Strawberry Buttercream Icing make Twice Recipe

Strawberry Buttercream Icing make Twice picture


Preparation Time30 MinCooking Time10 Min
Ready In40 MinDifficulty LevelMedium
Health IndexAverageCuisine
CourseMain Ingredient
Interest Group


 Strawberries2 Cup (32 tbs), hulled
 Unsalted butter1 Pound
 Granulated sugar1 Cup (16 tbs)
 Water3⁄4 Cup (12 tbs)
 Egg whites4
 Kirsch/Orange liqueur2 Tablespoon

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: Complete recipe

Calories 4265 Calories from Fat 3244

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 369 g567.9%

Saturated Fat 233.1 g1165.3%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 975.3 mg

Sodium 245.9 mg10.2%

Total Carbohydrates 228 g76%

Dietary Fiber 7 g28.1%

Sugars 218.2 g

Protein 19 g37.7%

Vitamin A 227.6% Vitamin C 343.8%

Calcium 17.5% Iron 9.1%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


1) Into a food processor, feed in the strawberries and process until smooth
2) Strain and keep aside
3) Add In the butter to the puree and mix well
4) Into a saucepan, add the sugar and water and bring to a simmer
5) Over a medium flame cook for 10 minutes till syrupy
6) The syrup should reach a soft ball stage of a temperature of 112 C
7) Using an electric beater, beat the egg white till soft peaks are formed
8) Pour into the hot syrup and blend well
9) Add the strawberry puree and kirsch and blend well

10) Use to pipe or cream a cake
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