Shantihhh's Reviews

  • Green Tomato Quesadilla

    Reviewed : 13 Aug 2012
    Great way to use the green tomatoes at the end of the season!

  • Betty's Happy Mother's Day Hummingbird Cake

    Reviewed : 9 May 2012
    Hummers love nectar and are attracted to red, neither in this cake, so why is called Hummingbird Cake?

  • Italian Arancini

    Reviewed : 13 Apr 2012
    tried the famous arancini while traveling in sicily and thought them quite bland i had expected to LOVE them :-( supposedly this was a specaility of the place which was filled with locales.

  • Your Chocolate Is Made By A Slave Child

    Reviewed : 27 Jan 2012
    Maybe this is the real reason behind my "I don't like chocolate" comments..................................."

  • Chef Vikas Khanna And His ‘holy Kitchens’

    Reviewed : 1 May 2012
    One of my favourite chefs! I look fwd to his programs.

  • Slow Cooking Beef Barley Soup

    Reviewed : 18 Jan 2012
    I make a barley soup that is my husban's favourite-Iuse boneless lmb (leg), arsnips, and garlic and pretty much e same as you above in your recipe. Barley is so healthy! cook the barley in broth and add to the cooked soup as it retains t texture a integrity much better than tossing it in the crockpot or sautee pan.

  • French Toast To Die For On

    Reviewed : 13 Nov 2011
    My hsband loves my French Toast, but I use sourdough French bread soaked in eggs and cream w/vanilla. I fry it in butter, sprinkled w/cinnamon and nutmeg. Served with real sweet butter and real Vermont Maple syrup. I usually serve him pplewood Smoked meaty bacon on the side and a dish or fresh raspeberries or strawberries. Maybe some champagne if it's the weekend.

  • Pillsbury Man's Journey To The White House

    Reviewed : 4 Nov 2011
    At least he knows how to run a business!!!!!!! The US is in such dire straits due mismanagement and fiscal iresponsibility from the local level right up to the top! Will Cain be the answer, time will tell, but 99% of our Congress and House need to change and turn a deaf ear to lobbists. IMHO Make government honest again for and by the people not the banks, insurance companies and bureaucrats.

  • Top 10 Greek Street Food

    Reviewed : 19 Oct 2011
    "adorable" mousakka? Moussaka is a very flavourful savoury dish with bechemel sauce as the top layer.

  • Top 10 San Francisco Street Food

    Reviewed : 19 Oct 2011
    Crème Brulee is French yes, but FYI Catalana is in Spain

  • Apple Sage Martini

    Reviewed : 19 Oct 2011
    I used Pineapple Sage which was awesome!

  • Top 10 Thai Street Food

    Reviewed : 19 Oct 2011
    Pad Thai really isn't popular with Thai people. I laugh that Americans all think Pad Thai is THE Thai dish. Noodle dishes such as Pad Kee Mao are far more popular as Thai street food in Thailand!

  • Low Carb Filipino Chicken And Garlic Adobo

    Reviewed : 4 Nov 2011
    I love pork and chicken adobo! It is ghood with such as quinoa! Your recipe is nice and I will give it a try but with pork and chicken. Lotsa garlic is important :-)

  • Coconut Martini Garnishing Tips

    Reviewed : 4 Oct 2011
    Interesting coconut martini which sounds great!

  • Who Needs A Man On Valentine’s Day Biscotti

    Reviewed : 10 Feb 2012
    Yummy cookies!