Foodwithme's Reviews

  • Moroccan Essaouira Style Chicken

    Reviewed : 22 Jan 2010
    Hi Alia! It's been long. And this is a great Chicken Souiri recipe. I have got the chance to taste this dish in one of my peer's place, while on my graduation. If I remember it right, when I asked for the recipe name she took the same name. :) And I love earthenware cooking too, the taste it renders is just out of the world!

  • Easter (pascha/vaskrs) Menu

    Reviewed : 7 Apr 2009
    Happy Easter!! Lovely blog.You have a great spread laid out. The strawberry dessert in particular looks so very tempting. Would love to have the recipe of this mouthwatering dessert (have a strong sweet tooth:)

  • Chocolate Easter Bunnies, Melted And Exploited!

    Reviewed : 7 Apr 2009
    Chocolate bunnies are a delicious treat anyway whichever stage they are in.However, going by the changing trends in Easter celebrations I am afraid the values and customs are all changing..wonder what it would be a few years down the line (things don't look too good:(

  • How To Preheat Oven Quickly

    Reviewed : 8 Apr 2009
    Thks for the helpful tip. Waiting for the oven to preheat is always a pain, this seems to be an interesting tip , will try it.

  • Delicious Deviled Eggs

    Reviewed : 7 Apr 2009
    The deviled eggs look great. Am a big fan of mayo so will include that. Love the flavor and taste that mayo lends to any is simply unbeatable.

  • I Found Gold In My Refrigerator

    Reviewed : 6 Apr 2009
    The potatoes looks great. A sprinkle of herbs would do just fine for me. Thank you for an elaborate step by step guide to making these golden beauties.

  • Morrissay's Veggie Whims!

    Reviewed : 7 Apr 2009
    Ha ha with all that is going on with meat and bacon , here's one that would especially make the veggies happy. When you are a celebrity you sure can follow all your whims and fancies:)

  • Ethiopian Coffee– What Is So Special?

    Reviewed : 6 Apr 2009
    Freshly ground coffee ...hmmmm....there's nothing that can beat this aroma. Every sip of this wonderful drink is a pleasure. I like to add coffee in my cakes and cookies the flavor.

  • French Onion Soup For Dinner

    Reviewed : 2 Apr 2009
    French onion soup ...Slurp!!. The cooked onions look so delicious chef. A nice warm bowl of soup is what I would like to cuddle up to for a nice quite evening.

  • Korean Spicy Fish Cake

    Reviewed : 2 Apr 2009
    Thks for sharing this delicious fish cake. It is always fun to try out dishes from different cuisines. Fish in a new form is definitely one that I would love to try.

  • Twecipe- Micro Recipes At Your Fingertips!

    Reviewed : 2 Apr 2009
    Liked the idea of Twecipe. Personally a good pic attracts me but if the recipe for making it is a page long and sounds too complicated I would just bookmark it for some day later. However, a small simple recipe would get me checking if I have the ingredients so that I can give it a try right now.

  • Thai Tom Kha Gai

    Reviewed : 1 Apr 2009
    The chicken looks so good. The coconut milk adds such a good creamy texture and the delicious taste and flavor is so good. Can't wait to try some more of thai cooking.

  • 7 Top Food Blogs

    Reviewed : 2 Apr 2009
    Thks luna for stopping by. Ya I too love the blog , everything there is so delicious. If you love this blog, you would like the other picks too, they all have such wonderful recipes, tips and tricks to turn out such excellent treats.

  • Best Sandwich In 20 Years

    Reviewed : 1 Apr 2009
    Chef, the sandwich description sounds so good, you are making me feel hungry already- fresh loaf of bread, prime rib, mayo, butter, lettuce - it sounds like a heavenly treat.

  • Kick Off Party For The Campaign, Peanuts - Energy For The Good Life

    Reviewed : 3 Apr 2009
    Monica thats a very informative video on peanuts. With the recent peanut scare, this is one good informative video. There is so much one can do with peanuts as u mentioned; salads, sandwiches and a whole delicious spread. A rich source of protein the peanuts are my favorite nuts.