Sour Cream Tune Terrine Recipe


Health IndexHealthyMain Ingredient


 Soured cream3⁄4 Pint
 Mayonnaise4 Tablespoon
 Salt To Taste
 Freshly ground black pepper1
 Worcestershire sauce1 1⁄2 Teaspoon
 Snipped fresh chives2 Tablespoon
 Capers4 Teaspoon, chopped
 Finely grated onion1 Tablespoon, peeled
 Gelatin powder1⁄2 Ounce (1 Packet, 1/2 Ounce)
 Water4 Tablespoon
 Eggs4 , hard-boiled and chopped
 Firm tomatoes3 , sliced (To Garnish:)
 Parsley sprigs4 (To Garnish:)


Mix together the soured cream, mayonnaise, seasoning, Worcestershire sauce, chives, capers and onion. Dissolve the gelatine in the water in a small heatproof bowl over a pan of hot water. Cool slightly, then stir into the soured cream mixture, followed by the tuna and eggs. Mix thoroughly and spoon into individual souffle or cocotte dishes. Chill until set. Garnish with tomato slices and parsley.