife wanted to get her car to Mumbai. Instead of having it tansported, we decided to drive down. The trip was great fun and also an eye opener. Got our car papers in order just... -

Rajasthani Thali

On our second night in Udaipur, we visited this place called Aapni Dhaani. If you don't have time to visit a small village, here's your chance to get a feel for Rajasthani folk culture. Aapni Dhaani offers camel rides, playground swings,... -

Traditional Indian Kitchen

I took these pictures at the City Palace in Udaipur. The snaps depict an Indian kitchen in the old days. Infact, even today, most households (especially rural) rely on these basic articles.   Grinders made of stone. Used to grind (and/or)... -

Maharana's Royal Dining Room

These are pictures from the Udaipur City Palace (Rajasthan, India). The Maharanas (rulers of the Mewar Dynasty) lived here. The Mewars worshipped the sun daily. After his pooja , the Maharana would sit in this 'all glass n mirror'... -

You've Eaten 5 Star Chocolate. Ever Tried 3 Star?

It's common...if one product/concept works, you'll definitely have a few clones, but some go a step ahead. I was in Bihar in December and took my wife around the ruins of what was once Nalanda University (one of the first and the largest in... -

Cooking The Ifood Way - I Attempted Snigdha's Egg Biryani Recipe

I came across this recipe (Thank you, Snigdha) just yesterday and thought of trying it out. Earlier too I’ve wanted to attempt some of the stuff posted on ifood but was lazy. This time though, I brought myself to... -

Happy Birthday Message Wall Delivered To Shahrukh Khan

  How I got the Life Size Print of the Message Wall containing 1000+ Happy Birthday Messages Delivered at SRK's House/office!! 8.30a.m.- Chintan , Nitin and Sharib have to send me the pdf file for the messagewall... -

Food At 'jama Masjid'

On the eve of Eid, we went to Jama Masjid (Delhi) at midnight. As expected, the area was brightly lit, the atmosphere was festive. The ambience outside Jama Masjid has always intrigued me. I've been there quite a few times, especially for inexpensive but... -

Iftar At Md. Ali Road, Mumbai

On Tuesday, we went to Mohammed Ali Road In Mumbai. I'm very fond of the Jama Masjid area in Delhi for it's awesome Mughlai food...Md. Ali Road is its equivalent in Mumbai. We relished some of the best Tandoori fare. The USP of this place is... -

In India, Cricket = Religion

There are no two ways about it. In India, Cricket = Religion. Infact, the various religions that we follow, at times, pull us apart...but there's one that gets us together - CRICKET. The 25th of September was the final day of the 10 day long... -

Donut Pics

Had the opportunity to shoot the start to finish donut making process at the AMERICAN DONUT SHOPPE ( ) in Mumbai. Here are some pics. You can also watch the video at Dough being cut... -

Janmashtami Cuisine

Today is Janmashtami . Janmashtami is celebrated in India to mark the birth of Lord Krishna . The rituals and customs observed on this day are varied. There’s fasting by devotees, chanting of mantras and shlokas, singing devotional songs, dancing to... -

Asha Khatau's Cooking For Ifood

Some days ago, I was introduced to Ms. Asha Khatau. I know her niece, Ashika. She’s the girl who anchored the Muchhad Paan Wala video. I remember Ashika telling me, “My aunt is a great cook and has also had her recipes published. You should feature her on... -

Laloo's Litti, Charles' Chukka

  Laloo Prasad Yadav has by far been the most popular politician in the country, thanks to his native wit and rustic charm that has cut across people from all walks of life within India and abroad. His one-liners have made even his most ardent... -

Goodwill Hunting

In order to film the man on the street and get his views on our “Flavors Beyond Borders” event, yesterday, Raavi and I went to The Gateway Of India, Mumbai to “hunt” for goodwill messages. The people were a bit hesitant to speak (mainly because they... -

Ifood-way To Go!

          I was pleasantly surprised to find out that   is actually getting very popular here (I’m writing from Mumbai and I have been featuring stuff…mainly street food).... -

"paan" Flavoured Condoms

  “PAAN” FLAVOURED CONDOMS India ’s first customized condom for sex workers and World’s only condom available in “Paan” flavour. The good old paan with its addictive flavour is now... -

Funny Food Quotes-must Read

All you see, I owe to spaghetti. Sophia Loren I do not like broccoli. And I haven't liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. And I'm President of the United States and I'm not going to eat any... -