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A History Of Halloween

    Very few people would think to associate Halloween with the Celtic culture of ancient Ireland, but that's exactly where the holiday has its origins. The Celtic celebration of Sanhain (pronounced sow-in) began 2,000 years ago... -

Mouthwatering Individual Dessert

A variety of wonderful dessert pecks in a single platter; not just visually pleasing but also appetizingly inviting! I just love finding dessert recipes that not just taste awesome, but also are innovative enough to surprise and excite the taste buds that... -

Is It Fruit Salad Mouthwatering ???

If you are looking for a better way to make and present a fruit salad, here's something you would fall for. I feel there isn't any such fruit or vegetable I have missed out; also the subtle contrast of shades, texture, taste and smell give the... -

Best Cheese Fondue

  If you are looking for a better way to make and present a fondu dish, here's something you would fall in love with. The plating, fruit accessorization, the colors, and the taste profile, they are all perfect and combine into a devinely... -

Seasoning Of Eggs Pan

  A common cry during Breakfast in the kitchen is “Who washed my egg pans?” Water destroys a seasoned surface, and cooking a hamburger or anything else in an egg pan causes the same frustration. Egg pans should be used for eggs only! A porous cooking... -

Cooking Of Eggs

COOKING OF EGGS! Eggs can be prepared for breakfast, brunch or a meal in a number of ways Fried Eggs Poached Eggs Boiled Eggs Shirred Eggs Omelets FRIED EGGS A fried egg has to be glossy, tender and moist no matter what the degree of doneness... -

About Eggs

                              EGGS In the kitchen eggs are used in various cooking techniques and processes; and they are as versatile as they are magical, with thickening, absorbing, stabilizing, aerating and lifting... -

About Beef

Beef is the most fortifying and most nourishing of all red meat, and is probably one of the most recognized types of meat. Most people are comfortable buying and cooking beef, and beef can take on many different flavours. It can be herb crusted, marinated or... -

Basic Of Salad Dressings

In general, salad dressings are based on either vegetable oils, such as olive, groundnut, sunflower, grape seed, sesame seed, walnut and hazelnut, most of which have their own particular flavours but where pride of place goes to the various qualities of olive... -

Cleaning And Preparation Of Salad

  The possible combinations and permutations of ingredients used in the preparation of salads is almost unlimited and this can give wide scope to the person entrusted with their preparation.  It does, however, require a feeling for the... -

Edible Flowers

List of Edible flowers   1.         Chrysanthemum 2.         Marigold 3.         Chinese Jasmine 4. ... -

Christmas Eve Menu


Interesting Facts About Oil

  ·        Oils extracted from a single vegetable species are known as pure     ·        The label vegetable indicates that they are a mixture     ... -

What Is Punjabi Cuisine??

    Punjab –the land of five rivers Punjab ,the land of the five rivers-Beas,Satluj,Chenab,Ravi and Jhelum,is also called the land of milk and honey.Perhaps it would be appropriate to call it the land of plenty!! Punjabi... -

Some Basic Rules For Cheese Boards

    ·        Cheese is one of the truly great foods.High in protein,rich in calcium and vitamins A and D,cheese is loved for its versatility.   ·        ... -

In Our Kitchen, Prevention Is Our First Priority...

IN OUR KITCHEN, PREVENTION IS FUNDAMENTAL Always, chose your equipment and utensils     Stainless steel     Hard plastic     Avoid wood Advantages     Easy to clean, dry and maintain     No fissure ... -

Are Micro-organisms Becoming Dangerous In Your Kitchen?

When micro-organisms become dangerous? When they are reproducing in large number Development of micro-organisms depends on     Aliment’s composition -    Water content -    Protein content -    Other nutritive elements... -

Why Hygiene Is So Important In Our Kitchen?

Hygiene is protecting aliments against, q Contamination (micro-organisms) q Development of micro-organisms Prevention: micro-organisms enter our kitchen through, q Contaminated aliments q Dirty utensils q Man q Animals... -

Did You Know??????

  Margarine, when introduced in the late 1800's, was banned in the US as a harmful drug and its sale restricted. Later, it was heavily taxed and stores needed a license to sell it!   An estimated 13 million Americans consider... -

Understanding The Label On A Bottle Of Olive Oil

What is extra-virgin oilive oil, anyway ?   Extra virgin simply means ‘the oil from the first pressing.”   It has perfect flavour, colour and aroma, and no more than 1% acidity.   Virgin or pure oil comes from the second pressing of the... -

Aged Balsamic Vinegars And What Makes Them So Darn Smooth

  Whatever you do, don’t confuse the balsamic vinegar that you can purchase for five bucks at the local market for the sensational, traditional aged balsamic vinegar of Reggio Emilia in Modena, Italy.   This stuff rules! This balsamic vinegar is... -

Basic Sauce Of Chinese Food.........

  HONEY SAUCES--- Tomato sauce---2½bottles h.p. sauce---2btl(1200ml.) Oyster sauce, L.P. sauce,sugar, salt, ajinomoto,red color   and honey. SWEET AND SOUR SAUCE--- ... -

Chinese Ingredient List


Methods Of Chinese Cooking

  • CHUAN– quick and rapid boiling • SHINAN--- instant boiling and rinsing. • AO----stewing and braising • ... -

Basic Flavourings Of Chinese Food

BASIC FLAVOURINGS SALTY---salt, soya sauce,soya bean paste SWEET—sugar, honey, jam ,jellies SOUR----vinegar, plum sauce,tomato sauce, wine. HOT---chilli, peppers, ginger, mustard BITTER---almonds, orange peel, herbs ... -

What Is Bisques

                                            : The term Bisque is almost always used these days to denote thick soups prepared from crustaceans although these can with some... -

You Know Miscellaneous Soups

Mock Turtle Soup :- This is a soup made with calf’s head, brown stock and turtle herbs.   Clam Chowder :- This is a soup made with diced potatoes and clams and finished with cream.   C -

National Soups Of The World

AMERICAN: MANHATTAN CLAM CHOWDER:Chopped Clams in fish stock, potatoes, pork, leeks, celery, carrots, and tomatoes. CHICKEN OKRA :Consommé with tomato stock and celery. A garnish of rice, okra, tomatoes and... -

Classification Of Soup

Soups can be classified into two main categories : Ø      Clear soup Ø      Thick soups   Clear Soups – Consommés and Bouillon’s These... -

What Is Soup?by Vibs

The number of different soups and their possible further range of new creations is virtually unlimited, in effect they can utilize either singly or in combination almost any of the available food commodities.   Historically soups are derived... -

Shellfish Stock And Fish Stock

SHELLFISH STOCK This is often used as a base for Bisques and shellfish Consomnes.Whenever you cook crab, lobster, or shrimps you can reserve the shells and use them for this stock.     FISH STOCK ... -

What Is Glazes?

They are simply stocks cooked to a gelatinous consistency. Meat glaze is made from brown stock, Glace de volaille is made from chicken stock, and Glace de poisson is from fish stock. To prepare a glaze first reduce the stock to half its volume, strain it, and... -

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Stock Making By Chef Vibs

Making of stocks is not very difficult if you remember these basic guidelines: Always start the stock with cold liquid. If you add hot water to meat, it causes the meat to release soluble proteins quickly into the surrounding liquid.   These... -

Kebabs Of Rajasthan By Chef Vibs

ü     Surkhila ebab : Mutton mince, ginger garlic paste, Rajasthani spices and red chilli paste, cooked in tandoor.K ü     Murg ke parche : Chicken breast in curd, cream, cheese, black pepper, Rajasthani spices,... -

Traditional Rajasthani Appetisers

ü     Anch :   Roasted raw mango, peel and make puree. Add some Rajasthani herbs (deghi mirch, dry mint salt, cloves). Mint flavoured and green chillies are also used for extra flavour. ü       ... -

Rajasthani Or Marwari Cuisine By Vibs

The desert state of India – Rajasthan has so much life and colour in its cities, encircled by strong walls and dominated by massive awe inspiring forts. Travelling through cities is like turning pages of a book on Rajasthani history; its culture,... -

Love Really Is?

What does the Bible tell us about LOVE? "GOD is Love You are a "NEW" creation. "Behold all things have become new." Shouldn't that LOVE be evident in our lives? Shouldn't that kind... -

Culinary Dictionary - Milling

 MILLING In stone milling there are two round granite stones shaped like truck tyres. Each weighs hundreds of kilos and is cold to the touch. Fitted with hardware one rotates slowly while pressed heavily against the other. When the miller layers whole... -

What Is "organic Flours"

ORGANIC FLOURS are flours that are grown in fields that are fertilized by naturally occurring substances-composted materials, aged animal manure, and green manure’s. The soil as a result becomes more loose and this allows the roots to grow deeper, and the... -

Interesting Facts About Wheat

Wheat is the backbone of most yeast breads. A wheat berry (the actual seed that is clustered on the stalk) is an edible power package. Within just one wheat berry is the near perfect balance of nutrients that so efficiently sustained our ancestors. Upto 19... -

Importance Of Salad

The popularity of salads in one form or another has never been so great as it is today - the latter part of the twentieth century.   The eating of salads is perceived by all sections of the population as making a positive contribution to good health and... -

Origins Of Mango

The mango is native to southern Asia, especially Burma and eastern India. It spread early on to Malaya, eastern Asia and eastern Africa. Mangos were introduced to California (Santa Barbara) in 1880. MANGO, a member of the Anachardiaceae... -

Thoughts & Facts On Indian Cooking

To the uninitiated, Indian cooking seems like a jigsaw puzzle, incapable of solution. The reason is simple: we had a glorious tradition of health conscious cuisine, but we totally botched it up. It is a pity that with colonization, the glorious tradition... -

History Of Lettuce

Lettuce has been grown for more than 2500 years. It has been grown mostly in the northern hemisphere. Grown wild over   and prized for its large edible leaves which are very refreshing in salads popular with the Greeks   and romans for the milky... -

Key To Bakery - Yeast

In 1665 a   baker decided to add brewers yeast to his dough to leaven it. The arch duchess of Austria Maria Theresa was so impressed by the bread produced in this way, that the loaf was called Queens' loaf . Yeast is a microscopic living... -

Wines Of Alsace

  The wine of Alsace reflects the ambivalent situation of a border province. A traveller at the time of the French revolution found it incredible that this land, so clearly intended by nature to be part of Germany, was actually annexed to France.... -

Tandoors In India And World

In India, we have basically three types of tandoors. The small home tandoor- clay and iron. Commercial clay tandoor and commercial iron tandoor. The home clay tandoor is small in size and can accomodate 8 to 10 rotis at a time. In a major improvisation, the... -

.you Want To Know "ajinomoto"

Ajinomoto is the other name of MSG. Most commonly known as MSG, monosodium glutamate is the sodium salt of glutamic acid, which is an amino acid also found in mushrooms. MSG has no flavor of its own, but it does enhance the flavor of other foods.... -


A person who has a good taste and understanding of varied cuisine of the world. Gourmet food would include delicacies which are unique in their own right and can be enjoyed and relished by a person who has a deep understanding of tastes and texture of food. ... -

Senegal Food Demystified!!

Senegal Senegal is a semitropical country; warm, sunny and colorful. Nowhere in Africa do the women wear more exquisite fabrics-the brilliant swatches of cloth wound around them and arranged on their heads in enormous bandannas. They have the... -

Who Is A Chef?

Those chefs who have made the greatest impressions knew that their success depended on several character traits, some of which are inherent, some of which are diligently cultivated throughout A career. A true chef is , among other things a life long student ,... -

All You Want To Know : Stock

 A stock is a flavourful liquid made by gently simmering bones or vegetables in a liquid to extract their flavour, aroma, colour, body, and nutrients. The first stocks were simple broths that were the by-products of poached meats and fish dishes. Before the... -

All You Want To Know : Butter

All butters are made from pasteurized cream and is made by churning cream. Cream is an emulsion of fat droplets dispersed in water. As the cream is churned the fat droplets soften slightly and start to join up as they start to bump into each other. Gradually... -

All You Want To Know : Cream

  Cream is the butter fat content of whole cow’s milk, separated from the water. The principal difference between the various types of cream -single cream, double cream, whipping cream, clotted cream and soured cream - is the balance between water and... -

All You Want To Know : Milk

Milk Milk represents a major ingredient in our diet- poured over cereals, drunk in glasses, in tea and coffee- but it also enters the composition of many dishes especially desserts such as ice-cream, custard, pancakes, rice puddings, etc. It is... -

All You Want To Know : 51 Ways Of Cooking Potato

Cooking of potatoes can be classified depending on the method of preparation Frites: deep fried -Rissoles: roasted/browned -Sautés: shallow fried -Duchesse Mashed with yolks -Dauphine: potato puff. -Potato puree: mashed... -

All You Want To Know : Potato

 Potatoes are neither the fruit nor the root of the potato plant.Potatoes are a portion of the underground stem,which grows slightly above the roots.Potatoes may be round,oval, oblong, irregular, or even kidney shaped. Depending on the variety, they... -

All You Want To Know : Glucose

Commercial glucose is a thick, viscous, clear syrup. It contains dextrin gum that retards the crystallisation of sugar. When it is used in sugar boiling, or making products such as caramel sauce and marzipan, glucose keeps the product pliable, and allows you... -

Culinary Terminology

Patisserie Name of various preparations made of pastry. Also applies to the art of the pastry cook as well as to the place where pastries are sold. Entremets French name of sweet dishes. Dessert Last course of a meal. Also commonly used to describe the sweet... -

The Wheat Story

The Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were entombed with jars of Barley grain to sustain their lives in the next world. The Greeks honored Demeter, the Goddess who gave (or didn’t give) an abundance of growing grain. The Aztecs built temples in which they stored... -

The Cheese Course

Legend has it that the first cheese was made accidentally from goats milk that an Arab merchant was carrying in his saddle bag. The jolting of his camel in the hot sun separated the milk into curd and whey. The fact that the saddle bag was made with animal... -