Valentine's Day Special Strawberry Steak Salad Recipe Video

Are you just going crazy thinking about how much money you’ll have to fork out for Valentines Day? Not to mention that you needed to make your reservations 3 months ago for that fancy restaurant!? Forget about it! I’m here to show you an easy, delicious and sure to please way to have your Valentines Evening dinner. I make a Strawberry Steak Salad for dinner and a Cookizza for dessert. The salad is light and refreshing and the steak will hold over any male appetite (at least until later ; ) *wink*) The dessert is basically one giant gooey delightful cookie that I top with Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Cream (a V-Day essential!). So pay attention, take notes, and before you know it your sweetheart will believe that you are a master in the kitchen! Oh yeah, one final note: I love candied walnuts and I had to put them in the salad. It really ties it all together. So don’t forget those. ENJOY!


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Editors Review

Looking to prepare a special dish for Valentine's Day . Do try out this dish. The Chef shows how to make Strawberry Steak Salad. It's quite different from the regular salads, but still very tasty.