Veg foodie's Reviews

  • Corn O' Brien

    Reviewed : 25 Nov 2009
    this is nice and filling.. its great to use corn. for veggies like us its both nutritious and filling :)

  • Egyptian Mulukhiyah

    Reviewed : 21 Nov 2009
    sounds intriguing but I don't eat meat.. can i not use something else as the base.. flavored vegetable broth for instant??

  • Easy Recipes Using Nestle's Carnation Evaporated Milk

    Reviewed : 14 Nov 2009
    Love the pancake petal! the snap of it looks so good, i can almost dig into the screen with fork... thanks for sharing..never used pear in pancakes before. though i will be using egg substitute here.. cheers! :)

  • Country Breakfast In Skillet

    Reviewed : 14 Nov 2009
    I don't have meat for breakfast, ever... but i guess i can substitute it with tofu or cottage cheese, in fact i do try cottage cheese with eggs at times... nice combo of veggies u have there. I do love mushrooms :)

  • Homemade Pumpkin Puree

    Reviewed : 17 Nov 2009
    nicely done chef... i often use pureed pumpkin for pies around this time of the year. thanks for the easy and useful info. love ur vids!!

  • Cute Nintendo Blowfish Cheese Ball

    Reviewed : 16 Nov 2009
    very entertaining... its a bit too much cheese for me but great idea for the blowfish! it came out fantastic! :D

  • Death by Chocolate Mousse for Halloween

    Reviewed : 26 Oct 2009
    i guess, only one flavoring is recommended..all of these spices listed are not needed. i guess im right, ain't I? great recipe.. i make my mousse eggless though.. happy halloween!

  • Banana Flambe On A Crepe

    Reviewed : 26 Oct 2009
    I love flambes.. a bit tricky to prepare but there is nothing like it to rev up a party.. will try this deliciously fruity flambe sometime soon! great vid :)

  • Peanut Crunch Slaw

    Reviewed : 26 Oct 2009
    That's a great combo slaw... peppy and refreshing. I love that you have used cucumbers, they make slaws so very refreshing and cooling. post a pic please!

  • How To Make Devil Bars

    Reviewed : 24 Oct 2009
    I could not ignore the ongoing discussions on this and I'm glad I joined!! that is some video Amy!! best video ever...lolzz.. :D it was great! who is that poor ghost that you poked away in the end?? I guess I too will use heavy cream for this cuz marshmallow cream is animal derived product right...

  • Red Bell Pepper and Carrot Salad

    Reviewed : 14 Nov 2009
    Love bell peppers... and I love ur salad! very peppy, i think i will add some diced tomatoes and green bell pepper too but i will try ur original recipe first for sure!! :) love ur bowls btw!

  • Fruity Oat Bars

    Reviewed : 19 Oct 2009
    Beautifully done! I love oat bars and this fruit and cinnamon combo is just perfect :) it would be good to add a dash of honey to the batter, don't you think? please load a pic too!

  • Green Tea Lemonade

    Reviewed : 17 Oct 2009
    very interesting.. i guess i should try it... though I had green tea once and unfortunately, it did not appeal to me at all :(

  • Country Green Beans

    Reviewed : 17 Oct 2009
    its... yummylicious!! I love green beans. this is a great new recipe for me. thanks! :)

  • Date Biscotti

    Reviewed : 17 Oct 2009
    innovative.. it looks good and makes a simple recipe with a twist! nice :)