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Bunny Pancakes & Fruit Bouquet

We're in the kitchen at the Price Chopper Kids Cooking Club & we're making breakfast for Easter. Erin & I made some yummy-licious carrot-applesauce pancakes that are tasty & equally fun to turn into bunnies for breakfast! - 0

Banana Pudding Cheesecake - Easter

Lynn demonstrates how to make a Banana Pudding Cheesecake. This would be a perfect dessert for Easter. From Southern Living. - 0

Hush Puppies

Lynn demonstrates how to make Hush Puppies. This is normally served as a side dish with fish and seafood. Super easy and delicious. - 0

Brown Rice Salad With Spinach And Tomatoes

Lynn demonstrates how to make a delicious, healthy salad that would make a perfect lunch or side dish for dinner. From Everyday Food. - 0

Nutella Brownies -- Lynn's

Lynn demonstrates how to make super easy Nutella Brownies. Only requiring 3 ingredients, these are delicious. - 0

Broccoli Rabe, Rapini, Raab. How To Prepare And Cook

Don't be afraid of the big bad broccoli rabe. Chef Tony shows you how. this is one of those vegetables that you might fall in love with. Done correctly, it has everything to offer. Beautiful color, wonderful deep green, complex flavors, sweetness with some... - 0

The Little Boy Shooter, By Max

Okay, for those about to comment, we re-create the drink because "we did it wrong" while making it. So, leave your comment to the end! It tastes like alcohol-infused fake candy taste. - 0

The Pirate Margarita, No Tequila Needed

The concept of a "Margarita" is about to be flipped on its head, get rid of the need for tequila, get rid of the need for a margarita glass and go full on rum in a tall tumbler. What do you get? Pure Liquid Awesome. - 0

The Moon Harvest Cocktail

The harvest moon, a take on a classic design with a herbal chartreuse start, middle bourbon flavor and a finish of lillet with no real applejack flavor. It's potent thanks to the hudson baby bourbon's higher proof and the lack of a juice to tone it down. - 0

The Cream Tini, Smells Like Cookies

The Cream tini is a simple to make cocktail if you have whipped vodka--nice and sweet but still vodka focused. This is like an awesome screwdriver. - 0

Easter Side Dish - Roasted Asparagus With Olives And Lemon

Here is a great side dish for Easter. Asparagus are in season and they are tender, flavorful and inexpensive. - 0

Pork Tenderloin And Apple Raisin Chutney With Sterling Cabernet

MAKING 1. Heat a skillet over medium high heat for about a minute. Using fingers press and flatten the tenderloin pieces, season both sides with kosher salt and pepper. 2. In the heated pan, add oil and swirl, place the tenderloin pieces and cook for about 2... - 0

Hypno Splash Cocktail

A hypnotiq cocktail that actually has more flavors than true blue hypnotiq potency. A nice baby blue cocktail with a bit of potent blast yet still a hint of sweetness from the lemon-lime soda. - 0

Sweet And Crunchy Chicken Salad

A sweet and crunchy chicken salad that is great served on croissants, crackers or lettuce wraps. - 0

Red White And Blue Steak Salad With Great American Wine Co Red Blend

MAKING 1. Rub both sides of the steak with olive oil and season with kosher salt and pepper. Place on a heated grill griddle over low heat region, after about 2 minutes move it to the hotter part of the grill and turn it 45 degrees, repeat the process for the... - 0

Pumpkin Bisque With Sterling Chardonnay

MAKING 1. To a large pot, add chicken stock, pumpkin puree, onion, garlic, thyme, salt and pepper, turn on the heat and bring to a simmer. When the simmer begins add Chardonnay, simmer for 30 minutes. 2. In a food processor, process in batches and pour back... - 0

Lacinato Kale And Raisin Pistachio Quinoa With A By Acacia Chardonnay

MAKING 1. Heat a skillet over medium high heat for about 1 minute, add oil, give a swirl and add in the kales, saute until wilted. Transfer to a salad bowl, add quinoa, pistachio, raisins, lemon juice, salt and pepper, toss to mix. SERVING 2. Enjoy with a... - 0

Ny Strip Steak And Bacon Bbq Bacon Glaze With Bv Cabernet Sauvignon

MAKING 1. Heat a skillet over medium high heat for at least 1 minute. Season both sides of the steaks with salt and pepper. Add oil to the hot skillet, place the steaks, flip after 2 minutes, cook to the desired level of doneness. Transfer to a plate. 2. To... - 0

Watermelon Feta Salad With Butterfly Kiss Moscato

MAKING 1. In a bowl, place watermelon and jalapeno, set aside. In another bowl, add basil paste, white wine vinegar, salt and pepper, whisk vigorously to mix. Add to the watermelon, add feta cheese and gently toss. SERVING 2. Serve with a glass of butterfly... - 0

Masala Dal

Dal is healthy, plain or spicy. But, this is one excellent dal you just cannot resist! comprising of four key varieties of pulses, cooked with onions and tomatoes, and perked up with a range of carefully chosen spices, Masala Dal is just the thing to have... - 0

Roasted Broccoli And Grape Tomatoes

A healthy and delicious side dish that is fast and easy to make. - 0

How To Make Yellow Potato Roast

This beautiful Idaho® gold potato roast is super easy but is a showstopper at potlucks! A mandoline slicer will help you get this dish done in no time. Coryanne Ettiene shows how to make this beautiful recipe! - 0

How To Make A Spanish Potato Omelet

Coryanne Ettiene's Spanish potato omelet is both impressive and easy to make! Layer sliced Idaho® yellow or gold potatoes with eggs and your favorite ingredients. Then cook and slice into wedges for a perfect treat for breakfast (or even a light dinner). A... - 0

How To Make Potato Cottage Pie

Coryanne Ettiene's cottage pie will be your go-to family dinner! Use your favorite ingredients or whatever you have on hand, and top with fresh or leftover mashed Idaho® potatoes. Get the kids in the kitchen with this easy recipe! - 0

How To Make Simple Duchess Potatoes

Coryanne Ettiene makes easy and delicious Idaho® duchess potatoes that are crispy and golden on the outside and creamy on the inside. Leave an indent in the middle for the gravy! These are perfect as a weeknight potato side dish. - 0

How To Make Oven-baked Potato Chips

Coryanne Ettiene demonstrates how to make easy, healthy and delicious oven-baked Idaho® potato chips that both kids and grown-ups will love. - 0

Healthy Pan-roasted Sea Bass With Asparagus And Mint Salad

Working with food on a daily basis, I get very excited about seasonal produce and spring is one of them. My spring dish is healthy, quick and very delicious. - 0

How To Make Fingerling Potato Kebabs

Idaho® Fingerling Potato Kebabs are perfect as a party appetizer or after school snack. Get the kids in the kitchen for this one! Coryanne Ettiene and her little one show you how its done. - 0

How To Make Perfectly Crispy Hashbrowns

Ever wanted to know how to make perfectly crispy hashbrown potatoes? First, start with Idaho® potatoes! Watch the step-by-step instructions and tips by Coryanne Ettiene. - 0

How To Make Twice Roasted Russet Potatoes

Twice-Roasted Idaho® Russet Potatoes are a deliciously simple side dish to make any night of the week. Coryanne Ettiene shows you how to make them! - 0

How To Make Easy Smashed Potato Pizzas

Coryanne Ettiene shows how to create potato "pizzas" from leftover Idaho® potatoes! Simply flatten them with a potato masher and add cheese and your favorite pizza toppings. This is another fun one to make with the kids! - 0

Dutch Baby

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. MAKING 2. For the sauce – In a pan, add in the butter and melt slightly, followed by the brown sugar. Stir until both ingredients are well incorporated. 3. Carefully pour in the orange juice and mix well.... - 0

Basic Egg Curry

Try this very basic and simple Egg curry. Boiled eggs are immersed in a luscious gravy ready to enjoy as an everyday meal, or for a special occasion like Easter. The curry is made relatively quicky by sautéing ingredients together and then just pureeing them. - 0

How To Make Ceviche! @ The Riu Palace Hotel

Karen Ahmed learns how to make Ceviche with Fish and Shrimp at the renowned Riu Palace Hotel in Costa Rica. Chef Rudolfo Garcia hows us how to make this step by step. - 0

Red Chilli Paste

Karen Ahmed shows you how to prepare a simple basic - red chilli paste. Make this simple staple using red Kashmiri chillies and use it to spice up curries. - 0

Ra Ra Gosht

This traditional favorite is made using meat chunks in a flavorful curry and finished off with some ground meat. This can be made using mutton or lamb. It's simply delicious! Presented by Karen Ahmed. - 0

Easy To Make Sushi At The Riu Palace

For direction, please watch the video. - 0

Gluten-free Vegan Sweet Potato Pizza Crust

My love affair with sweet potatoes has continued and now it has intertwined with oat flour to create a gluten free pizza crust! This is relatively easy to make. I would like to experiment with using yeast in the future, to see if I can make a puffy/fluffy... - 0

50/50 Burger - 1/2 Bacon - 1/2 Beef - Delicious Hamburger

The 50/50 burger is one you must try. I grill this on an indoor grill pan. - 0

Spit Roast Beef

Turning a whole Rib Eye Beef Roast over an open fire, and opening up the Grill & Bar at the Pit. - 0

Gluten-free Chocolate Sponge Cake

If you thought making gluten-free cakes was an impossible task, you will love this jowar flour version of a basic chocolate sponge. Decorate this healthy option with whipped cream, cherries, chocolate garnishes and no one will know the difference! - 0

Spinach And Green Pea Rice

Quick, easy and tasty -- who will not like such a combo! Spinach and green pea rice is a main course that is so tasty you will want to make it every day. Perhaps it is the magic of the aromatic green masala so full of coriander that transforms the Spinach,... - 0

Stuffed Capsicum In Tomato Gravy (diabetic)

Capsicum, stuffed with a mixed vegetable and low-fat paneer stuffing, is drowned in a generously-spiced tomato gravy to provide a flavourful boost of fibre and vitamin A. Not too much oil and no cream either, but still luscious, the Stuffed Capsicum in Tomato... - 0

Onion, Cheese And Pepper Parathas

Parathas are sustaining and wholesome. Parathas served for breakfast with curds and a pickle are the staple food for most north indians. I actually came across this recipe quite accidentally while preparing a batch of pepper cheese sticks to serve with soup... - 0

Corn, Cheese And Jalapeno Balls

orn and cheese is always a winning combo; add jalapenos to it and you have the definition of irresistible! A simple starter ready in minutes, the Corn, Cheese and Jalapeno Balls is exemplary of how you can make a snack that appeals to all, within minutes. You... - 0

Vegan Bacon Cheeseburger

Cooking up a Vegan Bacon Cheeseburger on my Weber! - 0

Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Cheesecake Bars

Need an easy and amazing dessert to take to a potluck, picnic, cookout? Say hello to these ridiculously delicious chocolate chip cookie cheesecake bars!! And YES you definitely want to take them somewhere. Don't you dare get caught with this pan of chewy... - 0

Mediterranean Garlic Scrambled Eggs

MAKING 1. In a preheated non stick pan, add olive oil and spread. Add ground beef and cook until browned. Add garlic and cook for another minute. Break in the eggs, season with salt and pepper, scramble until cooked. SERVING 2. Serve with toasted bread... - 0

Kansas City Bbq Sauce

If you like sticky sweet bbq pork ribs then this thick, reddish-brown, tomato and ketchup-based sauce with sugars, vinegar, and spices is what you need. Check out how easy it is to make this classic Kansas City style barbecue sauce with a few simple... - 0

3 Pig Roast Barbecue

The BBQ Pit Boys 3 Pig Roast "low and slow" whole hogs and serve them with some of their favorite sides including slaw, barbeque beans, green beans and peppers, potato salad, corn bread, biscuits, cherry pie and a whole lot more! Print out this recipe and... - 0

Lasagna With Meat Sauce - Make Jar Sauce Taste Homemade By Rockin Robin

Try my lasagna using jar sauce with fresh herbs, Italian sausage, onion and more to make this taste like homemade. - 0

French Bread Pizza - The Love Pizza By Rockin Robin

Read why I call this french bread pizza the "Love Pizza". This is made with mushrooms, caramelize onion, pancetta and more. - 0

Mexican Beef Casserole - Perfect For Parties And Breakfast

Mexican beef casserole is perfect for that pot luck dinner or breakfast, lunch or dinner. It's easy and taste delicious. - 0

Chocolate Bananas Dessert

Kids of all ages love creamy melted chocolate stuffed bananas served warm off the grill. And it's a real easy to do side dish dessert, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. - 0

Bbq Meatballs

Pass on those processed, mass produced deli Meatballs. Try these BBQ Pit Boys quick and easy to make Beef Meatballs slowly simmered in barbecue sauce for some real guuud eating at your Pit. "BBQ Shoes" by Blue House with the Rent to Own Horns. - 0

Stuffed Peppers

Vegematics, hold the rice because this is not your mama's same ol' oven-baked Pepper recipe. And, thanks anyway Rachael and Martha, but watch the BBQ Pit Boys cook up these classic all-meat Stuffed Peppers, the way a real man likes 'em served. (oh geez, here... - 0

Ham Scalloped Potatoes

Old-time open-fire black iron Potatoes loaded with smoked Ham and Bacon make for some good eating at the Pit. Check out how easy it is to do with these few simple tips, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. - 0

How To Make Coffee Cake

Soft, fluffy cake with a gooey cinnamon center and golden, buttery crumble. - 0

Throwback Thursdays Homemade Goat Cheese

From my new series, "Throwback Thursdays." I'm bringing over some of my favorite videos from my old channel for you every Thursday on top of my new videos each week. Enjoy! - 0

Soft And Fluffy Biscuits

Hot, buttery, soft and pillowy. I highly recommend serving these fresh with butter, jams/jellies, or honey! - 0

The Chef's Kitchen - Pbs39 Launch Party

See a great line up of TV chefs come out to cook in front of a live audience and celebrate the launch of The Chef's Kitchen at PBS39 in Bethlehem, PA. - 0

Crispiest Fried Chicken

Acclaimed Chef and Gourmet Spice designer Keith Lorren shares his recipe for the ultimate crispy fried chicken. - 0

Betty's Parslied Brown Rice-easter

Betty demonstrates how to make Parslied Brown Rice for Easter dinner. - 0

Betty's Sweet Potato Biscuits With Grandson,carter-easter

Betty demonstrates how to make Sweet Potato Biscuits for Easter. This is a sweet biscuit that contains nutritious mashed sweet potatoes. - 0

The Perfect Mujaddara

Blanche and Vera teach give you insider tips and tricks on how to make this popular vegan Arab dish--lentils, rice, topped with sweet caramelized onions! - 0

King Parrot Omelette

On the 63rd episode of Brutally Delicious, the world's most metal cooking show, your favorite host Bruce Moore is joined in the kitchen by the Australian metal act King Parrot. Tune in as they chat about the band while cooking up a tasty omelette. - 0

Rainbow Fruit Loop Bars

Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for rainbow fruit loop bars. - 0

Best Jerk Chicken Marinade

Best Jamaican Jerk seasoning recipe by Keith Lorren. - 0

Vegetarian Quinoa Chilli

In this recipe video Barry pools together several recipe requests to show you how to make an incredibly delicious vegetarian quinoa chilli. It's such a fantastic dish to make and can easily be tweaked to add meat or made vegan by omitting the cheese and sour... - 0

Roast Beef Stuffed Meatloaf

Sunday dinner won't be the same after serving up this Pit Boys style Meatloaf to family and friends at your Pit. Watch the Pit Boys prepare their classic dish two ways, the traditional loaf, and the Meat Muffin loaf, perfect for kids of any age..! And they're... - 0

Bacon Sausage Cheeseburgers

Step it up this time at your Pit and grill up some Sausage Cheese Burgers stuffed with smoked Bacon. And it's real easy to do with these few simple tips, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. - 0

Bacon Pretzels

It's hors d'oeuvres, Pit Boys style...! Call these Pretzel sticks wrapped in slow cooked Bacon what you will, but they sure as hell go good with an ice cold beer while waiting for the main course barbecue to be served...! - 0

Spare Ribs And Barbecue Beans

It's all about serving up Kansas City style Spare Ribs and Barbecue Beans hot off a simple kettle grill. And this "low and slow" smoked ribs recipe is real easy to do, as shown by the BBQ Pit Boys. - 0

Molasses Chicken

A BBQ Pit Boys easy to make Molasses Mustard Glaze goes great on Chicken, Pork, Beef and fish. Watch them grill up some ordinary chicken and brush it on thick to make it lip smackin' guuud..! - 0

Pork Chops With Potato Bombs And Gravy

Are you hungry or what! We're talking about cooking up some smoked Chops and Gravy at the Pit. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys grill and smoke 2" Center-cut Pork Loin Chops and serve them with Cheese and Green Onion stuffed Potato Bombs, all smothered in homemade... - 0

Bacon Meatball Stuffed Onions

Or call them grilled Meatballs topped with Cheese and wrapped in Bacon and Onions if ya want. Nonetheless, they're good eating at the Pit and real easy to cook up on the ol' Barbecue Grill..! - 0

Bacon Onion Rings

Grill her slow, and then fry her just the way ya like it -golden brown on the outside and moist and tender on the inside. Watch the BBQ Pit Boys show you how easy it is to take those ordinary Fried Onion Rings and make them a side dish worth cookin' up for... - 0

Planked Paella Kabobs

Outside the box! I made a paella on my Weber skewering the meat, then planking it, instead of simmering it with the rice. Turned out great! - 0

Grilled Turkey Pesto Sandwich

Homemade pesto and turkey sandwich grilled up on Craycort's new star pattern griddle. - 0

French Toast - Day 3 Of Our Outdoor Breakfast Special

An all-time favourite breakfast. French toast appeals to everyone. Try this recipe to make your own. - 0

Watermelon Cake Recipe

A watermelon cake is a great way to enjoy dessert this summer. Amazing Easy No-Bake Watermelon Cake. Refreshing and delicious! No one will ever guess how simple this make-ahead melon is to assemble. After one bite of the showstopping cake, kids of all ages... - 0

Bacon Deviled Eggs With Caramelized Onions Perfect For Easter

This is the most perfect Easter recipe! For all of you bacon lovers out there, you must try this perfection. - 0

3 Ingredient Cookies & Cream Fudge

Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for 3 ingredient cookies & cream fudge. - 0

Cherry Raspberry And Chocolate Tiramisu - Valentines Dessert Idea

In the second of two valentines day recipe ideas Barry puts together a delicious tiramisu recipe with cherry, raspberry & both white and dark chocolate. It's extremely naughty and a real pleaser, but the good things is it's very very simple and can be made... - 0

How To Make Simple And Delicious Breakfast Sushi

Easy and the kids will think you are the coolest mom ever. Breakfast sushi are surprisingly quick and easy to prepare. There are so many creative ways to make sushi rolls and many of them are delicious. These breakfast sushi rolls are pretty easy to make! - 0

Pancakes - Day 5 Of Our Outdoor Breakfast Special

A hearty breakfast recipe, that is sure to please your kids. - 0

Chocolate & Blueberry Jam Mug Cake

Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs. I hope you like my recipe for a chocolate & blueberry mug cake. - 0

How To Cook Cherry Almond Pork

I stole this recipe from Big John Setzler, the Kamado Joe Guru. He posted this to my All Star BBQ bloggers Face Book page . - 0

Fillet Steak In Champagne Sauce & Chips - Valentines Day

With valentines day just around the corner Barry shows you how to make a delicious, yet incredibly simple fillet steak dish in a creamy champagne sauce served with goose fat chips - incredibly good! - 0

Fettuccine Alfredo With Chicken

Lynn demonstrates how to make a great dinner recipe, Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken. This is a lighter version of alfredo sauce, using light cream cheese. The alfredo sauce can be used in other recipes, as well. From Kraft. - 0

Giant Chocolate Teacake

In this video Barry is back at His friend James house making another giant food - this time it's the turn of the very popular chocolate teacake, made famous by Tunnocks that are also known as whippets in Canada. Thanks for all the support with the giant... - 0

Low Carb Pizza Pocket

You can add any filling you like to the pocket. They are great when you crave a crunchy snack - 0

Low Carb Chocolate Pancakes

Chocolate Pancakes! Need I say more….yum! Enjoy! - 0

Sancocho De Gallina Colombiano / Colombian Hen Stew

GETTING READY 1. For the stock – In a large pot, add in all the ingredients and cover with water. Simmer for 2 hours on low heat and in between take out the scums from the stock and discard. 2. After 2 hours, take out the potatoes and carrots from the... - 0

Hogao / Colombian Tomato And Green Onion Sauce

MAKING 1. In a pan, heat the oil and add in all the ingredients. Mix well and let it cook on low heat until done. SERVING 2. Serve the sauce with your choice of chips. - 0

Ye Olde Pub Potatoes With Mushrooms And Stout

Main course baked potatoes that I learned how to make in a tiny pub in England. - 0

Dutch Oven Braised Short Ribs

Cooking braised Short Ribs using my Dutch Oven on my Weber Grill. This is a very easy recipe! - 0

Wet Cured Bacon

Brined pork belly smoked with pecan and served with a deep fried poached egg! - 0