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A former corporate junkie, now an entrepreneur. Took a bit of time off to have a baby, and voila...decided I had to learn how to cook and while I was at it...start a business. I'm always excited to meet new and interesting people and am notorious for sharing unsolicited advice. In this case, some great cooking recipes. Enjoy! -Pallavi
  • Indian Sprouted Moong And Peanut Snack Recipe Video

    Indian Sprouted Moong And Peanut Snack

    Sprouted moong or mung beans are healthy and here is an easy recipe to jazz up sprouted moong. This recipe is chef Pallavi's mom's recipe and it’s very easy to prepare. With chopped tomatoes and...
    By : TheEasyIndian  

  • Indian Red Lentil Recipe Video

    Indian Red Lentil

    Are you in search of a healthy and protein rich recipe? This video might just come handy. Watch the chef stir up this easy to make Indian Red Lentil. The dish is ideal to be served with bread or rice...
    By : TheEasyIndian  


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