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Top 8 Fall Breakfast Ideas

Autumn inspires healthy cooking and breakfast, being the most important meal of the day ought to be the healthiest as well. So, here are 10, very enriching, nutritious and autumn-inspired breakfast recipes. Start making them today – (breakfast) -

Top 7 Onam Recipes

Onam recipes are meant for the Almighty as well as his devotees. No wonder then that whatever is cooked as part of an Onam feast tastes divine. Here are some of the choicest recipes cooked to celebrate this major festival of Kerala in India. (onam) -

How Not To Eat A Popsicle

Do you know how to eat a popsicle or ice pop? Its child’s play! But trust adults not to do it right. Here’s what you should never ever do with a popsicle! (popsicle) -

Eat What Your Heart Wants, Just For A Day

May 11, the “Eat What You Want Day” may have already passed but that doesn’t mean you cannot pick a day of your choice and have your fill, without thinking about calories. So, here is a round-up of dishes, some of them very, very rich, from around the... -

Comfort Food During Troubled Times

Food helps during crisis. But did you know that particular foods shared after shocking events that rocked the world brought solace to millions too? Here is a list of some of them. .. (comfit) -

Recipes To Celebrate National Strawberry & Cream Day

Nothing gets you drooling like a box full of ripe, red strawberries, bursting with all the goodness of summer in the form of its sweet juice. This berry signifies that the spring is in full swing and other summer delights are on their way. However,... -

The Sedar Plate & Passover Symbols

Do you know why certain foods are a part of The Sedar Plate, a symbol of liberation of Jewish people from Egyptian slavery? (passover, plate) -

Holi Foods - What To Eat, What Not To Eat

Holi is often associated with lots of food and revelry, and you are tempted to gorge upon all those rich and sugary treats, which you otherwise can't. However, there is a catch! Not all the food that you eat is going to do you good. If you think... -

10 Healthy Ways To Cut Your Grocery Bill

Grocery bills can be intimidating because even if you are the type who eats at home most of the days, the rising prices of basic commodities forces you to pay through your nose for your family's food expenses. While the supermarkets and local... -

Top 10 Takeaways Ordered During 2012

Throughout 2012, people ordered takeaways every other day. With user-friendly mobile phone apps and better varieties of tablets and PCs, it became easier to order out after a hard day at work. So, what did people eat during 2012. Which foods caught their... -

Wild Creatures Go 'shopping' In Supermarkets

Have you ever seen animals and birds roaming around supermarkets? Well, watching a zebra, a raven or a tiger picking up groceries or meat products at a supermarket near you may be something you have always imagined, there is one person, Agan Harahap, a... -

Celebrities Show You How To Cure Hangover

Everybody has a homemade cure of hangover. From raw eggs to orange juice, you may already have your own list of hangover cures but when you have celebrities teaching you how to avoid hangover the next morning, you ought to listen. (cure, hangover) -

Top 10 Unlikely Wonderful Dishes Of 2012

Restaurants around the world have been busy dishing out food that looks scary but is tasty too. While your fork may hesitate to plunge into the plate, but once you do, there is no turning back because these are 10 of the most unlikely wonderful dishes of the... -

Most Outrageous Fast Food Offerings Of 2012

In the simple sense of the word, the year 2012 has been an outrageous one as far as fast food goes. It is not just about the amount of food, but also about the various permutations and combinations, that has lifted the fast food scene to new extremities. US... -

How To De-stress During Holidays

Holidays are generally a time to unwind and relax but often, when on a vacation, you end up facing a lot of stress on account of many factors. That is how your holidays go down the drain, but not anymore. Here are ten ways in which you can de-stress yourself... -

Red & Green Superfoods For Christmas

Christmas is a day when you give in to your most wildest fantasies regarding food. How about you make this day an epitome of health in your life? Well, you can surely imbibe some red & green spirit of Christmas to your food too. Here is how: ... -

Top 10 Foods To Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer cases are reaching alarming levels in the world and by 2020, the "World Health Organization (WHO)" predicts that one in every eight women will be at risk of this disease during her life. While treatments are available for women... -

Drink In The Christmas Spirit With These Beverages

No Christmas party is going to be complete without set of drinks laid out on the table, which helps guests break the ice as well as set the atmosphere for the rest of the evening. People are going to ask for a variety of drinks to go with their Christmas... -

Celebrate Gluten-free Christmas With These Recipes

People suffering from Celiac disease are advised to avoid all gluten, which is a type of protein found in wheat, barley, rye and triticale. As a result, such patients find it difficult to enjoy a festive occasion like Christmas because the ready-to-eat... -

10 Things You Don’t Know About The Fast Food Industry

How often do you visit a fast food joint? Quite frequently, right? But did you know that there are still some things that your favorite fast food chain is hiding from you, for their own good, obviously? Well, here are the 10 things that the fast food industry... -

Top 10 Foods That Cause Your Chef To Sweat

Have you ever wondered what your chef goes through to put that delicious-looking meal in front of you? Well, it is not always a hunky dory experience because sometimes, even a professional chef has to struggle when he is faced with some really difficult and... -

Mcforeign?- Foods That American Mcdonald’s Don’t Offer

McDonald’s the fast food giant is truly global. It is spread across 119 countries now and caters to millions of hungry people in the world. However, the reason for success of McDonald’s is not its traditional food items alone. It does innovate and take... -

Greek Dinner Menu

Going through a Greek dinner menu is bound to leave you astonished. The sheer quantity of dishes that are both tasty and healthy is appealing to say the least. With each and every fare on the menu sounding immensely exotic, you are sure to be bowled over once... -

Spanish Breakfast Menu

Buenos dias! It is time to eat breakfast. But why go in for the same old routine meal everyday of the week? Let us find out what’s on the Spanish Breakfast Menu today. The Spanish are usually hearty eaters at lunch. The breakfast is a short cut meal... -

Italian Buffet Menu

An Italian Buffet spread does wonders to lift the spirits. Lots and lots of mouthwatering dishes laid out on the table is bound to leave you bedazzled. From the tiny parcels of Hors D’oeuvres to the main menu and the deliciously decadent dessert, the array... -

American Dinner Menu

An American dinner menu is not a strict and regulated list. The country known as the ‘melting pot’ has assimilated the various cultures within its food too thereby making it one of the most varied dinner menus among all. Consisting of a starter,... -

Chinese Dinner Menu

A Chinese dinner menu isn’t quite like its western counterpart with each entry belonging firmly to one category or the other. It starts with the cold appetizers and ends with a fruit which serves as the dessert usually. What a unique and healthy way of... -

Team India Driven To Win Against Pakistan By Hunger!

Skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni revealed that his team had been kept waiting for food by the Hotel Taj Management at Chandigarh. The hotel expressed its inability to serve the team with food just before the all-important match against arch rivals, Pakistan last... -

Greek Easter Foods

Greek Easter foods are a part of a very special cuisine. The Easter celebrations for the Greek Orthodox Church begins on Apokreas, the Greek equivalent for Mardi Gras. It is no wonder, therefore, that the weeks and weeks of rejoicing would be accompanied with... -