Strawberry Jello Recipe


Main Ingredient


 Strawberry jelly1 (1 Packet)
 Vanilla ice cream500 Milliliter
 Fruit cocktail tin450 Milliliter (1 Tin)
 Corn flour1 Teaspoon
 Red color3 Drop
 Icing sugar1 Teaspoon (Leveled)


Prepare jelly as given on the packet.
Open the tin of fruits & strain the fruits.
Keep the fruits in the fridge.
To 1/2 cup syrup of the tinned fruits, add cornflour & cook on low flame for 5 minutes till a thick, glossy sauce is ready.
Remove from fire & add a few drops of pink colour.
Spread half of the ice cream in a 2-3" high dish.
Spoon out jelly on it, leaving a few neat cubes of jelly, for the top.
Spoon out all the ice cream on the jelly again.
Spread the fruits on the ice cream.
Put a few neat cubes of jelly here & there.
Pour the sauce over the fruits.
Keep in the freezer till serving time.