Welcome to my channel, Food and music are always been my passion and I thought foodie is a place to discover and share your favorite recipes with friends and family. I always try to learn new recipes and cooking weekend. So here i came to lean and share recipes with you.
  • Dal Pakora Recipe

    Dal Pakora

    My friends love this Dal Pakora Recipe. This is a festive Dal Pakora recipe made on Diwali. Dal Pakora is a delicious Indian snack. During Ramadan, the month of fasting, Dal Pakoras are often eaten...
    By : Sumit

  • Jalebi Recipe


    Are you looking for a simple way to make traditional Jalebi? Then this recipe is perfect for you. Jalebi is the most popular sweet in North India. It is also known as the national sweet of India...
    By : Sumit


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