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Detox Breakfast Drink

This powerful superfood juice recipe by Dr. Oz. is the famous green smoothie breakfast drink used in his 3 day detox cleanse. This breakfast drink by the beloved doctor is supposed to start the "elimination process" meaning this high fiber smoothie with... - 146.044

Homemade Strawberry Fruit Rollup | How To Make A Fruit Leather

These fruit rollups are so fun and easy, and they only require 3 ingredients! - 134.325

Skillet Chicken-fried Rice

Faster than take-out and every bit as delicious! - 121.227

Cheesy Bacon Potato Soup

Creamy thick and rich... great for a cool winter evening. - 128.039

Oven Roasted Tandoori Chicken

This Oven Roasted Tandoori Chicken might not taste the same as the real ones cooked in the tandoor. But this is definitely the next best thing. You can even graduate to the next level by buying a small tandoor for yourself. Try out this recipe and you will be... - 147.162

Dr. Oz Green Juice

Everybody loves and listens to one of the most well known doc's around! Dr. Oz has a green juice traditionally made with a juice extractor. Blender Babes tested the famous doc's green juice by keeping all the fiber and other nutrition (found in skin & seeds,... - 146.914

Chicken Casserole Supreme

Delicious enough for a holiday dinner, easy enough for a weeknight supper, Chicken Casserole Supreme will have you going back for seconds! - 118.729

Whole Wheat Pancakes That Actually Taste Good (breakfast)

100% Whole Wheat Pancakes that actually taste good! Great breakfast recipe for your next brunch. - 128.566

Moroccan Vegetable And Chickpea Stew

Traditional Arabic food is blissful if cooked properly, like this Moroccan Vegetable and Chickpea Stew. Take a look at this video to learn how to make this delicious hearty stew. Your diners will definitely adore this dish. It can be a perfect vegan main... - 152.879

Amazing Scrambled Eggs

Pour yourself a cup-a-joe, break a few eggs into a bowl, stir it up with a fork and throw it into a pan, right? Simple, but bleh. With a few handy tips from the Amazing Sean and sometimes amazing Adam, you’ll be making Amazing Scrambled Eggs in no time,... - 130.059

Homestyle Butter Chicken

You can't miss out on the most famous Indian curry in the world. This is the Homestyle Butter Chicken. Put a good tandoori chicken in this sauce and it will be perfect. View this video and cook this recipe for your special guests and they will be delighted. - 149.56

Restaurant Style Salsa

This is not Pico de Gallo! If you want that recipe, search our channel - we have one of those as well. What we have here is the restaurant salsa that lands on the table with nacho chips at those chain restaurants... and we love it! - 127.976

Hyderabadi Style Chicken Biryani

All of you, who have enjoyed the opportunity to taste this famous Indian recipe, you know how exotic it is. To prepare this exquisite Indian rice dish at home, you should watch this video. It is not at all an easy preparation, but with the step-by-step... - 146.122

Dr Oz Detox Lunch Smoothie

The Lunch smoothie that's part of the Dr. Oz 3 day detox cleanse contains 5 different vegetables that will replenish your body with healthy nutrition, and give your body vitamins and energy. Blender babe Tarashaun shows you how to make the smoothie using a... - 144.872

Kary Osmond Spinach And Ricotta Pie

Smells really good as it bakes. Perfect of brunch or a light lunch. Serve with salad, roasted beets, fish. - 134.235

Spicy Kung Pao Chicken

A spicy Chinese stir fry enjoyed best when served with rice and noodles. - 121.075

Tex-mex Chicken Casserole

Although I made this casserole with chicken, you can easily make it with ground beef as well. You can also make this with left-over cooked chicken if you would like. The combination of meat sauce with tortillas, salsa and different cheeses make this casserole... - 143.707

Easy Homemade Sandwich Bread {made From Scratch}

It's so easy to make your own sandwich bread at home, and that way you know there are no preservatives, dough conditioners, or other artificial ingredients. This is a homemade sandwich recipe made from scratch. - 133.732

Coconut Chai Breakfast Smoothie

Learn how to make the Dr. Oz Coconut Chai breakfast smoothie. Filled with spices such as cinnamon which helps your metabolism and blood sugar levels, and also contains flax seeds and other amazing nutritious ingredients. - 145.628

How To Make Lollipops

Lollipops are pieces of candy on a stick. Lollipops are an old-fashioned sugar candy favorite. This lollipops recipe can be customized with your favorite colors and flavors. Make the ultimate edible holiday gift with an easy recipe for homemade lollipops from... - 129.305

Italian Tiramisu- Easy Makeahead Dessert With Espresso And Mascarpone

This video shows you how to make a Italian Tiramisu, and aside from being completely creamy delicious, you can make it ahead of time so it's a no-stress dessert for when you have friends over. - 130.692

Flourless Chocolate Cake

This is an incredibly dense, rich, and moist chocolate cake. One bite and you'll be hooked... Oh and it's Gluten Free! - 128.692

Simple Nutella Crepe

If you enjoy crepes, this video is for you. This video features a Simple Nutella Crepe recipe. You can use any kind of filling in it to make it attractive and flavorful. Check this video for more details! - 120.965

Natural Homemade V8 Juice

FullyRaw Kristina shows you THE REAL V8 JUICE recipe! It's more delicious and nutritious for you! Share this savory and rich recipe with family and friends. My featured recipe is the FullyRaw and REAL V8 JUICE! It's pure, delicious, and more nutritious for... - 139.151

Lemon Blueberry Ricotta Pound Cake

The ricotta in this pound cake keeps it super moist - the blueberries make it super delicious. - 128.97

Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chewy, chocolatey and absolutely delicious, these Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies are one of Garfield's favorite sweet treats. Super simple to make, they're the perfect cookie for gift-giving, too! - 114.863

Kary Osmond Garlic Shrimp

Flavor of garlic makes the shrimp taste amazing. Try out! - 127.2

How To Make Oreo Ice Cream

Oreo Ice Cream is perfect for a birthday or just a weeknight dessert. This Oreo ice cream is deliciously thick with crushed Oreo cookies and extremely creamy! Nothing beats home made Oreo Ice Cream and the beauty is there's nothing to do on the day... unless... - 130.127

Char Siu - Chinese Roast Pork

Char siu is that famous Chinese red roast pork that you see hanging in the windows of your favourite meat shops in Chinatown. So delicious and savoury with that hint of sweetness from that incredible caramelized marinade. It’s easier than you think to make... - 125.712

How To Make A Pizza - Easy Pizza

If you cannot do without your pizzas, here is a fabulous way to make it at home. This video demonstrates two recipes of Easy Cheese Pizza and Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza. Easy Cheese recipe has a simple crust while Stuffed Crust Pepperoni Pizza has a... - 149.177

Cream Cheese Chocolate Chip Cookie

Everyone loves chocolate chip cookies - and these ones don't disappoint! Here I substitute some of the butter with cream cheese, making these light and chewy. - 131.637

How To Make Chicken Chow Mein In The Crockpot Or Slow Cooker

MAKING 1. In a skillet, heat oil, add chicken and saute over medium high heat until browned on all sides. 2. Grease a Crock pot with cooking spray and put chicken pieces in it. 3. Place the carrots, green onions, mushrooms, celery, and water chestnuts. 4. In... - 123.547

How To Make A Mcflurry

How to Make a McFlurry! We've all tried McDonald's delicious Mcflurry! Make your own McFlurry,like they do at McDonald's and be the envy of all your friends. HooplaKidzRecipes, shows you how to make one yourself in your home! - 125.979

Italian Cream Cake

Delicious and beautiful Italian Cream Cake! It's great for the Holidays! - 138.548

Pan Seared Salmon

Looking for a main dish recipe that is a true classic and real easy to make? Then watch this video and learn to make yummy salmon that can be whipped up within minutes. Watch now! - 119.691

Crispy Homemade Southern Fried Chicken

Think fried chicken is best ordered in eateries as cooking it at home would be too much of a hassle? Then watch this video and learn to make the classic Southern Fried Chicken at home, without any hassles! Watch to know more! - 120.529

Cantonese Fried Rice

Take a culinary trip to China to learn the secrets of a great dish, that is very popular in Western countries: the Cantonese fried rice. - 139.516

Spicy Corn Chowder

Perfect recipe for the cool fall and winter evenings. You can make up a pot on the weekend and send it as lunch all week. - 130.7

Grilled American Sticky Ribs

Looking for an easy way to make an American classic that has been loved for ages? Then watch this video and learn to make delicious sticky ribs. Watch now! - 118.803

Italian Mushroom And Steak Ragout

Are you on the lookout for a simple recipe that looks and tastes very impressive? Then this video is just the thing for you. Watch to know more! - 115.616

The Famous Orange Julius

Smooth and creamy, this drink is very similar to the one served at the mall (minus the egg!), only our Orange Julius has a healthy Blender Babe SURPRISE!! Sneak in a carrot and turn this crunchy mildy sweet vegetable into a drink your kids can enjoy, not even... - 143.793

Spinach Carrot Juice

Learn how to blend all of your whole foods using a Blendtec or Vitamix commercial blender. This healthy whole spinach carrot juice will not only give you a TON of natural energy, but has a hefty dose of fiber! The pineapple is a nice sweetener and flavor (you... - 144.1

How To Make Pizza Pockets

Pizza pockets makes for a perfect snack for those hungry kids when they get home from a long day of school. - 124.256

Root Beer Cake

The sweet, refreshing flavor of root beer makes this old-fashioned cake a year 'round favorite! - 125.145

Peanut Butter Balls Recipe

Kids will love this peanut butter balls recipe! Peanut Butter Balls have a lovely coating of chocolate with a smooth and creamy peanut butter filling! Satisfy your sweet tooth with our best Peanut Butter Ball Recipes from HooplaKidzRecipes. - 127.274

Healthy Spiced Carrot Cauliflower Soup

A healthy and delicious soup! - 130.5

Crisp Cucumber Salad

Crisp, simple, tasty cucumber salad recipe. So simple to start with this recipe, and then add in your favorite flavors. - 132.891

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork (how To Make Crockpot Pulled Pork)

This Slow Cooker Pulled Pork recipe is so easy and I make it often. You can use the pulled pork for so many different, sandwiches, bruschetta, wraps, etc! And making it in a crockpot or slow cooker makes it super simple and cooks it low and... - 131.269

Meat And Vegetable Pasta Bake

On the lookout for an easy recipe that you can whip up within minutes and serve as a side dish, appetizer or even a main course dish? Then watch this video and learn to make a pasta bake so tasty that guests will keep asking for more! - 120.221

Crispy Parmesan Crusted Chicken- Quick Weeknight Dinner

This Crispy Parmesan Crusted Chicken Recipe is one of my favorite dishes to make for a quick and easy weeknight dinner. Chicken cutlets (thin sliced chicken breast) cook so quickly and it can be served with a veggie on the side. - 132.983

Natural Energy Green Juice

Simply put, this fresh green juice is simply a mixture of water and natural plant sugars along with inherent vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients. This juice is a quick and easy way to give your body tons of your fantastic nourishment and sustained energy... - 143.828

Heart Shaped Hard Boiled Eggs

Delicious heart shaped eggs which surely your kids will love! - 120.563

Beef And Cabbage Soup

This is a great quick weeknight soup, that doesn't require a long slow cook. - 136.474

Low Calorie Strawberry Smoothie

Learn how to make an easy fruit smoothie recipe using a Blendtec or Vitamix commercial blender. This easy strawberry smoothie recipe is loved by adults and kids alike. It is one of the most popular low calorie and low fat smoothie recipes in the world and is... - 145.272

How To Make Chocolate Mousse

Everyone loves chocolate mousse and now you can make your own with this chocolate mousse recipe! This easy chocolate mousse recipe is silky, smooth and divine! Serve with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. - 130.06

Fullyraw Pasta With Cinnamon Beet Basil Marinara

Are you hungry for a little spaghetti Italiano?! Get ready for the most delicious FullyRaw vegan pasta with marinara sauce that you have EVER tried! Can you say MAMMA MIA?! - 127.946

Hearty Pizza Soup

If you love pizza, you'll love this hearty soup! - 126.659

Chicken Wonton Soup

This version of wonton soup is so delicious, it's addictive! The chicken dumplings or wontons, stuffed with ground chicken, turnip, egg and spices, are are easily put together using wonton wrappers. This wonton soup is a great way to use up leftover roast... - 142.293

Simple Homemade Vegetarian Lasagna

This is one of the simplest lasagnas you can make - but make no mistake about it, it’s simply delicious and cries Mamamia! The secret behind the great flavor is in the homemade Tomato Sauce. Once you've got a great sauce you can add any ingredients you like... - 147.977

Cauliflower "mashed Potatoes" Recipe + How To Prep A Cauliflower

Try these cauliflower "mashed potatoes" (cauliflower puree) and you won't miss those mashed potatoes at all! The cauliflower is creamy, smooth, and light...and not to mention healthier than mashed potatoes. - 130.519

Wegmans Lo Mein Salad With Peanut Sauce And Pan-seared Scallops

Wegmans Executive Chef Russell Ferguson shares this quick weeknight meal idea. The peanut sauce made with coconut creme makes this recipe a kid favorite. If you want dinner is a hurry, this recipe delivers. It takes 15 minutes to make. You can't even get take... - 149.792

Martha Stewart's Green Juice

How to make Martha Stewart's Green Juice with a Blendtec or Vitamix blender. Martha Stewart has a green juice traditionally made with a juice extractor. Blender Babes tested the famous homemaker's green juice but kept all the fiber and other nutrition (in... - 133.655

Easy 'no-knead' Bread

Everyone has tried or wants to try a no-knead bread recipe - but so many of the recipes need a dutch oven or special pan to bake in... Not this one; you can bake these loaves in any oven proof baking dish / pan. - 130.865

Just Peachy Hand Pies

Fresh, ripe, juicy peaches fill these easy-to-make hand pies. They're the perfect tag-a-long treats for lunchboxes, tailgate parties, picnics...or even car trips! - 140.361

Homemade Ketchup

Everyone loves ketchup - and there is none better than the kind you make at home. Here is the basic recipe, and you can dress it up with some hot peppers for extra kick. - 126.459

Crispy Crusted Sweet Chicken Fingers

Think it is impossible to improve upon a traditional delicacy? Well, then you need to watch this video. Let Kim show you that even classics can be made better! - 115.797

Easy Chicken Pad Thai

Easy chicken pad Thai is a classic dish from the land of smiles. Watch this video for the age old recipe of pad Thai that will entice your taste buds and fill your mouth with water. After all Thai food does have some magic to be rated among the most popular... - 124.615

Pan Asian: Basil Chicken (gai Pad Krapao) -- Thailand

Skiz Fernando shows you how to make this popular Thai restaurant favorite, Basil Chicken. - 122.314

How To Make Homemade Italian Spaghetti And Meatballs

The Kitchen Witch demonstrates how to make homemade, Italian spaghetti and meatballs. This is a great recipe to add to your repertoire! - 125.732

Chicken 65

Spicy deep fried chicken with flavor of ginger and Indian spices. The dish can be served an appetizer or even great as a snack. - 123.584

How To Make Chocolate Fudge

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our delicious Chocolate Fudge Recipe from HooplaKidzRecipes. Chocolate Fudge is a simple dessert recipe prepared with sweetened condensed milk, butter and chocolate. Chocolate Fudge Recipe incorporate everyone's three favorite... - 130.619

Thai Style Chicken Skewers

This Thai Style Chicken Skewers recipe is a fast and really simple, not to forget really taste one for your summer gathering and barbecue parties. Definitely one that will be loved by kids and adults alike! These are easy to make, pack for picnics and... - 112.303

How To Make Popcorn On The Stovetop

This video shows you how to make popcorn on the stove top, and I share 3 reasons why I prefer stove top popcorn over microwaved popcorn. - 130.453

Mom's Fried Rice

GETTING READY 1. Finely dice the Chinese sausage, set aside. 2. Finely dice sweet onions, carrots, mince the garlic, slice the ginger, and set everything aside. 3. In a bowl combine soy sauce, sugar, brown sugar, mirin, water, honey, garlic powder, onion... - 137.823

Scalloped Potatoes & Ham

Cheesy scalloped potatoes and ham casserole is a delicious way to make good use of leftover ham! - 128.721

Pico De Gallo

Nothing beats the flavor of fresh Pico de Gallo! - 121.836

Cantaloupe Craze Smoothie

This is a tasty cantaloup smoothie recipe using a Blendtec or Vitamix blender. You may not think of cantaloupe as the most appropriate smoothie ingredient, but give it a try for something different. Cantaloupe smoothies are great for helping you feel full as... - 144.726

Chicken Tikka Masala

A restaurant style dish where chicken is marinated in yogurt with spices and served in a rich creamy tomato sauce. - 126.199

Caramel Apple Crisp - Easy Fall Dessert

This caramel apple crisp is SO easy to make, and is unbelievably delicious! It's perfect for fall baking and is one of the best desserts out there. - 133.137

Cornflake Chicken Nugget Kids Happy Meal

Barry tries to make a healthier version of a chicken nugget happy meal from home. - 120.174

Nutella French Toast

French toast is made by dunking bread into beaten eggs and then cooking it in a skillet or griddle. Typically it is made with brioche or sliced white bread. Nutella is a chocolate and hazelnut paste that goes beautifully with crepes. It is also great... - 138.416

Baby Back Ribs Cajun Heat By The Bbq Pit Boys

Sick of those dried out, nothing to write home about Baby Backs? The BBQ Pit Boys show you how make a citrus Marinade, a Cajun rub, and a Pepper Bourbon sauce for serving up moist and tender pork loin ribs at your Pit. And it's real easy to do with these few... - 115.724

Wegmans Thai Jasmine Rice With Shrimp

Wegmans Executive Chef Russell Ferguson shares this easy meal idea that takes 15 mins to put together that the whole family will love. This recipe is a keeper - very flavorful with a bit of a bite. The recipe has minimal ingredients and minimal steps, yet... - 144.589

Bubbly Cheese Garlic Bread

It only takes a few ingredients to make this amazing cheesy garlic bread! Perfect as an appetizer, it's also a great side for chili, stew, or spaghetti! - 117.737

Guangzhou-style Fried Chicken

This chicken recipe was inspired from a street stall in Guangzhou and is featured in Martin Yan's book, "Martin Yan's China". I have never seen a marinade using fermented tofu for fried chicken. It piqued my curiosity for sure! - 126.74

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Learn how to make a Strawberry Banana Smoothie with a Blendtec or Vitamix commercial blender. We prefer to use red grapes for the healthy resveratrol in the the skin, and we leave the seeds in the cantaloupe and papaya for added fiber and plant protein. Fruit... - 139.439

Easy Homemade Caramel Sauce - No Thermometer Needed!

This homemade caramel sauce is SO easy to make, and you don't even need a thermometer to make it! You can drizzle the caramel on ice cream, cheesecake, and many other desserts, or use it for coffee drinks. I love making my own Caramel Macchiatos. Enjoy! - 131.593

Thai Glazed Garlic Chicken Wing

This recipe was inspired by an episode of Diners Drive-ins and Dives. My version of "Opal's Thai Food's" Glazed Garlic Chicken Wings. - 127.043

Dreamsicle Smoothie

How about a fruity smoothie that’s non-dairy and non fat? Katherine shows you a wonderful way to enjoy your fruit. Even though there is no dairy in this recipe, you are guaranteed not to miss it! The smoothie is still creamy and promises to tastes great!... - 132.618

Chocolate Chip Granola Bars

GETTING READY 1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. 2. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside. MAKING 3. In a large bowl, combine oats, flour, coconut, brown sugar, chocolate chips, and salt. Toss until combined. 4. In another bowl, whisk... - 132.911

Indian Dal Makhani

For all those who misses the grand and gorgeous taste of Indian dal makhani, here is the simplest recipe to try with. This dish offers the authentic delicate taste of North Indian cuisine. You can serve this over rice or with Indian flat bread or even can... - 136.953

Fried Rice

Easy vegetarian rice dish which you can whip up in no time and serve to your hungry kids. You can also prepare it with leftover rice. - 127.76

Mini Bacon Egg Toast Breakfast Cups: Mother's Day Brunch

Looking for a new fun way to eat breakfast? Make these mini bacon egg toast cups for your next brunch! - 132.648

Flourless Chocolate Cake

Even if you don't have a sweet tooth I bet you will start craving for this yummy delicious flourless chocolate cake after watching this video. Chef Ceci shows us how to bake a flourless chocolate cake yes you read it right, a flourless chocolate cake. Matter... - 155.101

Beef And Porcini Stew

Perfect big beefy stew for a cool fall or winters evening! - 129.624

Wegmans Red Quinoa-avocado Salad

Wegmans Chef Nella Neeck gives you an introduction to the ancient grain quinoa and how to use it in a great salad to complement your BBQ. If you have been looking for a way to incorporate Quinoa and vegetables into your meal plan then this recipe fits the... - 146.241

Kale Green Shake

Learn how to make the Joe Rogan Kale Shake. Kale is the NUMBER ONE food known to fight and prevent cancer. When combined with specific ingredients you can pack a powerful healthy punch to your immune system. Joe Rogan has come up with a delicious simple... - 142.997

Creamy Cauliflower Soup With Caramelized Cauliflower

I've been cooking professionally for over 17 years and I've been making this soup the same way ever since....Delicious. - 128.002

Italian-­‐style Meatball Stew

Italian style vegetables, meatballs, and seasoning make the stew absolutely delicious! - 126.737

Gluten Free Fresh Tomato Soup

You can make fresh gluten free tomato soup with this recipe. Enjoy this simple to make soup that will be ready in no time. This soup has no gluten. This soup could be made vegetarian if you substitute vegetable stock for the chicken stock that is called for... - 118.45