Semolina Gateau Recipe


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 Milk2 1⁄4 Cup (36 tbs)
 Semolina1⁄4 Pound
 Sugar3 Ounce
 Vanilla essence1⁄2 Teaspoon
 Golden raisins3 Ounce (Sultanas)
 Butter3 Ounce
 Butter2 Tablespoon (For Greasing)
 Eggs2 Small
 Ground almonds3 1⁄2 Ounce
 Drained apricots1 1⁄4 Pound (In Syrup)
 Confectioner's sugar2 Ounce
 Cognac1 Teaspoon


Bring the milk to the boil in a bowl in the microwave oven for 4-5 minutes on HIGH, depending on the thickness of the receptacle and the coldness of the milk.
Take care that it does not boil over.
Put the semolina flour, sugar and vanilla in a casserole.
Add the boiling milk, stirring with a wooden spoon.
Microwave, uncovered, on HIGH for 5 minutes, stirring half-way through.
Rinse the raisins (sultanas) under plenty of cold running water.
Put in a bowl and cover with water.
Heat for 3 minutes on HIGH.
Put the butter in a bowl and melt in the oven for 1 minute on HIGH.
Grease the base of a 6 inch (15 cm) souffle mold (mould).
Whisk the eggs in a bowl and add to the semolina mixture along with the ground almonds, raisins and melted butter.
Mix carefully.
Pour the mixture into the mold (mould) and smooth the surface.
Cover and microwave on HIGH for 10 minutes.
Leave the gateau to cool in the container.
Turn out on to a plate.
Puree the apricots in a food processor along with the confectioners' (icing) sugar and cognac.
Do not put this cake in the refrigerator as it will harden.