Mixed Green Salad with Soured Cream And Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe


Preparation Time5 MinCooking Time5 Min
Ready In10 MinDifficulty LevelEasy
Health IndexHealthyServings12
VegetarianMain Ingredient


 Heavy cream1⁄3 Cup (5.33 tbs)
 Tarragon wine vinegar1 1⁄2 Tablespoon
 Blue cheese6 Ounce, rind removed (Saga, at room temperature)
 Milk1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)
 Mayonnaise1⁄4 Cup (4 tbs)
 Grainy mustard1 Tablespoon
 Tarragon1⁄2 Teaspoon
 Salt1⁄4 Teaspoon
 Pepper To Taste, freshly ground
 Romaine lettuce head1 Medium
 Leaf lettuce head1 Medium (Curly)
 Arugula/Watercress8 Ounce (2 bunches)
 Cherry tomatoes2 Pint, halved (yellow and red if available)

Nutrition Facts

Serving size

Calories 142 Calories from Fat 93

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 11 g16.2%

Saturated Fat 4.6 g23.1%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 23.5 mg

Sodium 327.8 mg13.7%

Total Carbohydrates 7 g2.4%

Dietary Fiber 1.8 g7%

Sugars 3.7 g

Protein 5 g10.7%

Vitamin A 113.2% Vitamin C 45.2%

Calcium 15.2% Iron 5.1%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


1) In a mixing bowl, add cream and vinegar. Whisk for 1 minute, until the cream thickens.
2) Crumble the blue cheese with hand and add to the cream.
3) With a fork, blend thoroughly by leaving some lumps.
4) Stir in milk, mayonnaise, mustard, tarragon, salt, and pepper to taste. Whisk up thoroughly. Place the dressing aside.
5) Use various greens to rinse in cold water and drain. Pat dry and tear the greens into bite-size pieces.

6) In a salad bowl, place the greens and add tomatoes. Toss well.

7) Use 12 salad plates to distribute the salad evenly. Drizzle 2 tablespoons of dressing over each portion of salad and serve.

The dressing can be made up to 2 days in advance. If it gets too thick, it can be easily thinned again with a small amount of milk.
The vegetables can be prepared up to 1 day ahead. Store the washed greens in airtight plastic bags in the refrigerator. Store the cherry tomatoes uncut.