Ganesh Dutta's Reviews

  • Cucumber Theives Leave Cops In A Pickle!

    Reviewed : 25 Aug 2009
    thanks for sharing this useful information

  • China Poisoned Milk

    Reviewed : 30 Oct 2008
    oh no, it is too much dangerous! Be Aware Be Careful! Thanks for posting this useful blog.

  • Warning-halloween Candy May Be Tainted

    Reviewed : 30 Oct 2008
    Yes this information is very important. Be Aware! Be Careful! Be Safe! Thanks for sharing this useful information.

  • Sweet Jalebi

    Reviewed : 30 Oct 2008
    I like jalebies very much. It is too delicious. It is known as national sweet of India. Thanks for posting this nice recipe.

  • Green Mung Bean Curry

    Reviewed : 30 Oct 2008
    IT is very proteinous dish. it is not only healthy but also very delicious. Thanks for posting this nice recipe.

  • Motichoor Laddu

    Reviewed : 30 Oct 2008
    It is looking too much delicious.It is also known as Lord Ganesha's favorite sweet, that's why traditionaly very popular during diwali in india.

  • Diwali Sweets Collection

    Reviewed : 19 Oct 2008
    doodh peda is the best...... i will try this dessert on the coming diwali. I want to say that aviod crackers and enjoy diwali with delicious sweets.

  • Deepavali - Festival Of Lights !!

    Reviewed : 19 Oct 2008
    Good to see these deepavali colors from Singapore. Thanks for posting this blog.

  • Adding To The Halloween Spirit

    Reviewed : 19 Oct 2008
    very interesting.

  • Murgh Makhani

    Reviewed : 19 Oct 2008
    This murg makhani is looking absolutely delicious. I will try this recipe very soon.

  • Technique To Keep Knife Sharp

    Reviewed : 30 Oct 2008
    It is very informative video!

  • Bang Bang Chicken

    Reviewed : 19 Oct 2008
    looking absolutely delicious but why this called bang bang chicken?

  • Dangers Of Frozen Food Products

    Reviewed : 19 Oct 2008
    thanks for sharing this important information.............very useful blog!

  • Have You Heard Of Divorce Cakes?

    Reviewed : 15 Oct 2008
    It is very disasterous.....but also very interesting.

  • Mountain Of Bananas

    Reviewed : 15 Oct 2008
    very funny and interesting blog.