Marzipan Or Almond Paste Recipe


Preparation Time25 MinDifficulty LevelEasy
Health IndexAverageMethod
VegetarianMain Ingredient


 Almonds4 Ounce, ground
 Icing sugar4 Ounce
 Caster sugar4 Ounce
 Lemon juice2 Teaspoon
 Vanilla essence3 Drop
 Sherry2 Teaspoon (If Liked)

Nutrition Facts

Serving size: Complete recipe

Calories 1638 Calories from Fat 515

% Daily Value*

Total Fat 61 g94%

Saturated Fat 5.8 g29%

Trans Fat 0 g

Cholesterol 211.5 mg70.5%

Sodium 137.4 mg5.7%

Total Carbohydrates 254 g84.5%

Dietary Fiber 13.9 g55.5%

Sugars 229.5 g

Protein 30 g60.8%

Vitamin A 4.9% Vitamin C 7.7%

Calcium 32.8% Iron 28.7%

*Based on a 2000 Calorie diet


1. Take a mixing bowl and add sieve in icing sugar; add in caster sugar, ground almonds and mix together.
2. Add the liquid ingredients; lemon juice, vanilla essence and sherry to the dry ingredients.
3. In a small basin, beat egg well in a small basin. Gradually add the beaten egg to the dry ingredients, mixing well with a wooden spoon.
4.. As the ingredients begin to cling together, use hands and knead lightly to form a firm dough.
5. On a board lightly sprinkled with icing sugar, turn out the marzipan dough and knead until smooth.

6. Use as required.