Pickled Watermelon Rind Recipe

This pickled watermelon rind is a saovry pickle prepared with watermelon rinds. Spiced and seasoned with vinegar, and sugar along with cinnamon, allspice, cloves and mustard, the pickled watermelon rind is one of my favorite mealtime pickles. It can be served with rice or stews and can be stored in the fridge.


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 Watermelon rind3 Pound
 Salted water To Taste (3 Tablespoons Salt For Each Quart Of Water)
 Sugar2 Pound
 White distilled vinegar3 Cup (48 tbs)
 3 inch cinnamon sticks6
 Whole allspice2 Tablespoon
 Whole cloves2 Tablespoon
 Whole mustard seed2 Tablespoon


Cut rind into 1-inch cubes; trim off outer green skin and bright pink flesh.
Soak overnight in enough salted water to cover.
3., Heat sugar and vinegar to boiling.
Tie spices in cheesecloth bag.
Add spice bag and melon rind to vinegar mixture.
Cook, uncovered, until melon is transparent, about 45 minutes.
Discard spice bag.
If desired, add a few drops red or green food coloring to the rind.
Pack watermelon rind tightly into hot, sterilized jars.
Pour boiling syrup over watermelon to within 1/8 inch from top, making sure vinegar solution covers rind.
Seal each jar at once.