Peach And Raspberry Trifle Recipe


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 8 inch genoise layers2 (Sponge Cake)
 Fresh raspberries2 Pint
 English cream with framboise2 Cup (32 tbs)
 Peach preserves1⁄2 Cup (8 tbs)
 Mint sprigs2 (For Garnish)


Dip the peaches for a second or two, depending on how ripe they are, into boiling water.
Remove the skins and pits and poach in sugar syrup, keeping them firm.
Place in bowl and chill.
Slice the genoise layers horizontally and spread 2 of the cut sides with the preserves.
Slice the peaches and divide them into 2 parts.
Save about 6 slices from each half (total of 12) to use on the top for a border.
Set aside.
Arrange the remaining peach slices on top of the preserves, starting on the outside and working in.
Pour 1/3 of the English cream in the bottom of a large clear glass serving bowl (about 8 inches in diameter, 1 12 quart capacity).
Place one layer, fruit side up, on top of the cream, Next, place a plain layer on top of the peaches, followed by 1 pint of raspberries.
Spread the berries all the way to the edges and pour another third of the English cream over them.
Place the remaining peach layer, fruit side up, on top of the raspberry and cream layer and cover with the remaining plain layer.
Arrange the reserved sliced peaches around the outside edge as a border and fill the center with the remaining English cream.
Arrange the last of the raspberries on top and garnish with mint leaves.
Refrigerate before serving (at least 2 hours).
Makes 12 servings.
This dessert can also be made in individual parfait glasses.
Just use the glass to cut out the rounds of genoise and piece together some of the trim for the center layers.