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Hyderabadi Haleem

Hello everybody...I've been going through soooo many wonderful recipes on this website since the last few weeks and today i finally decided to post a recipe myself.Its a famous Hyderabadi dish called "Haleem" which is usually prepared during the holy month of... - 85.6306

Pav Bhaji

Authentic Pav Bhaji Recipe Video - 80.1547

Hyderabadi Style Chicken Biryani

All of you, who have enjoyed the opportunity to taste this famous Indian recipe, you know how exotic it is. To prepare this exquisite Indian rice dish at home, you should watch this video. It is not at all an easy preparation, but with the step-by-step... - 146.122

Instant Semolina Idli By Chef Sonali

Instant semolina dumpling is a common and TASTY fastfood. - 48.2018

Best Lobster Bisque

This Best Lobster Bisque recipe is my favorite. I am a professional chef and my friends really enjoy the dish I cook. Whenever there is a gathering of my friends at my home, most of the time they ask me to cook this delicious Lobster Bisque. You should try... - 62.1757

Karela Masala By Chef Sonali

Clean, wash and wipe karela absolutely dry. Remove half a centimeter from both ends. Slit and keep aside. Mix red chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, dry mango powder, turmeric powder and salt. Stuff the karela/bittergourd with this masala. Keep... - 52.1603

South Indian Dosa

How many of you tried multiple times to reproduce this paper thin Indian breakfast item, known as Dosa? For all those Indian food addicts, here is the best video. Watch and try at your own kitchen, as this requires some practice to learn the skill. A friendly... - 143.74

Butter Chicken By Chef Sonali

This butter chicken recipe is from my mom - Dr. Shashi Sareen - 45.5462

Mango Shake

Mango shake is a cool summer drink! - 39.3386

Homemade Chocolate Truffles

As fancy and expensive as it sounds, Hari has made these homemade chocolate truffles in such a simple manner that it looks sinfully tantalizing and abominably easy to make. As he says if you want to be a great food entertainer, you can be one, by spending... - 150.761

Besan Ka Ladoo

this is one of the finest sweet enjoyed on every is a desert is a delicious recipe for u all on this" DIWALI OCCASSION"..."BESAN LADOO"... - 35.7164

Hyderabadi Style Mutton Biryani

How many times you have tried your luck to cook the exotic Indian mutton biryani at home and finally accepted your inability? But cooking this special aromatic mutton rice dish is not a matter of luck, but a matter of skill and proper guidance. In this video,... - 147.086

Bhang-marijuana Milk

A very popular 'Holi' drink. More like a milk shake infused with marijuana extract. - 57.8804

Indian Butter Chicken

Watch this video to learn a new variations of the traditional Indian Butter Chicken. In this video you will see a simple method of cooking this all time favorite curry. This is a perfect dish to show your cooking skills. - 139.365

Chocolate Strawberries

Do you love strawberries and chocolate equally, then here is something that you would love. Pretty sexy for any occasion, this is a dish that will sure spread love and romance. - 117.198

How To Make Devil Bars

Planning a Halloween party, why not give your guest a bite of the spooky season with these super delicious horror themed devil bars. The chef here provides simple ideas to make fast and easy devil bars with just 4 ingredients. You bet this is going to be one... - 134.161

Moms Chicken Curry

This chicken curry is spicy,rich and very tasty. Try and enjoy!!! - 57.6684

Tomato Egg Curry

Heat oil. Add cloves and cinnamon sticks, add cumin seeds and onions. Saute onions until they turn brownish. Add chopped tomatoes, turmeric powder, salt and chilly powder. Mix well and cover with lid. Remove lid after 2 minutes and smash tomatoes with... - 43.7004

Mango And Custard Apple Mousse

A velvety creamy fruit mousse, subtly flavoured with custard apple puree and a hint of mint....Now did that rhyme or what :) - 49.8914

Sweet Jalebi

Here is an easy to prepare sweet jalebi recipe that is sure to brighten up your festive days!These crispy fried sweet jalebis are so delicious to bite on, that everyone will keep coming back for more. - 53.1472

Pistachio Phirni - Pistachio Rice Pudding

Pistachio Phirni it is similar to a rice pudding or custard made without eggs. It has a wonderful smooth and creamy texture. This lovely dessert Fuses Middle Eastern and Asian flavors and is very easy to make. It can be made well in advance which makes it... - 52.2442

German Kreppel - Jam Doughnuts

German Kreppels, fondly know all over the world as Jam doughnuts are a fantastic way to start your day. This small little doughnuts are beautiful crafted and require a neat hand while making and filing these fried breads with jam. German Kreppels are an... - 54.6037

Ilish Bhapa

Ilish Bhapa or Steamed Hilsa is a traditional dish of Bengal. Hilsa is a favorite fish for almost every Bengali person. This specialty cuisine is prepared with mustard paste. The hot and spicy taste of this dish completely depends on the type of mustard you... - 47.4288

Death By Chocolate Mousse For Halloween

For all those who are looking forward to prepare a dessert for Halloween. Here is an amazing French death by chocolate mousse recipe just perfect for you. This mousse is wonderfully decorated with cookies and colorful candies for a Halloween touch. - 130.206


Are you looking for a simple way to make traditional Jalebi? Then this recipe is perfect for you. Jalebi is the most popular sweet in North India. It is also known as the national sweet of India eaten during festivals, weddings or any happy occassion. Jalebi... - 45.6041

Chilled Fruit Soup Ideas

Blending cold fruit with juice makes a delicious soup-like treat sure to cool the whole family off. Experiment with these suggestions: - 44.9734

Rosh Hashanah Challah

A trio of Challah breads for Rosh Hashanah. "The sound of the shofar, the ram's horn that trumpets in the New Year at synagogues everywhere, is the unique sound of Rosh Hashanah. It stirs the soul. A freshly cut wedge of this challah, liberally dipped in new... - 53.6147

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is the most popular Indian sweet. It is extensively used during Diwali ,and other festivals. It not only sweetens your mood but also brings good luck to you. It makes your celebration more delicious . Try and enjoy this Gulab Jamun recipe. - 41.2408

Momo-cha (nepali Meat Dumplings)

How to make Momo-cha (Nepali Meat Dumplings) recipe by Tulsi Regmi is simply amazing! If you have ever eaten these you will surely delight in just reading the recipe and dreaming of the remembered taste. I hav made these with hand minced goat and also lamb... - 58.6285

Italian Panna Cotta With Jellied Berries

Italian Panna cotta with Jellied Berries, is a kind of dish that you would generally find in upscale restaurants, not a regular feature on the menus at mediocre restaurants. It is a beautiful dessert, which visually appeals great and tastes even better. This... - 58.9357

Cuban Mojito

Recipe for Cuban Mojito. Great Summer Drink !! - 30.7856

Layered Chocolate Pudding And Tropical Fruits

If you like chocolate with fruits, this layered chocolate pudding and tropical fruits recipe will sweep you off your feet once you make it. I think this is the most exciting chocolate and fruit recipe as every mouthful has a different mix of flavors and... - 131.926


If you like Bihar you will love this Balushahi recipe. This recipe is just the way it is prepared in Bihari homes. It is an unique and traditional dessert. It is extensively used during rakshabandhan and diwali. Try this balushahi recipe and enjoy. - 45.4043

Gosht Nihari

Gosht Nihari, a gift of Awadhs to Delhi cuisine. A hearty meal is the gosht nihari, a fantastic blend of meat with aromatic spices. There are other Pakistani versions which are equally succulent. Also the nihari was traditionally made with beef, and the bones... - 58.1574

Spiced Up Egg Salad Bagel

Today, the Chef shows us a recipe that would give us a break from the monotony of hamburgers. Spiced Up Egg Salad Bagel Burger is a delicious change. Its spicy, has eggs instead of meat sandwiched in bagel. Ideal for a quick breakfast. There is scope for... - 93.1115

Motichoor Laddu

Motichoor Laddu or MANRAJ BHOGAL is a sweet delicacy made from grilled gram flour flakes which are sweetened, mixed with almonds, pressed into balls and fried in ghee. - 53.1517

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa literally means Carrot Sweet/Halwa. Juicy Carrots are first shredded and pan fried on a low flame until they turn into a rich color and milk and sugar are added to make this mouth-watering delicacy. When served hot, Gajar Ka Halwa can melt in... - 41.2907

Fall Apple Polenta Flan

This apple and polenta flan is a gorgeous soft and moist cake similar to an Italian bread pudding. This perfect fall dessert should be enjoyed by the hearth, after dinner. - 55.1473

Mongolian Beef Barbecue

Mongolian Beef Barbecue, is purely a chinese dish despite its Mongolian name. The dish brings together wonderful yet simple flavors in a beautiful style and art of cooking on very high heats. The marinated beef, being cooked into juicy & tender Mongolian... - 49.5037


King of Indian Snacks for all occasions. - 52.0358

Gobi Manchurian

1. Cut cauliflower in to medium sized florets. Wash and drain on a kitchen towel. 2. Mix cornflour, all purpose flour, salt, pepper powder and red chilli powder along with little water to make it a thick paste. 3. Heat oil in a pan. Dip cauliflower florets... - 58.6279

Kesaria Peda

This is a classic kesaria peda recipe. Kesaria peda is a very popular sweet in the Bihar. It is extensively used during Diwali and other Bihari festivals . It makes your celebration more delightful. You will enjoy this kesaria peda Recipe. - 34.8613

Noodle Chaat

Chaat is the most popular evening snack, found on all Indian streets in the evening. As a kid, we have grown up with this dish. An evening out or an evening with friends at home was never complete without chaat. Try to make this simple snack and serve in a... - 100.343

Pra Raam Long Song - Beef In Coconut Curry

Pra Raam Long Song - There is a very interesting story behind this recipe. King Rama had a pool in which he loved to swim. This beef in a creamy sauce, surrounded by freshly cooked greens is supposed to represent his bathing paradise. - 52.1041

Stir-fried Pork And Prawns With Wing Beans

A fabulous mixture of tender pork tossed in a red curry paste with bright green wing beans and fresh prawns moistened with fish sauce and with a tease of sweetness. - 43.2164

Kaju Curry

Would you like to try kaju curry at home? This recipe is just the way it is prepared in Indian restaurants. It is a delicious Indian Curry. It is included as a main dish in Indian lunch and dinner menu . Kaju Curry goes well with Pulao, but it can also be... - 51.5051

Egg Biryani

Eggs are a favorite for many people. This Egg Biryani Recipe is a great Rice dish with Eggs and Spices. It is Hot and Spicy. Adding some Coriander and Mint brings out an amazing flavor to this Egg Biryani Recipe. - 57.9485

Rum Cake Using Yellow Cake Mix

This Rum cake recipe is my dad's special. This is one of his favorite recipes and he loves baking it whenever there is a gathering at home. The smell of rum, walnuts and all is something that I just love. I am sure that you would love this too. - 35.0192

The Sublime Slime Cocktail

The Sublime Slime is a Halloween cocktail drink, made with sweet rum, egg white and cordial syrup and gets it freshness from mint sprinkled on top. - 38.6059

Chettinad Kozhi Varuval - Chettinad Chicken Fry

An spicy chicken stir-fry with recipe from the land of Chettinad! - 47.9477

Easy Coconut Burfi

Coconut fan??…here is something for you – A quick and easy fix for your cravings. The best thing about it is that it has a long refrigerator shelf life. So, when that sweet craving hits you, you know in which direction to head. - 121.733

Ham And Cheese Roll

Cheesy roll is a favorite and the chef out here is showing an easy ham and cheese roll. He reminds us about a delicious and quick snack for everyone at home. Ideal for a evening snack after school, college or office. A healthy alternative to fried snacks like... - 96.0003

Fresh Fruit Tart

With the warm weather upon us, Chef Michael of shows you how to make a simple yet beautiful summer dessert to impress your friends and family at the next party. - 54.6338

Chicken Pasanda Sizzler By Chef Sonali

Marinate chicken pieces in yogurt, salt, ginger paste, garlic paste, red chilli powder and green cardamom powder for about two hours in the refrigerator. Heat oil in a thick-bottomed pan. Add green cardamoms, cloves, cinnamon, peppercorns and bay leaf and let... - 38.9523

Strawberry Milkshake

I often prepare this strawberry milkshake recipe. It is the favorite summer cooler of my father. Whenever I want to delight my father, I prepare this delicious summer cooler. So try this strawberry milkshake recipe to make your family members delighted. - 39.5164

Jewish Honey Roasted Pomegranate Chicken

This chicken dish, using pomegranates, honey, carrots, and apricots, is perfect for the Jewish Holiday Rosh Hashanah as it combines traditional New Year ingredients into a beautiful dish, served with hope for a sweet and fruitful New Year. - 50.4568

Rosh Hashanah - Honey Mustard Chicken

Honey Mustard Chicken, a very traditional Jewish New Year dish. Rosh Hashanah is festivity of the Jews, and honey is considered to be good to be eaten during this time, as it eaten in hope of a sweet year up ahead. - 49.2586

Vampire Kiss

For a sweet and spooky Halloween drink, try this new coconut-pineapple flavored Halloween-style drink of death! This is a twist on the classic Vampire Kiss cocktail that is originally made of Champagne. Beware when you kiss, you don't want it to be the kiss... - 25.7488

Seafood Curry In Banana Leaf (hor Mok Talay)

This is a delightful presentation of a Thai Seafood Curry. It is easy to serve for eating out of hand. - 58.0202

Matar Mushroom Sizzler By Chef Sonali

A simple Indian Mushroom and Peas vegetarian recipe - 43.3622

Kadai Paneer

Usually this curry is served hot in small kadai (Deep curved pan). Kadai are very common in India. You can serve it in a kadai to give a restaurant touch. - 52.7955

Chicken 65

This is my Mom's recipe for Chicken 65 and is slightly indianized since she does not use Ajinomoto. Its truly delicious and serves as a great appetizer, also it makes a wonderful pairing with hard drinks like scotch or vodka. - 43.8482

Latin American Cookies

Latin American Cookies are just right for the holidays and all special occasions. They are easy and simple to make and need. We have one just recipe for you. It has molasses, chocolate, spices and butter. - 54.694

Suji Upma By Chef Sonali

Suji upma is a popular Indian dish - 39.5565

Deep Fried Bhature

Bhature is one of my favorite Indian breads as it is so crispy yet so soft. This recipe shows how to make a perfectly puffed Bhature which is like the bun on a burger when it comes to having Chole, the famous Indian Chick pea curry. - 98.4487

La Phet Thote (fermented Tea Salad)

One of the famous side-dishes of Myanmar is la phet thote. La Phet means pickled tea leaves and thote means salad. So if you translate in English, it'll be "Pickled Tea Leaves Salad". - 45.9601

Black Cat

You'll want this Black Cat crossing your path for sure! A wonderful combination of Vodka and Chocolate, this is a beautifully haunting drink. - 17.9236

Kaju Katli - Cashewnut-almond Barfi

If you thought Kaju Katli is something exotic that is hard to make at home, I bet this recipe will prove it wrong! Effortlessly simple and with a set of ingredients that you will always have in your kitchen cabinet, this kaju katli recipe is sure going to... - 50.3593

Pumpkin Cheesecake

My sister likes this pumpkin cheesecake recipe. This recipe was given to her by one of her friends. Whenever there is a party in our house, she prepares this dessert. All the guests like this dessert very much and thank her for preparing it. Which makes my... - 50.3001

Bharwa Aloo Tikki

This Bharwa aloo tikki recipe is your answer to an anytime comfort food. Really easy to make and delicious, you can now make this popular street food right in your kitchen, for your guests during parties or festivals. Do let me know how it turned out for you. - 46.6742

Dal Makhani By Chef Sonali

Dal Makhani is a popular Indian main cuisine. - 55.3437

Kasoori Methi Malai Matar Paneer

I first tasted this Dish at a friends place and absolutely loved it! Kasoori Methi Malai Matar Paneer has now become a common Paneer Dish to make at home for. It has always been a hit with family and friends and I am sure you will agree after you have tried... - 50.7729

Murgh Makhani

It is a dish made by marinating a chicken overnight in a yoghurt and spice mixture usually including garam masala, ginger, lemon or lime, pepper, coriander, cumin, turmeric, chilli, methi and garlic. It is in some ways similar to chicken tikka masala. The... - 59.6418

Easy Lime Pickle

This lime pickle goes well with curd rice and other rice varities... - 48.2598

Besan Ka Puda

This is a super fast and healthy food suitable to eat anytime. As you can see besan ka puda is bachelor's delight. Besan aka Gram flour is famous as high protein, low garb and diabetic friendly. Great if fried in Canola or Olive oil. - 52.2553

Jamaican Potato Pudding

Are you looking for a Jamaican Potato Pudding Recipe? I have a simple Jamaican Potato Pudding Recipe for you. Sweet potato is filled with vitamins so this delicious dish is very nutritious. You can serve it as a dessert. This is my daughter’s favorite dish.... - 46.7532


This is one of the best recipe for Tiramisu i have been following.can be served in martini glass or chocolate cups or a small bowl.i normally change it a little bit when i am working it for my Indian clientele by displacing the meringue with whipped cream... - 48.0325

Cherry Slices

This recipe is like orgasmic in the mouth. It is really yummy. - 34.9341

Lettuce And Mango Salad

Normally, fruits are always associated with desserts. This lettuce and mango salad will raise your senses, once you bite into it as it is full of different flavors and textures and the light dressing to top it all. A simple and elegant way to lift your and... - 108.092

Strawberry And Apricot Croutes

Barbecued Fruits, what a yummy way to spend the Labor day holiday? Strawberry and Apricot Croutes is such a easy to prepare dish that most kids take up the responsibilty to make and serve them for the Labor Day weekend. You need not limit yourself to the... - 37.4225


This is just a Halloween take on the regular gooey chocolate brownie. - 49.0613

Famous Chocolate Popcorn

Are you looking for a sweet treat for Halloween must try this recipe. Watch the video to know how quick and easy it goes. The chocolate popcorn is enjoyed not only by kids but adults too. - 105.124

Choco Pretzels For Halloween

With Halloween round the corner are you looking for some great snacks for kids? Try out these delicious Choco Pretzels for Halloween which are really simple to prepare. The kids are going to love it for sure. Watch the video now. - 96.3462

Sohan Papdi

Sohan Papdi is a very popular Indian sweet . It is extensively used during diwali and other Indian festivals. It makes your celebration more delightful. Try and enjoy this sohan papdi recipe. - 43.5245

Garlic Confit

This Garlic Confit is a great flavoring agent. It works well with literally anything, salads, soups, stews, breads and you can serve it as a condiment. Watch this video for the detailed recipe. - 116.462

Jalapenos Stuffed With Mangoes And Peanuts

This recipe of jalapeno stuffed with mangoes and peanuts is a real twist of taste, as every mouthful has different mix of flavors and textures, it is sweet, it is spicy, it is soft, it is crunchy, well you can simply say that this snack is out of the world.... - 119.124


There is nothing more heavenly than kulfi. From kids to elderly people, everyone loves this Indian ice-cream. They are better made at home as readymade ones are adulterated due to expensive ingredients. It’s quiet easy to make and have a long shelf life. I... - 145.946

Gobi Manchurian

A simple and easy Gobi Manchurian Recipe. - 54.596

Hyderabadi Subz Biryani

Hyderabadi Subz Biryani as the name suggests comes from the region of Hyderabad. This exotic Rice dish is filled with a variety of spices, vegetables and great aroma. This dish is partly cooked on Steam/Dum to retain the aroma and rich taste. It makes a great... - 54.0634

Healthy Breakfast Wrap

Healthy Breakfast Wrap by Nikko is an attempt towards making quick breakfast dishes that are healthy as well. Looks like he has heard his viewers demand for something healthy. With minimum chopping exercise and a few minutes on the stove, Nikko is able to... - 91.9464


# Combine the coffee salt pepper, honey, cinnamon, and cardamom. # Rub Chops all over with the mixture.Leave to marinate at room temperature for about 30 minuts or cover refrigrate up to over nght. If refrigrated allow the chops to come room temprature about... - 40.884

Sabudana Puri

Sabudana puri is a popular and delicious vegan, fried snack made of Sago. It is eaten by Indian women who fast during the festival of Navratri,which marks the onset of autumn and is celebrated in different ways all over India. It is a festival of worship,... - 45.8307

Creature Wings And Bog Dip

Creature Wings and Bog Dip is a yummy Halloween party appetizer made with chicken wings and delectable spices that is baked to perfection. - 46.4478

The Red Witch

This Cherry Vodka cocktail is the perfect "Drink of Death" for your spooky Halloween Party this year. The Red Witch is sure to bewitch you with its taste. - 19.3436


This is a classic imarti recipe. Imarti is a very popular sweet in the Bihar and Up region of India . It is extensively used during Diwali and other Indian festivals . Imarti makes your celebration more delightful. You will enjoy this imarti Recipe. - 40.3916

Microwave Chocolate Cake

This eggless microwave chocolate cake recipe is one that I absolutely love. This is one that comes to my mind when I want to cook fast and really delicious. Have made it atleast a 100 times and it is just perfect each time- a never fail recipe. All it takes... - 44.1841

Matar Paneer By Chef Sonali

Matar Paneer is an Indian dish consisting of cheese and peas in a sweet and spicy red sauce. - 51.9066

Idli And Sambar

Idli is an amazing South Indian sort of dumpling. steamed rice cake. It is made by steaming batter — traditionally made from pulses (specifically black lentils) and rice — into patties, usually two to three inches in diameter, using a mold. Most often... - 59.0529

Masala Vada

1. Soak channa dal for 2-3 hours. 2. Drain the water completely. 3. First grind 2 tbsp dal to a fine paste without adding water. 4. Now add the remaining dal and grind coarsely.(for 5-6 seconds) 5. Now take dal, onion, curry leaves, ginger, green... - 43.4974

Spiced Up Egg Salad Wrap

Spiced Up Egg Salad Wrap is an easy to make and yummy breakfast recipe. Chef Nikko develops the dish very tastefully by using wraps instead of bread of baguette. A little spice to the eggs is what is innovative. Most of us eat eggs for breakfast, so this... - 89.9537