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New York Chef Daniel Angerer Features Breast Milk Cheese!

For all those who would still like to taste Mommy’s breast milk, Daniel Angerer is back with a new entry in his restaurant menu – “ Mommy’s Milk Cheese ”! Yes, the famed New York chef has experimented with human breast milk to make cheese; I... -

How To Bake Gluten Free Pancakes?

You can easily make gluten free pancakes. These are delicious, fluffy and light in nature. Pancakes are cooked on the first side until the batter begins to bubble and then turned over. You may use white or brown rice flour and even combine both. Flax seeds... -

How To Pan Fry Meat?

What is pan frying? Pan frying is a healthy way to cook meat as compared to deep frying as very less oil is required, just enough to smear the meat. It is also one of the easiest ways of cooking meat variants such as beef, tender steaks, pork... -

Top 4 Tips To Fixing Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes

Turkey Cooking Tips!   There are probably a lot good Turkey cooks out there, but cooking a perfect Thanksgiving Turkey that is juicy and moist can be something most of us may find tricky. So with this year’s Thanksgiving is... -

Ten Restaurants Voted The Best New Entries In America!

Although with the likely credit crunch due to recession, it is surprising to see that the restaurants worldwide have not been badly affected; thanks to the busy life and the related stress factors that people find just eateries a place to beat their... -

How To Cook Eggs - Anytime Quick Recipe

Eggs are something that I always have in my refrigerator. Cannot do with these pure white ingredients that are an excellent source of protein. The other day I was going through the ifood site and watching the video on "How To Hard Boil an egg?" by... -

"baking Event- Calling All Foodies" Round Up

The baking event has come to an end. This was one way I thought would get us all ifoodies together and enjoy cooking on a particular theme. Thanks to all those who send in their entries and were very encouraging. Here is a round up of the delicious... -

Culinary Tour De France - For A Good Cause

The Eiffel Tower comes over to meet the Statue of Liberty. Sounds unbelievable? It is true. France comes to New York and that too for a good cause. Ok !! Ok!! Let me explain.   The " Culinary Tour De France " brings the French... -

Easter Bunny Cupcake - Easter Decorating Ideas

Easter Bunny cupcake decorating can be so easy that even your little one can do it on her own. Just a little creativity is all that you need to make this Easter truly special. Spice up your cupcakes, add life to them with just a few marshmallows, some... -

Easter Cupcakes – Innovative Decoration Ideas

If you have been looking for innovative good ideas for decorating your Easter cupcakes, here is what you are looking for. Easter decorating can have a new meaning with such beautiful ideas. Surprise your family with beautiful cupcakes that show your... -

Mom’s Diet Determines The Child’s Sex

Did you know that a mom’s diet could make all the difference in deciding if your child is a boy or girl? Reports have it that the mom’s diet has a direct implication on the sex of the child. So if for dad’s to be if you thought that you controlled the... -

Easter Cupcakes To Dress You Up In Style

Easter cupcakes …yummmm.Now cupcakes in an all new form. Cupcakes this Easter not only to decorate your Easter table but also to dress you up in style.   From beautiful cupcake bracelets to cupcake necklaces and earrings and rings…there are... -

Ukranian Easter Eggs – Pysanky

The Ukranian Easter Egg , Pysanky , making is an egg art in itself. The Pysanky are beautifully decorated eggs which uses a specialized technique of covering the eggs with beeswax and then dipping it in color. At the end of the process the egg is placed... -

Easter Eggs – Go Natural!!

This Easter go natural. Easter decorating can be a lot of fun with natural dyes from vegetables and spices. Simple and easy these would make your eater egg look stunning and you can totally eliminate the fear of chemicals. Easter egg decorating can be made... -

Meat Hats – Art With Meat

Till a few months back, meat for me meant a delicious ingredient to experiment with in the kitchen. Meat art however, has given a whole new meaning to the ingredient. There is so much possible with meat than just cooking it. With the innovative ideas seen in... -

Bacon Bra – Bacon Art Gets Weirder

Bacon seems to be the buzz word online. Bacon and all forms of bacon art is popular online. It is bacon all over whether the popular dishes or art with bacon. From bacon explosion to the bacon camp we saw creations that were just marvelous – a very creative... -

G 20 Summit – Chef Jamie Oliver Serves The Most Powerful Leaders In The World

Jamie Oliver is the celebrity chef who would be serving the most powerful leaders in the world.   With the G-20 summit on, the world is looking at what the most powerful leaders of the world would come up with. Some of the stock markets... -

Popping Corn With Cell Phone Power

Popping corn with cell phones is a rather interesting video. It is actually a revelation that cell phones actually generates so much heat so as pop corn. Got me worried about what it can actually do to our health when we spent so many hours a day on the... -

Kitchen Fire – How To Handle It?

Cooking is fun and a very rewarding activity. However, one thing that is very important to keep in mind is safety. Kitchen safety rules must be adhered to strictly or else it can be total disaster. Most of us pay a lot of attention to recipes and the details... -

Win $12,000 - Create New Donut For Dunkin Donut

Dunkin donuts presents the opportunity of a lifetime for all you donut fans. A donut making competition with the prize money a whooping $12000. You also have the honor of having your trademark donuts sold through the popular store. June 5th National Donut... -

5 Top Weird Food

When it comes to food what may seem weird to me may be a delicacy for you. I think that is obvious from the live baby octopus post (I prefer my food not moving on my plate, whereas there may be many others who find it fresh only if it moving). However, even... -

7 Top Food Blogs

Food is the centerpiece of all our lives, whether out of necessity or out of passion, it is one that we cannot live without. The more passionate or rather the expressive have found their voice through food blogs. With food blogs now catering to all your food... -

Live Baby Octopus For Your Dinner

Baby Octopus is a delicacy in Japanese cuisine. Even in Korean and some other Asian cuisines it is considered to be one delicacy you mustn’t miss while visiting. However, the feeling of these squirming creatures with the tentacles moving in desperation... -

God Found In Food

These food pics all have forms of God in them. Look carefully and you will be able to see the silhouette of Jesus. On burnt toast , on an onion or the piece of fish all so clearly show the unmistakable form. For some who found these forms it was a source of... -

$250 For Eating The Entire Vending Machine

A food challenge - $ 250 for eating everything in the vending machine. This just meant eating food enough for 10 families. Can Kevun do it? Will he be able to win the prize money? Check out this food mania and you will be surprised at how much a person can... -

5 Double Cheeseburgers - 5 Bites Is All It Takes

How much time would you take to eat one double cheeseburger ? 10 or 15 minutes? If you think that is not enough, here is a video you must watch. 5 bites and you would be aghast to see 5 double cheeseburgers just disappear. Nathan Wilsman takes up the... -

Recession Spawns Bikini Baristas

Reinventing your business is the best way to stay in business during the tough recession times. This bikini barista sets the trend to an all new marketing trick to keep going. A family cafe for the past 15 years, this cafe had to get in the bikini girls to... -

5 Fun Facts About Beer

Are you a beer lover. If your  idea of relaxation and enjoyment on a hot summer day is with a chilled mug of bubbling beer, then these fun facts would interest you.   Beer is a popular drink the world over . In fact, there are probably just a... -

Food Fight – Check It Out

History represented with food. With favorite foods from different countries bringing alive  war history, here’s a video that you could check out. If foods could fight wonder who would actually win? Let’s look at this in a slightly different way. What is... -

Edible Books – Delicious Books For Dessert

How wonderful it would be if we could actually eat a book and know all its contents, is what I overheard a little girl say to her mom. The edible books here bring you a range of books that you simply would not be able to resist. Whether a voracious reader or... -

1000 Year Old Egg For Your Breakfast

Would you like to have a 1000 year old egg for breakfast today? The egg as such is very different in appearance from the normal egg. From the outside it may look the same but from the inside it is definitely different from the egg you have poached or in... -

Food Art – There’s More To It

I have been bringing together so many wonderful creations in food art from the web world in the past few days. These are simply hard to resist for someone like me. Here’s more. Feel it just gets better each time. There is really so much you can do with food... -

Bacon Camp – For The Bacon Lovers

For all bacon lovers, this is bringing to you news on the recent bacon camp. This weekend the bacon camp saw enthusiastic participation from bacon lovers and creative food artists. With the success of the Cupcake camp last year, this is one for bacon lovers. ... -

Eat Tummy Full, Pay As You Like

Can you imagine a restaurant where you can eat your tummy full and pay as you like. This unique restaurant has decided not to price the dishes and has left it to the customers to decide. Everyday a spread of fresh delicious dishes are cooked and served and... -

Food Art- Creative Instincts

Food art is one that has attracted me for years now. I am sure you too love to see creativity flow with vegetables and fruits in amazing forms and colors coming together. “Beauty at its best” is what these creations are. Wonder what goes on in the mind of... -

Food Art – Beautiful Creations

Food carving – coming up with excellent ideas and then turning them into beautiful creations, is an art in itself. We all love cooking and eating of course. Like cooking food, food art to me is a whole beautiful world of art in itself. Color combinations,... -

Food Fun – Sudoku Pizza

Sudoku Pizza – wondering what the two had in common. The nine squares with all the calculations and the delicious cheesy treat, could they actually come together to surprise you. This Sudoku Pizza that has been tempting me for a while now says it all. Each... -

Recession – Are Candy Companies Experiencing A Big Boom?

I love psychology and so do not miss out on anything connected to people and their behavior. Recession seems to be showing up extreme behaviors among different sets of people. Recently had done a blog post on “ Recession – How is it affecting your sex... -

Burger Grease Art- Is Fast Food For You?

If you have been having burgers for breakfast, lunch and dinner; here’s something you must see. What you have been finding so delicious can actually be a artery blocking threat. Check out the beautiful Mona Lisa painting made with all the grease that you... -

Top 5 Picks From The Food Web - Served Hot

The food world for me extends from my kitchen to the world (the web world). Here are my top 5 picks for the week that make an interesting read for anyone who loves FOOD. 1- “ Is a food revolution now in season ”? – Find out the more about the... -

How To Get More Fruit Into Your Diet?

Fruits must be an important part of our daily diet. For all the nutrition, vitamins and minerals and the high fiber content they have there is really no substitute to fresh fruit. The colorful variety that nature offers is truly admirable. Apples,... -

Top 5 Tips On How To Carve A Chicken?

Roasted chicken with the heavenly golden brown hues, the juicy interiors and the browned exteriors is so very inviting. For me this is one meal that I can have for days together without ever saying no to a helping. The fact that it is delicious and healthy is... -

Fun Food – Mushrooms Made Of An Apple And Banana

I could never have imagined of mushrooms more delicious than this :) Fun food is an interesting part of the food world that brings out the creativity in each one of us . Simple everyday ingredients that can be used to make such beautiful stuff. These fun food... -

Obamas - Vegetable Garden In The White House

After all the news on the “Obamas” making all efforts to ensure healthy eating and food safety, it is now time for the best step ever. The decision to have a vegetable garden in the White House has come to be a decision praised by all across the... -

How To Check An Egg Is Fresh?- Without Breaking It Open

Eggs are an important ingredient that I always have on hand. My refrigerator would always have a regular supply of eggs whether it is for my baking experiments or for a quick snack. Dinner ideas with eggs too interest me – probably due to the fast to cook... -

How To Make Clarified Butter – In Five Simple Steps

Clarified butter or drawn butter as it is referred to, is one ingredient that I feel adds that special flavor and taste to my hollandaise sauce. The buttery texture and the rich taste make it so very good. A few years back if you would have asked me how to... -

Eating Healthy On A Budget

If you thought eating healthy was an expensive proposition, it is really not true. Read on. Check out the video for some great tips on how to shop smart and make the most of what you have. Home cooking is definitely the choice to make when you want to make a... -

President Obama All Set To Ensure Food Safety

Food safety is one important public issue that President Obama has addressed in the past few days. The Salmonella outbreak with peanuts has been a cause for major concern. The President has made all efforts to revamp the system and ensure that comes on our... -

How To Sauté – Tips And Tricks To A Delicious Meal

Saute as a cooking technique is one that I like. Quick cooking is one advantage , the other being the low oil or fat used in cooking. Healthy choice for even those on a diet. A little oil or fat to coat your sauté pan and you ensure that your food is... -

How To Prepare Shrimp - Make Way For A Delicious Dinner

Shrimps , the white or pinkish fleshy seafood is a favorite with most people. Seafood that is tasty and simple to cook is one trait about shrimps probably that make it a popular choice . How to prepare shrimps can be an easy or tough job depending on... -

Hamburgers Or Cupcakes ? - Beautiful Creation

Cupcakes with a dual effect. These cupcakes make me feel so very hungry. Hungry for a sweet bite into a cupcake and hungry to get my grill outdoors for a great burger cooking session. A beautiful creation that combines a vanilla cupcake and in between is... -

Pizza Vending Machine In Italy - Pizza In 3 Mins

Vending machines have definitely been an integral part of our lives. Want a drink rush to the vending machine across the street. Now you can do the same when you wish to dig into a pizza. It is all about walking across to the pizza vending machine and the... -

New White House Chef For The Obamas

The latest in the White House kitchen is the appointment of the new chef – Sam Kass. The Obamas have got in their chef from Chicago. The chef who was cooking for the Obamas while there were still in Chicago has now been called to the White House. The chef... -

White House Food - Cream Spinach

The blogging world is buzzing with Michelle Obama’s healthy lifestyle and the White house food – Cream Spinach .Michelle Obama , the first lady has shown the world that the best way to lead is by example.   Michelle Obama ... -

Meat Art - Amazing Creations

If you thought meat was a delicious ingredient to be cooked in the kitchen and enjoyed at the dinner table, think again. Here is a whole new genre of art and artist who love working with this ingredient. They love using meat to create artworks that are indeed... -

Chicken Phobia – Do You Have It?

Chicken Phobia – fear of the chicken, one of the tastiest meal, can it be true? Food Phobia is one that I have been researching on for the past few days and it has revealed some very dark secrets. Just like a fear for water, heights, darkness … -

Top 5 Tips On How To Grill Chicken

Chicken is a favorite worldwide and my favorite too. I am head over heels in love with the chicken. Grilled chicken I can say would be right on top in my list of favorite chicken recipes. Being a health enthusiast I just love the idea of tasty succulent... -

First Lady Michelle Obama At Miriam’s Kitchen

Miriam’s Kitchen had a huge surprise at the special lunch last week. The first lady Michelle Obama was there serving the homeless of the city.   Michelle Obama is a strong supporter of healthy eating . This was evident recently at... -

Food Allergy - A Nightmare

A mom fights to keep her daughter alive against severe food allergies. Fox News story features “Super Allergy Girl”, an emotional story of a little girl Anne and her severe allergy to chemicals. Lisa, Anne’s mom has decided to fight this great emotional... -

Watermelon For $6,100

Watermelon for $6,100? If you thought watermelons come cheap here’s a piece of news that would startle you. A black Densuke Watermelon weighing 17 pounds has broken all records and has been sold for a whooping sum of $6,100. A specialty of Hokkaido... -

World’s Most Expensive Burger - $200

Presenting the world’s most expensive burger at $200. This is one burger that can actually make you feel a few pounds lighter or rather $$$$ lighter. The burger at Burger King, London has some delicious ingredients all rolled into one big... -

Don’t Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight

“Don’t loose your mind, loose your weight”, an inspiring title to celebrity fitness guru “Rujuta Diwekar’s” new book. Kareena Kapoor says “Rujuta has not just changed my body but also my mind and soul. She is the best thing to have happened to... -

Bacon Explosion – Most Popular Dish

The bacon dish created by Jason Day and Aaron Chronister has turned out to be the most popular dish online. The dish has two main ingredients that make it a tasty treat – sausage and bacon. The recipe is one that has 5000 calories and rightly so as it has a... -

World's Largest Potato -22 Pounds

Southern Lebanon is all set to make it to the Guiness book of worid records. Farmer Khalil Semhat of Lebanon grows a huge potato that weighs over 22 pounds.This is one organic treat as the farmer states that the potato has been grown without the use of any... -

What Is Wok Cooking - Explore This Fun World Of Delicious Eats

I love Chinese cuisine. Now I guess that explains my fascination for wok cooking. I have a good collection of woks in different sizes for my cooking and love what wok cooking can do to food – the taste and flavor. With all the Thai cooking recipes and... -

Food Fun - Tasty Creative Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a favorite with most of us. I am sure there is hardly anyone here who doesn’t like to bite into a tasty sandwich for lunch or a mid day snack. Have you however, thought of going creative with your sandwiches. Here are some interesting... -

What’s Recession Doing To Your Sex Life?

Recession is creating havoc in the sex life of people. Well again there are really two schools of thought here. Some studies have proven that the problems as regards the sex lives have only risen in the past few months. Couples are blowing their tops at the... -

How To Cook Rice - Enjoy A Delicious Dinner

Does cooking rice means sticky grains that never seem to come apart from each other? Although many consider cooking rice tome the most basic of culinary skills, however, it sure is not as easy as it looks. Not knowing how to cook rice could mean grains who... -

How To Marinate Chicken – A Juicy Delicious Treat Awaits You

Marinating chicken the right way can only mean one thing – a juicy, succulent and delicious treat. Marinade or the flavorful liquid is one that adds flavor and taste deep into the layers of the chicken. Marinades serve different purposes like adding the... -

How To Separate An Egg ?

Have you ever wanted to separate an egg yolk from the white and found yourself at a total loss? I remember the first time I was trying to bake a cake and the recipe required separating the egg yolk and white, I was a little perplexed and wondered how it... -

Baking Event - Calling All Foodies

Let’s make it happening here at ifood. Let us all get together and GET COOKING!!!. A theme based cooking event is what I would like to host here and look forward to enthusiastic participation from all of you to get our fun place “” Rocking!! ... -

Potluck Dinner – Top 5 Tips For A Blast

Potluck to me means a lot of food and fun. A wonderful time to catch up with friends over delicious food. Potluck recipes need not be complicated or too elaborate. Potlucks are generally for having fun and so cooking very cumbersome and complicated potluck... -

How To Bake A Cake – A Love Affair

Baking can be fun and immensely stress relieving for many. Indulge in this passion to eat delcious and lovely cakes. Baking is a technique that improves with practice and experience. So, let us get baking...     Steps to Bake... -

Farmer’s Market – Off I Go For A Great Buy

The farmer’s market is a really wonderful place. I am sure most of you would agree with me entirely. I just love to make visits to this great place where every visit is a feast for the eyes, so colorful and everything in plenty that is what I love. I have... -

How To Cut A Mango- An Easy Guide To The King Of Fruits

Mangoes are one of my favorite of fruits. Seasonal of course but these juicy delights give you so much during the time they are around that you love the wait till the next time they are going to be around. How to cut a mango can actually be quite... -

How To Make Lasagna?

Lasagna the Italian delight has become so popular the world over that it is now more of an international dish than one that belongs to the confines of the Italian cuisine. It sounds like a complicated dish to make however, this classic Italian dish can be... -

Aphrodisiacs - Food To Boost Your Sex Life

If your sex life is happening , here’s are some foods to keep it that way and better. For those who have a slump in your bedroom too (in addition to business and everyday life) then here is a list of food to bring back that spark. All you have to do is open... -

Low Libido – Food Comes To Your Rescue

A good sex life is an important part of a strong relationship. Whether sex makes a relationship better or a good relationship makes sex better is a question that has been argued on for ages, more like the egg came first or the chicken. At the end we however,... -

How To Make Meatballs- Tips For A Perfect Dinner Treat

Meatballs , tasty ground meat seasoned with herbs and spices oven baked or fried is an absolutely tasty treat. I am still to come across anyone who does not love meatballs. Whether served with barbecue sauce, pasta sauce or just as it is they are simply... -

How To Make Cookies?

Cookies by whatever name you decide to call it by whether the biscuit, biscotti…all win hands down. Just love them all. I like the thin crisp ones, the soft chewy ones and the thick loaded with taste and flavors variety. It is all welcome anytime.... -

Chef Skills – How To Julienne?

I have always loved to see the long matchsticks or juliennes that go to make a stir fry so colorful and beautiful and also enhance the presentation of any dish. The juliennes of course were a mystery at the outset and wondered how the chef would cut them out... -

One More Reason To Start Homecooking

Fast food has since long been associated with health problems. The fried stuff and all the junk that goes into it makes it so very bad for health but great for the taste buds and of course so very convenient. Junk food has been in the news for all the... -

How To Flambe – Light Up The Evening With A Special Performance?

Have you loved watching how the chef at your favorite restaurant creates that dazzling flame and that too right at your table? The whole act is so captivating. The way he works with the food and liquor and creates magic. A visit to an expensive... -

Easy Tips And Tricks On How To Fillet A Salmon?

Good for your heart, that’s what the fleshy tasty Salmon is. I like to use the Salmon in a number of dishes and find it an absolutely satisfying experience to cook it. Earlier on in my culinary journey I would very curiously and in awe watch the man at the... -

The Ultimate Guide On How To Steam Vegetables?

Steaming vegetables is the best way of cooking veggies. This technique of cooking vegetables ensure that the nutrient content is retained and also that the vegetables have a nice texture and color. Steamed vegetables are a wonderful addition to your dinner... -

7 Tips To Deep Fry Meat

Fried food is always a welcome treat for me. Fried Fish , buffalo wings , fritters …just can’t seem to get enough of them. It can be a real nice comfort food that I like to relax with. Calories might be a concern but there are definitely days... -

How To Eat A Pomegranate?

I have always been fascinated by the pomegranate . In fact, I always found the pomegranate to be similar to my uncle next door. Wondering what I am saying? Am I out of my mind? I surely know that a pomegranate is surely not one that you would draw a ... -

How To Write A World Class Food Blog?

Times Online has come up with 50 of the World’s Best Food Blogs . I have been having a feast since yesterday just blog hopping. From main dishes, side dishes, appetizers to desserts just about anything or maybe should say everything that I could think of... -

How To Cut A Pineapple?

“Cutting a pineapple is something I had kept myself away from for years. I guess it was more of a fear of the unknown. I preferred to use the canned pineapple to trying out the hard and messy task of cutting a pineapple. This was till I happened to come by... -

How To Peel A Potato?

Peeling a potato? Just about anyone can do it. This was what I thought till the other day I had a friend over for lunch. Although he is a novice at cooking it was very sweet of him to have volunteered to help me with the cooking. So here we began, he washed... -

How To Grill Salmon?

Grill Salmon once and then you are surely going to do it again and again. Salmon is great when grilled, being a fleshy fish with enough fat content salmon is great for grilling. Choose good and healthy salmon. One important thing to keep in mind while buying... -

Top 5 Aphrodisiac Foods

Let not the love and pleasure of Valentine’s Day come to an end so soon. Valentine’s day is a wonderful time to express your love and let your beloved know how much you care. Don’t let the world of fantasy and love come to an end so soon. Keep the fire... -

Obama's Valentine Dinner Menu

If you have been wondering what President Obama and the First Lady Michelle   had in mind for Valentine? Chicago’s Table Fifty Two it was for the first couple and their Valentine dinner menu was a delicious fare with the crispy catfish, the famous... -

I Hate Cilantro

I hate Cilantro, do you? Does this statement shock you? This was of course a shocking revelation to me as I am a great fan of this tasty herb that adds a very special taste and flavor to the dish. Cilantro is one that I use very generously in my cooking... -

How To Bake A Potato?

Looking for a perfect recipe that can be a great complement to any meal or be a meal in itself? Why not learn  how to bake a potato ? The soft, delicious goodness of potatoes within, covered by the golden brown, crispy, nutrient-laden potato skins – what... -

Italian Menu

Italian food to me is one that lends a fresh flavor to my dinner table. A cuisine that reflects a rich culture and traditions the Italian cuisine is one that draws heavily from its glorious past and also influences from the neighboring countries. There are... -

Are You A Baker Or Cook?

Do you like – baking or is it cooking for you? Surfing through the internet and food blog hopping I have come up with an observation that although all of us are hard core foodies there are yet major differences. There are food bloggers who are great cooks... -

How To Make Pizza?

Pizza – quick dinner recipe or comfort food? What would you term it as? For me it is both, a quick dinner idea and just the comfort food I would love to sit down with. Every part of the pizza – the crust, the toppings and the delicious sauce are all... -

Chinese Menu

Chinese food is one of my favorites. Just can’t resist the noodles and the huge variety of accompaniments that go to make it all just perfect. I love the aroma that welcomes you when I walk in to a Chinese restaurant – all the sauces and smell of fresh... -

How To Cook Chicken?

Planning to cook chicken tonight? Are you getting cold feet at the very thought? Cooking chicken can be quite a nightmare for many. However, to the contrary, chicken is the easiest meat to cook. Being a very versatile ingredient there is a lot possible with... -