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Desi Food Truck In Videsi New York

Guys just check out this desi food truck outlet in new york city. You will get delicious food and flavored by some desi music. The truck is decorated with lots of colorful images of desi film stars. For more information read this article. ... -

Holy City Of Ajmer

Ajmer was founded by Raja Ajay Pal Chauhan in 7 th Century. The main attraction of Ajmer is Muin-ud-Din Chisti's Dargah that is uniformly reversed by both Hindus&Muslims. The Ajmer lives up with the traditions of religions and cultures. The mughal... -

Travelogue - Goa

Sun, Sea, and Sand are three things which are associated with Goa. Recent incident have given Goa a wrong name, but believe me, if you don’t indulge yourself in something which can land you in trouble then Goa is one of the safest place In India. The people... -