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The Sitting Duck Marrow!

Of all things weird and wonderful, this has gotta be my favorite ever! A marrow that mother nature crafted like a lovely little duck. If only it had three small marrows behind it that looked like ducklings but I guess that would be asking a bit too much! ... -

Crash Dieting Turns Wedding Into Funeral

Crash dieting can be dangerous , and the fact of it has been proven time and again by doctors and in practicality by quite a few number of fashion and couture who under sheer peer pressure and to live up to the dress sizes have dramatically dropped their... -

The Two In One Apple – Literally!

What are the chances of finding an apple that literally gives you a ‘two in one’ taste and look ?? Well, it is more than 1 in a million…!     The apple that looks like as if its made by slicing and sticking two halves of a... -

Spiritual Fruit - The Buddha Pear…!!

Make way for the most amazingly shaped fruit ever! Square melons and other geometrically shaped veggies and fruits, make way! The ‘Budhha pear’ is here!     These pears look like little miracles hanging from trees. If you are... -

Blueberry Juice To Fight Obesity And Diabetes

Fruit lovers rejoice! You have all the more reason to include that glass of fresh fruit juice in your breakfast now. Most fruits and berries are high in anti-oxidants which benefit the body in numerous ways. Now medical researches have suggested... -

Sweet ‘booster Broccoli’ For Your Heart

A new and genetically enhanced broccoli has now been officially declared the super hero of ‘super vegetables’. Yes, I know, I’m the one for broccoli and its benefits but hey, this is one miraculous veggie!!     This ‘booster... -

Sweet Facts About Strawberries!!

Do you love strawberries and crave for its fresh flavor in every dessert of choice?? Then this is good news for you!! Strawberries are one of nature’s healthiest berries, heart friendly and protective, with anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory properties... -

Soy Products Are Good For The Lungs

Bean sprouts and tempeh have always been my favorites in soy product and Chinese cooking. Now a recent health study has revealed that apart from the other numerous health benefits, soy food products can prevent and even relieve a dangerous lung disease. ... -

Bean Down The Ages!! Literally…!

'Beans, beans, the magical fruit! The more you eat, the more you toot. The more you toot, the better you feel, So eat some beans at every meal!'       This may not be the best rhyme about beans but here are some facts... -

Ginkgo- The Living Fossil May Cure Neuropathic Pain

Ongoing experiments with the extracts of the Ginkgo biloba or the ginkgo tree have shown the possibility of curing or significantly reducing neuropathic pain that many people with herpes zoster or diabetes and limb injury may experience.   ... -

Dangers Of Going Overboard With Diet And Weight Loss

Unhealthy and overly indulgent lifestyle will easily tip your scales towards increasing positive integers and result in weight gain . So what do you do to combat this very common but also one of the most ineffectively dealt with problems. Do you... -

Indian Curries Keep The Brain Healthy!

Eating Indian curry now seems to have double benefits. According to a new research the chemical in turmeric used in Indian curries have a beneficial effect on the brain and helps prevent dementia and brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease. ... -

High Prana Food And What They Really Are

What is prana?   Prana is the life force that creates every single thing on this planet and sustains life. One might say that it is well the cosmic energy that is present in every thing, from living to non living. Prana is visible in living... -

New Soy Cereal Fights Cancer And Obesity!

A new soy cereal has been developed at the University of Illinois that is cinnamon-flavored and fights obesity and cancer. For those who think soy products rocks…. High five!! We proved the meat eaters wrong yet again… take that, meat eaters! ... -

The Foodie’s Radio Station!

Ever heard of the internet radio station ‘Pandora’? Well, there is something here that will get your interest. Every band featured in at the Pandora radio station has a food item in their name:   Casper and the cookies, The String... -

Drink Tea For A Healthy Heart And Brain

Tea has been hailed as a popular beverage for a long time now and now it has proved to have health benefits too. Drinking tea can keep heart risks at bay and boost your brain health.     According to medical research tea has... -

Folic Acid In Broccoli Cures Allergies & Asthma

Folic acid or vitamin B9 is a crucial vitamin required by the body. Amongst natural food, broccoli has the highest concentration of folic acid or folate.     I have propagated the benefits of broccoli once before in my... -

‘rocket’ Herb Relives Gastric Ulcers

A herb called rocket herb or arugula , scientific name Eruca sativa is now said to relieve stomach ulcer, gastric ulcers and its effects. The rocket herb or arugula is native to the Mediterranean region.     Research on rats with... -

Can You Tell Pate From Dog Food?

Ever wondered what dog food tastes like..? Well, according to a recent survey, you don’t really have to taste dog food to know. You can taste pate and know…!!   In a study conducted by Robin Goldstein of the American Association of... -

Cooking On Salt Slab Cookware??!!

I always believed that salt is the supreme flavoring agent that brings out the flavor in every food. Now you can not only cook with it but cook on slabs of it directly over your stove!  These new slabs of pink salt that are mined in Pakistan have... -

Mother’s Day Simnel Cake (old N' Traditional)

There is a Jewish proverb that says ‘God could not be everywhere, so he made mothers’. There cannot be a more apt way to describe what a mother does for her young ones. This mother’s day it is time to make her something special for all the special... -

Leak Proof Tomato?! (saving The Sandwich)

A new breed of specially designed tomatoes has been developed at Nunhems in Haelen, Netherlands that promises to make life better for sandwich lovers all over the planet. Why u ask? Well, that is because it is leak proof , which means no runny juices, no... -

Want A Memory Booster? Try Walnuts!

Nuts have long been recommended for a healthy diet. Now further studies have shown that walnuts can boost your memory along with improving age related motor skills and cognitive memory , especially in old people. In my earlier blog,... -

Swine Flu: Food, Safety And Prevention

Does swine flu spread through food? Swine flu viruses are not transmitted by food . One cannot get swine influenza from eating pork or pork products. The disease was initially and allegedly transmitted by pigs to their human care takers from where... -

Tacking Swine Flu Online And Being Safe

One cannot possibly fight the outbreak of swine flu but being safe and keeping a track of outbreak and having a lookout for a possible pandemic near your area is something that can be and should be done seriously. Fortunately, you can track... -

Grapes: Lowers Bp And Keeps Heart Healthy

Grapes have long been held as being very healthy for the heart. In fact a bunch of hanging grapes even roughly resembles the shape of a heart. How do grapes benefit the heart? Grapes and grape juice are rich in... -

Race Car: Made Of Vegetables And Runs On Chocolate!!

A racing car made of vegetables and powered by chocolate has been designed by a team from the Warwick Innovative Manufacturing research Center at Britain’s University of Warwick. The racing car which is set to launch next month can do up to 145... -

Bowel Problem? Turmeric Can Help!

Turmeric has long been hailed as one of nature’s most potent cures for innumerable ailments ranging from cuts and burns to headache, fever, diarrhea, bowel irritation and is also currently been investigated for its curative effects in diseases like ... -

Vegetable Juice+ Diet = Weight Loss

Drinking one glass of vegetable juice daily can help  you   loose weight and fight obesity. However, make sure that that  it is low sodium vegetable juice, if you are buying the juice from the market. According to a recent study, a controlled diet... -

Adorable And Funny Foodie Pets' Videos!

We cant get enough of our pets. Some are funny, some are bold, some not so bold, some are just plain going bonkers and some are foodies like us!! Check them out! You call yourself a foodie?? Huh…?! Do you? Well, can you do this?? I dare you! Leave a... -

Chocolate And Hot Cocoa Makes A Math Genius!

Chocolate and hot cocoa can make you a wizard with arithmetic. Did I just hear a gasp from chocolate lovers? Yes, my sinful friends and fellow men and women; research has found that mental arithmetic and math can become a piece of cake with the... -

Early Childhood Nutrition Makes Smarter Kids

Healthy and well balanced early childhood nutrition to up to 3 years of age can shape your child’s develeopment in education and I.Q for life. Researchers have found that children who eat porridge for breakfast and meals rich in omega 3 (an... -

Mediterranean Menu Diet And Nuts Keep Your Heart Healthy!

A study based on randomized diets, menus and eating patterns has lead medical researchers to believe that a Mediterranean diet and a long with a rich intake of nuts is the key to a healthy heart. The study revealed that the main heart problems are... -

Coffee Lowers Stroke Risk!

It has been found that the antioxidants in coffee help reduce and lower the chance of a stroke in women who drink 2-3 cups of coffee daily. This hot beverage helps reduce the risk of a stroke by up to 12% in women to drink coffee regularly as opposes to... -

Broccoli Can Help Prevent Stomach Cancer!

Here is a good news for veggie lovers… Eating 3 day old broccoli sprouts can ward off stomach cancer and other stomach ulcers and gastritis related problems. We all knew that sprouts are good for us but this is a succulent piece of information! ... -

‘good Fat’ That Burns Calories!!

What if body fat could actually help you burn calories and reduce… sounds like a dream come true eh?? Well, believe it or not researchers have found the presence of brown fats which are present in human babies and infants and actually help burn... -

Memory Erasing Drug: Is It Worth It?

Scientists have discovered a drug that can totally erase memory including both short term and even old and powerful memories. Having said this I cannot help but wonder whether in the long run, this drug called ‘ZIP’ will or won’t be subjected to... -

Morrissay's Veggie Whims!

Sometimes the demands that celebrities make and people oblige to, makes me wish I was a celeb too. Being a vegetarian, Morrissey, the controversial English singer did something that raised quite a few eyebrows in New York during his concert there on... -

Can Cats And Dogs Go Vegan/vegetarian?

While choosing your own food and deciding what diet to follow is one’s own free choice, deciding the same for your naturally carnivorous/omnivorous pet can be hard and something of a guilt-trip. Most vegans take up the diet that they choose because... -

Top 7 Vegan And Vegetarian Blog Sites!!

I love vegetarian and vegan food but I hate compromising on the taste. I did a little hunting around on the ‘www’ for sometime for yummy and delicious vegan and vegetarian recipes that are big on taste and flavor and satisfy your wildest gourmet... -

World Record: Giant Vegetables

  The British Royal Bath & West showground, near Shepton Mallet, held its renowned giant vegetable contest late last year.   The record breaking vegetable was a marrow (type of gourd) weighing in... -

Taste Altering ‘miracle Berry’!!

Here is a sweet ...sweet fact. The ‘miracle fruit’ or Synsepalum dulcificum is a berry that tastes like flavorless gummy but when chewed and rubbed into the tongue, releases a chemical that alters the perception of the human taste buds and makes... -

Donating Body For Animal Rights – Peta’s Ingrid Newkirk’s Unique Will!

You may have heard of a lot of ‘wills’ that people make to live on after death through varied means or donating one’s property or money for the general good. But here is the unique will of PETA co-founder Ingrid Newkirk. She plans to donate her body... -

Fighting Stomach Ulcers With Yogurt

Finally, there is now a drug free and delicious treat to ‘treat’ stomach ulcer! What is it…? It is yogurt! 25 million people in the US alone are affected by stomach ulcers and research has shown that such ulcers are caused mainly by a type of... -

Top 10 Prisons Serving Veg Food

Food of choice is the right of every citizen and it seems like some prison inmates are making very good choices when it comes to food. PETA has complied a list of US prisons that best cater to the diets of vegan and vegetarian inmates. The... -

Curing Diabetes In 30 Days!

Raw green food and diet has long been claimed by many as the cure to man’s many health problems. Here at last is a remarkable proof of the miracles it can do for your body provided you have the discipline to stick to it and at the same time enjoy it as an... -

Vegetarian Diet Lowers Overall Cancer Risk

What was a long held belief is now finally proved by medical researchers. A balanced vegetarian diet lowers the overall risk of all kinds of cancer.   British researchers analysed data from 52,700 men and women which showed that those who were on a... -