Turkey Tofu Burger Recipe

Turkey Tofu Burger  picture


Cooking Time25 MinDifficulty LevelMedium
CourseMain Ingredient


 Medium firm tofu14 Ounce, drained (1 Package, Houe Premium)
 Extra lean ground turkey12 Ounce
 Unseasoned bread crumbs1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
 Salt1⁄2 Teaspoon
 Black pepper1⁄2 Teaspoon
 Garlic powder1 Teaspoon
 Vegetable oil1 Tablespoon
For sauce
 Ketchup4 Tablespoon
 Worcestershire1 Tablespoon

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 173 Calories from Fat 61

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 7 g10.7%

Saturated Fat 1 g5%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 62.7 mg20.9%

Sodium 385.1 mg16%

Total Carbohydrates 8 g2.6%

Dietary Fiber 0.31 g1.3%

Sugars 3.1 g

Protein 21 g41.1%

Vitamin A 0.9% Vitamin C 0.94%

Calcium 13.5% Iron 7%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


In a medium bowl, mash Tofu with a potato masher.

In a large bowl, mix ground turkey and mashed Tofu. Add bread crumbs, egg, salt and pepper. Add garlic powder (if desired). Mix well. Shape into 6 patties.

In a large frying pan, heat oil over medium heat. Saute 3 patties at one time and cook both sides over high heat until lightly brown. Lower heat and cook, covered, until heated through.

After cooking all 6 patties, return all patties to the pan. Add ketchup and Worchestershire sauce. Heat for 2-3 minutes.

Note: When preparing with beef instead of turkey, add1/2 cup of chopped onion and 1/4 tsp. nutmeg.