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    Reviewed : 23 Mar 2011
    My audience and I love to travel and love to eat – seriously fun business. And c’mon, we all know that meals cooked alfresco on the grill simply taste better. Since Chef Marcel is from one of my favorite corners of the US – Bainbridge, WA, I’d like him to do two things for me: 1) create a saucy, all-grilled NW seafood/veggie feast featuring sparkling salmon, glowing mussels and smokin’ Dungeness crab paired with local, cutting-edge libations at my RV campsite AND 2) cook with me side-by-side (or at least humor my presence), teaching me how to make (an at home version of) this taste sensation. He can be in charge and let me tell you, there’s no bigger kitchen than the great outdoors. Now that’s a road show!