Szekszard Prime Steak Recipe


Health IndexAverageCuisine


 Tenderloin slices5 (Thick End)
 Chopped veal bones1 Pound
 Sour cream7 1⁄2 Ounce (1.5 Gill)
 Lecso2 Ounce
 Salt To Taste
 Ground pepper To Taste
 Goose liver3⁄4 Pound
 Paprika To Taste (Red Colored)
 Lard5 Ounce
 Fresh dill1 Bunch (100 gm) (Small Bunch)
 Flour1⁄2 Ounce
 Onions1 1⁄2
 Garlic1 Clove (5 gm)


Put the veal bones in a pan with 2 oz. lard, and fry well in the oven.
Then add the onion and garlic, sliced into rounds; continue frying, then sprinkle with flour and when it has been fried for a short time, put into a pan.
Mix with paprika and dilute with 1 1/2 pt. warm water, salt and let it simmer slowly for 2 hrs.
Beat the slices of tenderloin, cut five slices of goose liver, salt and sprinkle with pepper.
After washing the dill and squeezing out the water, chop and heat it in a little lard.
Strain the well cooked sauce from the meat, boil again, add lecso, and dill and mix in sour cream, and continue cooking.
Cut the three rolls in half, and then slice off the tops.
Fry in hot lard on all sides and keep warm.
In the same lard fry the goose liver slices and keep them warm, too.
Just before serving, fry the steak in hot lard until three quarters done, so that the inside remains uncooked as with English underdone steak.
Put the meat on a warm dish on top of the fried rolls, cover with the slices of goose liver and pour the hot sauce over it.
Roasted or cubed potatoes or steamed rice can be served with this dish.