In here you will see simpe cooking. Most recipes do not have any specific amount of ingredients. Instead I want to show you how it looks and feels, this way you will learn the foundation to cooking food and never ever having to look in a book for basic recipes again. I want to convey the idea that your knowledge and imagination will be your tools, not a recipe to be followed exactly. I bring out the flavors by salt and pepper and sometimes other simple spices, in these recipes you will not find long lists of ingredients to buy. You will find pleasure in cooking this way, it is simple, healthy and tasty.
  • Perfect Scrambled Eggs Recipe Video

    Perfect Scrambled Eggs

    Who doesn't like to eat scrambled eggs for breakfast? See this video that gives a step by step demonstration to make perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs. These scrambled eggs are power packed and a great...
    By : RudolfsEasyCooking  

  • Simple And Easy Egg Sandwich Recipe Video

    Simple And Easy Egg Sandwich

    Egg in sandwich for breakfast is delicious and energizing way to kick start the day. Check out the amazing recipe to make a sandwich using eggs for the filling. Simply good breakfast!
    By : RudolfsEasyCooking